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We are the ones we’ve been waiting for: the new age of personal responsibility


Dearest readers,

Life is but a dream. My focus in the new paradigm, as we collectively move into a higher level of consciousness, is to create a dream, that is a life, that I enjoy. No one is coming to save us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We came, we incarnated, to take back our power. To take responsibility for our lives, for our own creation. To finally end the era of limitation, giving up power to others. To finally realize that we no longer need to suffer and constantly spin in the drama of our own emotional wounds and project them onto others in an endless playing out of victim and rescuer roles.


I have been working hard on myself for years, releasing myself of the conditioned programs of fear, self-hatred, self-sabotage, fear of my own success, worry, lack, doubt. This is hard work. It doesn’t happen overnight. Even though I know I came to this planet in this body in order to plant seeds of wisdom to help humanity to wake up at this time, it has been a long process of awakening for myself.

coughing up flowers


Yet I am encouraged. I see multiple signs that many others are awakening and realizing that no one is going to swoop down from the clouds or arrive on spaceships to save us. No politician or elected official is going to deliver the answers that we need to create a better society. We are each responsible for creating the new paradigm. And the more quickly we become conscious, self-empowered, heal self, and take responsibility for our own lives, the more quickly we can collectively embody a peaceful way of living on our beautiful home planet.


One of the hopeful signs I have seen was during the recent French legislative election. I am a citizen of the U.S., but I also have French and Canadian citizenship and thus am able to vote in elections in these countries as well. France has an abundance of political parties, and only a few candidates in the presidentials resonated with my values: Jean-Luc Mélenchon, of the leftist people’s party, La France insoumise, and Philippe Poutou, an anti-capitalist promoting equality, simplicity, and environmental responsibility. Despite these candidates similarities to Bernie Sanders (though more left-wing), they still maintain the concept of an elected official representing the people – though with more integrity than to which we have become accustomed.

syrian graffiti art

The exciting shift appeared in the legislative or parliamentary elections. Called #MAVOIX, this movement seeks to empower citizens by returning the power very closely to a direct democracy. By using technology, the concept is to elect candidates who would attend assembly meetings, after which they would publish the issues on-line, and the people would vote. Anyone can become a candidate. Using the results of these on-line referendums, the #MAVOIX (my voice) candidates would then vote in the national assembly.


Other signs of a return to self empowerment would be movements in which people choose to grow their own food, turning away from commercially produced products which have no real food value. The rejection of GMOs is also important. Intuitively, we sense that splicing and modifying genes is dangerous for our health and for the health of the planet. Just as the heart and frequency of vibration of the human heart is synchronized with that of the planet, so is our own heartbeat with the electromagnetic field of our DNA. If we modify our DNA or cut out bits and pieces, we may possibly damage the harmonious resonance of this connection and damage our health and longevity. See the work of Dan Winter on fractals, DNA, and the golden ratio.


Very recently, on my way home from work, I saw an older bearded man standing on the busy street corner of Moreland Avenue and Ponce de Leon (in Atlanta, GA), alone, holding a large hand-painted sign reading: NO MORE WARS.

protest signs

People are leaving large commercial banking institutions, opting for credit unions. More and more people yearn to leave their jobs, leave behind the slavery of our financial system, and do something creative and exciting. Our desire to be free and to live from our highest expression is growing stronger. People are closing their retirement accounts, quitting their corporate job, and checking out of the matrix.

farewell cake

Many are also discovering that the body is self-healing when aligned with our highest expression. As we grow more self-empowered, an increasing number of people will reject our healthcare system altogether and realize that we do not need the chemical pharmaceuticals which are depleting our health and our bank accounts. Let them take Obamacare. While the current administration abounds with ridiculous pronouncements and seemingly anti-humanitarian and anti-environmental projects, the excesses of abuse and lack of integrity are helping people to wake up and realize: Why do I keep giving up my power to people who are selfish, incompetent, and who have no clue how to build a better way of living? Why do I keep feeling as if I need to be saved by people and institutions who do not care about my well-being or the future of our humanity on Earth?

we are all immigrants

Another hopeful sign is that people are beginning to talk to one another again. It is a bit slow going, but it is encouraging to me that some are putting down their cellphones and organizing meetings to discuss issues of importance. On my block, my neighbors and I have been meeting up to discuss race relations, dirt bike riding in the neighborhood, how to improve the quality of life in our area. On our neighborhood social network, we share ideas, plants, services. I always make an effort to help people see the positive side of issues which are perceived as problems, such as youths roaming neighborhoods, breaking into homes and cars. Instead of jumping into fear, how about talking to the kids?

street art peace

I recently spent nearly an hour talking to two 17 year-olds who were cutting class from my local high school. They were swinging big sticks and may or may not have been entertaining trouble they could get into. Several break-ins had happened in the area, including on my block, and people were afraid. My own son is 17, a great student with big plans for his life, and I felt it was really important for me to talk to them, and to help these kids to see that they have power and potential for their own lives. To not throw it away for an X-box or some other nonsense. We talked about my garden. We talked about life. I gave them snacks, and they went on their way. Every time we bring positive energy, we raise the frequency of our neighborhood and reduce the chances of lower energy events occurring. This is part of self-empowerment and creating the reality we want to experience. By investing in others, we improve our own lives, without depleting ourselves. The energy begins to flow.


We are the ones we have been waiting for. Jesus is not arriving on a cloud to save only those who have been obedient. This is not want the new paradigm is about. We are each our own savior, and by raising our own level of consciousness, we create beauty, abundance, peace, and joy in our life. According to the life and example of Jesus, we become the fully empowered human being. This high energy spreads. It is contagious. It is the energy of unity, and in this energy, we all play our part. Instead of continually playing and replaying the broken record of limitation, separation, victimization, abuse, lack, codependency, polarities of good and evil, poverty and wealth, power and exclusion, we are now beginning to choose something different.


It is a very exciting time to be alive. Humanity has been cycling in the victim/rescuer mode for many thousands of years. As the 26,500 year cycle ended in 2012, many way-showers and forerunners have paved the way for people to make this shift, each at his or her own pace. We have been waiting for this new paradigm for a very long time. The more quickly we become conscious and take responsibility for self and begin to heal and love self, the more quickly we will all collectively enjoy increasing freedom, joy, the ability to use our time to express our personal creative talents. Abundance is at the threshold. It is up to each of us to embrace our own potential and to express it. Welcome to new Earth!



