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People, power and the end of worship

mare and foal

Dearest readers,

When I first began this blog, it was the intuition that reality is not at all what it appears to be which motivated my desire to explore human consciousness and the nature of reality. As it turns out, my explorations of reality have brought me on an ever more inward spiral through the back story of human imagination and our ability to create realities.


The power of imagination, while often belittled, is truly a super power. It makes us creators, gods, and inventors of anything we can picture in our mind’s eye. When I was in art school, at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, in Paris, working with symbols and the imagination was considered downright corny, old-fashioned, and also somehow threatening. The use of imagination was more often than not judged, condemned, and punished with either sarcasm or ostracism. It seemed more prestigious and powerful at the time (early ’90’s) to make large back-lit photographs (à la Jeff Wall) , installations, and rationally explained minimalist works which satisfied a pseudo-scientific vision of art that basically had surgically removed the soul from art. I struggled with this a lot. For me, the soul was also the heart of artistic expression and the heart of self.


Mostly our cultures around the world are based on an assumption that the “real world” is outside of self, and that we are all separate from one another, from objects, from the planet. Our entire concept of reality and relationship is based upon a collectively designed set of assumptions which we are all taught to accept as truth. The most damaging of these collective “facts” is that we are small and relatively powerless. In this “reality”, imagination is cute and art is little more than decorative. Something to be used for children’s books, and not a force which creates realities and connects us to a source of information that is infinite and universal.


Because we are taught we have little power, we are also taught to fear that which we apparently cannot control. Which is basically the entire world and all people outside of self. And because we feel we can’t control this reality we are taught exists outside of self, we want very much to have control. Much of our energy goes towards controlling others and towards achieving outcomes which improve our status in the power structure which delineates who is powerful and who is less so. And so we gamble, manipulate, calculate, worry, and try very hard to figure out what are our odds of being “lucky” or “unlucky” in life, love, and our financial fortunes.


Since our cultures are based on the assumption that we will always be easily tricked into giving our power away to some institution, powerful person or group, or god(s), we are all caught in a circular maelstrom of fear and worship. Because we think we can’t control reality, we simultaneously worship and admire but also envy and secretly hate and fear those who have more power than we think we do.

alf goya saturn

YouTube channel videographer and visionary, Magenta Pixie has a formidable mind and an admirable ability to clearly express complex concepts about a host of realities, especially those in the multi-dimensional realms. In one of her videos on the theme of psychic attack and spiritual protection, she describes our “dense” 3rd dimensional reality as based on a cultural template with four basic values or archetypes: victim, attacker, protector, savior. Until we surpass, both individually and collectively, this cultural belief system or control system based on narcissism, psychic attack, and manipulation in order to get our energetic needs met, we will remain essentially powerless and continue to worship political figures, the ultra-wealthy, celebrities, and gods.

Saturn devouring his son

Magenta explains that it is possible to leave behind this conundrum of endless war, backbiting, and vampire-like behaviors by realizing that no one can truly attack us. There is no real danger, and there is no real protection nor is there a need to protect oneself from a threat which exists only in the mind.


We are living in chaotic times because humanity is choosing, some consciously and many not so consciously, to evolve beyond this template of victim, attacker, protector, savior. This means giving up being irresponsible, blaming others for our problems, resorting to revenge, giving up our power to politicians and experts, thinking rich people or celebrities are more important than we are, having and deserving more than we do. This also means that the notion of God will also have to change radically.

invisibility cloak

What will be the biggest challenge in this adaptation to the new template? And what is the new template? In fact, the new template is not new at all. It is imprinted in our DNA, written in our Declaration of Independence. It is really about remembering who we were before our memories were wiped, before the mass brainwashing that made us into spineless followers and viciously selfish, needy, and  insecure people who always feel separate, lonely, incomplete.

baby head

The new template is the sovereign human being who takes responsibility for his or her personal power. The need to worship and to look for God and power outside of self is very deeply imprinted into the human psyche. It is almost frightening to confront this point with people who are believers in any of these power structures, because there is so much energy invested in these realities. To become a free and sovereign person means you can’t blame anyone or anything for your problems. You can’t channel or communicate with a higher power, because nothing is separate from you. You are living in unity consciousness, just like the ascended masters.

Removing clouds

In the time of their physical incarnations, the most famous of the ascended masters, Jesus and Buddha both taught the same lessons. How to attain mastery through self love and self-responsibility. Pixie describes the new archetype in four terms: sovereignty, gratitude, liberty, and unity. Humanity hasn’t been ready until now to begin to consider on a large scale adopting these principles for living in unity. Today, the Christian religion has little to do with the original teachings of Jesus, because it is based on a template of separation and fear, in which God is outside of the self. There is no judgment in this observation. All religions are based on this same principle. Humanity needed to experience a very long period of separation in order to begin to choose unity and sovereignty.

Josh, White Flag Installation

In other words, humanity has been spiraling downwards to the lowest levels of energetic expression over thousands of years and is finally considering growing up.  I have read that four civilizations of humans have lived on Earth and have either self-destructed or have died out due to various disasters prior to our current version of humanity.

weird pups

There is no telling why, for example, a woman who has experienced several abusive husbands or relationships one day decides that this particular abusive relationship is one too many. It does not matter how educated or how intelligent we are. I’ve been there. When we are ready to love self, we finally stop beating our self up. We each struggle through experiences that help us to understand and love our self (hopefully) a little bit more each time.

bloody nose

It is very exciting that humanity is beginning to wake up and to grow up. I for one am tired of wars, drama, gossip, pettiness, fear, and the feeling of needing someone or some force to protect me from negative energies, harm, disasters, and general bad luck. I have already reached the point where taking charge of my own life in creative mode and living in love, light, unity, and freedom are my primary focus.

love light

Last year, I joined a spiritual healing group called the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. The Circle of Friends is an international non-profit formed some years after Groening’s death (in 1959) and has and continues to do wonderful work around the world to help people re-balance and heal their bodies as well as provide help and protection in every day life. While Bruno Groening was a remarkable man and the people in the Circle of Friends are wonderful and kind-hearted people, I began to feel uncomfortable about the focus of the group on Bruno Groening, the man, as a sort of savior/protector figure. Because he is portrayed as stronger, the friend is by extension weaker. Those of us who were born without being aware of our full potential as human beings are able to learn. We are all equal, and all of us are born with powerful gifts. It is time to remember what they are and to use them to help ourselves and to help humanity and Mother Earth.


The feeling crept up on me that I was giving personal power away by assuming that this person, who is no longer alive, has more power than ordinary humans do, innately, to heal and re-balance our bodies. This is an extension of this standard 3-D paradigm of victim, protector, savior. I kept feeling like I wanted more, and that now is the time for us starseeds to show the way to humanity that we are all infinite multi-dimensional beings with built-in permanent access to quantum information, communication, connection with our own bodies and the universe.

