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The only way out is up


Dearest readers,

It’s become a common-place truism to say that a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness at which it was created. It also seems obvious from the word “revolution”, that by rebelling against a situation or system that is causing pain, discomfort, or which has been observed to not work for the majority, we end up in the same place that we started.

Is time travel an illusion?


The German series, Dark, of which two seasons is now available on Netflix, underlines this circular nature of time and reality, where past, present, and future are intertwined and simultaneous. The symbol of the ourobouros, or the snake biting its tail, as well as the triquetra, derived from intersecting circles, similar to the vesica pisces, represents past, present, and future in a unified field.

What we call reality could be a simulation


Collapsing timelines

This multidimensional representation of our human experience of reality in which multiple timelines appear to be collapsing into one another, and that which was perceived to be separate can no longer remain encapsulated is becoming apparent in our current collective experiences of reality around the world. Everything that we were conditioned to believe as truth and reality no longer seems to hold water.

Are you awake yet?

The person who is awakening to this realization may feel fear, as if the solid foundation onto which they believed everything they hold dear is no longer stable or reliable. The person who knows that reality is simply a mental construct observes the events around him or her and builds peace and stability by mastering his or her thoughts, emotions, desires, and intentions.


The life force is our true identity

Spiritual teachings from all civilizations seem to hold a common belief that the only reality is that which is inside of each of us. That spark of life, of consciousness, is the foundation of everything that we seem to perceive on the outside.

From separation back to unity

As our current paradigm collapses in on itself and all of our institutions implode, we can choose to observe this process of deconstruction peacefully, knowing full well that to create something new, the old must go.

Unity: serving the highest good

To build something better, we must create from a state of consciousness in which everything we allow in our world must serve the highest good of everyone and all that exists.

Since energy is never lost but is simply transformed, there is grief only where there is attachment. Of course, we are all attached to people, places, animals, things, memories…but the less attachment we hold, the easier it is to let go. And we can grieve and let go eventually of those things and beings we once loved.

triquetra timeline

Wormholes and portals

The circle of time or evolution (rather than revolution) is a spiral. It circles up and down again. The thesis of the series Dark is that our world is locked into a circle that endlessly repeats itself over and over again in disparate timelines that overlap when portals or wormholes between these dimensions of time are opened. In the show, the time cycles each last 33 years, at which point the portals can be accessed.

The apocalypse: the end of one world and the integration of all timelines 

In this hellish repetition of an  interlocking past, present, and future, we blindly participate in a play that can only end badly, as we suffer the same wounds and betrayals over and over again. One aspect of the main character ends up co-creating an apocalyptic event to end this endless trap of suffering with the unknowing consent of all of those who are seeking resolution, love, peace, and reunion with those they love and have lost. When we extend the illusion of time to a helix, our experiences allow us to advance and regress, ad infinitum. Perhaps there is no way out, but I believe that life is all about experiences that the soul chooses to live.


The witness and the experiencer

By becoming more self-aware, the experiencer does not take the pain and suffering the same way as someone who identifies fully with the character he or she has taken on for a particular lifetime. By observing self and how we respond to our triggers, we can work on our self. I know that I am more than just this human person, Rebekah. I have chosen this role for this lifetime, and all of my experiences feel very real. That is why the game is so hard. Mastery is the real reason we are here, in this very elaborate game that is simulated by our collective consciousness (perhaps what we call God).

Mastery of self

Moving up in the game means not taking anything personally. Watching ourselves play the game – that is how we move up, and that is how we move beyond being triggered by social violence, political chaos, or by any situation or person that shames, blames, judges or otherwise seems to try to manipulate our state of consciousness.

Miguel Ruiz self mastery

My entire existence, past, present, and future is inside of me

Being calm means no longer trying to control external circumstances or people. Mastery, like all truths, is a paradox. I am a master if I let go of all desire to control my life, and in doing so, I am able to remain peaceful in all situations…ultimately making me in full possession of the ability to create a life full of peace and joy. And what more could anyone want?

St Germain Self Mastery

Everything is fine as it is right now

The key is to stop judging self and others. To stop qualifying situations as good or bad. It’s not weak or passive to forgive, to let go, to observe, to accept everything as it is as being perfect.

