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The Secret Truth that Sets You Free

Dearest readers,

Over 2000 years ago, a man called Yeshua talked about a truth that would set humanity free. Yet to this day, it seems like very few humans have truly gotten the message and have applied it to their lives. Yeshua, or Jesus, was a master of consciousness. Some call him a master of physics. Despite the availability of these teachings to those who seek them out, most of humanity seems to be quite willingly walking into a death trap of total slavery, population reduction, infertility, and complete abdication of all freedoms and civil liberties. It would seem that most humans live their daily lives without an inkling of our amazing innate power to create whatever sort of reality we wish to experience. .

What is the truth that sets you free?

The truth, if you understand it and apply it in your every waking and sleeping moment is this: “Reality” is not real. The only thing that is real is your state of consciousness and how you use it. The truth is that nothing is outside of self. And what is inside of self is the infinite creative power of what people call God. We are each a fractal of the infinite power of the divine, and nothing is outside of that. What we call reality is simply a reflection of what we are each co-creating using the power of our thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

Reality is an illusion.

Whether we are slaves to a system of conditioned beliefs or we are freely co-creating our own intentional version of reality, we are always creators and we are always powerful, whether or not we are aware of this fact. There is a single unified source of consciousness from which all realities, energies, and experiences stem, and we are each fractals of that consciousness field. Perhaps we are all just figments of a vast and infinite creative imagination, dreaming our own versions of reality. Sometimes I think we are just part of a vast layered, multi-dimensional dream, living infinite simultaneous experiences and variations in a vast array of circumstances and forms, and that we don’t exist at all in the way we think we do.

Freedom is a conscious choice.

Just as the ocean is composed of droplets of water that are the microcosmic carbon copy of the entire ocean, so is our droplet of consciousness in our body vehicle as powerful as the entire consciousness field some people call God.

Whatever we allow into our lives or into our minds and hearts, whatever we agree to believe in becomes our truth and manifest experience of reality. Even if it is something we dislike or even hate. If we focus our attention on someone or something, it becomes real. We must always be laser focused on what we give attention to, because our power of intention creates exactly what we focus on and in what we believe to be true.

The entire experiment of what we call life is a journey of self-awareness. Not the limited ego self, but rather the remembrance and rediscovery of our soul essence or God consciousness. This is our divine I AM presence, as taught by the ascended masters. When we do fully remember our true identity, we can choose to stop giving our power away. A truly awakened individual is entirely aware of the responsibility we each carry in the co-creation of our personal and collective experiences of reality.

There is no need to suffer. Mastery of consciousness is available to each and every one of us

There are no good guys or bad guys. Humanity is currently captivated by a system of propaganda, entertainment, education, conditioning that does everything it can to distract us, scare us into compliance, and keep our attention focused on the most base and low frequency mental and emotional vibrations, encouraging us to co-create a reality that benefits not humanity nor the planet, but the well-being, wealth, and power of a handful of individuals and groups who seek to control the consciousness of the planet permanently.
A vial with a Pfizer label is seen with a syringa and needle in this photo illustration taken in Warsaw, Poland on March 31, 2021. Pfizer and Moderna have started COVID-19 vaccine trials on children as young as 6 months and ages up to 11 years old in the US and Canada. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhotoia Getty Images)

As you master your own consciousness, you will shift your focus inward and look outwards to enjoy the fruits of your creation.

Everything is energy, frequency, and vibration. Our thoughts, our feelings, the chair we sit on, a rock, a cloud, a person, a mountain. Everyone and everything is not solid, but rather is a constantly evolving energy field. And when we interact with others, we share and blend our energy fields.

When we awaken, we become intentional creators. That is what the Ascension process is all about. Raising our frequency and consciously co-creating the illusion or experience of reality that pleases us and gives us joy. Nothing more than that.

When we awaken, we become intentional creators of New Earth, not observers or victims of a dysfunctional dystopian control system.

Humanity does not have to suffer and to inflict pain on self or others. Nothing that we have been shown as the state of reality or human nature must stay as it is, unless we continue collectively to give our power away to a group of elites who seek to hold the planet in a nightmarish dystopian control system in which there is no freedom, no creativity, no life, no ability to reproduce independently of technology. We each have important choices to make at this time. As humanity risks total enslavement in this war on consciousness and information, World War III has come to a head with this artificial pandemic and final solution vaccination campaign.

Human nature is not evil. There is no need to judge ourselves or others, no matter what they say or do. Just take responsibility for your own consciousness, and you will be a co-creator of Heaven on Earth, if you so choose.

The answer is not to react against the elites, their crimes against humanity and the planet, and their power grab. That is their creation, their choice. You don’t have to agree with it or waste your energy reacting to it. You don’t even need to be angry or to judge them for their creation. The answer is to remember your own power and to begin creating the reality and experiences you would like to enjoy, and to think about what sort of world you would like to leave for your children and future generations. This truth will set you free. Think about it, and choose carefully.

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Full Body Halo: the empowered human being

Dearest readers,

If you are new to the global awakening and the ascension process of humanity and of our galaxy, then you might be wondering what ascension and awakening really mean.

Ascension means choosing to operate from a higher frequency and higher level of consciousness.

Our home planet, Earth, is located in a “dark” part of our galaxy. There is only a small window that opens every 26,500 or so years in which Earth is exposed to the photon belt. This photonic light triggers mass ascension or awakening in beings who have been living in darkness, or separation from our innate truth. Awakening means remembering our true identity as fractals of a single unified Source or God consciousness. The separation or density experiment takes place on Earth for the most part because of where we are located in our galaxy.

Our souls choose to incarnate on Earth, for the most part, to experience the contrast and struggle of the density experience. Density or separation consciousness, is characterized by codependency, lack, fear, self-doubt, victim consciousness, a service-to-self ethic. In density, the limited personality is run by ego. Reality is defined by that which is outside of self. The focus of consciousness is in the brain or the mind, rather than in the portal of the heart. In density, the body is equated with self, and the death of the body is the death of self.

Earth is located in the “darkest” area of our galaxy. We are a remote outpost and magnet for density experiences. Opportunities for ascension don’t often come our way!

During an ascension cycle, typically those who have profited from separation over eons of time, strategically do everything they can to keep humanity in the dark. These groups create an artificially maintained lower state of consciousness, so that they can maintain their power over a sleeping humanity. As long as humans are maintained in a constant state of fear and separation, it is very challenging for us to awaken. In previous ascension cycles on Earth, humanity has self-destructed more than once.