Why don’t we all gather together in knowing that we are all equally powerful and important? I feel it would be more useful to teach people how to take their own power back, to remember our lost history, abilities, and our true nature. It feels best to me to simply share with others as we learn to be responsible for our own clearing and balancing our own energies as well as for creating our own realities.

one life

I have joined a self-mastery group with Lisa Transcendence Brown that promotes sovereignty and self-responsibility. I do believe that this is the way for me to learn to further remember and develop my own talents and universal connectivity, though less spectacular and impressive than some techniques and channels, since there is no celebrity “wow” factor involved. It just takes dedication, work, sincerity, and heart-centered focus.


Groening was a person born with a strong memory of his innate powers as a human being and as a healer. He lived close to nature, in unity consciousness, embodying a higher dimensional being on Earth. Anyone, human or animal, who came in his presence and who was out of balance energetically but who was open to healing would often receive a spontaneous remission from chronic and sometimes terminal illnesses or conditions. Bruno Groening understood energy and sought to teach what spiritual teachers have taught around the world for thousands of years. What he called the “heilstrom” or healing stream is the same as prana or chi, or scalar energy for the more scientifically minded. He was concerned above all with healing the physical body, but also secondarily the emotional and mental bodies.


In this group, people use photographs of Bruno Groening in addition to using his healing meditation technique to release negative energies or burdens and to absorb the healing energy which is all around us. Basically, by absorbing the healing stream, the friend attempts to reach the zero point field and obtain spontaneous remission and manifestation of desires by trusting and believing that Bruno will make these things occur. Although Groening made it clear he did not wish to be worshiped and that God was the true healer, I believe that he unintentionally promoted this passive attitude. For in this statement, God is still outside of self.


Instead of fully training fellow healers, Groening created a following of admirers, only because human beings have been so long conditioned to follow, to worship, and to feel “less than”. Perhaps during his lifetime it was not yet time or possible for humanity to liberate itself from the old 3-D template of victimhood and worship. I do believe it was Groening’s intention to teach people the ancient wisdom of how to heal themselves, but his teachings hinge on people depending on an emotional and spiritual connection to Bruno in order for the healing to take place. Members are told to give their burdens up to Bruno in his multi-dimensional state rather than to become conscious of all encoded templates and to transmute their own negative energy and the old fear-based mentalities into light and love.

energy healing

Today, we can open our hearts and minds and remember the crucial lesson Groening taught that humanity had forgotten: our true nature. Many teach today that we can dialogue with our innate, with our DNA, our cellular structure. Where the mind and brain cannot share this intimate information, with our consciousness we can shift the realities of our bodies and our health. Once we know our self, and this process does take work and effort to shift and to leave behind the old energy imprints in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, we begin to see the light. Everyone will do this at their own pace, when they are ready. Humanity is evolving, our bodies are shifting, becoming light bodies. Our DNA is also changing.

crop circle

It takes a lot of patience to release negativity and the totality of the 3-D cultural template, because it feels like there is a never-ending supply of fear, worry, doubt, and lack stored in our muscles, soft tissues, skin. The mind is always spinning, and it spins even faster when we make up our minds that we want to be happy, peaceful, not worry about the future, and imagine all kinds of lovely outcomes that would actually be pleasurable to experience. When we decide to be move our focus from our minds to our hearts, to be happy with our self and our body, all kinds of ugly monstrous thoughts rear their ugly but familiar heads and threaten to make us scream in frustration. But by allowing our self to feel these emotions fully without following them to their foreseen conclusions and by affirming what we do want to experience (over and over and over again), eventually new neural pathways form in the brain, and the ego will hopefully sit down in a small chair and relax (for once).


So while some will shriek  heresy and allow fear to take a stranglehold on cultural expression, as we see far too often in the world, the endgame is freedom, joy, and no longer having to worry about bullies, money, going to heaven or hell, punishment, logistics, and survival. I don’t know about you, but I want to be a creator of my reality. I want to continue to send love and light wherever I go, peacefully and joyfully. I enjoy my freedom, and I want to use my time on Earth to create beauty, joy, expansive ideas and emotions. We are all artists. We don’t need to be saved from anyone or anything.


Develop your imagination. It is your super power. It’s time to enjoy your life. Start by shedding the old reality. It is heavy and uncomfortable. When the last shreds fall away, we will all sigh with relief and wonder why we held onto something so painful, ugly, and dark for so long. Yes, it is familiar, and the familiar tugs at us and keeps us complacent. But who doesn’t yearn for joy, freedom, to wake up each day without an alarm clock, without being tied down to a job but buoyed up with a vision and a mission – knowing all of your needs will be met. It’s time to get excited about life again. It’s time to grow up and take charge of our own lives. Contrary to what we have all been taught, being responsible is embodying love, freedom, and joy.


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It would be an honor: Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un, and the Higher Self



Dearest readers,

I rarely watch TV these days, but I happened to be sitting in a Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant, whose screens featured CNN broadcasts. While I couldn’t hear the sound track, headlines paraded across the screens with the words: It would be an “honor”. The word honor was surrounded by ironic parentheses, it seemed. A normal quotation of President Trump’s words would have ordinarily framed the entire phrase.

trump jong-un


This choice of use of quotation marks got me to thinking about how the mainstream media/propaganda system manipulates viewers who still believe the narratives fed to us all about a reality which does not in fact exist, and how this reality is consistently negative, fear-based, and manipulative. Why, in fact, would we choose to criticize President Trump’s words in this particular instance?


I am not a fan of Donald Trump or of his policies, but I also do not believe that he is the source of the current chaos that is rocking American society. His role is to help collapse the structures of our society so that we can collectively become sovereign human beings once again and choose the type of society in which we truly wish to live and thrive. In this particular situation with North Korea, we have been programmed to believe that in contrast with our own nation, North Korea is a rigid military dictatorship in which its people live in constant fear. This may be true. Yet our own country and other nations of the so-called free world are also dictatorships in which people have no true freedom and in which we are constantly manipulated to live in constant fear of one another.


The United States of America commits horrific acts of abuse against its own people every day. Yet most live in ignorance and denial of these realities. Our criminal justice system, intentional racism and poverty, division of people through identity politics, fear mongering, intentional terrorist acts and wars, voluntary and involuntary slavery, scientific experiments on human beings, chem-trails, poisoning of our food, air, and water…, control of weather patterns: there are countless manners in which our own government corporatocracy has been working to sicken, control, and kill the American people and global populations. Our own system is a much more insidiously dark one than North Korea, which for the most part does not pretend to be anything other than what it is. Today, in the world, most human beings have experienced lifetimes of abuse of power, misinformation, slavery, suffering, fear.



I grew up in a severely emotionally abusive family. Emotional abuse is in some ways much more difficult to navigate than physical abuse, because it is challenging to understand that the emotional body is as real as the physical body. All victims of abuse feel responsible for the abuse and believe something is fundamentally wrong with self, often blaming some aspect of self for the abuse. At some point, hopefully, a person awakens from the victim mentality and accepts the learning from these experiences. From victim we become sovereign beings, conscious of our own creative power.

emotional abuse

The effects of emotional abuse can for some last an entire lifetime and affect every aspect of our lives and well-being. These techniques of emotional abuse and manipulation are used in our families, media, schools, workplaces. We are surrounded by brainwashing and emotional abuse in every aspect of our lives. To awaken, we must heal ourselves from the effects of this abuse. The American corporate dictatorship is an autocratic system teaching us that we live in a free society in which we have a say in how we are governed. We are taught that we have choices. This is all an illusion. It is time to take back our freedom, to take responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, and actions…also for our health and for the well-being of all living beings on our planet.


