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The power of our emotions

broken mirror portrait

Dearest readers,

This is a quote from a Magenta Pixie video that I jotted down because it impressed me so much:

“It is the emotion behind intent that produces manifestation.”

Human beings are highly emotional beings. The chaos we observe in the world has been created in order to manipulate our emotional bodies and to keep us in fear, angry, mistrustful of one another, and disconnected from our own hearts. This intentional agenda is a system that has been in place for many thousands of years.  Some say that extraterrestrial reptilian beings and their henchmen, the elites of our societies, governments, financial and religious systems, corporations literally feed off of these negative emotions.

luche libre masks

This is why we are constantly surrounded by wars, terrorist attacks, fearful news broadcasts, urban violence, chemicals in our air, food, and water. The entire system is designed to manipulate our emotional bodies and to keep us enslaved at a low vibrational frequency.


From my own perspective, I know that I chose to incarnate as my current self, Rebekah, in order to open my own heart and to help others. Like everyone else, I started out full of fear and self-loathing. It took me a while to discover that virtually all human beings are emotionally damaged and codependent. All of us harbor more or less deep emotional wounds, and most of us use our wounds to hurt our self and one another. Until we wake up and realize that we are responsible for only our self, for our own happiness, and that we create our own reality.

Mastery of Love Toltec Wisdom Cards-08239 VisualTarot.com

So if I am still asleep and I am creating my reality, the emotion behind my intentions when I am creating my life is most likely fear-based.  Like all of us, I want a life full of joy, abundance, creativity, ease, and wonderful friends. Imagine standing in front of your bathroom mirror every morning. You look into your own eyes and you state your desires: “I want a wonderful, kind, honest husband.  I want my dream job that is flexible and where my talents are recognized. My body is in perfect health. My family and home are safe from all harm.” Or whatever it is that you might desire for your life.

mirror painting

But as you gaze at yourself and utter these wonderful, positive words of intention for your life, your chest and throat are gripped with a leaden weight. Your stomach churns, yet you don’t even know why. Your emotional body is full of fear, anxiety, frustration, or anger.


The Universe, which is an energy field surrounding you, connected to you by your DNA and your emotional body, reads the geometric codes that are transmitted by the energetic frequencies of your emotions. The desires are secondary. The emotions set the computer which works with you to co-create your reality every moment of every day. This field of energy responds to our every emotion. This is why the power system to which we have given away all of our power constantly works so very hard to keep us in fear. As long as we remain afraid, we live in poverty, self-hatred, competition, separation and fear of one another. We get involved in identity and gender politics. Our relationships are full of suspicion and demands. Our hearts are closed.


We are always powerful, and we are always co-creating our reality. But we cannot achieve the life we truly want without doing the work of releasing all fear and cleansing our emotional body of its wounds. Unless we really want our life to be about suffering, grief, anger, worry, and fear. If we choose this experience and prefer pain over pleasure…why not? Most humans prefer pleasurable sensations to painful ones, yet we have trouble creating our own happiness.

cat mirror

Cleansing our physical and emotional body of its countless wounds does not happen by itself, and it does not happen overnight. It is a work of self-observation and requires discipline to retrain our minds and emotional bodies. The old habits die hard, but the neural paths in our brains and cellular structure can be retrained.

michael jackson

Every day, I work on releasing emotions such as fear, worry, lack, self-judgment. These are my biggest personal challenges. Every day, I practice opening my heart and loving myself. Those negative emotions and habits of self-loathing, low self-esteem, reactivity all contain energy. I don’t want to lose that energy. I want to transform it and take it back, cleansed. When my energy is encapsulated in dark clouds of anxiety, I feel drained.


But now I know I have the power to release the embroiled shell and the tangled cords that attach me to the template of that energy pattern. Like an alchemist, I can transform what I gave away to fear back into love. Swirling back into my field with iridescent golds, pinks, greens, I re-integrate all that I gave away of myself without knowing what I was doing. It takes practice, even as an artist, to imagine these energy fields around my body.

rainbow field

So many years spent wandering, searching, trying to find answers, happiness. And then one day, I uncorked my heart and found it is full of light and beauty. My mind’s eye unclouded streams flowers, plants, and beautiful life forms. My goal is to activate my DNA and to remember who I am as a fully empowered human being. When I look in the mirror, I no longer want to judge myself or find fault with what I see. This takes a lot of practice, and I don’t always succeed, even though it seems it should be easy. It is so sad that we all see small children as beautiful and pure, and then we grow up and forget how to laugh, play, and see wonder and joy in self and others. We forget how to have fun and really enjoy our life.

hairy child portrait

When I take a walk, I marvel at everything I see. It is commonplace for most people to admire children and dogs. Most adults ignore their surroundings and don’t really see anyone or anything. Beauty is in the details. Synchronicities are perceived in the minute events of life. Magic happens when we slow down and pay attention to everything and everyone.


It is common for people to tell me that my dog is beautiful. Like us, every dog looks so different. Some are small, with sausage-like bodies, and droopy ears and we find them beautiful. Nature provides us with such an abundance of variety and all of it is wonderful in its expression of creativity. In our human diversity, we are all wonderful, yet we have been taught to admire only one body type as beautiful. This is just one example of the template which we absorb and use to punish self for not being good or perfect enough.

victorian painting of dogs

While we are mostly free to admire the diversity of the animal kingdom, I ask myself what it would feel like to be able to openly admire human beauty in the same way. How often do we honestly and openly give love without expectation of anything in return to another adult human being? It seems as if we are all starving for love and affection, for recognition of our own divinity and beauty.

embrace painting

How is it that human beings, all of us so exquisitely sensitive and emotional, are forced to live without being allowed to openly express and to receive abundant and sincere affection from one another? And why are we not taught from birth to truly love self? Self-love is not the same as self-esteem. All of the awards we are given are based on performance, not on innate beauty and worthiness. Without our pets, we would be in even worse shape.


It is high time that we realize that emotions are important and also powerful. One of my dear friends who happens to be a devoted Christian told me that we must not listen to our emotions. Somehow, he absorbed a teaching and a belief that emotions are dangerous and lead to misguided states of being. This is sad indeed. Religious power structures do not want human beings to realize that we are all powerful creators of realities. That God is inside of us, literally. For if we were to realize that our emotions and intentions allow us to be co-creators of our experiences, we would no longer wish to or need to worship anyone or any being. We would have no need of being “saved”. We would incarnate our own power and manifest the lives that we wish to live.

Philippe de Champaigne

As a person who is responsible only for my self and for my own life, I have devoted myself to healing my own emotional body. Opening my heart is a huge priority. Giving love is the true source of happiness and the key to manifesting a wonderful life full of beauty, freedom, and joy. As Magenta Pixie so wisely stated, we can take charge of our lives and work together to create a magnificent collective dream when we master self-love and heal our own emotional bodies. Our wounded world of war, chaos, strife, broken relationships, addictions, and environmental disasters is a reflection of the collective human emotional body. The world is a mirror to the human emotional body, and that body is deeply scarred. The time to take back our power is here.

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