Soul contracts

We all choose our parents and families and the challenges we come to experience here on Earth. They are all perfect, for us. It took me a long time to realize this, but when I finally did, I felt very empowered. I could then receive the gifts from my family, even though they had caused me a lot of pain and forced me into isolation from the family unit.

Empowerment and self-responsibility: the way to inner peace

The challenges other people face are not tragedies, and it is not our role to feel sorry for them or to help them out of these situations. The only thing each of us needs to do, if we wish to master our reality, is to look inward and to observe ourselves. To be kind at all times to self and to others.


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Soul contracts and “bad relationships”

soul contracts

Dearest readers,

We have all been conditioned to feel as if we are either lucky or unlucky in love, but I personally believe that luck has nothing to do with how our relationships turn out. Nor, most likely, does love have much to do with what we call romantic encounters either!

What’s love got to do with it?

The reason I say that luck has nothing to do with our love life is because I believe that we make choices in the physical and non-physical realms. These choices determine how we experience reality in our physical or incarnated lifetimes here on Earth.  Every relationship is a mirror for our inner state and is a gift as such, because it can show us (if we accept it as a reflection) where we are on our personal path of self-growth and evolution.

Self love is key!

How many of us have learned to fully love and embrace ourselves? It is a commonplace truism to say that “we cannot love another if we don’t fully love ourselves”. But what does that really mean? If I constantly attract people into my life as romantic partners who are selfish, immature, narcissistic, who have problems with addiction, financial independence, controlling their temper, or any issue that might bring chaos or disrespect into a relationship, do I ask myself where I am lacking love and respect for myself in my own life?

What are soul contracts?

I believe that before we are born (decide to come to Earth or some other planet and live in a lower density physical vehicle that we call a body), our soul and its soul group and guides get together to create a life plan. The soul is immortal and has lived an uncountable number of lifetimes, just for the fun, suffering, and multitude of experiences that incarnations have to offer. We are not limited in our identity to our gender, race, appearance, sexual orientation, that our body offers in this single lifetime.

The soul group decides upon and seals a certain number of agreements that we choose to experience in this lifetime. There is still some free will involved, and how we respond to each encounter and situation will determine how our lifetime unfolds. Relationships are included in these soul contracts. These include our parents, siblings, relatives, coworkers, friends, and romantic partners and spouses.

What is a “bad” relationship?

In human terms, we don’t like to suffer. We want to be happy. Happiness generally means getting our way, from a human perspective. The ego always wants what it wants, and it does NOT want to suffer. The soul begs to differ. The soul does not judge anyone or anything. There is no such thing as a good or bad relationship from a soul’s perspective. Every experience, every relationship is an opportunity to love self and others more, and to gain more mastery over self – thoughts, emotions, intentions, and choice making abilities.

From our human point-of-view, a bad relationship is one in which we have been abandoned, or where our needs have not been met. It is a relationship where we feel alone, or where we are abused or feel afraid. Yet do we ever ask ourselves why we ever agreed to be with a person who makes us feel less than loved and respected?

The answer to these questions is simple. No one can make us do or experience anything that we do not agree to experience. If we are hurt or choose to live in fear or with abuse and disrespect, it is because we don’t yet love and respect self fully. And that’s OK. It’s a learning curve, and “bad” relationships are our best teachers.

Say thank-you and move on!

Once I realize that I create my own reality and that I am an empowered immortal being of light, any relationship on the human plane takes on a different aspect. Now that I know I am a sovereign creator and artist of my own reality at any given moment, I constantly remind myself how amazing it is to be alive. I am so grateful for all experiences, and I am learning constantly how to be thankful when unpleasant people, triggering experiences, and frustration come along.

This isn’t easy for any of us, but it wasn’t meant to be easy!

Once the realization seeps deep down into the fabric of our being, we finally wake up and think, “Wow! I can actually experience anything I want, if only I can truly love and respect myself and all that is!”

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Be it ’til you see it: thoughts on the process of manifestation


bleeding heart

Hello dearest readers,

Over the years, anyone in mainstream culture or those you are interested in things of the spirit can only be aware of the attention given to the law of attraction. Fake it ’til you make it is a truism that is equally common. If you pretend you already are or have what you want, then this state of awareness will eventually trickle down into your lower frequency physical reality. Basically, thoughts and emotions are forms of energy which exist on a certain plane, and the so-called physical plane is simply a more dense form or mirror of the emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

When Nicolas Tesla famously declared that everything is energy, frequency, and vibration, he obviously understood the true nature of reality. Everything that ever was, is, or will be coexists right now in energetic form. There is no separation of anything. Nothing is ever lost or gained.

