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Monster: How Mass Shootings Can Teach Us How to Heal Ourselves, Our Societies


Dearest readers,

There are many reasons why violence is so prevalent in the United States and around the planet today. Violence is an outward projection of our individual inner states of being as well as an accurate portrait of our collective state and how we use our consciousness to create the realities in which we live.


We call these shooters “monsters”. We claim that they are mentally ill exceptions to the rule of who we are: peaceful, law-abiding, kind individuals. We rush to punish or to protect or protest gun ownership rights and laws.

School Shooting Florida

What is a monster? Where do these shooters come from and why do they appear? Are they really disturbing our peace? Have we created a peace which can be disturbed? Or have we accepted violence, constant stress, fear, mistrust, and duality as our accepted state of reality that we wish to preserve?

A monster is someone who shows us something important about ourselves and about our society. From the word “montrer” in French, “mostrar” in Spanish: to show. In a way, a monster is a gift. A person who has entered a state of too much. A person who can no longer carry the separation, the lack, the stress, the loneliness, the brutality of our society any longer. And so they explode. And in that explosion of violence, they show us who we are. They show us how we are responsible for what we have created, all together.

losing temper.jpg

For the societies in which we live are a highly accurate snapshot, in each instant of time and experience, of our current state of collective consciousness. If we each choose in each moment, both individually and collectively, to perpetuate fear, mistrust, perfectionism, tribalism, judgment over unity, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, trust, vulnerability – then we continue to perpetuate the kind of collective experience that leads to more of the same.


The monster or the shooter, in my eyes, is a self-sacrificing hero of sorts. I’m not trying to exculpate the shooter, but to elevate our own collective responsibility for these events. It is not one person who creates the tragedy. It is all of us. These individuals are showing us what we refuse to see about ourselves. Where we play the victim, we are each in fact responsible for every life lost in these tragic, horrible shootings. Even those of us (including myself) who have never used or owned a gun and who practice compassion on a daily basis…I too am responsible. Because we are all one living body, one living consciousness, one family.

responsibility quote

We cannot blame, punish, incarcerate, suppress, hospitalize, legislate violence out of our individual and collective realities.

The only way to stop mass shootings and violence of any kind in our societies is for all of us to take responsibility for the way we imagine and live our lives from one moment to the next.

Fear is a choice. We are completely free to choose to be unafraid in the face of any “outer” circumstance or situation. We are free to speak to our neighbors and to love them, no matter who they are, or what we perceive that they have “done” to us. It is our inner state of being which creates our outer experiences of reality. This is the truth about human consciousness. We are extremely powerful beings, and we create reality with our consciousness.


We don’t need to get rid of guns. We need to sit quietly at home and look at the shadows in our minds and our hearts which are the subconscious programs that are running our lives. We need to get honest with self and others. But mainly with self. All of the great masters who have walked the planet have known and lived this truth. Sit quietly. Face your demons. Integrate the shadow into light. Become a fully integrated, conscious human being. Know that all of reality, the entire Universe, is inside of you. What we call God, or the Creative Source, is inside of you. Together, with our individual states of consciousness, awake or asleep, we create the experiences of reality that we see projected out in the world.


When more and more of us awaken and begin to create consciously, we will see increasing unity on the planet. This is already beginning to happen. Where there was duality, there will be people seeking unity and common ground. Neighbors are meeting with one another, seeking real, face to face relationships. Working on the problems of separation, lack, learning to love and trust self and others once again.

share your thoughts

There is a wonderful new show on Netflix called “Queer Eye”. In this show, 5 gay men work together as a team to help a straight man (a different person in each episode) who is disconnected from himself to live happier, to love himself more, and to improve his relationships with others. It is an amazing show, because people who normally would never meet share incredibly heartfelt experiences of transformation. This is an example of how we heal.

As we each begin to accept responsibility for our thoughts, for each of our choices, and when we begin to live in a more connected compassionate state, loving self and taking steps to open up and show love and gratitude to other people, animals, plants, and our beautiful planet, we will begin to see the dissipation of violence, separation, lack, poverty, inequality in our realities.

We don’t all live in the same reality. In fact, we all jump to many different dimensions from one moment to the next, depending on the frequency of our thought patterns, emotions, and energetic state is at the moment. A human being is a highly sophisticated energy system, a deeply sensitive being who is connected to the consciousness of the Earth, to that of the cosmos, and to every other particle of energy on the planet – air, water, plants, animals, other human beings.


We have not been told the truth about who we are and what we can create. We are not victims. We are powerful creators of realities. It is time to wake up and take responsibility. Think about in what kind of world you want to live. What legacy do you want to help create for the children, for the animals, for the plants? Are you using your consciousness wisely? Are you working to heal the water, the soil, the animals, the plants? Are you thinking about our place in the Universe, in our galaxy? Are you aware that we are but one of an infinite number of planets and civilizations? Are you using your time and energy working to heal and love yourself?


These are the important questions. We don’t need teachers wielding firearms in our classrooms, nor do we need more security guards, or even more restrictive gun laws. We don’t need more mental hospitals. So many young lives have been sacrificed, so many families torn apart, yet people are still not waking up in sufficient numbers. We need to thank the shooters and their victims for showing us who we truly are and what our current state of consciousness is, so that we can learn to live more compassionately, honestly, powerfully. We are all responsible for the violence in our societies. We have the power to make the changes inside of ourselves right now.

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Heart over Mind: from control to vulnerability

mother daughter bonding

Dearest readers,

Truth and living with integrity are important to me. So are slowing down, enjoying the moment. I’m not very competitive. But I like to achieve and manifest my visions in the physical world. Finding and creating balance between our masculine side which is all about doing, achieving, conquering, creating order, and softening to our feminine aspect, characterized by creativity and imagination, dreaminess, flexibility, fluidity is a herculean task at times.

River with rocks

I was listening to Julie Parker’s The Priestess Podcast the other day, and her guest speaker Melissa Ambrosini (January 24th episode) gave some wonderful metaphors for the masculine and feminine energies, helping to move away from gender and allowing listeners to better understand the energy forms in and of themselves. She says that when she feels herself becoming too rigid or harsh, too far on the spectrum of right or wrong, and her inner critic is too active, she reminds herself to soften and to open up. In her words, she moves from rock to river, or from flagpole to flag. Lovely and powerful images, where both divine aspects are honored and prioritized as needed in the current moment and situation!

flagpole with flag

In today’s society dominated by sound bites, snap judgments, and assessments made often too quickly, and in my opinion, too harshly without enough thought or empathy, slowing down and opening ourselves up, allowing self to listen to others without being so quick to jump in with an opinion or an assumption is so very crucial to creating relationships of trust with others with whom we don’t necessarily agree.