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Racism, animal abuse, child abuse, drug abuse: the final gasps of a victim/savior paradigm

victim and rescuer

Dearest readers,

My experiences growing up in a highly co-dependent, enmeshed family system where emotional abuse was a normal way of being led me on a path where I did not know how to love myself anymore. I had to learn to remember. The path to remembering, or putting myself back together again, was a long but ultimately successful one – unlike the nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty – who kept falling down, smashing himself up and couldn’t be reassembled or returned to wholeness. Since the egg is a wonderful symbol of unity and a very feminine image of rebirth and perfection of design, it is very appropriate to note that our society needs to reintegrate feeling, holism, compassion, self-love, in order to be reborn into a new paradigm.

Humpty Dumpty

From family insanity, where old stuff is constantly rehashed, where individual pain was never processed, just pushed off onto me – who served as a convenient scapegoat, I moved from one abusive relationship to another. I tried to be a nice person, and over and over, people took advantage of my attempts to be open and kind. It took me a very long time to realize that I had to learn to be kind to myself first. To stop accepting abuse from others. Many times, I said to myself: “Never again.” Yet the abuse (teacher) reappeared in different forms, charming me into believing it (or the person) was a different kind of person, a loving, kind, generous person.


It was not until I learned self-love that I could delete all drama from my life, choose what I really want to experience, and attract to myself the kind of life and relationships with people that I enjoy. It is a long, difficult at times, and challenging journey back to self-love for both the individual and the collective. If humanity wants to truly eliminate racism, cruelty to children and animals, and the various forms of self-abuse we call addictions – whether to substances, work, food, etc., then we need to learn to love self, embrace truth without flinching.  When we can be truly honest with ourselves, we begin to take responsibility for our own lives. We begin to see that we have been afraid of our own light and power. We have been punishing ourselves, and our pain reaches out and touches so many.


Nearly every day, I receive in my mailbox heartbreaking pleas from animal rescues for donations. Horses and donkeys brutally mistreated in various heartless sports, murdered, sent to slaughter. Mares kept ceaselessly pregnant to harvest their urine for the progesterone by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for the drug Premarin. The foals are either murdered or left to die, while their mothers stand all day in tiny stalls. Donkeys murdered by the millions in China, even imported from Africa, their skins, bones, hooves, used to make ingredients for creams and beauty products all over the world. The heartless abuse of elephants, dogs, farm animals, wild animals…it is endless and horrifying.

Caldecott horse and donkey rescue

We live in a polarized world where many abuse and others feel compelled to save or to rescue. This is co-dependency at its “best”. We need to rise to a higher level of consciousness – out of victim and out of rescuer archetypes. It is time to take responsibility for our own pain and stop passing it onto others. It is time to stop expecting others to carry our pain or to save us from ourselves. It is time to stop numbing our pain and to look at it and realize that suffering is not the only way. Abuse is not the only way. Other people are not responsible for our pain. No human being or animal can make us happy, nor should they have to carry our pain for us. We are responsible for our own lives and our own happiness.


The truth is that human beings are covered with emotional wounds which they often do not seek to heal or do not know how to heal. Perhaps most are unaware of these wounds. They numb the pain through various addictions, or when the pain is too great, they pass on the abuse to those more vulnerable than self: to people of another ethnic or racial group, to women, to children, to animals.

emotional wounds

The seemingly endless sea of violence in which most of the world lives today – the prejudice and racism, the child and animal abuse, domestic violence, ethnic cleansing and genocide, intolerance of difference, police violence, the treatment of our planet as if it were a resource and not family – all of this is symptomatic of a gigantic emotional wound that passes from one generation to the next.

survival love

One of my co-workers spent a lot of time in foster care and was adopted several times as a child. He spent some time in Mexico, as his last adoptive family is Mexican. He told me that in Mexico, most people are not at all aware that their behaviors are prejudiced or racist. For example, he told me that indigenous people will be routinely excluded from entrance to many clubs, and that people of European origin think nothing of this discrimination. To them, it is normal and acceptable. They have no awareness that their behavior is cruel. Cognitive dissonance is at its highest level here.


In North America, and in particular in the United States, various “classes” or groups in society have slowly become aware of the pain and suffering caused to those who have been for hundreds of years positioned in the lowest ranks of our society. Black people and indigenous peoples, as well as immigrants to a slightly lesser extent, have born the brunt of our collective inability to take responsibility for our own personal and collective destinies.

cognitive dissonance

Today, those who would be the rescuers in a codependent system walk on eggshells – afraid to offend, to say something that might be inappropriate. And then you have those – especially with the anonymity of social media – who say incredibly hurtful and offensive things to rid themselves of their own poison. Police officers are not held accountable for their treatment of suspects, when, it seems to me, that public servants should be held to a higher level of accountability because of the responsibility of their positions.

voltaire quote

While the awareness of police brutality, the inequalities and vast unfairness of the criminal justice system, the economy, and just about every aspect of our society are at last being exposed to those who bathed in the sweet insouciant cloud of cognitive dissonance for the last few hundred years is a step in the right direction, collectively, most of humanity is still living in a dysfunctional relationship with self and with the collective. People give away their power constantly without even realizing it.


Do we all want to endlessly walk on eggshells? All people – those who have been playing the victim role and those who have been the persecutors – are all responsible for the reality in which we live. We create our own reality, every moment of every day. Victims must take responsibility. Perpetrators of abuse must take responsibility for self as well. It is the only way to end abuse and to create peace. The truth will set you free. Forgiveness of self and all others – abusers and victims – is also key. The truth is the honest, non-politically correct perception of reality. And that reality is that we are each responsible for our own life, for our own reality. If everyone would stop blaming, shaming, judging, living from survival consciousness (ego), and take a step back and look clearly at self, we would see all of the generations of pain we have taken on.