Back to Donald Trump’s words: “I’d be “honored” to meet Kim Jong-un under “the right circumstances””: CNN interprets the president’s words as a leader of the “free world” agreeing to meet a threatening “rogue” dictator as a gesture that would vindicate and validate the authoritarian regime in North Korea and its abuses of human rights. This stance is manipulative and dishonest. I believe in this particular instance, Donald Trump is taking the high road.

Donald Trump as a toddler

On the surface, he appears to be extremely narcissistic and not very self-aware. He is, rather surprisingly in this instance, choosing unity over division. In reality, all of humanity and beyond – all living beings in the Universe – are part of one living soul, one living intelligence. When we speak respectfully to another human being, or another living being, animate or inanimate – we are raising our own level of consciousness. In this manner, when we reach upwards with honor and respect for self and others, we improve outcomes. The energy of our own frequency will be met by that of the other person or persons with whom we are relating.

ego vs higher self

Some people think it is naif and unrealistic to believe that we can create peace with our consciousness. That realities such as the situation between Israelis and Palestinians can be resolved by changing our minds and hearts. It is our current system of living from our minds which is unrealistic. Each time we react to an external “reality”, we validate it by telling the Universe that we wish the outer reality in which we live each day to reflect the fear, anxiety, dread, and hopelessness we feel on the inside. The Universe complies to our internal realities, reflecting those frequencies in the outer realities in which we live. When we shift our internal perspective, our experiences in the world change. It is not childlike or naif to know that our consciousness is powerful. Peace between all nations is a very real potential. It is up to us to change our minds and hearts and to raise our personal frequencies that we project outwards into the world.


The higher self is our true self. We mostly choose to relate from our ego, which exists only in our mind. The Higher Self is centered in the heart, and the heart is the source of the higher mind, truth, love, and unity. If we wish to create a peaceful world, it is only from a place of love, respect, honor, and the highest truth  that this can occur.

peace and harmony

Just yesterday, I heard someone explain with great wisdom that the human mind is a projector. We create thoughts and images in our mind. These thoughts and images possess a distinct frequency or energy. When we project these visions, feelings, or ideas outwards, the world outside of self mirrors back to us the very same frequency that we projected outwards. All of reality is energy, and the source of reality comes from inside of each of us. In reality, we are not separate from one another. All of reality is a magnificent moving kaleidoscopic equation. We are each a tiny prism inside the giant kaleidoscope. Our changing thoughts and energy changes the entire pattern of creation in each moment. When we begin to create consciously, we add more light, beauty, and intention to the geometry.


So when CNN chooses to mock President Trump and to question his intentions with regard to North Korea, CNN is choosing an outlook that is reactive rather than creative. They are maintaining a state of threat by validating the status quo. Here, President Trump is coming from a place of creating peace. By choosing to honor and respect Kim Jong-on, he is appealing to the Korean leader’s highest version. Because Kim Jong-un, like us, at each moment can awaken and make a different choice. He can mirror back honor, truth, justice, love just as he can choose to continue on a path of repression, fear, control of others, darkness. When we each choose to send love and light to the fearful power holders on our planet (and there are many, especially here in the U.S.A.), we are making a difference in the world.

group meditation

We are taught that we are small and powerless, but this is very far from the truth. By consciously raising our own vibration and frequency from within by sitting quietly at home and focusing on our own heart, we can choose each moment to send love and light out into the world where we feel it is most needed. If every human being chose today to honor and respect Kim Jong-un and the people of North Korea, that country would be transformed almost immediately. Such is the power of the human heart and mind, when aligned, awake, and consciously creating light and love.

sending love and light

Human consciousness is extremely powerful. Our own governments, corporations, and military industrial complex have been working hard to keep us passive, asleep, and unaware of our own power. The illusory fake democracy has prevented us from rising up in revolution, keeping us passive. The time has come for all of us to awaken, to live in unity, and to take responsibility for our own light. It is time to honor self and others. We can choose to live in darkness and to believe that evil exists only outside of us, running in fear and allowing our self to be controlled. Or we can choose to see the beauty in our self and in that of all beings. For we all contain the spark of life which is pure, unconditional love.

piano for elephants

Even Kim Jong-un is, in his essence, pure love. And so is Donald Trump. You may not like the persona of either man. But the persona is a mask. It is not the real man. So to honor Kim Jong-un is an act of great wisdom. I did not expect it of Donald Trump, but I am grateful that he is planting this seed of light.

kim jong-un as a child

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Self-love, self-empowerment, and charity


Dearest readers,

We all know in our minds that it is good to be kind to others. It is good to treat others as we wish to be treated. These are moral concepts that we have been taught since we were little. Share your toys. Don’t be selfish.


Yet at the same time, as we grow up we are also taught in abundance the opposite lesson. In so many ways we are taught to disrespect our self, to constantly shame and judge self and others. We are taught to compete, to try to be better than the next person. We constantly worry that we are not good enough, not attractive enough to earn love and appreciation from others. Our entire culture and social conditioning teaches us to live from our ego-minds, not from our hearts. In the end, we love neither self nor others. We feel lonely, afraid, and mistrustful of others. We even mistrust our self, because we can’t remember who we are and what makes us feel happy, loved, and safe.


I have been working hard to awaken, to remember who I am. Every day, I work diligently to clear old templates, programs, and energies which do not serve my highest good. Part of this process means being kind and compassionate, right? As it turns out, it does and it doesn’t. Yes, we all need to love self and others because we are all one energy, all one heart. But we are all living in different worlds for the time being. Some of us are in complete separation and totally asleep. Some of us are awakening. Some are completely awake.


A person who is completely awake will never use or manipulate you. They will never ask for something they cannot provide for them self. They are not needy, because they know they have access to the full abundance of the universe at all times. They have mastered self love.


A person who is awakening will make an effort to be conscious throughout the day. He or she will stop in his or her tracks and say: “Was I just falling into victim mode?” “Was that old habit talking through me?” As we awaken, we realize as fears, anxiety, feelings of not being enough – not strong enough, brave enough, attractive enough- will surface many times throughout the day. Instead of identifying with these feelings, we try to observe them and to give that part of our self the love it needs, without falling prey to the program. It is really very challenging and requires great effort and vigilance.  A person who is awakening will probably work at being mindful when perceiving need.

Walking to Eden. Abstract spiritual backgrounds

Depending on your childhood and experiences in life, you will feel lack in different areas. For myself, I struggle with trust, with being able to provide for myself and my family. Being part of a group (or not) is a big trigger for me. I can’t abide hierarchy, but when I find an interest group, I find myself worrying about being judged or excluded. It was OK for me to build walls around my heart and keep a distance from other humans. But I can see where healing is needed in this area…because I still care (somewhat) about being rejected by others. This is a symptom of separation, a place where my heart still needs to open.

who cares

Another area that is challenging for me is feeling competent. I was conditioned to believe that (in my family) women are artists, but that artists can’t earn a living doing what they love. Men are not artists, and they make good money. I internalized this belief system, and consequently, over many years, I kept sabotaging my own success. I would get to a point where I was about to be really successful in my art career, for example, and I would do something or behave in a certain way to cause everything to collapse. Now I am more conscious about my desires, choices, feelings, and actions. I want all of these to be aligned with my conscious intentions, and not to be sucked in to unconscious programs which are always running in the background. All of this is part of the awakening process.