The divisiveness of people around the planet into groups where a feeling of tribal association of only those who agree being able to talk and validate one another is, in my opinion, quite dangerous and isolating. If we can’t communicate, honor, and respect those with whom we may possibly disagree, then there is no trust or true intimacy. There develops a lack of honesty, and a climate where people become afraid to speak up and stand in their truth.

Modern Tribalism video

Open-minded and open-hearted living, where we learn to stand in non-judgment and simply listen, acknowledge and cherish another human being for being who they are, for their experiences, their emotional complexity, is key for humanity to heal our divisions and to learn how to integrate our own shadows.

Child listening

Scapegoating is the age-old blame game where people refuse to look inwards and to examine their own life, emotions, conditioning, impulses, contradictions, character. It is so easy to victimize another, to give one’s power away, to refuse to accept responsibility for one’s own discomfort, pain, sorrow, failures. This is the path of immaturity that humanity has been playing out for thousands of years. Humanity, it is time to grow up. Time to take our power back. Time to stop blaming others. Time to see others as a mirror of self and to give gratitude for that reflection and learn from it.

What angers us most in others

Now is the time of introspection for our global society.  The United States in particular  has propagated around the world an attempt to quell the feminine energy of flow, a taste for the rigid and the instantaneous, perfectionism, placing authority outside of self, and an obsession with outer appearances and glossing over the depths of feeling, meaning, and emotional states in our lives.

control e-card

Now is the time to bring honor back to the energies of the river and the flag, all while continuing to honor those of the rock and the flagpole. Creating balance will take a while, but each of us has the power to do this for ourselves in our own lives. This has a global effect. We need to stop judging others. Slow down. Be. Live in the now. Turn off your cellphone. Let go of social media for a while. Take a walk in the forest. Breathe. Watch children play. Sit on the couch and stroke your dog. Listen to someone without offering advice or help. Say thank you to someone for sharing their personal truth with you, for having the courage to open up in a time where we are constantly on guard and constantly offered solutions or judgment instead of a ready and compassionate ear.

Young woman with her dog walking in the forest

We are living in a time made for healing. All of the darkness that is rising from the depths of the Earth and from the depths of our hearts and souls is a beautiful mirror of our personal and collective beings. Let’s not blame anyone for the chaos that now flows about us. Let’s show gratitude for our new ability to see that chaos for what it is: the hidden emotions, truths, and vulnerabilities so long either concealed or projected onto others as scapegoats.


We are not victims or our lives. Living a human life is not easy, and it’s not about being comfortable. It’s not about labeling some people as privileged and others as victims. Everyone has a story, everyone has experienced pain, challenges, and trials. Rich or poor, homeless, socially inept or socially accomplished, we are all here as equals. We are all family, and if we allow ourselves to open our hearts to others and to hear everyone’s story, we begin to realize that wealth has nothing to do with money. Those who our society may judge and label the most harshly, the so-called addicts, criminals, refugees, homeless, poverty-stricken, or mentally ill may have the most emotional wealth of all to share.

Uganda refugee camp

We each come onto this planet by choice. We choose to incarnate into a particular physical vessel, family, situation, country in order to experience a particular set of circumstances. Being born into wealth is not a privilege; it is a choice made by the soul and the soul group into which a person is born. Being born poor, with a physical, mental, or emotional illness or challenge is also a choice. There is no good, bad, or better situation into which a person can be born. When we learn to stop judging and punishing and begin to understand the truth of why we are here on the planet, we can begin to love ourselves and one another much better.

We live in a great era of transformation and opportunity. We are collectively transforming from a culture of manipulation, victimization, and service to self into a culture that is heart-centered and in which the mind serves the heart. A culture of unity which honors vulnerability and which promotes trust. A culture in which all people and all talents are valued. We each chose to come here and to incarnate on Earth at this crucial time. The more love and attention we bring to the planet and to one another at this time, the more smoothly and beautifully the transition will occur.  Fear, anger, division will slow and render more chaotic this transition. We always have a choice. And every single individual choice matters and affects the planet and the global human experience of life.


Keep your power, or take it back. Stand up as responsible. See the world and other human beings as a mirror of your own inner state. Own that. Be grateful for where you are right now. It is perfect, and you are perfect. Stay in the moment, and be aware of your body and how it feels, as well as your thoughts and emotions in each instant. Observe everything and everyone, including yourself, with wonder and amazement.


You are a beautiful creation, a being of light. Moving through the shadows of experience and integrating the shadows as you transform them back into light. Our ego, or survival self is a tool, a necessary structure that allows us to navigate in a physical world, which on many levels, is an illusion. When we allow the ego to take over our entire identity, we become overly fearful and harsh. Stepping back helps us to realize that we are immortal beings, and that our current physical incarnation is only a chosen and temporary expression of our true, multi-dimensional and immortal Self. So relax, enjoy the ride. Enjoy other people. Enjoy nature. Allow people to be who they are and relish in their differences. Enjoy who you are. You are perfect.

I love you.

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How to make your neighborhood a safe, happy place

Maxfield Parrish painting

Dearest readers,

I am a member of a neighborhood social network called NextDoor. It is a wonderful site, connecting people in contiguous communities, allowing people to exchange thoughts, practical information, make friends, and to help one another in various ways.

However, the issue of crime and neighborhood safety is one which keeps recurring, and I end up feeling frustrated because no one seems to either propose to look at the situation from a different perspective, and no one is offering a viable solution to the problem.

house illustration

I see people reacting to a situation in which certain individuals are either violating their space, stealing property either through burglary or taking items such as packages delivered to their home and left on the porch. Cars are broken into and either robbed or stolen. People complain that they don’t feel safe walking and I often see those who do walk armed with large sticks to fend off loose dogs or potential assault by humans.

The key to the problem is reactivity. People are assuming that criminality and danger is the norm, and that fear is the normal, expected, and proper response to the situation that they call reality. What most people do not YET realize is that it is our consciousness that creates our reality. People are assuming that reality is something that is outside of self, and they are reacting to that assumption. What is inside of our minds and our hearts is what creates the outside world that we experience individually and collectively. We are all creating this experience together. We are ALL responsible for this creation.