We would each realize that we have been conditioned to think a certain way. That we have adopted beliefs along the way of life which are untruths and which cause us pain. Once we do the challenging work of freeing self from the lies that society teaches us from birth, and once we heal our personal emotional wounds, then we will no longer tiptoe around on eggshells around other people. Once we learn to love self and be kind to self, we will find inner peace as a natural state of being. We won’t need to blame or shame others, to make others suffer because we can’t deal with our own pain. We won’t need to convince self or others that we are right and they are wrong. We can speak our truth from the heart without fearing hurting someone else’s feelings…because they too are responsible for their own well-being. And we won’t need others (even God or Jesus) to save us, because we will finally take responsibility for our own life and happiness.

crossing the line

The next phase in humanity’s collective rise to a higher level of consciousness is the realization that God is inside of each of us. Jesus did come to teach this truth over 2,000 years ago, but humanity was not ready to receive it. Humanity was still engaged in living the experience of separation from self, from all that exists, from divinity. Now that experience of limitation is drawing to a close, and we have an amazing opportunity to end co-dependency, the victim-rescuer paradigm once and for all. We can now take full responsibility for self and learn mastery. Human beings are powerful artists and creators. We have mastered the art of suffering, and we have collectively created a masterpiece of pain, suffering, and horror on the planet. In fact, we have mastered this so well that we have nearly destroyed our own species and have wiped out thousands of animals species and uncountable species of plants and insects.


Mother Earth is a powerful, conscious being in her own right. She is constantly and endlessly abundant and forgiving. She is renewing herself now, cleansing her waters, creating new species. We too, as human beings, have a great opportunity to cleanse self and to create heaven on Earth – a peaceful society of human beings who take full responsibility for the dream we design for self and other beings.


We can easily end racism, abuse of self and others, addiction, cruelty to animals, by healing our emotional bodies and releasing the conditioning – the old paradigm of co-dependency – victim/savior consciousness. It has served us well. We have learned to delve into the furthest depths of our own darkness. We have explored the human foundations of cruelty, victimization, exploitation. Reality is not something that is outside of self, that happens to us.

maya angelou quote.png

We have seen what it is like to live in polarity, where darkness is always seen as evil, and light as beauty and goodness. Now it is time to move back into unity. To remember what it is to know that all is one. Goodness and evil are neutral aspects of energy – just different expressions of being. To remember that we always have a choice, and that we are free to choose love and kindness or fear and cruelty at any given moment. We are creators. What do you want for your life? What will you choose to create?

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The Philosophy breakthrough: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt crossing guard

Hello dear readers,

At the conclusion of Netflix season 3 series heroine Kimmy Schmidt and fellow characters delve deep into identity, life purpose, and what it means to be a good person as well as how to align with your true self. Deep topics for a series which is often silly but also very clever and entertaining.


At the conclusion of season 3, Kimmy finds herself being kicked out of Columbia University with an honorary degree due to her having survived kidnapping and years of captivity by a religious cult leader. The dean tells Kimmy that while she may have emotional intelligence, she doesn’t have the academic skills to succeed at Columbia. Kimmy is proud of being in control of her life and her decisions and is not about to allow herself to be rejected in this way.

Kimmy crossing guard

A previous career aptitude test matches Kimmy as being best suited to be a crossing guard, and after her college plans fall flat, Kimmy heads straight to the nearest police station to apply for the job. Having taken a philosophy class (and also because she takes everything she hears literally), Kimmy believes that in order to be a good person she must be of service to others. After making 100% on the computerized test administered at the police station, she finds herself competing with a robot for the crossing guard position. Both she and the robot are neck in neck until the last question – a moral dilemma- leaves the robot stumped. Kimmy’s altruisim wins her the job, but when the police officer runs a background check, we find out that Kimmy is still legally married to her former kidnapper- a registered sex offender- and her hard-earned performance on the crossing guard exam is rendered nul and void.

Kimmy bummed out

Kimmy finds out the hard way that being a good person is not enough. While service to others is important, something is still not right in Kimmy’s world. Step by step, the layers and illusions are peeled away until Kimmy is left alone with herself. And although she is demoralized at first, her happiness and fulfillment align with her purpose just at the moment when it seems that all of her dreams and attempts at success and purpose are stymied.


Just before Kimmy is about to be ousted from Columbia, a nerdy and highly intelligent student whom no one seems to notice or remember has a discussion with Kimmy in the hallway. Kimmy pays attention to him and remembers his name. When he tells her he is about to quit his university studies, Kimmy congratulates him for being an independent thinker. Both Kimmy and the nerdy student, while so different in so many ways, are both sovereign beings, taking charge of their respective destinies. And, in an unexpected twist, this young man, as it turns out, has founded his own successful quirky start-up company…and he offers Kimmy a job to manage his staff.

Kimmy's new job

This episode jumped out at me, because it contains a very important lesson about self-love and self-acceptance. By always being herself, despite people finding her strange, Kimmy finally finds a way to shine in the world. She doesn’t need to help people by principle or for some moral reason. She refuses to allow people to feel sorry for her despite all of the challenges she has overcome. She is a gift to the world simply by being herself. She is of service to others just by enjoying her own life and shining her light.


The polarized vision of human beings who are either self-serving and selfish, living in a world that is designed to fulfill their own needs cohabiting with people who are focused on service to others but whose personal needs may not be met jumps up to a higher level where polarization is no longer necessary.


Imagine dreaming your life where you just enjoy yourself each and every moment. You wake up when your body is rested, you eat when your body is hungry. You laugh when you find something funny. You give affection when you want to, and you are able to easily receive affection. Your heart is open. You share your gifts openly. Life is beautiful. People enjoy being around you. You don’t hold grudges or judge others. You are happy. You don’t feel guilty about other peoples’ unhappiness, and you know you are not responsible for anyone other than yourself. But you are not selfish, because you are love.


This is the sweet spot we are all looking for. Life is simple. That subtle shift happens when I realize all I need to do is be myself. It is such a relief to stop pretending. To stop worrying and no longer be afraid of not having enough. To know that I don’t need to find my right purpose or mission., because being myself is perfection itself.  I feel close to that shift in my own life, and I am thankful to Kimmy Schmidt, fictional Netflix character, for embodying her truth in such a delightful way.