Yet the experiences of limitation we choose to live out here on Earth are so realistic! The game of life and the game of being human are expressions of limitation in density that our soul or Higher Aspect chooses to experience in order to provide opportunities for mastery of thoughts, emotions, choices, and intentions while living under duress.

Being human is a paradoxical situation. We are all powerful creators of realities living in a very narrow state of expression. It is as if we have amnesia and must try to remember what we once knew and lived with ease. Manifestation of our thoughts, desires, and dreams is second nature to us in the higher planes. But here on Earth, in the lower densities, it becomes difficult. We struggle, we resist our circumstances, we fear outcomes and worry that we won’t be able to survive and protect our physical bodies and possessions. The more we struggle and worry, the more challenging our circumstances or experiences become.

Which is why being human is such a gift. Because it is so challenging, and because in the lower densities taking care of a physical body and a family demand so much of us.

And so, in the name of remembering who I really am – a soul or fragment of the source creator – I declare that I will be what I want to experience until that energy signature of joy, abundance, peace, and well-being translates into the mirror of the physical plane.

There is a delay between thought, emotion, and manifestation in the physical plane because of the variation in frequencies between thought, emotion, intention, and that of our physical bodies and their surroundings. The whole point of the ascension process is to recalibrate our physical bodies and to bring them up to the same vibrational level as that of our soul expression. The process of purging conditioned thoughts, belief systems, emotional trauma that is seated in the body (mental, physical, and emotional as well as in the energetic or light body – toroidal field that surrounds every human being) is a long and challenging one.

Which is why manifestation of our thoughts, desires, and intentions is not as easy as it seems it should be. To experience joy, you have to be joyful and truly feel joyful. You can’t fake that, and faking joy will not bring a true experience of joy into your life. The feelings that accompany abundance, ease, joy, patience, calm or whatever we wish to embody must be actually felt in order for the results to manifest in the so-called physical world. The light body, which is an extension of our chakra system and DNA, is the interface between our material self and all of the non-physical realms.

We are all constantly creating our reality, manifesting perfectly the results that match the frequencies of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and the level of self-love we currently feel and express. In this, we are all perfectly powerful.

However, if you or I does not like or enjoy the reality we have created, then we have the ability to shift to a different reality by examining and changing the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and intentions we are holding to a new set that is more harmoniously aligned with that which we would prefer to experience.

From my perspective, this is the hardest part. If I wish to be an entrepreneur and not have a conventional job anymore, then I need to examine what is holding me back from realizing this dream. Am I afraid of not making enough money or the lack of stability or security that may ensue from being my own boss? Do I lack self-love or self-worth and believe that I don’t deserve to be successful? There are so many unconscious thoughts and beliefs as well as emotions that need to be examined carefully and of which I need to be aware if I wish to shift my experience of reality.

I know I am completely responsible for my experiences of reality in this dimension, and I own that. There are things about my life that I don’t really like right now. I want to work from home full-time as an artist, so that I can be present for my dog and do the work I love to do.  I am working on feeling the joy and security that abundance gained from enjoyable creative work would bring. I am also working on self-confidence, needed to promote my work and to command the commission fees I need in order to pay my bills. There are practical as well as spiritual aspects to manifestation. The emotional aspects and unconscious beliefs and conditioned thought patterns are not often broached in pop culture talks and lectures about the law of attraction.

Everything in life is about mastery. Mastery of our thoughts, emotions, desires, choices, intentions. What we achieve in this world is illusory. The true goal is to be. Simply to be. Pure of heart. Peaceful. Joyful and enjoying each experience that comes our way with gratitude and non-judgment. It’s not easy. It’s a process that is meaningful and which brings its own rewards.

We live in a very goal-oriented culture in the United States. There is a lot of emphasis put on status and on achievement, as well as on doing rather than being.  A friend of mine from my book club told me the other day that she is now focusing more on being. Her husband of at least 50 years is dying of a rare form of dementia. He is not able to speak or communicate. Yet all of the people in the home where he was staying were moved to tears and expressed so much love for him when he had to move out to go to hospice. His energy of peace, gentleness, and love was so pervasive despite his inability to move, communicate, or do anything. This is what I am talking about.