Norman Rockwell painting

Once we understand this crucial principle, we are suddenly empowered to do something about our circumstances, of which we are no longer a victim. This is a great feeling! As individuals, we can do a lot, but in groups, our power is multiplied. Once human beings realize that it is our consciousness that creates the world in which we live, and once human beings stop reacting in anger and fear to a social fabric that makes them sad, uncomfortable, and anxious, we can begin to work together to create a reality that is pleasant, safe, and productive for everyone.


The shocking truth is that we are ALL responsible for the crime that takes place in our neighborhoods. Even if we have one burglar arrested and punished for breaking into homes or cars, another will immediately take his or her place if we don’t raise our consciousness and raise the energetic frequency that we are creating for our neighborhood. If we accept and promote fear and defensiveness, we are perpetuating crime in our community. Judgment, condemnation, and punishment of behaviors and of other human beings does not and never will solve the problem of crime, which is essentially a disease called disrespect and lack.

A criminal is a person who lives in separation and lack. This person believes unconsciously that he or she does not deserve to have whatever it is that he or she desires. This person also lacks self-love and self-respect. By attempting to take the property or invade the well-being of other people, the person who takes on a life of crime is a person who is pushing up against others in order to learn the lessons of self-love and respect of self and others.

neighborhood kindergarten

When a community is evolved and mature enough to understand the nature of reality and the importance of self-love, respect, and non-judgment, we can begin to work together to create relationships based on love, compassion, and respect for all people. No one is punished or excluded, and no one is obligated to live in fear and to hate or resent others for invading their space or taking their property. We can attempt to work with people who don’t know how to love and respect self and others by raising our frequency and compassion. If a person chooses to live in a low frequency and we choose to keep our frequency high, the low frequency person who chooses lack, disrespect, anger will simply avoid us and our neighborhood. Darkness avoids light.

On a higher level of consciousness, nothing is separate. We are all one, brothers and sisters of one human family. Everyone is at a different place in their personal evolution. No one is, however, better or more important than anyone else. We cannot own anything, because everything is energy. When we stop the flow of energy, there is stagnation.

There are some very simple things we can do to raise the energetic signature or frequency of our bodies, our homes, our communities and thereby make our block, our neighborhood an incredible place to live:

  1. Stop being afraid. You do not need to defend yourself or your property.
  2. Talk to people walking through your neighborhood.
  3. Talk to your neighbors, even if their education and background is different from yours.
  4. Know that we are all one, all sourced from love…even those who are struggling, wounded, living in lack.
  5. Plant a garden that makes your street look more beautiful. This is a gift to the neighborhood.
  6. Place a Little Free Library to make books available to your community.
  7. Organize neighborhood meetings and parties so people can meet one another, exchange thoughts, and mingle.
  8. Meditate. Raise your frequency, clearing thought forms of fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, jealousy (all low frequency energies) from your body, mind, heart, light body, and from all dimensions. We all live on multiple dimensions at the same time, even if we are not aware of it. Create a group meditation for the benefit of your neighborhood and all of your neighborhoods, and create clear, positive intentions for your community.
  9. Do nice things for people you know and for strangers. Say hello, smile, be kind and attentive to all people without distinguishing between those you know and those you don’t know. Treat everyone the same, from the homeless to the multi-billionaire. Every time you do something kind and act compassionately, you raise the frequency of the entire planet. Every time you are selfish, suspicious, angry, inattentive, disconnected, you lower the frequency of the entire planet. We are all connected to one another, and we are connected to the frequency of Earth, who is a living, conscious being.
  10. Be aware of your surroundings. Turn off your phone and pay attention to the beautiful planet on which we live. Be grateful for all of the gifts in your life, including your body, your health, your home, family, all of the animals and plants, the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe. With loving thoughts, you can heal the air, the water, the soil of the poisons and toxins accumulated through so many years of unconscious living. Together, we can heal the planet as well as our neighborhoods.


Together, we can create a new reality, a new society, and a new way of living based on respect, responsibility, self-love, and compassion. We see a lot of chaos around us today because it is becoming impossible to remain asleep. For thousands of years, only a select few have lived in a fully awakened state, and for thousands of years, these awake individuals were often persecuted and murdered for being aware that human consciousness creates reality. The powers that be continue to want us to live in constant fear and to keep us all living in the lower frequency ranges which keep us sick, angry, judgmental, fearful, reactive, at war, addicted to various substances, and in a passive-aggressive victim mode. This is how they maintain their power and their wealth.


Humanity has been manipulated by a fairly small group of elites who are fully aware of the power of human consciousness. These elites have done everything they can to prevent the majority of humanity from realizing our own power. They have and continue to do all they can to keep us fearful and asleep. In this way, we work and we are exploited. We are poisoned, and we are kept sick with a medical system which alleviates symptoms but cures no ailments, for the system itself is one designed to keep us sick. In addition to that sad fact, the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries steal much of our remaining resources, increasing their own wealth. Politics, religions, the military, Hollywood, the media, and finance have all worked together to make sure that we are constantly robbed, fearful, sick, and unaware of our own power. This system is very clever and very complex, yet the darkness in which all of these institutions have been veiled is now being revealed.

poverty and crime

As human beings wake up around the planet (this process has been escalating for the last thirty or so years), the amount of light and high frequency energies on the planet have also escalated. The darkness can no longer operate as it once did, with 99.9 % of all humans asleep and easily manipulated. The power of the Internet is the crowning jewel of the awakening, allowing people all over the world to share information and to communicate. We now know that we do not have to be victims. We do not have to be afraid of one another. We can choose to no longer allow ourselves to be divided from our brothers and sisters because of skin color, origin, gender, sexual orientation. Once awake, we no longer take sides and we are no longer interested in politics, religious salvation, and we are no longer distracted by mindless entertainment.


Awake people want to work together to create a reality that works for all of us. The technologies which have been suppressed by the corporate, political, religious, financial, and military elites and controllers will be allowed to come to light, providing all people with everything we need to thrive. Our planet can easily provide abundance for all people. Our neighborhoods can easily be safe for all people, for all children. The culture of predation and exploitation is collapsing. In 2018, our ability to clearly see the unveiling of all that has been going on behind the scenes, in the dark realms and corridors of power will expand. From pedophilia to human trafficking, the practice of dark magic, and all matters of disrespect of the human condition, those who have been asleep will be shocked very deeply.