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On purpose: musings about why we are here


Dearest readers,

You may feel a vague or a more intense urging that there is a specific reason for which you came to live on Earth at this particular time. Many of us want to know: why am I here, and what is my specific purpose? I think about this a lot. There are so many things I love to do and to experience. Is being me and pursuing my own joy enough? Do I need to do something out of the ordinary to prove my worth or to make a difference?


In the ordinary, outwardly focused world, if we slow down long enough, we begin to feel empty and unfulfilled. The promises of materialism, couched in the artificial rainbows of the American dream, seem to take up all of our life force. The optics, narratives, and images propagated by the culture promise us just beyond our fingertips a place of beauty, harmony, love, and abundance. We can allow ourselves to get sucked into this deceptive system despite our own best but blind intentions, spending our entire lives seeking and never getting any closer to truth or fulfillment.


Many call this deception the matrix. Once you realize that reality is an illusion and that there are many realities, you begin to wonder what reality you might like to create and live in. For we do not all live in the same reality. Just as time is a convention invented to allow us to pretend that we all live in a single cooperative existence, the lure of happiness is an invented goal designed to manipulate us into giving up our  personal power and joy.

conspicuous consumption

Once I realized that I really do create my own reality, it became easier to start giving up the reality into which I was born – one based on manipulation, suffering, fear, and anxiety, where I could never achieve my dreams because I felt I was not good enough to deserve love, be a successful artist, and be free to pursue my dreams.

crushed flower.jpg

It takes a lot of work to release that false reality and all of the pain I have been carrying in every cell in my body for so many lifetimes. But knowing that by just being aligned with my true self I can create a beautiful world for myself, full of joy, beauty, and abundance makes the effort so worthwhile!

broken flowers


The reason for the emptiness we feel when we are unconscious is simple. The truth is found inside self. Not inside the mind, not in anyone else, in anything in the world, but inside the heart. The heart is the source of all realities. And the language of the heart is not reason, but intuition. We are not taught insight, intuition, or the poetry of interconnection of all beings and things at school. We don’t learn that everything is energy and that all beings have a specific frequency at any given moment. We don’t learn to read energy in others and situations. We don’t learn to know self. This is why we feel lonely, empty, and often can’t feel connected to self and to our purpose.


Our purpose shifts in any given moment. When we learn to connect to our inner self, we receive guidance from self on what we desire, what makes us happy, who to talk to, who to avoid, and so on. Realities are always shifting, as are energy fields. By tuning in and paying attention, we are living our life, not running away from it.


Because we live in an outwardly focused culture based on pursuit and activity, it is challenging for us to sit quietly with self. Purpose is something which unfolds from the heart, through experience. It can take an entire lifetime to discover the many facets of self and purpose.

tune out

I always see my life as a flower bud. It unfolds slowly. If I were to cut it open, all I would see are tightly wound green petals. There is always a core left to be discovered. The beauty of self is in the unfolding.


Some people pay those they believe are more intuitive or psychic than themselves to get clues and direction to discover their purpose. While an intuitive who has developed their innate skills and abilities can see the potentials for all realities, I don’t really see the utility in spending money on this type of service. It is counterproductive. You think you are saving time, but really, how can another person tell you how to unfold your life and how to open your heart? Why not spend that time and energy developing your own intuitive abilities? Though I can see a person desiring a connection with a more experienced person, as that individual can be a mirror to help reflect back to you what you cannot yet see in yourself. In that respect, I can see some value.


But if you sit quietly with yourself, spend time in nature, simplify your life, and pursue creative activities of some kind that please you and make you feel happy and relaxed, you will begin to see that your true purpose is simply to be your real self in the world. If we were all to slow down, look inward, stop blaming and judging self and others, and learn to love and respect our self, the world would be a lovely place to live right now.

quiet time.jpg

We are all conditioned beings once born into human culture. We forget who we are, what we enjoy, how to laugh, how to love our self, our body, our being. There is so much pain, judgment, shame, blame, fear, lack layered onto the beauty of our being, that our original freedom, joy, and ability to simply be an unique presence in the world is diminished.

Beautiful Blond Boy  baby

So all each of us needs to do is to release all of the conditioning. All of the accumulated pain from lifetimes of suffering. All of the fear, the lack, self-sabotage, victim mentality must go. This takes a lot of time, patience, and effort, and a clear intention to invite all of the hurt and pain to surface. For it is all stored in the body. As your heart opens up, you will start remembering how to feel again and stop running away from yourself. As you remember your true power, you begin to respect yourself and your life. You take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions, and choices. You become an artist and begin to create a life that you truly enjoy. This is your purpose.

pema chodron  open-hearts-see-love-everywhere

Our culture is constantly seeking to escape from self. The new paradigm is waking up and walking back home. Remembering that home is inside the self. Where the heart is.

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Poor me: race, cognitive dissonance, and personal responsibility for all

triumph of poverty

Dearest readers,

Being human is impossibly difficult. It is a challenge we take on voluntarily. At least that is what I believe, and that belief empowers me and gives me hope for all of us.


It seems crazy to think that I could have chosen the family I was born into and the circumstances of my life (before incarnating in this body that is known as Rebekah in this lifetime). But thinking that all is random and meaningless is simply not an option for me, nor is it for most of us. We all would like to believe that we are here for a reason and that everything happens for a reason.


So how do we explain poverty, racism, discrimination, sexual abuse and slavery, war, scapegoating, bullying, and the myriad fractal forms of darkness present in our world today? Why would humanity collectively and individually choose to experience separation, fear, hatred, hierarchy, manipulation, deceit, lack? And why don’t we all get together and choose love, peace, joy, harmony, beauty, and abundance? Because we do have the power to create the world we want. What do we all want? And what is keeping us from creating a life of love, ease, and beauty for self and for our communities?

Man bench March2015

From a spiritual perspective, and from my personal experience, I believe that harsh experiences break us open, digging deep into our psyche. Pain and suffering give us a choice. We can open our hearts and learn love and compassion, or, conversely, we can contract our intestines until they boil with resentment, hatred, and vicious anger, curl our hands into claws and fists, and generally become a miserable person who wants to bring everyone down with him or her. We all know this person who wants everyone around her to take responsibility for her own helplessness, fear, and pain.