Learning to be kind to self and others is a very complicated process, because we have to deprogram our self, which resides primarily in the mind, but also in the body. It is as if every single human being on Earth was a member of a highly destructive cult, and we each need to find our own way out of victim consciousness and codependency into sovereignty, self-awareness, and self-love. Our cellular structure is impregnated with every belief we ever thought, and reinforced each time we think it. Every time we feel ashamed of our thighs, toenails, acne, or whatever perceived flaw you think your body displays, your cells are recording this belief. Each time you or I fails to love self  and body as the perfection it is right now, our body records the energy signature of the thought. The repetition of this process leads to emotional imbalance and physical disease.


In my awakening process, I have been working every day to love myself and to be more loving and caring to others. Usually, it makes me feel good to do something nice for another person. To acknowledge their presence and their importance. To smile and make contact. Maybe give a few dollars to a homeless person.


But last week, I sensed a shift in myself on this issue. When I drive home from work, part of my trajectory is on a road where many cars are entering the main road from secondary streets. At first, I told myself, I need to let in as many people as possible. Not be selfish. Relax, even though my commute is long and I want to get home as quickly as possible. As the days went on, I let more and more people go in front of me, but I wasn’t feeling happy about it. Almost no one acknowledged my gesture with a wave. I started to feel irritated and frustrated. Why should it matter? I told myself, part of this process is to teach others by example…so that they make an effort to slow down and think about others. I also felt frustrated that so many people are still behaving in such a selfish manner. Aren’t we in the midst of the biggest shift in human history? Why am I not seeing it in the people around me?


Then, one day after work last week, I walked into my local WalMart to buy some first aid supplies because our dog bit my son on the hand. A woman who looked to be about 30 years old, wearing sunglasses, nicely dressed, with a month-old or so baby in a frontal carrier asked me for money. At first, I sweetly answered her: “I’m sorry, I don’t have any cash on me today.” And my inner voice then came in really strongly. It said: “Don’t give her anything. She is being manipulative. The baby belongs to her sister.”

homeless 2

A lot of mixed feelings of guilt, responsibility for others’ happiness, and a bunch of really old co-dependent programs from my own past rose up to the surface. I was always the scapegoat for my family, charged with carrying everyone else’s shadow. I thought I was done with that. Apparently not. Wow, I thought. Yeah, I’m not responsible for her or for her (or her sister’s) baby. She is an adult, after all. And the message, in reality, was this: Is “helping” others really an act of kindness? Does it serve the greater good of that person for me to help them?

Unhappy boy raking autumn leaves

As it turns out, this is a case by case situation. For one person, it may be a life saving gesture to receive a single hand-out. For another, it is simply an act of enabling which keeps them from taking charge of their own life. When we are kind, we serve the greater good…always. This may be easier to assess but harder to act on when we know a person and where they are coming from. We know more or less how mature another person is when we have spent some time with them.

drama dog

So how can we know what to do, when we don’t actually know the person who is asking for help? I believe that in both cases (when we think we know someone and when the person is a complete stranger) we should listen to our intuition or higher self. We actually do know what is kind and what is not kind. When we shift our consciousness from our mind, which contains only information we have learned from family, friends, and society, to our hearts, then we suddenly are able to access all of the information in the entire universe. Our hearts know how to communicate with Gaia, or Mother Earth. Our hearts can talk to trees, plants, and animals. Our hearts are telepathically able to read energies from other human beings. Once we refine our own ability to read energy, which requires clearing out the old mental programs and conditioning, we become truly human again. It becomes easier to care in a smart way.

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Humanity in transition: visions of our future


Dearest readers,

My faith in humanity is very strong, even though I am a very solitary person by nature. I feel that humanity has deviated from its natural state.  Some say that we collectively chose to experience a state of forgetfulness, victimhood, or to be humbled through suffering because it was an experience we all desired to share. I don’t really know the spiritual reasons behind the last 25,000 plus years of humanity’s descent into darkness, except that the vortex pattern of spiritual growth descends and ascends the ladder of light and darkness in cycles. All I can say is that I am very glad that we have reached the pit or abyss and now are beginning not just to crawl out of a very dark place, but happily to find our wings and flex them.

spiral staircase

It is very possible that we yearn to experience so much as physical beings when we are in non-physical realms, but all of us humans know how painful it is to love and suffer when we can’t remember what it was like to be so spiritually free and ambitious. What it was like to be free of fear. Yet in this physical world, we sense that we have somehow lost our balance and our way. We lost half of our beautiful nature by collectively suppressing our heart, our emotions, our ability to love self and others, to cooperate, cherish the land, animals, plants, and our bodies. We may have been tricked into crushing the feminine part of ourselves and our beautiful planet, but we are still responsible for what we have allowed to happen to us and to our home.


As we awaken, we see how our bodies have become diseased and are crying out for our love and attention. We observe and begin to feel deep distress at the suffering of our home planet. We suddenly become aware that the water, air, food, soil are full of poison and no longer endowed with rich healing minerals and the energy patterns that heal and give life. Our awakening finally allows us to see how we have either voluntarily or involuntarily divorced ourselves from truth, beauty, and wisdom, and from the power of our own bodies and consciousness.


Even though some say that malevolent secret governments, corporations, mafias, or extra-terrestrial beings have been carrying out a self-serving plan to destroy humanity and to overtake the planet, whether or not this is true, we, as humans, are still responsible for our ultimate destiny. By remembering who we are, rediscovering unity, and re-centering ourselves in our hearts and in communication with Gaia and the Universe, we are able to overcome any lower density energy systems.

Anunnaki reptile

As we wake up, the old world begins to collapse. We now see how its structures and systems that privileged the mind, masculine, competition, action, and might over body, love, cooperation, intuition, and the feminine were completely out of balance. Harmony could never happen in that world of separation from the true self, where the divine masculine and feminine are equally cherished.



Some may feel worried and afraid as they see the old structures of government, economy, education, culture, and what they feel is a comforting reality as it collapses. These people do not yet realize that we are in a transition, and that the old must be deconstructed in order for us to create together a vision and to build a new reality which takes into account a harmonized and full balanced human being.

old city new city

Our planet is making the transition with those of us who have remained mostly kind and true. Not all will be ready to consciously choose to evolve, body, mind, and spirit. It is up to each of us to choose our thoughts wisely, and to deeply honor our bodies, hearts, minds, and one another at this time.

visionary architecture 2When I think about the world which I want to help create for the children and for all of humanity and the animals and plants here on Gaia, I imagine a very simple life, full of creativity, where at last each of us can use our natural talents to contribute.