It is important as these revelations come to light to not react in anger, fear, disgust, even though it is, on one level completely appropriate to feel this way. Those who have been sleeping have been allowing these behaviors and, as such, are also responsible for this reality. What is most important is to feel compassion for those who have been living in the dark for so long. Both the predators and their victims. We are all immortal beings having a human experience. The human experience until now has been one mostly of separation, lack, and suffering. Remember, when we lower our frequency to anger and reactivity, we are lowering the frequency of the planet and prolonging the transition to peace and prosperity for all.


It does not have to be this way any more. We are living at a crucial time in the history of humanity. A time in which we have the power to make an incredible difference in the lives of all people and in the quality of life shared by all beings on our beautiful home planet. Let’s awaken with empathy for all human beings. Judgment and condemnation are part of the old system, the old way of life. When we create something new, there will be no separation, no duality. Be kind. Be curious. Be understanding of self and others. Be quick to help, and slow to criticize. Listen. Pay attention to your inner life. Be in nature and be thankful. Let’s create a wonderful new life on Earth together. Now is the time.

playa del carmen.jpg

If you are feeling drawn to the concept of awakening to a higher level of consciousness at this time, please pay close attention to these feelings. Work the puzzle of your own life, and above all, be kind and loving to yourself and to others. Work with other people. Unity is our true state of being, the one reality.



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Sighting crows and return of the holy grail in 2018

Rackham ravens

Dearest readers,

Over the last month or so, I have been noticing large numbers of crows in my area. Absorbed in thought and observation as I walk in nature, I hear them call out, their raucous, throaty voices capturing my attention and making a mark on my consciousness.

crow diorama

A few weeks ago, I felt compelled to re-read Robert Bly’s short but very important book, “A Little Book on the Human Shadow”. I requested it from the library, and immediately upon beginning to read, an intense emotion, as deep as a thrill, struck my heart. In the very first chapter, at the end of the very first paragraph of the book, poet Bly declares:

We notice that when sunlight hits the body, the body turns bright, but it throws a shadow, which is dark. The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Each of us has some part of our personality which is hidden from us. Parents, and teachers in general, urge us to develop the light side of the personality – move into well-lit subjects such as mathematics and geometry – and to become successful. The dark part then becomes starved. What do we do then? We send out a crow.” (my emphasis)

noah with dove and crow

This first paragraph is followed by a poem by Bly evoking the well-known story following the biblical flood, in which Noah, as the waters began to recede, sends out a dove to search for evidence of dry land. In fact, before the dove was sent, a crow was sent on this same mission. The crow evokes groundedness into the Earth, into the feminine, and into the darker side of self. All of the passions and emotions that we do not accept individually and collectively are embodied by the crow. The power of our bodies, our sexuality, the consciousness of the Earth herself, the wisdom of plants and trees, the truth and reality of the multi-dimensional nature of the planet and the human being…all of these are the domain of the crow and its corresponding symbol, the missing holy grail.

Our culture, by pushing the feminine and the qualities she embodies into the shadow, is reflected in the story of Noah.  This story clarifies how the triumph of the dove creates unbalance. We choose to live in the light, but we are burdened by an immense shadow. We don’t understand how there is so much violence and disrespect in our culture and in the behaviors of individuals. Symbolically, in the Noah story, we can see the disastrous consequences of the failure of the crow to come back down to Earth and be consciously present and represented in our cultural practices, minds, and hearts.

The crow is a totem animal that is frequently evoked as a powerful shamanic spirit traveling between dimensions. Soul retrieval is the equivalent of shadow work, as the shaman travels between dimensions, usually between the daylight of our “solid” third dimension to the subconscious hold-all of the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension, where we often travel during dream-time,  gathers both darkness and light. It is in this dimension in which most of our fears and unrealized desires dwell. When we are abused, hurt, damaged in some way, we lose some of our personal power and energy. These shards of being, of self, are spirited away into another dimension, into which we no longer have conscious access. Survival and self-preservation provoke this relinquishment of these pieces of self. To return to the 360 degree being that we are promised upon birth requires that we travel into these alternate dimensions in order to recover the energetic fragments of our consciousness that we have given up.


It takes courage to retrieve these parts of self, and it takes courage to look into our own shadow as well as into the shadow of the collective. The crows are physically present at this time to help us in this process. As the grail or the divine feminine returns and offers herself and her services to allow us to live more powerfully and more responsibly, we must look inward and stop pushing away that which is dark, deep, intimate.

totem pole

The grail is often depicted as a cup or chalice. The cup is a feminine shape, receptive, containing, possibly representing the woman’s body or womb. Our culture and society have actively persecuted and rejected the power of the feminine creative source for thousands of years.  The power of the feminine is a part of ourselves that has been suppressed in order to benefit a power structure that did not want to see us empowered or responsible creators of our own realities. And so we have all been living in a reduced capacity, in a co-dependent, victim-bully relationship and in a paradigm based on duality and separation from a key part of our most profound self.

Noah's ark

The return of the crows  is a crucial sign for humanity, as the crows have touched down and made physical contact with the Earth. They bring us back evidence of the dark loamy soil of a conscious planet ready for ascension. Do we choose to accept the challenge? Do we finally as a society begin to understand that the stories of the ancients were in fact truths and not myths? That centaurs, unicorns, sprites, giants, fairies, elves, witches and wizards are real beings living on a more coherent, higher frequency dimension, and that because we have dropped to a lower, more chaotic frequency, it is simply fact that we can no longer perceive them? At least not until we raise our own frequency and begin to vibrate at a higher level…

The crows are our teachers and guides. They are here to help us find the pieces of self that we have thoughtlessly scattered and lost. They are here to help us  become aware and to bring back meaning to our lives. They are here to help us to remember who we really are and how much we dream of living with purpose and integrity. Without the crow, the dove cannot create peace. Just as the Chinese yin-yang symbol depicts two interlocking tear drops of black and white, each containing a drop of the other’s “blood”, so do the dove and crow need one another to create balance. Without the divine feminine energies of receptivity, creative power, patience, dark brooding, intuition, physicality and sexuality, the divine masculine energies cannot alone produce a world that is livable, just, or sustainable.


We are now in a place where the world in which we live has become intolerable for all but a very few. There is and has been an agenda designed to destroy the planet and all of the beings who live upon Gaia if those in power can no longer reign imperiously and without consequence, plundering the Earth, humanity, the animal and plant kingdoms. It is up to us, as human beings, to return to the flow and to the power that is our birthright.  The only way that we can accomplish this is to unplug from the brainwashing programs that have been designed to keep us shattered, asleep, powerless, fearful, and in pain. The crows have come to gently awaken us and to show us all that we have given up. It will be a rude awakening for many, but the rewards will be great once we begin to work together to create realities which benefit all beings.