The current ascension cycle is characterized by a splitting of humanity into groups. Those who are choosing to awaken and to expand their light and awareness in an effort to restore unity and peace on Earth, and those who are remaining asleep and freely giving their power away to the elite controllers of the planet. Many of the sleeping souls have contracts to leave the planet or to experience a “lower” timeline. Many souls on the planet today are here to assist humanity and the planet by holding the light for the collective. These souls did not incarnate to experience density or separation, but had to go through the process of lowering consciousness in order to enter the Earth plane and to fully live the human experience. An advanced or master soul might otherwise have trouble understanding humans in density, if he, she, or they did not go through the same struggles as grounded Earth humans do.

What we commonly call reality is an illusion that we co-create together using the power of our thoughts, emotions, spoken words, beliefs, and intentions.

Over the last several years, ascension guides and way-showers have been assisting the starseeds and lightworkers with their own awakening/remembering process. Because it is necessary to start from scratch, so to speak, in this ascension cycle, the starseeds often chose difficult families and life paths in order to stimulate the awakening and to broaden the service to others path once awakening was achieved.

A fully awakened human being is 100% aware of our true nature as soul or God consciousness fractals having accepted a temporary physical vessel in order to navigate a transitional reality field. The energy or attractor field surrounding an awakened being is like a full body halo. This energy field is a quantum attractor field. Every thought, feeling, or intention set by the awakened soul is coded and instantaneously creates a manifestation experience in what humans typically call reality. The awakened being knows that the only truth or reality is within the self, which is, by essence, the one unified consciousness. What we all experience together as “reality” is actually not real. It is a projection of all of our thoughts, emotions, intentions. Our collective and individual creation is what we intentionally create or what we unintentionally allow into being. The highest charge of an awakened being is to simply BE the energy of the one unified consciousness field. This energy signature restores all that it touches to unity, health, harmony, peace, joy. To our natural state.

Humanity has the power to create peace on Earth right now.

Our natural state as a fully conscious human being is to be abundant and creative in all ways. We can truly have whatever we want, as long as it benefits the highest good of everyone and everything that exists. The Law of Attraction is the density version of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation, as taught by master teachers Sri Raam Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa. When we are in victim or separation consciousness and are living from ego, we can use this law to attract to us things and situations that we want, but to shift up to an ascended version of this law, we must operate from unity consciousness.

The Law of Attraction originates from an energy of lack. The Law of Instantaneous Manifestation originates from the truth of the natural abundance of the universe.

The reason that there are so many “problems” in this world in which we live, is because we are experiencing a collective creation where most beings have chosen or allowed the service-to-self paradigm. This means that every time we make a choice (that doesn’t benefit the highest good of everyone, everything, and all that is), there are side-effects, ramifications, and this quickly creates a downward spiral. The only way to “cure” diseases, wars and conflicts, disharmony, environmental imbalances is to heal ourselves and to return to our natural state of consciousness, which is an ascended one. From a place of unity consciousness, we know, understand, and act from our hearts, not our conditioned minds. We are centered in a service to the highest good of all system of ethics, because we know inherently that everything and everyone, with no exceptions whatsoever, is part of the single unified consciousness.

A fully awakened human being stands fully in his or her power when he or she accepts full responsibility for all of her own thoughts, emotions, intentions, creations. The heart of an awakened being is fully open (with no doubt or fear whatsoever), and all conditioned beliefs born of separation or victim consciousness have been released. A full body halo is the form of the natural creator field for all human beings.

Humanity collectively has the opportunity in this ascension portal to up-level. Not everyone is ready to wear the full body halo again. Those who are ready have already awakened and have remembered their true nature, at least to some degree.

We are all ultimately responsible for the realities we create, consciously or unconsciously.

If we peek at the outer “reality”, the result of the collective co-creation, we see a lot of chaos. We see the truth disguised as lies, and lies parading as the truth. Only those with their eyes open, so to speak, can see the truth. Those who continue to believe in the conditioning that has held and continues to hold much of humanity in separation or victim consciousness are unable to see the truth. They believe the propaganda that they are fed by the machine that wishes to perpetuate itself and to keep the Earth and humanity in a state of enslavement. In this artificially lowered state of consciousness, people, plants, animals, and the planet are used as resources. Our minds are held hostage and mined for data that is sold as a commodity.

In the so-called outer world at this time in the ascension cycle, the truth is everywhere decried as a lie, and lies are promoted as truth.

Ultimately, whichever choice we make, we are always responsible for that choice. If we choose to remain asleep and give our power away, we are still responsible for that choice. There is no judgment; we are always loved, no matter what we choose. If we choose to awaken and to ignite our full body halo, co-creating New Earth, peace, perfect health, harmony, and joy, we are consciously taking responsibility for our co-creation. We are no longer allowing, we are fully empowered. For the awakened soul, the divine will or I AM presence and the human will align perfectly. All obstacles to that divine channel of creation have been released and willingly removed. That is what ascension means.

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How Comfortable is Your Self-Doubt?

Doubt erases opportunities.

Dearest readers,

Even the most confident (in appearance) person on the planet has been trained to doubt their own creative abilities. Doubt is the emotion that, above all others, prevents the evolution of humanity and even world peace. Without supreme trust in our own ability to create the kind of world we want to live in, we continue to walk in place without being able to engage in an upward evolutionary spiral.

I take it as a very positive sign that I am guided by my Higher Self: yesterday morning I wrote this post about the effects of doubt. And yesterday evening, my Monday spiritual class topic was on the very same subject: how to release the illusion of density, which is anchored and made manifest by our doubting our own mastery and power.

As a child, I was always very shy, introverted, and afraid of other people. My mother was a very forceful, fearful, and controlling person. She often pre-empted my and my sibling’s choices, causing us to not trust our own judgment or even to know who were were, what we liked, what we wanted. Self-doubt has been a faithful companion for a good part of my life, and because of this invaluable training, I became aware of the effects of doubt, fear, self-judgment. The pain caused by these experiences inspired me to find my own power, and to become free of these emotions.

When we are filled with doubt, we sabotage ourselves and our dreams. And we keep wondering why the same things keep happening in our lives, when we want the opposite of what we keep creating for ourselves.

As a creative artist, I self-sabotaged my own success by doubting the quality of my work and my ability to make a living as an artist. As it turns out, it was not my own worth or the quality of my work that hampered my career. It was the self-doubt that created the poverty experience, the lack of success.