Instead of looking for work, I think we will develop our talents and use our insight and intuition to know where our gifts and abilities are needed. I feel certain that at some point, the use of currency will disappear. As we shift to a heart-centered way of living, greed and the desire to accumulate wealth or the need to compete or prove to others that we are more powerful will disappear. In my mind, money is a creation that lends itself to a more egotistical way of living. In a heart-centered community, if everyone does work they enjoy and receives everything they need in order to live happily (for free), then there is no need for money. The key to this shift is deriving happiness and fulfillment first from self-love, and secondly, from using our talents to serve others.

new garden lifestyle

The way we educate our children will also be very different from the schools of today, which attempt to indoctrinate or domesticate children into a system which cares little for their natural talents and inclinations. Rather it tries to mold them into subservient workers while pretending to promote their self-esteem. In the new era, adults will encourage intuition as well as rational thought, and each child’s gifts and talents will be quickly spotted and nurtured. We will finally understand that each person has been purposefully been born at the right time and place with the right talents for his or her community. The natural balance of the community is maintained because there will always be the right number of artists, scientists, mathematicians, construction workers, plumbers, farmers, etc. even as people travel and move from place to place.

kids learning outdoors

When all of humanity remembers how strongly intuitive we are by nature, and when we remember the power of natural human consciousness, we will learn to use these powers wisely. We will consult our inner guidance, as did and still do most indigenous peoples, who know when and where a home should be built, when to travel or when to refrain from travel, when to talk and when to listen. Instead of imposing our will on the land and on one another, we consult the bigger picture derived from living in unison with our highest self and therefore co-create realities without the side-effects, pollution, and cruelty of our half-blind current social, political, economic, and religious systems. As people learn how to truly love self first, it will be a great relief for all relationships to no longer be controlled or feel the need or desire to control or manipulate any one else to get our needs met.


I am really excited and somewhat impatient for this new creative way of life to blossom, because I have never felt comfortable or at home with the hierarchy, rigidity, stress, and competition of American culture.  I always wondered why I never felt at home on Earth, yet at the same time, I always felt deep ties to plants, animals, and the planet herself. I’ve always wanted freedom to live creatively, and I’ve never cared about wealth or status.

nature is alive

Now I realize that it is not humanity itself, but the culture and realities that humanity has created or to which humanity has been subjected (depending on how you look at it) that make me so uncomfortable and miserable. I am eager to throw away my alarm clock, my cell phone, my computer, and most of the stuff in my house that I don’t really need or use. And I don’t have that much stuff, compared to many Americans. Still, I crave absolute simplicity. I always have loved a simple life. Not owning much of anything is a big part of freedom to me.

pared down

The rebirth of humanity to a higher vibrational body and higher level of consciousness will also bring about this rebirth of simplicity. Shedding attachments, being more authentic, and also more affectionate. Right now, almost all of us, I would hazard to guess, are suffering from PTSD. It’s almost as if we need to spend some time at a spa for our emotional bodies, to be coddled and to learn how to love, give and especially to receive affection again. Human beings are such deeply emotional and sensitive beings. Living from our minds and having to forgo more often than not touching others and being touched, both physically and especially emotionally has been very difficult for me and for all of us.

dalai lama love

As we transition to our new way of living on Earth, we will learn to trust our Self and others again. This may take some time. To be open-hearted and to share without fear of reprisal, ridicule, or judgment from others. To be spontaneous and playful.To offer and receive physical touch and affection.  This might be the biggest challenge for many of us, especially in the United States, where people only rarely touch one another. And if they do, the touch is usually mostly devoid of real affection or warmth.


It is as if we are moving from a world in black and white to a world in full technicolor. I am sure that all artists and creative people of all disciplines are more than excited about this shift. I suppose that religious people will struggle the most with these changes, for the majority of our world religions have severely edited out the divine feminine from her rightful place. Also, the disclosures, when they finally do come, about the true history of humanity, the presence of extraterrestrial peoples in our galaxy and beyond, their interactions with humanity even in recent history, as well as the reality that other beings inhabit our planet will also challenge current mythologies and belief systems. I am excited but also a little nervous about full disclosure, but I do feel it is extremely necessary and important for the liberation of humanity.

rainbow labyrinth

What kind of world will we co-create with other multi-dimensional beings? I am hopeful that the most benevolent beings will share their wisdom with us and help us to develop new technologies to heal our water, soil, and our bodies. Most likely, we will learn about inter-dimensional travel and the quantum nature of our bodies. Many say we will live much longer than we do now. Once we harness our natural abilities as energetic beings and creators of realities, we will learn to play again. Instead of surviving, we will truly enjoy our lives. It will be thrilling to wake up thinking, “What will I create today?”


Today is a good day to start practicing. We are already powerful creators of realities. Yes, learning to love our self and to cleanse our self of old belief systems, conditioning, fears, anxieties, anger, worry…all of this takes time and effort. For me, it seems almost like a never-ending task. But apparently it gets easier. I am certainly looking forward to the day that my body, mind, and heart are cleansed of all fear and worry. So many lifetimes of survival from which I need to recover, including this current life, which has not been the easiest. I am still struggling to remember who I am and where I came from. But now I know that there are many other humans who are also on this same path. We are, each in our own time and place, remembering why we came to Earth at this special transition.

self love

For myself, I feel the connection to plants very strongly. Also to Gaia as a living being. The memory of the divine feminine lives inside of me, and I’ve felt this memory become less fuzzy as my memory returns. Like a tight green flower bud, I have to keep reminding myself to be patient. My gifts will unfold at the right time, and the situations, opportunities, and encounters with people and other beings that are beneficial to my remembering will also occur when they need to, as long as I stay open in my heart and focused on taking back my own power. Some days there are leaps and bounds. Other days just tiptoeing in the dark. My vision of a beautiful future for humanity helps me to stay focused on planting seeds and encouraging others through the transition, where light and dark clash and zig-zag, hearts thump, and the excesses of old hatreds swell and threaten to suffocate all hope.

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Waking up in the physical body


Dearest readers,

I have been wondering how the ascension process pertains to the feminine and to our choice to incarnate on Earth in a physical body. People who publish articles and videos on-line about the ascension process explain that Gaia or our home planet Earth has consciously decided to “ascend”. This means that the planet has made a conscious choice to rise to a higher frequency. Some explain that many species of animals and plants (which we perceive as being extinct or on the verge of extinction on our plane) have migrated to another higher dimension.


Have we in fact chosen to live in a denser frequency in the physical, or has this been imposed upon us by a system that wishes to use our energy for ends that are not beneficial for humanity, the planet, and all of the animals and plants? It is very difficult to be human while living in a physical body in the current scheme of things. It is painful to live without true freedom, to not be able to create freely.

Still Life with Life

I have always felt, since childhood, that hierarchy was wrong. I have always known that all human beings are equal. At a young age, I instinctively knew that all of matter was alive and interconnected – that I could communicate with everything on Earth, except for other human beings. Why was that, I often wondered? It is only when I realized that almost all humans were deeply asleep, under a spell that caused them to believe that they were freely choosing what they were currently experiencing…that all of human culture is a spell, that I began to breathe more easily. I could choose to remember my true nature. I could wake up and take my power back.