I recommend reading Robert Bly’s “A Little Book on the Human Shadow”, and anything by Marie-Louise Von Franz. Bly speaks of Franz on page 54 of the Harper edition:

“Marie Louise von Franz says somewhere that a human being who has done work with the shadow or absorbed the shadow gives a sense of being condensed. Other people willingly give him or her some authority in moral matters. If a teacher has worked with his own shadow, she says that students, no matter how young they are, sense it, and discipline in that room will not be difficult, because the students know that the teacher has his crow with him.” (my emphasis)

I also recommend reading “To the Bright Edge of the World” by Eowyn Ivey, an intercultural tale which brings forth the tension between European culture in America and that of the indigenous tribes, whose reality still very much included the magical dimensions. In this wonderful novel, among many threads and story lines, the shaman (who shape shifts into a crow) steals an unborn fetus from a white woman while her husband is exploring the wilds of Alaska. The child is then delivered by its father, from the Earth and the roots of a tree in a great gush of blood. Adopted by native tribes-people, the child grows up to mediate between the two cultures.


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Winter solstice 2017: the rainbow portal


Vädersolstavlan is painting depicting a halo display observed over Stockholm, Sweden on April 20, 1535. It is named after the multiple sun dogs appearing in the sky on the upper right part of the painting. Artists:   Urban målare, Jacob Heinrich Elbfas, painted in 1636

I have been listening to a fascinating series of channeled messages and interpretations of these messages by Magenta Pixie called Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017). This link includes the entire playlist for the original channeling plus the 12 part interpretation.

sun dog

For those of us who are actively involved in the ascension process and who identify as starseeds, this winter solstice is a particularly important event, in which at last the divine feminine comes in to balance with the divine masculine. Pixie explains that the silver ray is the feminine aspect complementing the golden ray of the masculine. This silver ray allows us to maintain our high frequency so that we can do more than just visit the fifth dimensional realities.


As she spoke of the rainbow portal, the messages activated in me a series of memories from both art and life. My father passed away in November 2006. At his burial a magnificent sun dog, or perihelion appeared in the sky. It was a dark, dreary day, yet this phenomenon (caused by the formation of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere) touched all of us who were present. Since that day, I see sun dogs on a regular basis, and I always think about my dad when I see them. In fact, I saw two just this past week as I was doing light work to dissolve chem-trails and to transmute their emissions into healing particles of light in my neighborhood and all over the country. One of the jets flew directly through the iridescent patch in the sky!


I also remembered a painting I made around 2001-2002 of a girl-bear hybrid having a tea party with some eggs and monkeys, with a rainbow bridge in the background. Intuitively, I understood the outcome of the shadow work.

sundog plane

I believe the rainbow portal is a sun dog. Pixie says the portal or gateway is also a vortex.  I think about the torsion field or toroidal form, which is both a vortex and a portal, spinning out zero point creative energies from its center. In nature, the vortex amplifies energies. For example, in a mountain stream, as the water eddies over rocks, it swirls in a vortex pattern. (See Viktor Schauberger’s documentary.) This geometry energizes the water and endows it with healing properties. The same goes for light, for thought patterns, for images. The vortex is also the model for our DNA, which Pixie’s channeled message describes as filaments of rainbow light in a quantum field, intertwined with strands of golden and silver light. Our DNA is in fact the piece of God consciousness that is inside of each of us – the interface between our own consciousness and the light of the Universe.

In much of Christian art, Jesus is painted as emerging from a rainbow-like portal. In the painting by Hans Memling, pictured below, it is interesting to notice that outside of the rainbow portal inside which Jesus sits on a throne, there seems to be a lot of violence and chaos erupting.  As we prepare to enter the rainbow portal of this year’s winter solstice, the collective is plunged into a similar array of random acts of brutality.

In these artistic depictions of the Christ or unity consciousness embodied, sometimes the portal is round, but other times it appears in the form of a vesica piscis, or the shape formed by the intersection of two circles. This portal is an expression of the divine feminine, as it is shaped like a vagina, and the Christ or unity consciousness is emerging from the womb of the Universe into grounded or incarnated form. The Christian fish is this same shape, formed by two intersecting circles.


Most people do not think about Jesus or Buddha as being masters of DNA or masters of physics. Most people are not aware that there have been many great masters (male and female) who have walked this Earth, and that many masters are alive today.


Full integration of the light of awareness and unconditional love all parts of the self are the pre-conditions for mastery. All parts of self that were formerly submerged in the shadow of the subconscious mind are examined and brought into the light. At this point, there is no longer any need for conflict with other people. No need for karma. Once this difficult work has been accomplished, then any human being is capable of functioning from the zero point as a master of love. A miracle is the outcome of a person using intention, imagination, and unconditional love to create in hyper-space, outside of the illusion of time and space. This is the creative space, where humanity intersects with what we call God. Our DNA is the source of our power.


This winter solstice of 2018 is an activation point for full re-empowerment of the human being. As we bring back the full measure of the divine feminine to complement the divine masculine, and as we integrate both sides of our brain back into unity, the long journey back to our true nature comes full circle.


Humanity expelled from Eden has come full circle into the rainbow portal. It does not matter if you consider the “Fall” to be a choice or a condition to which humanity has been subjected for many thousands of years. Humanity has been experiencing separation from our true power and our true nature, out of balance, lonely, yearning, grasping, blaming, judging, killing. Yet in spite of the terrible challenge of being completely unaware of the great power within us, human beings have created incredible music, art, theater, dance, fashion, gardens, languages, architecture. Human beings have remained creative in the arts, sciences, mathematics, sports, and so many areas.

Nevertheless, the full expression  of our true abilities has been severely curtailed. We have been experiencing life as but a shadow of our true measure. The rainbow portal is an opportunity to return to Eden, fully aware and responsible. Not in the care of a father-like God, but fully empowered in ourselves.

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2018: Integrating the shadow for the collective

little red riding hood

Dearest readers,

2018 is a year where the presence of the shadow in society will be unavoidable. Chaos, violence, crime, people being offended, the eruption of sex scandals, political intrigues, and abuses against people, animals, and the planet will explode exponentially. These eruptions which are already quite visible are increasing so that humanity can integrate both the collective and the individual shadows held until now in the collective unconscious and the personal subconscious mind.