We are all very powerful creators, and doubt is a powerful expression that perpetuates an experience of poverty, lack, solitude, or whatever else you may feel you don’t deserve.

Even the most uncomfortable experiences can, by their familiarity, become comforting and comfortable. Change and the unknown are challenging, forcing us to question our mindset, the agreements we have made with ourselves. As my spiritual classes teach, the world we call reality is nothing but an illusion, a set of lies to which we all agree to relinquish our personal power.

We create obstacles for ourselves by doubting our own mastery, by not believing that our thoughts and intentions create our experience of reality.

As humanity, or a part of humanity engages in the upward ascension spiral, choosing to rise to a higher level of consciousness, some of us are choosing to step out of our comfort zones. While uncertainty is unacceptable from an ego perspective, stepping into trust and into the guidance of our higher aspect comes naturally when we accept the mastery of our Higher Self as our true identity. When we merge our limited human persona with the unlimited power of our soul/mastery presence, everything becomes possible.

The energetic signatures of doubt and fear guarantee a holding pattern of the known and the familiar. In order to step out of stagnation and survival consciousness, it is crucial to take a leap of faith. The release of all doubt is the foundation of our own trust in ourselves and the pre-condition for ascension.

Humanity has been conditioned to maintain a holding pattern in survival consciousness, characterized by codependent relationships, constant judgment of self and others, being rooted in the lower three chakra systems, holding the energies of victimization, abuse, and rescuing others rather than self-empowerment, self-love, and self-responsibility. We are taught that we are all separate from one another, from Nature, from God. We feel alone, limited, weak, and yet we strive for freedom, happiness, completion. In victim/separation consciousness, we can never achieve true freedom. It is always a distant goal, never attainable. This is how Capitalism captures us, with its never-ending temptations that never fulfill their promises.

It is only when we choose to reunite our limited human personality with our soul aspect or Higher Self and leave behind doubt and separation, ascending to a higher level of consciousness that we become free to create the reality our Self wants to experience. The higher aspect always works for the highest good of everyone and all that is. In Unity, there is no separation, nor is there desire in the limited aspect that we are conditioned to understand as reality in 3-D survival consciousness.

We have also been collectively taught to honor doubt and skepticism over faith and trust. Science has become the religion of the educated classes. When embodying a more ascended perspective, we don’t need to give away our power or faith to Science or Religion. We need only trust ourselves, our Higher Self, which is a fractal of the unified consciousness field.

Self-doubt bars us from ascending to a higher level of consciousness. The portal is open, and we can walk through at any time.

Self-doubt, separation, and limitation make us think we need others who are smarter, more experienced, better than us to find solutions to our problems. The ascended perspective sparks a very different response to problem resolution. In trusting our intuition, the voice of our higher self, we simply quiet our left brains and egos and trust that the answer will arrive, often in a form that is unexpected, but always accurate.

The ascended perspective is always perfect and provides solutions that the limited self could never produce. Humanity has been kept in a holding pattern and has not evolved out of separation consciousness for tens of thousands of years, because the limited mind contains only what it contains. Nothing truly new can ever come out of it. Innovation always comes from inspiration, and inspiration is drawn from the unified consciousness field. The portal or access to that field in 3-D consciousness is through the third chakra or solar plexus. In ascended consciousness, the crown chakra replaces the third chakra. In any case, intuition is the magical path to inspiration.

Trust in our intuition is the portal to freedom.

As I am writing this post, my son, who is a university student in Finland, contacted me because he can’t find the information he needs to complete his Bachelor’s thesis, and his thesis director is not much help. I told him to do some automatic writing to restore the flow and to help his mind to relax. And to ask his higher self for help. Then pay close attention to his surroundings, to his inner landscape, but above all to trust that the answers will come in some form or another. Often answers come in very unexpected ways!

Our lives don’t have to be stressful. Living in doubt and separation is a very challenging, exhausting, and stressful way to live, because we always have to work hard to just scrape by. Even those who appear to be successful rely upon the opinions of others for their sense of self, which is also stressful. When we reconnect with our higher self and let go of doubt, life becomes easy, simple, joyful.

Trust: When one door closes, many others will appear as if by magic.

It is as if the ego becomes a helpful passenger in a car driven by the Higher Self. When I was about 16 years old, I made a large pastel drawing on brown craft paper, representing myself at four different ages of life; as a toddler, child, adult, and as an older woman. My older woman self was driving the car, and my other “selves” were all passengers. I remember that my older self was wearing a square cut emerald ring. I don’t have a photo of the drawing, but it was an important work. A premonition about wisdom and knowing.

As our global corporate techno-culture pushes people to focus more and more on how Artificial Intelligence will improve our lives, people are becoming increasingly anxious, depressed, and even suicidal. Addictive behaviors and anti-social behaviors are at an all-time high. Technology and living in our heads separates us even farther than ever before from our true, authentic selves. As people continue to give away their power increasingly to technology, humanity is abdicating its freedom and creativity. Doubt, fear, anxiety are rampant in the culture of limitation and separation.

Doors will appear where there were once only walls.

If you do choose to ascend and leave behind doubt and fear, to take full responsibility for your life and for what you create, then your life will inevitably become more simple. You will probably rely less and less on technology. People may call you old-fashioned. Ascension may on the surface appear backward, but integration and unification are the way of the future. Leaving doubt behind will at first be uncomfortable, but once you get there, doors will appear where there were once only walls.


From Chaos to Coherence: the single most powerful thing you can do to change the world

Dearest readers,

If you have made your way to my blog, then most likely you are aware of the consciousness shift on the planet and are interested in the ascension process. You are most likely aware that the state of your consciousness at any given moment creates your experience of “reality”.


When we are living an un-awakened life, we simply follow the beliefs and conventions that we are taught from birth. This process of conditioning is designed to take us as far away from our natural self, power, and birthright as possible. The separation from our true self is the source of all chaos, disease, war, cruelty, pain, and suffering in the world.

Chaos, or disorder, is the result of unintentional living and separation from the awareness that we are divine, always expanding, light in form. Codependency is the natural expression of life in density.

Organic life tends to organize itself in harmonious forms or geometric patterns. We could call this tendency towards harmony or balance coherence. Health is coherence. Peace is coherence.