So be love until you see love mirrored in your life experiences. What more could any of us want?


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The End of the Transhumanist Agenda: How we choose


Dearest readers,

I have taken a break from blogging for a while, though ideas for posts keep coming to me. As a lightworker/starseed, the awakening and ascension process for humanity and the planet preoccupies a lot of my waking and probably my sleeping life as well.

At this point in our collective experience of 3-D life on Earth, I believe that humanity has reached a very clear choice point. Lightworkers have been expressing this state of affairs for some time, but now it is out in the open. A variety of films and TV shows present our reality as multi-dimensional and illusory, and the obvious (to some of us) presence of sentient and advanced life forms throughout the universe or multiverse are also being introduced to the public at large. The choice is this: Do we stay on the 3-D track of duality, ego, fear, mind control, materialism, and artificial intelligence and allow ourselves to become part of the Transhumanist agenda and the Internet of Things, or do we choose to leap to a higher level of consciousness characterized by unity, creativity love, harmony, expansiveness, inclusiveness, personal freedom, and flow?

The corporations who run the hallucination that we currently mostly accept as the only reality have very carefully been programming their human subjects to embrace A.I. in all of its forms. The addiction to cellphones, social media programming, body shaming, artificial foods and medications, and all of the aspects of destructive behaviors created by the current system are intentional. The goal is to keep all human beings separate from one another and disconnected from inner lives and our innate ability to connect to the consciousness of all things and all beings anywhere in the Universe. For example, by instilling a hatred of the natural human body through constant judgment, and by encouraging people to change their bodies and compare their bodies to those modeled on various media, the eventual segue (as seen in shows such as Black Mirror on Netflix) is that people are being conditioned to accept to live in very realistic virtual bodies and virtual relationships on technological platforms.


The truth is, while the Internet is a nifty tool, it is also ultimately unnecessary once our DNA awakens and we shift out of duality. As are all of the other technological devices that were created to replace the abilities with which all human beings are born. The ascension process is one of remembering and awakening to these innate abilities. Love and the expansion of our natural energy fields through higher vibrational thoughts, feelings, and intentions strengthens our field and shields us from EMFs, toxic “foods”, chemicals, thoughts, programming, etc.

Which is why the “news” or mind control programming works so hard to keep people in fear. Being in a state of fear or lower consciousness makes us very vulnerable to psychic attack, disease, and manipulation. The so-called terrorist attacks, wars, reports of criminal behavior, racism, use of privilege and deprivation are all very intentional. People who are divided against one another cannot unite in higher consciousness. By being constantly distracted by media and cellphones, we not only separate from other humans, but we are also constantly distracted from our own Higher Self or intuitive connection to the divine spark that is in each of us. We are never victims; we all have choices to make – whether consciously or unconsciously.

We are living in a very special and exciting time. All experiences are valuable, and not one is better or more appropriate than another. We each make the best choice for ourselves. In higher consciousness, unlike duality, there is no good or evil, light or dark. There is no judgment. Only acceptance. For in unity or “christed” (meaning unity) consciousness, as in the yin-yang symbol, dark and light are two sides to the same unified creation. It will be a great relief for those of us who finally make it through the long purging process to the other side of duality.

Leaving behind all of the belief systems and conditioning which have informed our limited human experiences here on Earth is indeed a painful process involving much dedication, strength, and courage. There are many brave souls on Earth at this time. We are all here, each in our own way, to support the planet, and all of her creatures.

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Healing from image addiction

rainbow body 2

Dearest readers,

As we move deeper into the ascension process, awakening from thousands of years of trauma, mind control, psychic attacks, and inter-generational familial and institutional emotional, mental, and physical abuse and neglect, it is time to take stock.

All human beings across the planet are deeply wounded on multiple levels and dimensions. It is time to heal those wounds. The conditioning of the human being to live in constant fear, hatred of self and others, and in a system of separation where we are taught to constantly judge self and others is coming to an end. But abuse and inter-generational trauma don’t just disappear.