The shadow is a personal and collective phenomenon. When our personal problems remain stuffed under the carpet of our awareness, and when we keep ourselves “comfortably numb”, shadow work is needed to help us to live more responsibly. As we confront our shadows and become more honest with self and others, we align our lives to a lifestyle which benefits everyone, and not just our self. Fairy tales are a form of spiritual alchemy that are specifically designed to help us to integrate the parts of ourselves that we don’t fully understand, accept, or that are painful. Fairy tales, accessible to people of all ages and cultures, are a great resource for shadow work.

Marie Louise Von Franz

Marie-Louise Von Franz worked with C.G. Jung, and is the most important analysts of fairy tales, in particular from a feminine perspective. Her work is invaluable.

We live in a time where it is OK to be a victim, to constantly be offended, to blame others for our problems, not honor commitments. Today, it is acceptable to manipulate and use others for our own benefit, and to pillage the planet, hurt plants, animals, people, soil, water, air, trees, without any thought to the consequences of these choices. Relationships are superficial. People use each other for sex, perhaps for some semblance of connection or grounding to the planet and the body. It seems as if most people are divorced from their own emotions.


Some people call this paradigm the “service to self” conditioning and way of life. In this paradigm, everyone and everything is separate and limited. Our thoughts, feelings, choices affect (or so we think) no one but our self. In this system of thought, behavior, and social conditioning, the human being needs to stuff a lot of pain, sadness, self-hatred, and judgment of others into an ever-growing hideaway that psychologists have named the “subconscious mind”.


In a world where limitation keeps us feeling needy, lonely, hurt, and where the answers (and even God) lie always outside of self, there is permanent sense of emptiness which haunts us. This perception of our human self being limited, vulnerable, and essentially powerless is the source of all abuse of self and others, all wars and conflicts, all bullying, all victimization, all manipulation. The way our financial systems, laws and government on all levels, prisons and judicial systems, schools, families exploit human beings, animals, and the planet is both the cause and the result of the great suffering on the planet today.


This experience of limitation  is coming to an end. In order for human beings to stop distracting themselves from the truth of their own power, we must wake up, individually and collectively.

Facing the shadow is the first step in awakening and taking back our power, leaving behind duality to become unified, and fully responsible for self. Shadow work is very difficult, but it is important and inevitable if we want to grow as individuals and as societies. If we want war to end, if we want universal healthcare, and for all people to thrive in harmony with plants and animals, we have to take our power back. Each of us has to do the work by ourselves. No one can do it for us. Changing the world means looking inward. The shadow is inside each of us. No more can we use hatred of others, racism, xenophobia to avoid facing our own inadequacies and lack of self love and approval.

kara walker

Shadow work involves confronting all of the suppressed truths that we have refused to confront since birth into our bodies. It also means facing, one by one, all of the ways by which we have been conditioned. All of the belief systems which have limited us. For example, I long believed, as I was taught, that I could not make a living as an artist. I hated this belief, but it ruled my life for so many years. And because I believed it, I bargained and compromised myself by working part-time jobs. Later, as a single parent, I encountered so much bullying and abuse in relationships, that I chose to work full-time jobs that made me miserable so that I could be free from abuse in relationships. At that point, I needed the solitude to heal myself and learn to love myself. For so many years, my heart wanted to do creative work full-time, but my head (ego) told me that I could not provide for myself and my family, that I could not survive or thrive doing the work that I love to do.


When I finally began to confront myself regarding these beliefs, I had to find the courage within myself to break the bond with what I had held as truth for so long. This is painful, because I had to grieve all of those lost years doing work I hated, as well as the loss of all of the time I could have spent being creative. In addition to those facts, I am still working up the courage to leave the security of a job that pays the bills and venture into the unknown to find a way of living that gives me the freedom to do what I love to do. This requires faith, and faith lies in the heart, not in the mind – where the ego has been allowed to reign as king over all of our institutions. Keeping us fearful, limited, puny, mistrusting.


Limitation and separation teach us that the ego is the only important part of self. Physical survival primes over everything else. We are all conditioned to be terrified that we will be homeless and starve to death if we dare pursue a path that makes our hearts sing. We must be slaves to the system; ego and separation demand it. This is all part of the conditioning. However, the heart and the creative spirit of human-kind is reawakening. By facing each and every fear, and we all have many, we are doing the shadow work that will allow us to live in full integrity, full responsibility, and full alignment with our higher self.

black and white

The collective, or society at large as a group, is facing the same challenge now that we each face as individuals. As scandals erupt in an escalating flow, disclosing sexual abuse, harassment of women, pedophilia, financial scandals, and pervasive abuse of power throughout every institution in our societies, we are all forced, even the most reluctant among us, to face all that has been hidden from us for a very long time. We have kept, mostly willingly, the wool over our eyes and spirits, accepting what for some has always been unacceptable. Now, it will no longer be possible to continue to live comfortable lives ignoring the suffering of others. We can no longer ignore the suffering of farm animals, trees, plants, sea creatures, human slaves, the responsibility for war and the misleading banners of patriotism. We are now all aware. We are now all responsible. This is waking up and facing the shadow.

shadow people

Fairy tales are the blueprint for integration of the shadow, and such folk and fairy tales exist in all cultures all over the planet. They function as a type of psychic medicine for the soul, working on the unconscious mind which intuitively understands the symbolism of the stories. When we hear these stories and crave to hear them again and again, the subconscious mind allows these symbols and patterns to work their magic, even if we remain unaware of the true meaning of these symbols. In these stories, every fragment of the human being is portrayed as an archetype. The characters work through challenges, sort the chaff from the wheat, learn to be responsible for their choices and to integrate the missing parts of their soul which have been lost or separated from the whole. Shamanism and soul retrieval work much the same way, as can dreams and art work.

Lotte Reiniger

For the next several years, the population of the entire planet will be engaged in shadow work. As the exposure of darkness escalates, do not be alarmed. This is a necessary process. Many of us starseeds have been born into abusive families and have lived through lifetimes of extreme duress, learning to deal with the shadow, learning to love ourselves unconditionally so that we may guide humanity through this difficult task.


After millennia of living as co-dependent, reactive victims entangled in countless avoidant and addictive behaviors, it is not going to be easy for humans to realize that everything we were taught was real, true, and important was in fact a lie. The illusion was designed to enslave the majority of humanity to benefit a handful of elites around the world in the areas of religion, finance, military, and government as well as off-planet manipulators.