When we allow ourselves to shift away from coherence and to separate or forget our innate belonging to the cosmic design, then, little by little, we become ill – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. The farther we separate from our authentic self, the more desperate, depressed, angry, fearful, judgmental, and sick we become. We are conditioned to seek responses outside of self, and so we self-medicate, over-eat, become workaholics, alcoholics, drug addicts, approval seekers, get glued to phones and social media. Distractions from our pain are characteristic of life in density. Giving up our power is also endemic. And the deeper we dive into density, the further we take ourselves from our pure I AM expression.

In order to heal and to return to balance and coherence, we have to wake up, remember that we have been conditioned, release all of the programming that takes us away from our authentic self, and then be brave enough to live from our inner truth in a world that does not, for the most part, agree with or understand coherence.

Ascension requires a high level of integrity, personal responsibility, and courage.

Once fully awake and aware of how the current paradigm of separation works, with its codependent relationships, victim/survival consciousness, values of superficiality and favoring external solutions over internal truths, and an overall rule that we must constantly give up our power and sovereignty to others and to external forces and truths, then we can finally begin our ascension.

Ascension means living from a higher level of consciousness. What is the level above survival/separation? The answer is Unity. In unity, there is no judgment, separation, or pain, though you still feel deeply and are very empathic and compassionate.

The primary characteristics of our current paradigm here on Earth in 3-D are polarity and contrast. Everything is paired off in often antagonistic opposing labeled identities. Judgment and hierarchy play a key role as well in these pairings. Good, bad. Black, white. Privileged, impoverished. Abuser, victim. Patriarchal, feminist. All of the system that 3-D produces to solve problems caused by the conditioned mentality of separation produce only more separation and polarity.

There is no difference fundamentally between Communism and Capitalism from an energetic perspective. They are both “isms” created by the 3-D paradigm, and they are both power structures that cannot produce harmony by their very nature. Even though the ideology of Capitalism says it provides equal opportunity to everyone to become wealthy and to pursue happiness, there are always a few who manipulate the system to their advantage. Manipulation and trickery are a core value or attribute of 3-D consciousness, because in separation, people cannot easily differentiate between what is true and what is not. In density, we agree to be disconnected from our inner compass, or intuition.

Communism, which supposedly supports the idea that all wealth be shared equally by all people ends up consistently producing a similar hierarchy and power structure that attempts to limit and control the consciousness and freedom of its citizens. While the styles are different, the outcome is much the same. Globally, today, we see multinational corporations and tech companies practicing censorship, control, and invading people’s privacy in so called Capitalist democracies. Using people as objects and as a resource to increase their already vast wealth and power. These fascist entities are the end-game of 3-D.

To rise above 3-D is to reclaim unity with our true, essential nature. To let go of all judgment, and to replace hierarchy with cooperation. Manipulation and criminal behavior cannot function or be perpetuated in an ascended society. And the culture of punishment can no longer persist either. The whole judiciary system would have to be either eliminated or vastly changed. Because if we are truly one, then the Golden Rule is not just a nice idea. It is reality. If you are me, and I am you (and this includes, plants, animals, air, water, soil, the planet and everything in and on it), then I cannot use you for my own benefit or harm you in any way.

In this time of transition between 3-D to 5-D and beyond, the most powerful thing you can do is to send love and light equally, and without judgment, to everyone (NO EXCEPTIONS!) and everything on the planet. It is not easy to do this, because we are conditioned to judge those who harm others.

In Unity, there is no judgment. I just saw a short heartbreaking video on Instagram of a small street dog born with no arms. Someone shot this poor creature in the head, and she somehow survived all of this trauma. I started to cry, because I love animals so much. How can people mistreat these beautiful creatures? It is unthinkable to me to cause harm to another being. Yet I know I must send love to those who harmed this beautiful being as well as to the dog herself.

The dark cannot persist in the light. Darkness or what we call “evil”, “criminal”, or “selfish” behaviors are part and parcel of 3-D separation consciousness. The darkness is just another aspect of the one unified consciousness, and in 3-D, it provides contrast, allowing those who are ready to remember their true nature as light in form. And light is in constant and infinite expansion. It is because we have allowed our light to be capped by a sheath of darkness that we have gotten confused. Everything is indeed perfect as it is.

We do not need to use our power to try to awaken or to change others. We can share and plant seeds, but ultimately, everyone is on their own path to awakening, living out the experiences they chose to embody before coming to Earth in human form. Love is our unique super-power. It is light and emotion bound together in our human bodies and consciousness. By intentionally sending love to everyone and everything, even in the privacy of our own home, head, and heart, we are changing the manifest reality that we all experience together collectively.

I may not be able to meet with or talk to Bill Gates, the Clintons, the Bushes, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or other big names in world finance, tech, or politics. But I can send them all infinite light and love. You don’t have to like people or what they do to send them love. By accomplishing this powerful act daily, without judgment, you are increasing the light quotient on this planet. Not only does this help to heal the planet herself (and send her love too!), it reveals the darkness and corruption, making it visible to all.

The chaos we observe everywhere around us is a reflection of the inner states of our individual and collective mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Our personal light quotient and coherence has a direct effect on the manifest realities we all experience together. When we choose to be reactive rather than reflective, we add more energy to the machine of chaos.

Imagine that all of reality is like a giant kaleidoscope pattern, always moving and changing and reflecting the state of humanity and the planet’s collective consciousness at any given moment in time.

A chaotic pattern can be restored to coherence by our individually and collectively increasing our own coherence and by expanding our own light quotient. The only way to do this is to raise our frequency by releasing density. Since birth, we have been accumulating refractions or separations from our natural state of love. By choosing to be born on Earth, we also chose to experience density and forgetfulness of our true nature. Awakening means remembering and letting go of those refractions. By releasing density and remembering our natural or innate truth as light in form, we shed the cloak of chaotic living and restore coherence to the living pattern.

The biblical teaching “love your enemy” is not just a nice, moral thing to do. It is an instruction on how to create peace by using our consciousness intentionally and responsibly. It is mathematical and scientific.

Everything that exists in the universe or multiverse is an illusion created by a fractal of the one, unique consciousness that is our source creator, love, and light. By aligning our identity with our source energy, we reunify with the coherence that is light and love. We are all light and love by nature. Even the “bad guys”. There are no exceptions to this truth. So when you do choose to love your neighbor or your enemy, you are helping to restore to the original matrix the illusion that we share together and that we call life.

Everything that exists follows a spiral of evolution. Life is an experiment in consciousness, which constantly evolves and devolves. It is a game, in a way. Souls are fractals of the unified consciousness that choose to break off and to have experiences in different realms. There is no good or bad, no judgment. Just experiences.