From a very banal perspective, I do believe that our social and cultural constructs are created very intentionally to divide human beings into social, cultural, economic, and racial groups. Some are rich, some are poor. Some are beautiful, some are ugly. Some are powerful, some are weak. By dividing people, those elites in power get to stay where they are and enjoy limitless wealth, pleasure, and freedom while everyone else is distracted by these class, racial, social, and economic divisions.


The relatively wealthy or privileged people in any society are trained to believe that they are somehow more special or more important than those who are designated as less important. Just like in the book and movie series, The Hunger Games, the elites at Capital City at the top of the ladder need a hierarchy to keep their privileges intact. Some of those serving them enjoy a lot of privileges. Some less. Each circle of the slaves is suspicious of the others because of these privileges. This is what keeps the system going, preventing all of the people from uniting and realizing that together they could overpower the elites who use and manipulate them through fear. The Hunger Games is a very accurate description of American culture. It is not dystopian fiction. It is realistic non-fiction portrayed in barely disguised metaphoric imagery.


Therefore, the society itself is designed around a racist and classist construct which incorporates as a necessary ingredient cognitive dissonance. From a spiritual perspective, everyone involved is being manipulated, from the privileged to the poor scapegoat…but people rarely see it, because they want to blame someone and to keep things going as they are. The only way to true freedom is to escape from the matrix and to take responsibility for your own life and not allow yourself to be defined by the program. The wealthy are full of emotional poison. Often, we tend to think only poor people or minorities struggle with emotional issues. The truth is that every human being on Earth has been conditioned by the social program, or the matrix. Some have freed themselves, but only a relative few have done this work. the number of the free is growing, however.  Privileged people are less likely to see the light, because they have less incentive to leave the matrix and find true freedom by discovering the true nature of reality.


It is not easy to take responsibility for your own life and to heal your emotional body from the accumulated poisons that have been injected into you since birth by family, school, media…by everyone with whom you make contact. Freedom from racism, freedom from pain mean letting go of being a victim. You can no longer blame anyone or anything for your problems or for your pain. You do get to recognize the pain and where it came from, and then you can let it go and choose to create something else for your life. Unless you consciously choose to experience pain.

Afghani girl

The subconscious mind is very powerful. When we are living in the matrix and conforming our identity to what we are told we are, whether it be white and privileged or poor and black, all of the pain, resentment, confusion, and lies are stored in the subconscious mind. Cognitive dissonance appears when people find ways of justifying ways of living and behaving towards other people that would otherwise be horrifying and completely unacceptable. Bullies, torturers, racists, those who prostitute or enslave others, as well as ordinary citizens all make liberal use of cognitive dissonance. By treating another human being, who by nature is born equal to all others, as less than self and being able to continue living peacefully with self requires either radical honesty with self, or stuffing that discomfort into the subconscious mind and using cognitive dissonance to make it OK.


In reality, every single human being is equally important and equally valuable. There is no human being who is more powerful or more beautiful than any other human being on Earth. This is truth. The matrix or the social illusion into which we are introduced shortly after birth conditions each and every one of us, forcing us into codependency. Some are powerful, some are victims. We all hate and judge self and others. There is no personal responsibility. We forget who we are. Some suffer more than others, but we have all chosen to be here for these experiences.


I personally believe that the experience of separation (of being a living creature in a physical body for a period of time) is a difficult but powerful one. It seems so real, but it is a game in which we engage. It is a powerful challenge. In separation, it is hard to remember who we are. And who are we? We are all little pieces of the life force that we call God. We choose to separate off from the source creator to live as mini creators or artists of our lives. We are never victims, even though it often feels that way.


A person who is born into poverty, a person who is born black or brown in America chooses a particularly difficult challenge. A person who chooses to incarnate into a family that is alcoholic or that abuses you sexually has also chosen a very difficult challenge. What is the most difficult part of these life plans? Because we don’t remember that our true nature is love itself, and that we in essence are light and love, we feel lonely hurt, and unloved. We go outside of self to seek help, comfort, some way to forget our pain. And so we spiral down into drama, depression, anger, fear, self-hatred, addictions, possibly violence.


How many people who are struggling with poverty, drug addiction are able to see how powerful they really are? How many people who have been locked in closets beaten with extension cords, who went all day hungry as kids with no one to comfort them are realizing how beautiful they are? My guess is very few. But some do get to the other side of pain. Some of us realize that even though our parents did not and could not love us, that we have all of the love we need. No one outside of us can give it to us. We are love. It is literally who we are. No one can take that light or love away from us, once we realize that we are so very beautiful and perfect.


People who are born into privilege have chosen different challenges. They think they have it all, but they are still living a lie. They don’t know the truth –  that abundance is love, not things. It is not outside of us. The truth is inside. Because we are all in separation with an endless variety of stories, we can wonder how many of us will eventually realize that we are all one beautiful being? That human consciousness and love are the true super power of the human being?

light body

So people can continue to react to one another and play out the matrix program, or we can wake up and realize that we are all perfect, beautiful, free, and full of love by nature. Our life is a gift. A poor person born in a ghetto with brown skin is as magnificent and powerful as a person born into a mansion with white skin. There is absolutely no difference between us.

emotional body map

Self love is the key to mastery. Every person harbors darkness in his or her subconscious mind. Every person’s emotional body is covered with wounds and scars. We each have the possibility to let go of the social brainwashing program and to learn to love self and take responsibility for our own life. If we each do this challenging work, we can also heal the collective and even heal our family and ancestors. We can’t do the work for others, but we can all help release negativity, fear, pain, lack, doubt, frustration, anger, violence to make room for more light. We can all take responsibility by refusing cognitive dissonance, refusing to make excuses for bad behavior and lack of love. We suddenly see that lack of love and compassion for others is also lack of self-love. By becoming a beacon of light which expands around self, we inspire others. Light is contagious.

I am love

Today we live in a world that seems full of chaos and violence. It is a world in which people allow themselves to be swirled into a turmoil of manipulation, victimization, blaming, shaming, judging self and others. A little self-love and self-responsibility go a long way. Going inside is the only way to heal the world. I’m doing my work, and I know it makes a difference.

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The power of our emotions

broken mirror portrait

Dearest readers,

This is a quote from a Magenta Pixie video that I jotted down because it impressed me so much:

“It is the emotion behind intent that produces manifestation.”