It is going to seem like the darkest, most hopeless time. The dark night of the soul. But, in fact, this time we are engaged in is the night preceding the dawn of a new era in which humanity begins to love self and others and begins to take back power and responsibility for self. Unity and service to others are the outcome of this upward spiral. Please be brave, and do not give up hope. As in the fairy tales, there is always a deep, menacing forest to cross, and challenges to confront, before the integrating moment of the marriage takes place at the end. Integrity means being, becoming whole. We have been deprived of essential parts of self, including, most importantly, the divine feminine. On some level, we have agreed to that experience of limitation and suffering…for a time. Now is the time to become whole again.


Art credits: Lotte Reiniger (German film-maker), Kara Walker, Arthur Rackham


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The Light Quotient and self-healing

Close to 2,000 people take part in the “I Meditate” Africa Month Program in Richmond, South Africa, on May 27, 2017. “I Meditate” is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization devoted to teaching meditation as part of self discipline and peace building, especially in prisons, schools, educational and social institutions, and in highly stressful environments. The town of Richmond was once a hotbed of political violence between the African National Congress and the United Democratic Movement. The Art Of Living Foundation conducted the program in 25 African countries, reaching over a million people.

Dearest readers,

I have written before about the light body and about coherence in the body. Coherence is when we create order and harmony in our body by being conscious of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Light is information that our cells and DNA need for cell division. A certain light quotient is needed to create balance and health in the body. When we allow too much drama, too much chaos in our lives and relationships, in addition to our eating dead foods, drinking dead water, and living a conventional life, we bring in disease and disorder in our bodies and lives. When we live unconsciously, without thought to the well-being of our body and soul, disconnected from other people, plants, animals, or the planet, eventually we create a great deal of entropy in our bodies.

flaming heart


I think about the eco-system of the body like that of a forest. There is growth and decay. Cycles of creation and decomposition. When decomposition takes precedence over creation, the fungi, bacteria have their way with your cells and tissues. Balance is lost, and depression, brain fog, and disease create a pain body. When we carry attachments to so many old stories that are not about love or wisdom, and when we are not able to live in the moment with our hearts and minds in balance in an attitude of appreciation and unconditional love, our bodies also suffer.


Basically, the human body is a closed system guided by our consciousness, which is a gateway. What we allow in: food, air, thoughts, feelings, gratitude, or attitude all affect the cellular activity of our bodies. Most of us are running on autopilot, feeding the unconscious programs from our ancestral DNA, from our families, and from our cultures into our bodies. These programs are full of lack and separation. Lack of self-love. Lack of respect for self, others, animals, the planet.  Judgment of others. Disrespect. Manipulation and abuse of others and the environment to get what we want. Selfishness. Fear. Anger. Reactivity. Mindless behaviors. Poverty consciousness. Impatience. Greed.


These low frequency programs are depriving our bodies of the light codes needed to run coherently. The cells of people, plants, and animals need light in order to function optimally. To be healthy, we need to consciously allow light and love of self and others into our bodies with every breath we take. Sunlight, unconditional love, as well as light codes from outside of the Earth plane come into our bodies as we think, feel, breathe, eat, relate to others. Every different form of light in the perceived rainbow and beyond contain different frequencies with specific healing properties.



Light waves from the sun contain information in their wave-lengths, as do light waves that we create using our imagination, which is sourced from the pineal gland in our brain. The pineal gland both produces and receives light codes and is a portal or gateway allowing us to connect to all beings, places, timelines in the time-space continuum. The human being is a multi-dimensional being living on a planet in which parallel realities or dimensions are being constantly created. For the pineal gland to function correctly, it must be decalcified. Avoid fluoride in water, tooth paste and dental rinses. Meditate and learn deep breathing techniques  to open the pineal gland. Breathing in is inspiration. When we breathe in, we also receive light information, and conscious out-breath allows us to release all unwanted, blocked or unneeded energies.


Scientists have been working with what are now called “bio-photons” since the 1970’s. The predecessor and true father of this research was Alexander Gurwitsch (1874-1954). He first discovered mitogenetic radiation in an experiment in which onions grew toward one another when an opaque glass pane was placed in between the two plants, reducing sunlight exposure. He also postulated that light increases cell division, and that plants themselves emit light or are luminescent. Plants emit much more light than people do.


Biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp (born in 1938 in Frankfurt, Germany) discovered that DNA particles produce faint emissions of light, and that these light particles, which he called “bio-photons” are necessary to trigger coherent or highly organized patterns of cell division in the body. He realized that this process of creating coherence as photons stimulate chemical reactions in cellular structure is at least partially regulated or controlled by consciousness. The information contained in these tiny light particles or photons, creates order in the body.


Dr. Popp wrote his doctoral thesis about cancer. UV light is the anomalous factor between normal cells and cancer cells. Cancer is caused when the necessary light required for orderly cell division is suppressed, and the cancer or tumor cells absorb and emit available U.V. light. Cancer tries to take over organization from the body, sucking in light from surrounding cells, killing the healthy cells as well as its own structure, eventually. Cancer is the process of decomposition, as in the forest, gone wild. Cancer in our bodies is a reflection of the chaos in our societies. Poorly organized patterns of energy are randomized systems of chaos. We have the power to transform cancer into health, creating more complex, coherent patterns of energy by using our consciousness. Unconditional love is the pattern or light form that helps and heals by creating these more complex, more organized patterns leading to harmony and coherence.

We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp

A machine called a photomultiplier was developed which can measure the quantity of photonic light emitted by an organism, so it is possible to see to a degree of 85% accuracy the bio-luminescence of an organism and the degree to which a body can absorb light.


The future of healing is already here today. Using our imagination, our consciousness, our intentions, we have the power and ability to create order, balance, harmony in our bodies, or conversely, we have the power to allow our bodies to fall into decay. It is our choice. When allowed to function without conscious direction and with “destructive interference” of unconscious programs (inner toxins) and toxins coming from food, soil, air, water, media, dysfunctional relationships (outer toxins), the body systems and the DNA that regulate cell division are deprived of light and become chaotic.


Basically, unconscious behaviors may be the prime directive creating a terrain for disease in the body. Increasing light through meditation, consciously using imagination to create light codes that enter the body restoring coherence which can be used for healing. No machines, medications, substances, or surgeries are needed for this process. It is necessary to clear or detach from old programs, to detox the body of the less organized patterns that create this destructive interference in the body.


Ascension guides, or those of us who have come to Earth to allow humanity to rise to a higher level of consciousness, are now here to help all Earth-bound humans who wish to learn to self- heal to bring more light and more coherence into our bodies, into our relationships with self and others, and to our relationships to all of life, the plants, the animals, the planet, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil, the rocks. Everything that exists is energy, and the entire universe or multiverse live inside of ourselves. There is no separation between self and what is perceived as “other”.