On social media, so many people – men, women, and children, pretend to live “happy” lives. Creating images of perfection, of beauty, of happiness that are intended to impress others. Displaying designer bodies, homes, clothes, hair, make-up. Trying to impress others with money, power, success. What I see are deep wounds, insecurity, pain, and fear of abandonment. Lack of self-love and the inability to see that our power lies within. The conditioned human being sees perfection outside of the natural self. So many young women run after relationships with inappropriate partners who have nothing to offer, neglecting their own children and perpetuating the cycle of abuse, neglect, and lack.

lonely library

I have written many times on this blog about codependency, which is the norm of relationship in a dysfunctional, dualistic world where everyone is polarized. Rising to a higher level of consciousness means taking responsibility for self and for our own healing. Unity consciousness means that everything and everyone are equally important, and there is no longer any judgment because perfection is innate and is not something to be acquired, worked for, or given by someone else. In unity consciousness, we no longer give away our power to authority figures, to romantic partners, to doctors or healers, or to religious leaders. No one is higher than self, and no one else is more or less important than self. In unity, there is harmony. No one need get offended by any comment, and there is no need to be “liked” or “followed” by anyone as we express our inner truths.


Many people still do not realize that humanity has been and is still enslaved to a power that uses sophisticated technologies to track our every move, to control our thoughts and our emotions. Negative, self-defeating thoughts as well as violent, aggressive thoughts are planted intentionally in our consciousness that we may react to them and cause more harm and fear in the world. Our water, soil, food supplies have been purposefully contaminated to poison our bodies and our minds. We are surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies which interrupt our connection to the Earth and to the divine. Every effort has been made to disempower us and to disconnect us from our true selves. The awakening is a process of remembering who we truly are and how powerful we are.


These thousands of years, perhaps millions of years, of slavery, abuse, torture, and emotional manipulation have deeply scarred the human psyche. Today, we suffer from physical ailments as well as mental and emotional disease. We are weakened and exhausted from the constant stress of living in separation, poverty, lack of emotional support, lack of love, and lack of a healthy environment. It is very distressing to think that many still believe that this is the only reality, clinging to this dysfunctional artificial system of torture.

beautiful bird

It is up to each of us to wake up and to take charge of our own healing and our own lives, and to imagine New Earth – the sort of place and reality in which we want to live, raise our children, and thrive. Human consciousness is so extremely powerful, yet we are very emotionally sensitive beings. Taking charge of our emotions and healing our emotional bodies, I believe, is key to help humanity move out of the bondage of the lower realms and its overlords. Beautiful, radiant jewels of light are the essence of our true being. We are the energy of love, but we have been taught to survive in darkness, never seeing our own light. Taught to reach for stars that are artificial and that would burn us if we could ever reach the image of perfection that is dangled before us, while we crash and burn behind the scenes, suffering from addictions, eating disorders, bullying and self-harming, neglect and abuse of those whom we should love and cherish.

Self-love is the key to recovery. Turn off TVs, computers, hand-held devices. Go into nature and sit quietly. Remember who you are. You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are a creator of any reality in which you want to live. It’s time to thrive.




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Women and self-love

frances cannon art

Dearest readers,

Why is it so easy to love a dog, a cat, a flower, even a dress, a tree but so hard to love yourself? Why are humans so hard to love?

Women always talk about looking for love, but love is not something that exists outside of self. The nature of reality is love, because love is creative energy. When we give our power away, we also give away our power to create. When we go looking for love outside of ourselves, we give away our ability to love self and others in an authentic way.


So it comes back to one simple fact. Almost all human beings, whether or not it is conscious or admitted, think that there is something missing from their lives and from their reality. That happiness is always around the corner but not present with them in each moment.

It is by changing this perception of reality and by realizing that we actually create our experience of reality with every breath, every thought, every emotion that we feel that shifts our ability to be happy and to love and accept our self as we are right now.

Women spend fortunes on potions, creams, make-up, clothes, plastic surgery in order to “improve” on the way they look and to improve their prospects to attract “love” and to preserve their youth. All of this is a waste of resources and energy.

rosie by tim okamura

When we love ourselves, we look radiant. When we are in love with self (not in a narcissistic way, but in a compassionate way), we give thanks for the opportunity to be on Earth exactly as we are, right now. I regularly thank the cells in my body, even the water in my body, and for the opportunity to be on Earth at this special time in human history – as we shift from duality and a lower level of consciousness based on ego and separation into a reality based on unity, love of self and others, respect, peace, balance, harmony, and joy.