Human beings are highly emotional beings. The chaos we observe in the world has been created in order to manipulate our emotional bodies and to keep us in fear, angry, mistrustful of one another, and disconnected from our own hearts. This intentional agenda is a system that has been in place for many thousands of years.  Some say that extraterrestrial reptilian beings and their henchmen, the elites of our societies, governments, financial and religious systems, corporations literally feed off of these negative emotions.

luche libre masks

This is why we are constantly surrounded by wars, terrorist attacks, fearful news broadcasts, urban violence, chemicals in our air, food, and water. The entire system is designed to manipulate our emotional bodies and to keep us enslaved at a low vibrational frequency.


From my own perspective, I know that I chose to incarnate as my current self, Rebekah, in order to open my own heart and to help others. Like everyone else, I started out full of fear and self-loathing. It took me a while to discover that virtually all human beings are emotionally damaged and codependent. All of us harbor more or less deep emotional wounds, and most of us use our wounds to hurt our self and one another. Until we wake up and realize that we are responsible for only our self, for our own happiness, and that we create our own reality.

Mastery of Love Toltec Wisdom Cards-08239 VisualTarot.com

So if I am still asleep and I am creating my reality, the emotion behind my intentions when I am creating my life is most likely fear-based.  Like all of us, I want a life full of joy, abundance, creativity, ease, and wonderful friends. Imagine standing in front of your bathroom mirror every morning. You look into your own eyes and you state your desires: “I want a wonderful, kind, honest husband.  I want my dream job that is flexible and where my talents are recognized. My body is in perfect health. My family and home are safe from all harm.” Or whatever it is that you might desire for your life.

mirror painting

But as you gaze at yourself and utter these wonderful, positive words of intention for your life, your chest and throat are gripped with a leaden weight. Your stomach churns, yet you don’t even know why. Your emotional body is full of fear, anxiety, frustration, or anger.


The Universe, which is an energy field surrounding you, connected to you by your DNA and your emotional body, reads the geometric codes that are transmitted by the energetic frequencies of your emotions. The desires are secondary. The emotions set the computer which works with you to co-create your reality every moment of every day. This field of energy responds to our every emotion. This is why the power system to which we have given away all of our power constantly works so very hard to keep us in fear. As long as we remain afraid, we live in poverty, self-hatred, competition, separation and fear of one another. We get involved in identity and gender politics. Our relationships are full of suspicion and demands. Our hearts are closed.


We are always powerful, and we are always co-creating our reality. But we cannot achieve the life we truly want without doing the work of releasing all fear and cleansing our emotional body of its wounds. Unless we really want our life to be about suffering, grief, anger, worry, and fear. If we choose this experience and prefer pain over pleasure…why not? Most humans prefer pleasurable sensations to painful ones, yet we have trouble creating our own happiness.

cat mirror

Cleansing our physical and emotional body of its countless wounds does not happen by itself, and it does not happen overnight. It is a work of self-observation and requires discipline to retrain our minds and emotional bodies. The old habits die hard, but the neural paths in our brains and cellular structure can be retrained.

michael jackson

Every day, I work on releasing emotions such as fear, worry, lack, self-judgment. These are my biggest personal challenges. Every day, I practice opening my heart and loving myself. Those negative emotions and habits of self-loathing, low self-esteem, reactivity all contain energy. I don’t want to lose that energy. I want to transform it and take it back, cleansed. When my energy is encapsulated in dark clouds of anxiety, I feel drained.


But now I know I have the power to release the embroiled shell and the tangled cords that attach me to the template of that energy pattern. Like an alchemist, I can transform what I gave away to fear back into love. Swirling back into my field with iridescent golds, pinks, greens, I re-integrate all that I gave away of myself without knowing what I was doing. It takes practice, even as an artist, to imagine these energy fields around my body.

rainbow field

So many years spent wandering, searching, trying to find answers, happiness. And then one day, I uncorked my heart and found it is full of light and beauty. My mind’s eye unclouded streams flowers, plants, and beautiful life forms. My goal is to activate my DNA and to remember who I am as a fully empowered human being. When I look in the mirror, I no longer want to judge myself or find fault with what I see. This takes a lot of practice, and I don’t always succeed, even though it seems it should be easy. It is so sad that we all see small children as beautiful and pure, and then we grow up and forget how to laugh, play, and see wonder and joy in self and others. We forget how to have fun and really enjoy our life.

hairy child portrait

When I take a walk, I marvel at everything I see. It is commonplace for most people to admire children and dogs. Most adults ignore their surroundings and don’t really see anyone or anything. Beauty is in the details. Synchronicities are perceived in the minute events of life. Magic happens when we slow down and pay attention to everything and everyone.


It is common for people to tell me that my dog is beautiful. Like us, every dog looks so different. Some are small, with sausage-like bodies, and droopy ears and we find them beautiful. Nature provides us with such an abundance of variety and all of it is wonderful in its expression of creativity. In our human diversity, we are all wonderful, yet we have been taught to admire only one body type as beautiful. This is just one example of the template which we absorb and use to punish self for not being good or perfect enough.

victorian painting of dogs

While we are mostly free to admire the diversity of the animal kingdom, I ask myself what it would feel like to be able to openly admire human beauty in the same way. How often do we honestly and openly give love without expectation of anything in return to another adult human being? It seems as if we are all starving for love and affection, for recognition of our own divinity and beauty.

embrace painting

How is it that human beings, all of us so exquisitely sensitive and emotional, are forced to live without being allowed to openly express and to receive abundant and sincere affection from one another? And why are we not taught from birth to truly love self? Self-love is not the same as self-esteem. All of the awards we are given are based on performance, not on innate beauty and worthiness. Without our pets, we would be in even worse shape.


It is high time that we realize that emotions are important and also powerful. One of my dear friends who happens to be a devoted Christian told me that we must not listen to our emotions. Somehow, he absorbed a teaching and a belief that emotions are dangerous and lead to misguided states of being. This is sad indeed. Religious power structures do not want human beings to realize that we are all powerful creators of realities. That God is inside of us, literally. For if we were to realize that our emotions and intentions allow us to be co-creators of our experiences, we would no longer wish to or need to worship anyone or any being. We would have no need of being “saved”. We would incarnate our own power and manifest the lives that we wish to live.