Different frequencies of light (different colors) as well as geometric shapes/forms can be used to heal our bodies and return us all to coherence. The imagination is a super-power, allowing us to create new patterns and experiences of reality. Imagination is not limited to art. Or rather, art is a powerful manner by which the artist creates new blueprints for reality. Everything that exists has been imagined by someone individually or collectively.


The violet flame or violet fire is a powerful tool that you can use to transmute separation back into higher frequencies of light. By transforming disorganization back into coherence, the violet light frequency is key to healing. Like plants, which will channel toxins into selected leaves in order to protect the coherence of the whole plant, the human body channels toxins into certain parts of the body such as the nails, and especially the toenails and soles of feet. Our connection to the planet is one in which the planet will receive, if we specifically request it, that the toxins be removed or released from our bodies into the Earth. We can also ask that the Earth give us what we need to create more health or coherence and love in our bodies. By showing gratitude to our Mother Planet and allowing her to take what she needs from us, we create a positive, coherent, and living relationship with the planet which helps us to live in the moment and to be connected to Nature once again.


Today, many of us suffer from chronic pain and from excess body weight. The body is storing old programs, stories, attachments to a victim mentality, and to experiences and identifications that do not serve a higher level of living. Holding onto programs created by our society which need us to remain fearful, suspicious of others, and judgmental of others at all times, will keep you sick and if you decide not to let go of this status quo, your body will be like a forest that is dying. Candida, fungal infections, allergies, frequent infections, the abundance of incidences of cancer, inflammation, and chronic pain are all signs that the majority of human beings are living without the necessary light in our DNA.

candida overgrowth

We are masters of our experience of reality at each moment. Human beings are powerful beings when we choose to become conscious creators of our realities. Getting healthy and returning to coherence is necessary before we can remember who we truly are and why we are here on this planet. It is a process. The nature of reality and the truth of human history are completely different from what we have been taught in school, at home with our families, and through almost all published media. By learning to master our imagination and how the human body is connected to the entire universe, we are able to heal self and others too.

boy with rooster

While it appears today that the world is in chaos, what is happening in fact is that all of the shadows or collective toxins, the random patterns of decay, lack of respect, lack of integrity, consciousness of competition, hierarchy, separation, abuse are being exposed. The decay that has become a way of life and for most, the true expression of reality, is being revealed for what it is: a lack of light. As we collectively and individually rise to a more coherent level of connection to self and others, we understand that we are energetic beings of light. We are creators of love and light and are given the opportunity to choose between experiences of disease and decay, or love, light, coherence, and harmony.

duckling and owl

Both forces, creation (syntropy) and entropy, are necessary polarities allowing us and our bodies to live in harmony. When we are done with something, we let go of it and allow it to die, so that in decay and death there is transformation. The energies when released into the violet fire can be transformed into new life, new creativity.

cat and mouse


Healing the self is an art and a science. Our current system of medicine and healing is based on separation. The body is a machine. We give our power away to doctors to heal a body that is a mystery to us, with which he have no ability to communicate or understand. Medications are chemical substances that are foreign to the body, introduced to fight invaders. They do not take into account consciousness and that the body is a closed system naturally able to heal itself without foreign substances. Fighting disease is symptomatic of the condition of separation.

fighting disease

Healing involves our imagination, our taking full responsibility for self and for our relationships with other human beings and the planet, with all of her creatures. We can’t be healthy if we judge others or take advantage of others. We can’t be healthy if we don’t love self unconditionally. All is one. Love is light. Light is information. Light is everywhere. The human heart and the divine feminine are sources of light and creation.

Our culture has come to the end of an experiment where we chose to be separate from half of our true identity. Many thousands of years ago, the divine masculine took over, acting as if it were the sole creative force in the universe. This hostile takeover left us to identify with the survival self, Ego, as our entire expression of being. We learned to live in our minds, limited and cut off from our hearts and our creative powers. We left the Garden of Eden and chose to fall into separation. We chose to live from knowledge and left wisdom behind. We forgot the power of our own hearts. We forgot that with our consciousness we can create our own realities. We forgot how to be responsible for self. We forgot that all knowledge and wisdom is inside of us. God is inside of us.

The Wider Image: Puppy love: therapy pooches bring peace of mind

Atila, a trained therapeutic greyhound used to treat patients with mental-health issues and learning difficulties, falls asleep as it is caressed by three patients at Benito Menni health facility in Elizondo, Spain, on February 13, 2017.

Now is the time to remember. Now is the time to re-create the balance between the mind and the heart, the masculine and the feminine. The divine feminine, the holy grail, is returning to humanity right now. With this great transition, we will all learn eventually how to create, how to heal, how to live in harmony with self and others. As we learn the power of our own light, we will take responsibility for our own lives and whether we create coherence or chaos in our own bodies and homes, with our families, in our relationships with friends, lovers, partners, co-workers, and strangers. We are returning to unity consciousness, and the experiment of separation, disease, war, racism, and poverty are coming to an end. The more quickly we choose to wake up and to choose coherence and unity, the more quickly we will collectively create a reality which supports the highest expression of self for all of humanity on this beautiful conscious planet that we call our home.

rose quartz

There are healers today working with energy, consciousness, light codes, many from outside of our planet, imagination, and focused intention to heal the body. These include Bruno Groening, a German multi-dimensional healer working in post war Germany, Patrick San Francesco, from Goa, India, Grandma Chandra, a young woman from a higher dimension incarnated in a severely handicapped physical body who communicates through her mother telepathically, and Jerry Sargeant, also a very talented individual and Star Magic healing facilitator, from the U.K.  Using our innate connections as human beings to the consciousness of the planet and to planetary beings outside of the sphere of Earth, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of our ability to heal self and others through thought and energy patterns by creating coherence.

The relationship between loving thoughts spoken to our cells, imagination and intention, and the biology of cell division as well as the physics of light and its effects on biological organisms will soon, in my opinion, be clarified by scientists. As we begin to integrate the active principles behind consciousness and the creative power of our divine feminine aspect, we will all learn to maintain coherence as we transform our societies and way of living into one in which we respect self and others, animals, plants, the planet. Unity and a holistic way of living promote harmony and health. Disease is not an enemy. It is a misunderstanding – a separation from self and all that is. The consciousness revolution is here, and humanity is about to rediscover its innate powers.

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