All of the times I ever felt like a victim or that I perceived that someone else had hurt me, had power over me…all of the times in which I blamed someone or something outside of myself for the experiences I was living were times when I had given my power away. In this lifetime or others. By consciously reliving aspects of those experiences, I could love myself more. The more I love myself, the more I wake up, and the more powerful I become. My memory is returning.


If we have all been held on a “3rd dimensional” Gaia as hostages or slaves as many suggest, and that Gaia herself has been exploited mercilessly and without consent by selfish individuals and organizations, then the ascension process is tantamount to a planetary revolution. This also means that we have choices. We can leave this reality behind by no longer agreeing with it. As expressed very clearly in the Toltec wisdom teachings books The Four Agreements series by Don Miguel Ruiz, we are all living in a collective dream, and it is real to us only because we choose, consciously or unconsciously to agree that these experiences are real. We reconnect with our true nature by waking up and remembering who we are as humans, with our divine masculine and feminine aspects.

banana people

I have read that there are multi-dimensional beings influencing the elites who run our current political, financial, religious, educational, and military systems from behind the scenes. These beings are so powerful that they are even able to force us to reincarnate from the 4th dimension or astral plane without our consent. If this is indeed the case, then many of us are slaves even as we believe ourselves to be free. Can our minds and even our destinies be controlled in this horrific manner? I don’t know, and I don’t really like to think about this possibility. I prefer to believe that I have the option to wake up and realize my divine nature. That this is the only way to access our natural birthright as free beings who can choose to function from a much higher frequency – beyond control and manipulation, in unity consciousness, at the 5th dimension and above.


Some of us have reduced our frequency through a long and very painful process to come to Earth and to help humanity to awaken and to regain freedom, joy, and to remember our nature as co-creators of realities with love, cooperation, and compassion. The original human beings were innately balanced with equal parts divine masculine and feminine aspects.


When Jesus came to Earth as one of these starseeds, over 2,000 years ago, he attempted to teach humans to remember our true nature. It is very painful and challenging for multi-dimensional beings to come down to the Earth plane. Many thousands of “lifetimes” may have been experienced before those whom we revere most even remembered why they came to Earth. I have heard this process referred to as “the shattering”. However, Jesus, once he did remember why he came, like many other ascended masters, was only partly understood, and his message was used by power elites to continue to control and manipulate people for their own nefarious purposes and to remain in power.

I have written in this blog before that Jesus had a twin sister, Emmanuella. She was the divine feminine aspect of the twinship. The masculine and feminine ascend in different ways and each represent different aspects of the human being as well as of different cosmic realities and laws.


The feminine is equated with the physical body and Earth, our home planet. When we incarnate in a physical body, our entire cellular structure, our bones, our DNA, our soft tissues are all, when aligned, an antenna which receives energy and information from both the feminine (Earth, rocks, plants, animals, air) and the masculine (sun, galactic beings, source creator, the Universe and beyond). Our entire physical body is a microcosm of the entire Universe. This physical body (feminine) is a receptacle or vessel for the divine spark (masculine) of creative energy. In balance, the human being is a very powerful communicator and creator.


We have been denied our birthright for so long. We have forgotten who we are. Ancient civilizations possessed quite a bit more knowledge than we do about Earth and the divine feminine, as well as the divine masculine, than we do today. We can see this through mythologies, architecture, literature, poetry, art that still remains. What we perceive as symbolism today were realities that these people could still see in their minds’ eyes and with their physical eyes.  They could interact with fairies, elves, devas, extra-terrestrial beings because they were living in direct contact with their inner wisdom. Their physical bodies were healthier and they lived longer than we do today because their awareness of self was wider than is ours today.

turtle house

So when ascension teachers lay down their experiences for us as guidelines, and when they say that Gaia has ascended, this means that our planet has made a conscious choice to purify herself. She has invited humanity to join her, because we are intimately connected to her. When we remember our divine nature while in our physical bodies, we realize that we are here to honor her at each moment, as well as to honor and love our selves. We are here to protect Nature, and to watch over the animals and plants. We intuitively know the language by which animals, plants, and the planet communicate. This information has been demonized and ridiculed, as have the languages of the heart and the true meaning of sexuality. Christianity plunged into sin and darkness all that is Earth and the body so that they could best control humanity and keep us afraid…focusing all of our energies on obtaining freedom, joy, expansion only after death.


This control continues to this day, but it is waning as humans begin to remember who we are. We want to live in our physical bodies in true harmony with our divine feminine and masculine in balance. We want to ascend with our physical bodies, and now it is possible. We can create joyfully and enjoy freedom while we are alive. We do not have to work for a corporate controller who steals our resources and our energy, thinking that we will have time to explore our talents at an ever shrinking possibility of retirement from the work force. We will be able to spend time with our children and pets and encourage our children to develop their talents for the joy of sharing those talents with others and for no other purpose.


The only real sin is separation from self and others. The lack of self love, judgment of self and others has kept humanity in a prison that each of us perpetuates by teaching systems of belief from one generation to the next. It is a very clever system, for it encourages us to believe that we live now in freedom and democracy, when in fact, the entire global culture has us completely indoctrinated and under its control. Our energies are subjugated and as we secretly yearn to paint, garden, create, share, experience love, we willingly give away our lives to a system which creates endless war, fear, oppression, poverty, and disease.


We always have the choice to wake up and to remember who we are. And for the first time, we can experience true freedom in our physical bodies, while still alive on Earth. We can embrace and love once again when we center our self in our heart and disinfect our minds from all fear and conditioning, releasing with love all beliefs that do not serve us individually and collectively. We can begin to put away our devices, turn off phones, entertainment – all that serves to distract us from reality – and turn to self, then to one another. We can sit quietly with our self and be at peace, at last. We can stop being afraid of other human beings and know that we are not by nature cruel, violent, or selfish. For it has been by our conditioning and by imitation of sadistic, sociopathic masters that we have developed mass narcissistic behaviors.


Love is our nature. We don’t need to go to heaven to experience unconditional love. It is who we are, when we remember who we are and why we came to Earth. Gaia, our Mother Earth, is also pure, unconditional love. She is our mirror. She, like our physical bodies, work with us to show us how much we can be and do as our highest self. In the physical realms, we can create so much beauty. This is our new task. The heaven on Earth of which Jesus spoke required the contributions of the feminine. While Jesus’ twin sister was brutally murdered as he was, what was even more tragic is that her entire teachings and memory were entirely erased from our collective memory.


Emmanuella is the divine feminine. She came to remind us that we are divine in our physical bodies. We are powerful creators while alive in the physical form. By shedding the illusion of separation from self and others, we can create a new collective dream in a conscious manner. Heaven on Earth is not something that is delivered to us on a platter when we are “good”. It is not a reward that happens for us after a life of righteousness, after we die. Heaven on Earth is a choice. Ascension is a conscious process that we can undertake when we are ready to remember who we are. It is up to human beings, individually and collectively, to first remember, then to come together and imagine a new world that we would all love to live in. A world where we know we are safe. A world where we can share our talents every moment of the day or night. A world where we take back our energy and power. A world where all of us use our talents to benefit the greater good of all.