We are all free to choose the type of experiences we would like to have. Do you need to experience more chaos, pain, suffering, depression, separation? If you do, there is no judgment. If you are ready for more light, love, and coherence, and if you are ready to release the fragments of refraction and separation from your initial divine identity, then the recipe for return is simple. Step out of your head. Align your heart and emotional body with your physical body. Cleanse and clear all of your bodies of all conditioning. Stand in the emptiness and allow flow to bring you everything you need, free of all desires and preconceived notions of what happiness is or what you think you need. Just be. When you are standing in coherence, in the purity of your beingness and light, there is nothing else to do.

Keep loving your friends and enemies. Loving is ascension. Your light will expand exponentially, as will the light in the world. Keep releasing the conditioning. Every time you do, your light expands. Every time you resist corruption, get obsessed by the news, hate your enemies, participate in activism or resistance to the status quo, density on Earth is reinforced. There is always a choice. Your personal ascension creates peace on Earth.

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Using childhood trauma to awaken to your life’s mission

Remembering New Earth

Dearest readers,

As the frequencies on the planet have rapidly escalated over the last several years, talk about fulfilling one’s life purpose or mission have become increasingly commonplace. As we shift out of the third density experience into 5-D, we are increasingly reluctant to give up our personal power or to trade our soul purpose for security and survival.

The persistence of the 3-D “physical” realm depends on humanity relinquishing our personal power and soul work. Third density is all about control and placing our power and knowledge outside of self. The return to unity consciousness and 5-D is about a return to intuition. Once we shift out of 3-D, we know and trust that everything we need to support our personal mission will be given to us through synchronicity, as long as we are in full integrity, using our talents to support the highest good of everyone and everything.

Many of us have multiple life purposes and missions that may overlap.

As we collectively and individually shift our focus away from loving and accumulating material things to loving ourselves and all of life on Earth, the question about why we are even here at this time naturally arises.

Very recently, I have had to bring out of storage into my very small home, over 30 years’ accumulation of paintings, drawings, sketchbooks, family photos, letters, art catalogues, sentimental items. Having to sort through all of these things and letting go of attachments to things that no longer serve is a very powerful and poignant spiritual growth experience. Now is the time to let go of the pains and joys of the past and to move fully into our missions. Of course, we have been doing the work since birth, consciously or unconsciously.

Amongst my boxes of personal artefacts, I found a book called “I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do”, by Sue Frederick. (St. Martin’s Press, 2009)

Using numerology, basic astrology, and intuitive guidance, the author explains how everything in our lives is by design. Through my own path, I have come to most of conclusions the author makes on my own. Her suggestion that by remembering the single most painful experience of our lives and how we could comfort ourself had we been our higher self at that moment of great struggle, we can access our highest purpose is very illuminating.

The truth is that we each chose to be here now, exactly as we are. We chose the challenges, the difficult people, the abuse, trauma, the pain in order to remember our mastery and power when the time was right. It is not easy, by any means, to push through the wounds we have accumulated through many lifetimes. Every awakening is a process of integration, a spiral of energy that we travel around. With each revolution on the upward spiral, we refine our understanding and our integrity, as we remember why we chose to experience so many painful events.

While the conventional “matrix” social system strives to control us indefinitely by generating and preserving the alchemy of fear, the awakening soul desirous of embodying its soul purpose must cross through the fear. Like a phoenix arising from its ashes, each of us must leave behind the “ashes” of our old life and experiences and use the fertilizer from these experiences to grow anew.

I am still climbing my own upward spiral, my own road to true alignment and integrity with my soul’s purpose. I know that my purpose is to use my talents as an artist, writer, healer, teacher, speaker to support our beautiful planet and to be a voice for the Divine Feminine.

The voice of the Divine Feminine has been silenced for eons, because She represents true, organic life.

The Divine Feminine cannot be controlled. She is life itself. The system controlling the planet and humanity for these many thousands of years has mastered how to suppress human and planetary freedom and creativity by keeping us fearful, distracted, and focused on external goals, appearances. We have agreed to make and keep ourselves small, in exchange for pitiful pittances that we are taught to believe keep us safe from countless threats that surround us at all times. The control system’s intention is to ultimately completely replace the Divine Feminine, the original organic matrix, with an artificial matrix, or AI system to which we would all give up our soul purpose, integrity, and connection to our source creator. This includes our and the planet’s ability to reproduce naturally.

By keeping us in our heads and making us believe that all knowledge and power is found outside, rather than inside of self, we remain powerless and dependent upon the control system. That is how it works.

The truth is, each human being is infinitely powerful. But we have to remember who we are. We have to remember our soul’s purpose that we came here to experience and to embody.

This is where childhood and life traumas play their role. Each time we are challenged or triggered, this was planned before we were born. The most painful traumas show us what our soul purpose is. In my own case, I experienced emotional abuse and bullying over and over again, throughout my life. My voice was crushed, silenced. I kept standing up for myself, and it kept happening, again, again, again. I came to a point where I felt that to be a girl, to be a woman, was a source of pure pain. And I was determined to not be a mother to a daughter. To an extent where I had two abortions in my lifetime, many years apart, but both in which I knew the fetus was female. These experiences were the most painful of my life, and they both reveal my true purpose for this lifetime.

To silence or be silenced, or to speak the empowered voice of the Divine Feminine, through my art, my writings, my love of Gaia, of her plants, her animals?

For so many years, I chose to hold the conditioned belief that I needed to have a job on the side so that I could continue to be an artist, because I could not sell my work. Holding that belief caused this to be so. In the jobs I have had all my life, I have never been given a leadership role. Often, I have been either overlooked, and sometimes bullied. I have always stood up for myself, yet on the fringes of my consciousness, I accepted invisibility as a cloak of protection. To cross through that cloak from the shadows into the light is what standing in one’s power and authenticity requires.

In childhood, my family chose to see me as the source of all of their problems, and they dumped their own shadow material onto me, so that they would not have to carry it themselves. I always went inward. I developed my intuition. I studied my own shadow, and the human shadow through art, literature, philosopy, psychology. I tried to understand others and why they do what they do. Wisdom was my goal, even from a very young age. It takes much courage to be your authentic self in a world that does everything it can to distract you from your true identity.