frida kahlo

Women spend so much time and energy speculating about relationships and why and how a love interest behaves the way they do. If we love ourselves and honor and respect our own boundaries as well as those of others, we clearly discern whether or not we are being treated as we deserve to be treated. What does it feel like to be loved and respected? The answer is simple. It feels easy and it feels good. There is no conflict, no duality, no wondering as to whether or not he or she will or should call or treat us to this or that. When we give ourselves what we need to be happy, and when we set clear boundaries, everything else is icing on the cake, and other people automatically earn the right to be themselves too.

helen frankenthaler

Self-love and self-care are so important in the times in which we are living. It is challenging to heal from the post-traumatic stress caused by millennia of harsh conditioning, imposed negativity, isolation, and abuse. But it is up to us, both women and men, to learn to love and honor ourselves, to open our hearts, and to take full responsibility for our lives.

Animals and plants are easy to love because they have no conditions. They are always living in full alignment with their nature. They don’t pretend, and they don’t hold back. Human beings, conversely, are always trying to use one another, cheat one another, manipulate and control one another. We should model ourselves after the simplicity and  honesty of plants and animals. In the New World that is coming, and it will arrive more quickly if we create it more intentionally, simplicity and honesty will prime over manipulation, control, power, and pretense. It is time to choose the world in which we want to live. It is time to create that world, and it is time to heal ourselves.

harmonia rosales

On New Earth, we won’t need make-up, and there won’t be hookups. Men and women will be free to be themselves, and there won’t be a need to create drama in relationships. The time for honesty with self and others is here, and it is time to heal ourselves from the trauma of the past. No one is responsible for our pain, and it is time to give thanks for all of the experiences over many lifetimes which have challenged us and pushed our limits farther than we thought we could manage or survive. It is time to unpack all of these experiences and the laws, rules, restrictions, the pain, the suffering, the regret, the shame, the judgment of self and others and to re-examine what it all means. It is time to open our hearts and our emotional bodies as well as our mental bodies and to sort out all of the thoughts and experiences and see how they make us feel. It is time to live in our bodies and to take our bodies seriously by carefully listening to each message from every cell. It is time to return to truth and to the beauty of truth.

sallyedelstein collage

Ladies, we are all beautiful, and we each chose the body that was perfect for the lifetime we are living now. We chose it in every detail before deciding to be born into this body. We chose our families too, in all of their dysfunctional splendor. And none of these aspects are handicaps in any way. We chose to come to Earth to live specific experiences and to learn to love self and others. We came to Earth to bring others the gift of our unique self and talents. Let’s try to use our power to create beauty, abundance, peace, prosperity, and joy. Being human is complex, but it is also simple.


We are each a universe, and we are made out of love – the ultimate creative energy. Let’s use that energy to build something wonderful!

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Remedies for loneliness: the importance of sharing and intimacy

bright night

Dearest readers,

An unforeseen and preventable tragedy recently occurred in my work place. One of my younger coworkers, M. (aged 27) took his own life during the holiday break. He was a quiet young man. Respectful, thoughtful, intelligent. A model employee who was always on time and who played by the rules. His college major was psychology. He had married in 2018 and on the surface, appeared to have a well-ordered and happy life. He had once shared with me that he suffered from extreme insomnia and had never found a remedy that worked for him. His father, who also works for our same company, is a man of conservative views, and I recently found out that the family are Seventh Day Adventists and that the children were both  home schooled.


M. liked cosplay, trap music, and Japanese culture. He had a gentle energy about him, and I always felt that he was different from his family, even though I didn’t objectively know much about them or about him. I can always tell if someone is a starseed, and I knew that M. was, though he was completely unaware of the fact, I am certain. Many of our coworkers as well as myself suspected that M. was gay. A people pleaser, he most likely wanted to be a good son and make his family proud. Was the pressure so intense that he suppressed this part of himself, marrying and trying to lead a “normal” life so as not to disappoint those who raised him? We can’t know, and all we can do is speculate.


However, my reflections on the premature loss of M. from this world and from my workplace (he sat directly across from me), have lead me to a few conclusions.