This is what is happening right now on Earth. We no longer have to die to go to “heaven”. By taking back our power, we become free, sovereign beings. This is the Garden of Eden, and we are all Adam and Eve. Free and powerful human beings, co-creating with Gaia and beyond.

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Creating realities that support joy


Dearest readers,

I was just thinking about how we, as human parents, try to extend childhood for our kids. It wasn’t always like this, and in many places it still isn’t. Children work and are even slaves in many places around the world today. But the point I would like to make is this: the collective dream that most people accept as reality today is not something we want to offer our children. Instinctively, we know it is a nightmare from which we would love to protect them. And so we do whatever we can to create a cocoon that represents joy, love, and innocence.

kids in tree

The problem in this strategy is that even the cocoon has been co-opted by the capitalist destroyer of dreams and joy. What most people give their children are icons of happiness but not freedom to create, unplanned periods of time in which they can dream and play with their own imaginations. We have all been so deeply conditioned by the collective nightmare culture of shame and judgment that we inflict this “need” for perfection on our children who could be teaching us all a thing or too about happiness.


The quest for perfection is a hidden agenda in itself. I can’t count how much energy I have wasted in my life putting off for later my own happiness because I felt I was not worthy of it right now. Criticizing and judging my life, my achievements or lack thereof, my body, my home, my abilities and skills…I was forever thinking “if I could only do or be this or that, then I would feel happy, relaxed, joyful, fulfilled”. We are all trained to punish ourselves in this manner by the culture that we have created and which we sustain by continuing to think and behave in this manner. By punishing ourselves continually, we are sustaining this reality and forcing it onto our children and future generations. If we want a better future for our kids, it is up to us to dream up a different way of thinking and being for ourselves right now!

real bodies

There are so many beliefs that we all have either accepted or continue to accept as truths which are not true at all, unless we put our energy, attention, and intentions into these ideas. Some of these beliefs include that we must give away our power, time, energy to doing work that we don’t necessarily like in order to have what we need: food, housing, clothing, medical care. We accept without question that we have to exchange work and money for food and for housing and that we must live indebted to powerful institutions such as banks and credit card companies.

Little bussineswoman in front of a giant boss legs concept

Yet plants and animals enjoy free food and pay no rent for the land on which they live. We accept that the talents with which we are born are not equally needed by humanity and by our planet, and that some talents are more valuable than others. All of these beliefs are untrue, and they become our reality and are reinforced every day as long as we continue to accept them and to live by them.

buckminster fuller quote

The day that we decide that food is free, that the land belongs equally to all humans, and that all of our talents are equally necessary and important, we will continue to judge ourselves and not take full responsibility for our reality.

100 percent responsible

I, for one, want to live in a world where I wake up each morning when my body is ready to awaken. And I want to wake up relaxed, excited about the day to come, full of joy, listening to birdsong. I want to create each day out of joy and love. I want to use my talents and skills to help others. I want to spend time with my family and friends and use my life energy to create anew each day. I know that all of nature is alive, conscious, and that I am part of the all. I want to get rid of all debt and to live simply with only the few things that I need and which give me pleasure. I want to spend my time writing, painting, gardening, taking long walks with my son and our dog. I want to live in a world built on love, freedom, and joy.

joyful life

Many people said that when Bernie Sanders spoke about creating a system which works for all people, of universal health care, and eliminating income inequality, that this was an impossible dream. Yet he was just beginning to sketch out a reality only slightly different from the one most accept and live by today. Many said he was unrealistic, “pie in the sky”. These people don’t realize that we create the reality in which we live. The real world is not something that exists outside of self. It is a projection of energy that begins within the mind and heart of each individual human being. The responsibility for what is real, for what we create for the collective takes shape inside of ourselves. When we use our energy and attention and focus on things, systems, beliefs outside of self, we give our creative energy away. We give up our power to other people and systems of belief.

Bernie we

The technologies for free energy, free food, instant free healing, as well as free travel and communications already exist. These technologies are available, waiting for us to wake up and shrug off the old habit of victim/slave consciousness to reveal themselves to us. The technologies our society currently uses are 19th century technologies for the most part. These technologies treat our bodies and the planet as if they were things or machines, not living energetic emotional beings. Only small tidbits of the advanced technologies have been revealed to us over the last 75 years. The elites and behind the scenes power mongers have suppressed the most advanced technologies from the awareness of the general public, though they are used by these elites and by secret military programs for nefarious purposes. When the truth comes out, we will no longer be able to consider what we currently have been programmed to think as reality as a viable truth.

suppressed technologies

If we want to live with simplicity, happiness, and joy each and every day, then it is up to each of us to question what we consider reality to be, what we believe in, and how we use our energy. We are the creators of realities. We, human beings, are powerful. Our imagination is the source of all realities. It is time to take responsibility for our lives and for the world that we create for our children. It is time to use our energy with wisdom. It is time to stop being victims and decide within ourselves what it is that we want and then to work together to make that vision a reality.


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Where is humanity going? The end of human slavery and the ascension process

Rainbow Bridge arch (world's largest known natural bridge), Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona/Utah border USA

Dearest readers,

Most people realize that something is changing on our planet. Everyone feels the shifts in energy, though most do not understand where these shifts in energy originate. Some people are worried, feel their world is falling apart and don’t realize that this is a good thing. Others are thrilled that humanity is finally awakening and becoming more compassionate. Yet others are somewhere in the middle.

chaos of change

Human beings have been enslaved for many thousands of years. All human beings have been and continue to be controlled and manipulated by media, politics, our financial systems, food systems, pollution, culture. Our energy, our freedom, and our creative nature have been sapped and those responsible for this clever hijacking of our true nature have been hidden from us. Our true history has been concealed from us as well as the authentic realities of our relationship with our home planet, Gaia. Yet all over the planet, people are waking up.


While revolutions have happened again and again throughout history as humanity has attempted to overthrow oppressive regimes, the outcomes of these revolutions have always been predetermined. The level of consciousness throughout humanity has been too low to notice that all which we are given to perceive as freedoms in our current paradigm of society, nation states, and culture are all manufactured and artificial.


The variety of choices presented to us represent in fact a single option which does not benefit our well-being. We are conditioned by these belief systems from birth, and we teach these values to our children, as do our schools, religions, and employers.

Do what you are told. Buy what you are told to buy. You need to work to live. If you do not work, then you are lazy and not a valuable member of society. You need pharmaceuticals. You are sick. If you are different, you should be punished. Other humans are dangerous and out to get you. You are not good enough to be loved. You are not beautiful enough to be loved. You are not enough in yourself. You need things to be fulfilled. You need other people to be whole. You need to judge and compete with one another and with yourself. You are weak and powerless, but if you buy xyz or if you live in xyz, then you will be better than your neighbor, friend, family member. If you become perfect, then you will deserve to be loved.