The great shift involves a process of soul retrieval. The personal power that we have each given away through every experience of abuse, victim-hood, PTSD, separation from our true, divine powerful self is now being collected and re-integrated by those of us who have chosen the New Earth awakening path.

This shamanistic, alchemical process is what healing is. Becoming whole again. Taking back our power. Remembering our true nature as fractals of the One Divine Source of Consciousness.

In reality, we never were, never are separate. But we forgot who we are, and in the process, we willingly gave up our power. Our soul’s purpose is the voice of our personal power. And our childhood traumas and all of our life experiences helped us to develop the talents we brought in, and gave us the strength, understanding, and compassion for self and others that we need to pursue our mission, in service to the highest good of all.

So if you are unable to focus on what your divine soul purpose is for this incredible lifetime, just focus on the most very painful moments from your life, from childhood or from adulthood. These experiences are a gift that will help you to break through your resistance to your own power.

I have made many very powerful paintings in my life, especially when I was younger. But in my youth, I did not believe fully in my worth as a woman and as a painter. I have had to experience so much emotional abuse, neglect, degradation in order to fully understand how the Divine Feminine has been treated, so that I am Her. And all of these refractions of pain, the facets of a beautiful diamond, are mine to spiritually and alchemically re-integrate back into unity and harmony once again.

There have been times, many times, when I felt like giving in, giving up. I never have, but I also haven’t yet fully stood up, in full confidence and integrity, without a single doubt in my heart or mind about my worth and value as an artist, woman, and representative for the Divine Feminine reintegration into our collective culture and consciousness. That is why I am here. This is what I must achieve.

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Calm before, during, and after the storm: the transition into New Earth

If you know the signs to look for, it becomes clear that the Earth itself is breathing.

Dearest readers,

I consider myself to be apolitical, as politics are entirely a construction of density/3-D consciousness, and my focus is on assisting humanity and the planet to hold the light and transition into New Earth.

I must note that I was not allowed to save “President Trump” as a tag for this post. Censorship is not acceptable in a so-called democracy. But you and I know that we do not currently live in a democracy. Big-tech and the service-to-self system is a fascist system and has been for a very long time. It is now very clear what sort of system it is. I apologize to my dear friends who supported the Democrats in the 2020 election. They were tricked into believing that the rhetoric of empathy and compassion was spoken or promised with sincerity and authenticity. They have no idea that this party line disguises a transhumanist agenda, a plan to reduce humanity to a servile robotic race, to reduce the planet to ashes, all while vastly enriching a very few individuals. But not for much longer.

However, as we make this transition together, we can prepare ourselves for the many old structures that are about to collapse. Supporting humanity through this transition requires that we be circumspect, that we stay calm and united in our common humanity.

I personally believe that President Trump will serve a second term. If I were to identify with or support a political party, it would probably be the Green Party or an independent progressive, such as Bernie Sanders. The traditional Republican/Conservative platform does not represent the values of compassion, support of the well-being of all people and the planet that are so important to me. I feel, however, that these independent parties and candidates would never be able to topple the systems in place that are entirely corrupt and that cannot persist in a New Earth/5-D and above frequency. The current system, including the majority of players in both Democratic and Republican parties are service-to-self structures and do not support the highest good of everyone and everything on the planet.

The reasons that I believe that President Trump is the perfect president of the United States at this time and for this time are multiple. The main reason being that the majority of the U.S. military backs President Trump, and we need their assistance to topple the old system, which is a global system, not affecting just the population of the United States. In addition to the support of the U.S. military, President Trump has a strong backbone, and we all well know, a robust ego. It takes a lot of strength and self-confidence to not be swayed or frightened by the constant abuse and threats of a system that has survived for thousands of years by bullying, blackmail, and bribery. Since the mainstream media is controlled by service-to-self factions, all “news” is tainted by propaganda supporting the messages that are designed to hide the truth from the general population and to support the continuity and perpetuity of the service-to-self system.

So, dear readers, please take a step back when considering the current state of affairs as events unfold. Humanity and the planet need our non-judgmental love and support. Our consciousness creates our reality or experience thereof. If we are peaceful and unified in our love for life and our love for the planet, the transition will be experienced in a much smoother manner.

It is very likely that the massive corruption, including election fraud, be revealed very soon. Many of us have been waiting for so long for the global human trafficking rings and the pedophilia used to control and blackmail people in positions of influence be revealed to the general public. Around the world, arrests have been taking place, and networks of human traffickers are being dismantled. There is already evidence of this in the media in various countries, including most recently, Morocco.

As lightworkers, starseeds, and awakened human beings, it is our job to support the now sleeping general public. To calm people’s anxiety, to observe the unfolding events dispassionately. And to refrain from judging all human beings, including those who have chosen to take active roles in the service-to-self structures in government, finance, business, and other sectors.

By sending unconditional love and light to all beings without a single exception, we heal the world. We are powerful. By judging and condemning others, we condemn ourselves to perpetuating the 3-D reality that has caused so much pain to humanity and to the planet.

Nothing and no one are outside of the light, even those who have chosen separation and darkness, cruelty, greed, and abuse as their modus operandi. Everyone and everything are part and parcel of the one unified consciousness that is commonly called God.

When we choose separation, that is an act of free will. We are a free will planet. But that does not change the reality that everything, everyone is a fractal of the one unified consciousness. If that fractal chooses to play out the role and experience of separation in this experience we call life on Earth, then that fractal is playing a necessary role. The darkness and the light playing out in polarity were necessary parts of the 3-D experience in which we have all chosen to take part.

As we transition to 5-D from 3-D, this ascension process indicates an end to the 3-D experiment. But only if we voluntarily give up judgment of self and others. Only if we are able to fully feel empathy and compassion for all. Without these shifts in our personal and collective consciousness, we simply cannot ascend and build New Earth together.

So, my dear soul family, please remember our true identity and truth as light in form. Please remember your mastery, and please stay calm and observe the events as they unfold in 3-D peacefully. As we watch the “cabal” fall, please be grateful to be here to assist humanity and the planet. I am so grateful to be here at this time. And I will support President Trump in his likely second term, even though I am not a Republican. I am grateful to him, his staff, and to our military for playing their roles in the dismantling of a system that was designed to keep humanity at a very low frequency/level of consciousness so that humanity could be controlled and used for the purposes of the empowerment of a very few individuals, causing the suffering of so many.