All of us, as human beings, want to be loved, seen, acknowledged, accepted and celebrated for who we truly are. Most of us are concealing parts of ourselves or pretending to be other than who we are. Perhaps because we feel we are not sufficiently lovable if we are true to our authentic urges and to our original divine template. Every human being on the Earth has been conditioned to adapt to family and cultural values, which means that all of us from early childhood onward, have been forced to repress great chunks of our being, of our deepest urges, desires, emotions and thoughts, burying them deep in our psyches. Shame and conformity play a huge role in social organization and values throughout all of our society’s institutions: schools, religions, government, family, etc.

automat by edward hopper

For every aspect and fragment of self that we repress, we lose energy, vitality, and our lives and communities suffer for this loss…whether or not we are aware of this tragic suppression. When we examine our families, cities, our human communities, we see crime, poverty, duality, racism, illness, depression, anxiety, and people not using their innate creative abilities to bring about the highest outcomes of abundance, well-being, peace, and prosperity for self and others. The truth is that the outer world is a mere reflection of what goes on inside of our hearts and minds. If we learn to heal our own lives, the collective experience of humanity will automatically improve and become more loving, open, and compassionate.

cyber loneliness

In order to heal from all of this suppression, separation, loneliness, polarization, we must return to authenticity and take full responsibility for our own lives and happiness. No one else has the power to make us happy. We each have everything it takes to be whole, to be loved. We are love by nature, and every human being is a powerful creator of realities. We are each the artists and creators of our own lives, happy or unhappy. We choose the life we want by looking inward, by examining each of our thoughts, emotions, integrating, examining what is right and what feels good and discarding what is out of alignment and what feels bad. This is a long and complex process. We can help one another by being more open about our own healing process. As we return to oneness from duality and separation, we end loneliness and despair by being brave enough to share with others.


To be authentic and whole, we must each choose to learn to be honest and wholehearted. All of the energies that have been suppressed for thousands of years have been rising to the surface in our individual and collective lives to be healed. It is time for the global human community to awaken and to take responsibility for our reality, personal and collective. To take responsibility, we must each be aware of who we are and what we are carrying.

vincent van gogh


Once we are aware of all of the suppressed energies and desires, we must learn to integrate them into our conscious personalities and lives. We must give up the images that we create to impress one another and learn to be human once again. I always give thanks for the experiences of pain, suppression, duality, negative thoughts and emotions before energetically transforming their energies into conscious light energy and accepting the new energy and healing into my soul.


It is difficult to be human. But once we begin to share our troubles, experiences, hardships, challenges with others, we realize that we are not alone. Everyone has challenges in their lives, and our lives are all inter-connected. The flow and grace of the life force, and the intelligence of spirit always puts us within reach of people whose experiences are calibrated to our own, to books, videos, content which is ready, if we so choose, to share the information and emotional support we need to grow and integrate the parts of ourselves we have been suppressing.

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By sharing and by accepting our own vulnerability, we can recognize our own humanity and that of others. By seeing how hard it is to be human, we can learn to stop judging and envying other people for the lives and abundance they seem to enjoy on the surface and begin to create real intimacy with other human beings. Loneliness ends where the courage to be openly vulnerable begins.


The fake joy and prosperity that abounds in images on the Internet and social media is just that: images. People create images because in a world of ego and duality, everything is about power, control, and manipulation. Image or persona is a fake shield that people create and parade to show that they are strong and impenetrable, when beneath this shield, the façade reveals a vulnerable and frightened child who has given away so much of his or her personal power and original authenticity.

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In reality, we are always whole and perfect, but we come to Earth to experience what it is to be human. It is a glorious and extremely difficult choice. We choose to live a small portion of our experiences as limited human beings, and this is a powerful choice, because it is so very difficult to be deprived of full awareness of how beautiful and powerful we are as creator beings. We come to Earth where we experience victimization, solitude, pain, disease, longing, war, imprisonment, injustice, hardships of all kinds. But also beauty, friendship, love, generosity, elation, art, music, and the magnificence of nature.

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I believe that no matter what each of us is going through, we are more powerful when we are truly honest with ourselves and when we share with one another in a completely open and authentic way. It is not always easy to share and to be open, because many people are locked down into their solitude. The best way, in my opinion, is not to ask another person what they are going through, but to use your own intuition and share something personal about yourself. You don’t know how this gift will affect another person, but it just might save their life and help them to look at their own life and gifts in a new way.

At work, at school, somewhere in your community or your family, you have been placed where you are for a reason. You have the wisdom, the experience, and the power to help and heal yourself and others just by being yourself and by sharing who you are. We are each a gift, and gifts must be shared to unlock their full potential.

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