Philippe de Champaigne

As a person who is responsible only for my self and for my own life, I have devoted myself to healing my own emotional body. Opening my heart is a huge priority. Giving love is the true source of happiness and the key to manifesting a wonderful life full of beauty, freedom, and joy. As Magenta Pixie so wisely stated, we can take charge of our lives and work together to create a magnificent collective dream when we master self-love and heal our own emotional bodies. Our wounded world of war, chaos, strife, broken relationships, addictions, and environmental disasters is a reflection of the collective human emotional body. The world is a mirror to the human emotional body, and that body is deeply scarred. The time to take back our power is here.

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People, power and the end of worship

mare and foal

Dearest readers,

When I first began this blog, it was the intuition that reality is not at all what it appears to be which motivated my desire to explore human consciousness and the nature of reality. As it turns out, my explorations of reality have brought me on an ever more inward spiral through the back story of human imagination and our ability to create realities.


The power of imagination, while often belittled, is truly a super power. It makes us creators, gods, and inventors of anything we can picture in our mind’s eye. When I was in art school, at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, in Paris, working with symbols and the imagination was considered downright corny, old-fashioned, and also somehow threatening. The use of imagination was more often than not judged, condemned, and punished with either sarcasm or ostracism. It seemed more prestigious and powerful at the time (early ’90’s) to make large back-lit photographs (à la Jeff Wall) , installations, and rationally explained minimalist works which satisfied a pseudo-scientific vision of art that basically had surgically removed the soul from art. I struggled with this a lot. For me, the soul was also the heart of artistic expression and the heart of self.


Mostly our cultures around the world are based on an assumption that the “real world” is outside of self, and that we are all separate from one another, from objects, from the planet. Our entire concept of reality and relationship is based upon a collectively designed set of assumptions which we are all taught to accept as truth. The most damaging of these collective “facts” is that we are small and relatively powerless. In this “reality”, imagination is cute and art is little more than decorative. Something to be used for children’s books, and not a force which creates realities and connects us to a source of information that is infinite and universal.


Because we are taught we have little power, we are also taught to fear that which we apparently cannot control. Which is basically the entire world and all people outside of self. And because we feel we can’t control this reality we are taught exists outside of self, we want very much to have control. Much of our energy goes towards controlling others and towards achieving outcomes which improve our status in the power structure which delineates who is powerful and who is less so. And so we gamble, manipulate, calculate, worry, and try very hard to figure out what are our odds of being “lucky” or “unlucky” in life, love, and our financial fortunes.


Since our cultures are based on the assumption that we will always be easily tricked into giving our power away to some institution, powerful person or group, or god(s), we are all caught in a circular maelstrom of fear and worship. Because we think we can’t control reality, we simultaneously worship and admire but also envy and secretly hate and fear those who have more power than we think we do.

alf goya saturn

YouTube channel videographer and visionary, Magenta Pixie has a formidable mind and an admirable ability to clearly express complex concepts about a host of realities, especially those in the multi-dimensional realms. In one of her videos on the theme of psychic attack and spiritual protection, she describes our “dense” 3rd dimensional reality as based on a cultural template with four basic values or archetypes: victim, attacker, protector, savior. Until we surpass, both individually and collectively, this cultural belief system or control system based on narcissism, psychic attack, and manipulation in order to get our energetic needs met, we will remain essentially powerless and continue to worship political figures, the ultra-wealthy, celebrities, and gods.

Saturn devouring his son

Magenta explains that it is possible to leave behind this conundrum of endless war, backbiting, and vampire-like behaviors by realizing that no one can truly attack us. There is no real danger, and there is no real protection nor is there a need to protect oneself from a threat which exists only in the mind.


We are living in chaotic times because humanity is choosing, some consciously and many not so consciously, to evolve beyond this template of victim, attacker, protector, savior. This means giving up being irresponsible, blaming others for our problems, resorting to revenge, giving up our power to politicians and experts, thinking rich people or celebrities are more important than we are, having and deserving more than we do. This also means that the notion of God will also have to change radically.

invisibility cloak

What will be the biggest challenge in this adaptation to the new template? And what is the new template? In fact, the new template is not new at all. It is imprinted in our DNA, written in our Declaration of Independence. It is really about remembering who we were before our memories were wiped, before the mass brainwashing that made us into spineless followers and viciously selfish, needy, and  insecure people who always feel separate, lonely, incomplete.

baby head

The new template is the sovereign human being who takes responsibility for his or her personal power. The need to worship and to look for God and power outside of self is very deeply imprinted into the human psyche. It is almost frightening to confront this point with people who are believers in any of these power structures, because there is so much energy invested in these realities. To become a free and sovereign person means you can’t blame anyone or anything for your problems. You can’t channel or communicate with a higher power, because nothing is separate from you. You are living in unity consciousness, just like the ascended masters.

Removing clouds

In the time of their physical incarnations, the most famous of the ascended masters, Jesus and Buddha both taught the same lessons. How to attain mastery through self love and self-responsibility. Pixie describes the new archetype in four terms: sovereignty, gratitude, liberty, and unity. Humanity hasn’t been ready until now to begin to consider on a large scale adopting these principles for living in unity. Today, the Christian religion has little to do with the original teachings of Jesus, because it is based on a template of separation and fear, in which God is outside of the self. There is no judgment in this observation. All religions are based on this same principle. Humanity needed to experience a very long period of separation in order to begin to choose unity and sovereignty.