We cannot build New Earth without the deconstruction of the old system. We cannot awaken the sleeping masses (those who are ready to awaken) without them becoming aware of the “truth”, of what they thought was real since birth. The mass media propaganda system will be dismantled quickly. There is so much work to do to help one another at this time. Our true creative abilities and talents will at last be given a voice, and no longer will we have to struggle to survive or do work that is not meaningful in order to take care of ourselves and our families. New Earth is our collective co-creation. It will not happen overnight. There will be many challenges and times of hardship. But in freedom, compassion, and non-judgment of one another, we can heal ourselves and the planet, and give hope to our children and to future generations.


Everything is perfect

Dearest readers,

The concept that everything is perfect right now, not only in our lives, but in the world, is a challenging concept to swallow. But it is also very relaxing to realize that we need only to shift our perspective on what we are experiencing to dramatically change the quality of our life experiences.

Everything in life can be relaxing, even when we are in the middle of chaos.

When I say that everything is perfect, what I mean is that everything we think, feel, and experience in what we perceive as the “outside world” is a perfect reflection of who we are at any given moment. It is a perfectly accurate snapshot of our energy, transformed into thoughts, feelings, events, and energetic patterns.

What we call reality is a holographic mirror of our inner states of being: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

We always have the choice on how we react or respond to any situation, thought, or emotion. Reaction is generally a knee-jerk response that has been conditioned by habit or training from family, religion, culture, or past experiences and a desire to protect ourselves from further hurt. To respond to a situation is different than to react to one.

React or respond?

When we respond, it is implied, I feel, that we have paused for just a moment to reflect, before deciding what is the most beneficial or appropriate way to proceed.

Our lives are actually magical and full of wondrous details and opportunities for love, friendship, moments of encounter and discovery, sharing, and growth. When we are pulled into frightening, challenging, life or death situations or when our lives appear to be humdrum, without excitement or perspectives for hope, we face our deepest shadows.

Our life is a work of art that we are creating in every moment.

Anxiety, depression, anger, fear, hatred…the spectrum of emotions and expressions generated by our pain and feelings of lack – lack of self-love, shame, lack of self-empowerment all work together to produce situations in our lives to prod us to look ourselves in the eye and to take stock of our lives.

The shadow is the sum of creative energies that we have either suppressed or misunderstood.

For if our lives are full of drama and despair and our hearts are not at peace, then our world is indeed a perfect reflection of our inner personal state as well as being an illustration of the collective unconscious.

Becoming more self-aware and more loving of self is the fulcrum by which we can leverage our shift from depression to joy. Taking responsibility for the perfection of our life journey, no matter what it looks like, is the ultimate act of self-empowerment.

Taking responsibility for our inner lives allows us to emerge from depression back into joy.

To be able to show gratitude for whatever manifests in our lives is true power and is the key to shifting from acting and feeling like a victim to being a teacher, healer, mentor, or a creator of realities that reflect a more ascended perspective.

Our current reality or collective state of consciousness (which could be labeled Patriarchy, if we want to resort to labels) focuses on separation, blame, shame, lack, control, and hierarchy.

Whenever I am going through a difficult situation, I remind myself that everything that I have created in my reality is perfect, because I am responsible for its creation. There are still aspects of my shadow that manifest, coming up for expressions of gratitude and release.

It is impossible to be born and grow up on Earth as a human being without being indoctrinated or conditioned. It is up to each of us to wake up and to remember our true nature, as multi-dimensional creators of realities.

This is how we get out of our conditioned victim state that is run by our ego. This is how we ascend to the 5th dimension and beyond. It’s all about taking responsibility for what we create and for giving thanks for all that we are experiencing now or have experienced at some point along the way.

The world doesn’t always have to be as it is now.

It is a perfect reflection of a system that we have accepted as truth. We have accepted to play the roles of victims, persecutors, rescuers. As we shift our inner landscapes, that which we experience collectively will automatically mirror our personal growth.

As many people worry about the escalating chaos, anger, hatred, and polarity in the world, it’s the perfect time to look inward and to see how we can heal those very same expressions of emotional pain, division, separation, and lack in ourselves. The perfection of life is such that when we do our inner work, we are, in a very real way, healing the world.


Viral awakening: hijacking of our consciousness or source of liberation?

Dearest readers,

Since the so-called pandemic has arisen on Earth, a lot of questions have also arisen in my mind relative to the nature of consciousness, the extent and effects of mind-control technologies exercised over humanity, and how our own personal and collective levels of consciousness determine the quality of our experiences and health despite these ambient conditions.

While it is highly possible that a technology/virus was created to continue to manipulate human consciousness and to maintain control over humanity and the planet by keeping humanity divided from self and others, it is equally possible that the insertion of foreign DNA into the natural gene pool of the planet could lead to unexpected consequences in a rapidly ascending consciousness shift.

It has crossed my mind that the controllers of the planet would like to modify our human genetics by reducing or eliminating our ability to reproduce naturally or sexually. A virus could produce that mutation in our genetics. Like GMOs which introduce foreign DNA into our bodies, and other vectors which insert nanotechnologies into the same (from food, air, water, vaccines or other quantum techniques), our entire planet and the feminine or creative energies of life have been under attack for a very long time.

Extreme measures are now being implemented because the controllers know that Earth is now in a place in the cosmic cycle where the darkness cannot be easily or permanently extended or maintained…at least not for the next two thousand years. And perhaps they are extracting as much money, energy, and resources as they can to build hidden cities underground or off-planet to ride out our golden age until the dark ages return!

Because humanity has been asleep for so long, like the proverbial fairy tale princess, it is challenging to awaken and to remember our true nature and power. The controllers rely upon our conditioned minds to maintain their status, wealth, and power. The COVID-19 virus and co-relative introduction of 5-G Internet are only a few of many tools used to divide humanity, to keep people isolated from one another, to weaken our health, and to transform us into permanently servile and powerless beings.

I have noticed that well-educated liberals are some of the smartest but also the most deeply asleep people that I know. Many are self-declared atheists who proclaim a deep reverence for science. It is very hard for them to awaken and to realize that a narrative relying upon reason and logic is entirely fabricated and deceptive.

Yet the path to truth is a personal one and it cannot be instigated through conviction or by argument. Truth lies inside of each of us, and it is awakened through remembrance. We can be constantly exposed to low frequency energies, manipulative messages, anger, fear, shame, guilt, and doubt and choose not to be affected by these patterns.