Where we have been conditioned to believe we have choice, there has never been any. Where there is in reality abundance and more than enough for every single person on Earth to live a happy and fulfilled light-filled life, we have been taught poverty consciousness and lack. Now it has become visible that a very few and perhaps only one corporation and banking/finance system owns all companies. We are owned by mortgages, jobs, and we are constantly and intentionally kept in a state of worry and fear. The entire system in which we live is designed to keep us asleep and fearful. This is what maintains the status quo.


We could be enjoying an amazing relationship with nature and experience our own bodies in full health right now. We could have fantastic technologies that allow us to live much longer and healthier lives without all of the pollutants and diseases manufactured by our governments to keep us toiling and sick, and believing that we need their healthcare, medications, jobs, bank accounts, and retirement. In fact, we need none of these things to be healthy, happy, and secure. The planet and our bodies can be recalibrated and healed quickly and easily.


The only way to end the current tyranny is through spiritual awakening. Which means remembering who we truly are as human beings. This has nothing to do with religion. In fact, the true nature of reality can be explained by physics. Love and light are the creative and constructive energies of which all that exists is made. The natural state of the human being is unity consciousness, which means being fully centered in our Self, connected to all that is through our heart center, and fully aware of our responsibility for each thought, feeling, and action we create. For we are powerful creators of realities.


Each human being is surrounded by an energy field which is the same  shape (toroidal) as our galaxy. When we enter the unified field through the zero point in our own personal field, we are in unity consciousness and the power of the universe flows through us. This is what Jesus, Buddha, and other ascended masters have taught over the ages. We are all masters of love and light. Miracles are not exceptional; we all have the power to heal, to walk on water, to create any reality that we want. All we need to do is to wake up.


We are intimately and intuitively connected to Gaia, or Mother Earth. She speaks to us, if we will listen. Consciousness is embedded in all of our cells and in everything that exists. We can communicate with our bodies, with our cellular structure and organs. Scalar energy, as discovered by Nicolas Tesla, coming from the Earth, the sun, and outer space comes through us, feeding us with light and information, connecting to our DNA. We are living libraries, containing huge amounts of wisdom and information for connected living. Once we free ourselves from the oppression of our current paradigm, we will enjoy free energy, pollution-free air, water, and food. Plants, animals, and people nourished by scalar energies and by the minerals supplied by the Earth will experienced heightened intuition, improved health and energy levels. All people will be equal to one another and have access to all resources.

scalar energy mountain

Quantum physics explains the realities of our holographic universe and energy systems. As humanity awakens, we will progressively realize our true nature and end all timelines which do not serve our collective good and the good of all of the inhabitants of our planet. We will connect to the citizens of other planets, and we will remember who we are. Each of us has a role to play in this process. The most important thing that anyone can do right now is to release all negative programs, belief systems, memories, worries, stress, attachments to physical objects or relationships which are codependent or harmful. Releasing negativity and harmful conditioning takes time and effort as well as self-love. As we give love and allow our self to sit with these energies and templates, we can re-integrate the lost parts of our energy or soul fragments. The more we do this work, the stronger and more unified we become.



By transferring your center of cognizance from your mind to your heart, you will become once again part of the web of life. No longer will you be distracted and tricked by separation consciousness, which causes selfish behaviors and which perpetuates the old paradigm.

compassionate listening project.jpeg

You can end human slavery by refusing to believe in racism or terrorism, all designed to distract humanity into endless conflict with one another. These aggressive, hateful, and fearful emotions feed the old paradigm and distract us from our true nature, which is cooperative, loving, and compassionate. It is not human nature to be selfish, separate, and uncaring. We have been taught to behave this way, to live without love, and to be cruel to one another. We have been manipulated into hating ourselves and into feeling ashamed of who we are. We have been tricked into competition with one another and into living with a victim mentality so that we never take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, choices, and relationships. We have been taught by education and religion that we are judged and punished for our actions and that we are born into sin. All of this is untrue. We are always loved, no matter what we do or think. We are simply here to remember who we are and to evolve as souls.


There are people who teach that it is certain extraterrestrial civilizations who are working with dark forces in world governments to keep this system going. There are also many benevolent extraterrestrials who are looking out for our evolution and well-being. The bird tribes or Blue Avians are surrounding Earth and making contact with many of us right now to help us to make this peaceful transition. If you feel attracted to birds or feel an energy around birds through a song, dream, images then try to open your mind and heart to these messages, for they are messages of love and liberation.

jesus-and-the-blue-avians  blue jay

Many of us here on Earth are from other planets and galaxies. We came to help humanity to make this shift. Some call us starseeds, indigos, crystals, or rainbows. We are lightworkers, here to anchor the light of awareness and awakening on this planet. We are here to teach those who are still confused how to awaken and how to remember who you are and how best to use your energy. The indigenous peoples of Earth as well as lightworkers have been working hard for decades to stabilize the energies on the planet, to protect Earth and humanity from the excesses in human-created chaos and Earth changes. We owe them a debt of gratitude and we all need to do our part.


There is much fear on Earth, and fear is darkness. Fear perpetuates the old system of human slavery. When you, human being, release fear and begin to receive and to emanate love and light, you are doing the most important work of all. The more light that is anchored on the planet, the quicker we will all begin to see and experience New Earth.

I am

New Earth is already here. The energies and gridwork are in place. The energy we are living in presently on Earth is pure, without templates or prejudice of any kind. In this new energy, we are free to create a brand new humanity and way of living on Earth. There will be no apocalypse, but the duration of the transition period depends on all of us human beings and the choices we make right now. Will we choose light and love? Or will we choose fear, reactivity, and allow the made up threats of terror, war, loss of security, and disease continue to manipulate our emotions?


On New Earth, all is possible. We can work together to create an entirely new way of living together. No longer will children be brainwashed in schools. Instead, the gifts of each child will be nurtured and developed in view of service to all. The freedom to live and know that you will always have everything you need or desire will relax all minds and hearts. All of us will contribute using our gifts. There will be no need to fear one another – no crime, no hatred. Plants and animals will thrive as well in this new energy of love and cooperation.

conscious energy

New technologies are being given and will develop very quickly without the hindrance of the old paradigm to hold us back. Teleportation, telepathic and telempathic communication will replace old language systems which kept peoples of different cultures separate and not understanding one another. Non-locality, a principle of the physics of consciousness, will allow us to be wherever we want to be, instantly. As our bodies evolve to capture and transmit increasing amounts of light, disease will be eliminated and we will be able to detect and release all energy blockages instantly and on a daily basis. Once again, humanity will experience joy, laughter, and freedom.


We are creators of realities and we are the stewards of our beautiful planet, Gaia. The new golden age is here. The more quickly we release fear and the old programs, the more quickly we will manifest the magnificence of what religions have called heaven on Earth. It is possible. It is happening now. Ascension means moving from a lower energy signature to a higher frequency. Those new energies have been arriving on Earth from the sun and the cosmos as Gaia herself has been transitioning for several years. Everything is ready now, waiting on humanity to begin creating together, waiting on us to remember who we are and to make our choice. Do you want to stay on old Earth? Or do you want to make your home on new Earth? The choice is yours, and now is the time to make it. There is no bad decision, but it is nice to know that you do have a choice and that you have the ability to make it in full awareness.


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