Josh, White Flag Installation

In other words, humanity has been spiraling downwards to the lowest levels of energetic expression over thousands of years and is finally considering growing up.  I have read that four civilizations of humans have lived on Earth and have either self-destructed or have died out due to various disasters prior to our current version of humanity.

weird pups

There is no telling why, for example, a woman who has experienced several abusive husbands or relationships one day decides that this particular abusive relationship is one too many. It does not matter how educated or how intelligent we are. I’ve been there. When we are ready to love self, we finally stop beating our self up. We each struggle through experiences that help us to understand and love our self (hopefully) a little bit more each time.

bloody nose

It is very exciting that humanity is beginning to wake up and to grow up. I for one am tired of wars, drama, gossip, pettiness, fear, and the feeling of needing someone or some force to protect me from negative energies, harm, disasters, and general bad luck. I have already reached the point where taking charge of my own life in creative mode and living in love, light, unity, and freedom are my primary focus.

love light

Last year, I joined a spiritual healing group called the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. The Circle of Friends is an international non-profit formed some years after Groening’s death (in 1959) and has and continues to do wonderful work around the world to help people re-balance and heal their bodies as well as provide help and protection in every day life. While Bruno Groening was a remarkable man and the people in the Circle of Friends are wonderful and kind-hearted people, I began to feel uncomfortable about the focus of the group on Bruno Groening, the man, as a sort of savior/protector figure. Because he is portrayed as stronger, the friend is by extension weaker. Those of us who were born without being aware of our full potential as human beings are able to learn. We are all equal, and all of us are born with powerful gifts. It is time to remember what they are and to use them to help ourselves and to help humanity and Mother Earth.


The feeling crept up on me that I was giving personal power away by assuming that this person, who is no longer alive, has more power than ordinary humans do, innately, to heal and re-balance our bodies. This is an extension of this standard 3-D paradigm of victim, protector, savior. I kept feeling like I wanted more, and that now is the time for us starseeds to show the way to humanity that we are all infinite multi-dimensional beings with built-in permanent access to quantum information, communication, connection with our own bodies and the universe.

Why don’t we all gather together in knowing that we are all equally powerful and important? I feel it would be more useful to teach people how to take their own power back, to remember our lost history, abilities, and our true nature. It feels best to me to simply share with others as we learn to be responsible for our own clearing and balancing our own energies as well as for creating our own realities.

one life

I have joined a self-mastery group with Lisa Transcendence Brown that promotes sovereignty and self-responsibility. I do believe that this is the way for me to learn to further remember and develop my own talents and universal connectivity, though less spectacular and impressive than some techniques and channels, since there is no celebrity “wow” factor involved. It just takes dedication, work, sincerity, and heart-centered focus.


Groening was a person born with a strong memory of his innate powers as a human being and as a healer. He lived close to nature, in unity consciousness, embodying a higher dimensional being on Earth. Anyone, human or animal, who came in his presence and who was out of balance energetically but who was open to healing would often receive a spontaneous remission from chronic and sometimes terminal illnesses or conditions. Bruno Groening understood energy and sought to teach what spiritual teachers have taught around the world for thousands of years. What he called the “heilstrom” or healing stream is the same as prana or chi, or scalar energy for the more scientifically minded. He was concerned above all with healing the physical body, but also secondarily the emotional and mental bodies.


In this group, people use photographs of Bruno Groening in addition to using his healing meditation technique to release negative energies or burdens and to absorb the healing energy which is all around us. Basically, by absorbing the healing stream, the friend attempts to reach the zero point field and obtain spontaneous remission and manifestation of desires by trusting and believing that Bruno will make these things occur. Although Groening made it clear he did not wish to be worshiped and that God was the true healer, I believe that he unintentionally promoted this passive attitude. For in this statement, God is still outside of self.


Instead of fully training fellow healers, Groening created a following of admirers, only because human beings have been so long conditioned to follow, to worship, and to feel “less than”. Perhaps during his lifetime it was not yet time or possible for humanity to liberate itself from the old 3-D template of victimhood and worship. I do believe it was Groening’s intention to teach people the ancient wisdom of how to heal themselves, but his teachings hinge on people depending on an emotional and spiritual connection to Bruno in order for the healing to take place. Members are told to give their burdens up to Bruno in his multi-dimensional state rather than to become conscious of all encoded templates and to transmute their own negative energy and the old fear-based mentalities into light and love.

energy healing

Today, we can open our hearts and minds and remember the crucial lesson Groening taught that humanity had forgotten: our true nature. Many teach today that we can dialogue with our innate, with our DNA, our cellular structure. Where the mind and brain cannot share this intimate information, with our consciousness we can shift the realities of our bodies and our health. Once we know our self, and this process does take work and effort to shift and to leave behind the old energy imprints in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, we begin to see the light. Everyone will do this at their own pace, when they are ready. Humanity is evolving, our bodies are shifting, becoming light bodies. Our DNA is also changing.

crop circle

It takes a lot of patience to release negativity and the totality of the 3-D cultural template, because it feels like there is a never-ending supply of fear, worry, doubt, and lack stored in our muscles, soft tissues, skin. The mind is always spinning, and it spins even faster when we make up our minds that we want to be happy, peaceful, not worry about the future, and imagine all kinds of lovely outcomes that would actually be pleasurable to experience. When we decide to be move our focus from our minds to our hearts, to be happy with our self and our body, all kinds of ugly monstrous thoughts rear their ugly but familiar heads and threaten to make us scream in frustration. But by allowing our self to feel these emotions fully without following them to their foreseen conclusions and by affirming what we do want to experience (over and over and over again), eventually new neural pathways form in the brain, and the ego will hopefully sit down in a small chair and relax (for once).


So while some will shriek  heresy and allow fear to take a stranglehold on cultural expression, as we see far too often in the world, the endgame is freedom, joy, and no longer having to worry about bullies, money, going to heaven or hell, punishment, logistics, and survival. I don’t know about you, but I want to be a creator of my reality. I want to continue to send love and light wherever I go, peacefully and joyfully. I enjoy my freedom, and I want to use my time on Earth to create beauty, joy, expansive ideas and emotions. We are all artists. We don’t need to be saved from anyone or anything.


Develop your imagination. It is your super power. It’s time to enjoy your life. Start by shedding the old reality. It is heavy and uncomfortable. When the last shreds fall away, we will all sigh with relief and wonder why we held onto something so painful, ugly, and dark for so long. Yes, it is familiar, and the familiar tugs at us and keeps us complacent. But who doesn’t yearn for joy, freedom, to wake up each day without an alarm clock, without being tied down to a job but buoyed up with a vision and a mission – knowing all of your needs will be met. It’s time to get excited about life again. It’s time to grow up and take charge of our own lives. Contrary to what we have all been taught, being responsible is embodying love, freedom, and joy.


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