The virus is not contagious by ordinary means. It is, I hypothesize, contagious by level of consciousness and acceptance of fear. Fear is a primary contagion factor. If we live in a co-creative illusion by choice, then we also choose, consciously or unconsciously, what we experience. When approaching a wild animal, if our energy conveys only silence, acceptance, and is neutral, we are less likely to be prey. It is possible that we can become invisible or non-attractive to a virus-frequency that does not match our own frequency. A high vibration human being is possibly not a match as host for COVID-19 or other biological/technological weapons.

Just before writing this post, I came across a fragment of a David Wilcock broadcast that is relevant to this topic. I couldn’t find the original broadcast, but it speaks of wave genetics, the research of Dr. Luc Montagnier, and how DNA can be transferred into water or other substances using energetic frequencies. He mentions a Russian scientist using a crystal petri dish to transfer a bacterial infection into an uninfected dish made of the same quartz material. Since water is also a crystalline vector, I believe the memory of the DNA of these substances that is communicated between what seems to us, unconnected recipients. In the same manner, as we shift from carbon based bodies to silica or crystalline based bodies, we can also communicate in a quantum manner and transfer DNA from one being to another symbiotically. Quartz and the memory it can store are key.

In Dean R. Koontz’s early suspense novel (written under the pseudonym Leigh Nichols and first published in 1981), he uncannily describes a virus called “Wuhan 400” – the 400th iteration of a biological weapon produced by a laboratory in Wuhan, China that is deadly but that once the host dies, leaves behind little to no contagion or cleanup. He even mentions a Chinese dissident by the name of Li Chen.

In the novel, a young boy, Danny, is the sole survivor of a group accidental exposure to the deadly virus. Held hostage in a secret military research center in the High Sierras, Danny is purposely exposed multiple times to the virus. Unknown to the researchers in the facility, the dark spot they see appear in Danny’s brain scans which continues to grow in his parietal lobe after each exposure to the virus gives him paranormal abilities. The boy realizes somehow that these new abilities allow him to move objects at far distances and to communicate with his mother who believes he died in a bus accident when on a survival outing with a group of scouts.

The repeated exposure to the virus in a person who mysteriously is immune to its negative/deadly effects and who develops new abilities is very interesting to me. This suggests the author’s intuition that a virus designed to be deadly could induce on repeated exposure a mutation that could enhance normal (or what we consider normal) human abilities.

It is also possible that COVID-19 has been designed to introduce alien DNA of some kind into the global human gene pool to change us all in some way. Since most all of humanity will have been exposed to the virus one or most likely multiple times, and most of us will not die of a viral infection induced by COVID, it is very possible that there is some design or plan behind this pandemic.

It is also possible that starseeds and lightworkers exposed to the virus while carrying the frequency of ascended consciousness can use the virus to accelerate the awakening on the planet. (My intuition) In 2005-6, insoulments received by Lady Kira Raa from Archangel Zadkiel speak of a flu-like virus circulating around the Earth at this time, and that this experience of illness is a reaction to the new energies of transformation circulating on the planet today:

Is it any wonder that you are on a planet that claims to have flu
Constrictions of the body are a response to non-familiar energy.
As you familiarize yourself with new energies, this word new we define for
you. Indeed, IT…IS…not new. IT…IS…a re-membrance. As you re-connect
and re-member these energies, you can effortlessly re-lease constrictions.
Many will experience fever, many will experience what feels like a cold, or a
flu virus, many are experiencing inadvertent accident energy, dropping
things, hitting things. Everything seems upside down, topsy turvy.

In Octavia E. Butler’s highly complex and deeply thought out trilogy science fiction novel “Lilith’s Brood”, only a few human beings are pulled from Earth by an alien species, the Oankali, after most of humanity is exterminated by a nuclear conflict that decimates most of the Northern hemisphere of Earth. The Oankali have advanced abilities in manipulating genetics of all kinds, and after studying humanity and culling only a select few after 250 years in stasis, they begin a project to repopulate Earth with human-Oankali constructs or hybrids.

No humans are allowed to reproduce in the old-fashioned way. Those who refuse to mate with the Oankali are called Resisters and are forced to remain sterile, though their aging process is stopped. On page 447 of Adulthood Rites, the very first human born male construct, Akin, returns to the Oankali mother ship, which is a conscious and living entity, to learn more about his off-Earth relatives. He comes to realize, as he nears adulthood and the age of metamorphosis, that he has a talent for relating to animals. He understands “You (the Oankali) controlled both animals and people by controlling their reproduction – controlling it absolutely.”

The Oankali believe that humanity self-destructed because of our innate combination of intelligence and extreme hierarchical structure (patriarchy), and they are very careful about which humans they awaken, in particular, the males of our species. Their agenda is to preserve genetic diversity and to further their own species. The well-being of humanity itself and the future of life on Earth is not their concern. They study us in extensive detail and are able to taste and derive extensive biological information from all life forms that they hold in their permanent memory, from which copies and modifications can be infinitely reproduced.

Since we live in a world where we, as human beings, are considered a commodity to be used, manipulated, and controlled, this trilogy is a must-read to help us to better understand who we are and how we related to ourselves, one another, and our planet…as well as to consider how we will deal with other species from other planets when the time comes.

I found this video by Magenta Pixie right after publishing this post…and it is synchronistically appropriate for this article, so I just popped it in!

I believe that human beings cannot be controlled or manipulated when we are in sync with our true natures and with the consciousness of the planet, her creatures, plants, elements, and elementals. We simply need to remember and to choose.

We have all been conditioned to live in fear, lack, division, anger, shame, guilt, doubt…all of the lower frequencies on the register of life. This is not reality…it is just one iteration of reality, one timeline that has been created for us for the benefit of a few people. Do we accept to allow this timeline to be the only possibility and continue to live in limitation and lack? Over the last few years, it has become increasingly clear to the global human population that most of us are merely surviving, that we are being manipulated by news media, social media, that we are being poisoned by our food, air, water, medications, and that a very few corporations and individuals are controlling the entire system that seems to want all of us to become genetically modified robots hooked up to a centralized artificial intelligence system.

While this is one timeline, it is not the only one available to us. I do believe that more and more people are realizing that consciousness is the nature of reality, and that while our consciousness can be manipulated externally, this can only be done if we allow it in some way.

So, from this chain of thought, the virus, like other tools used by the controllers, can be nefarious or fatal only if we agree that this is the case.

Like Danny in Koontz’s Eyes of Darkness, perhaps we can choose to use the virus to upgrade our DNA, as an accelerator of our own ascension process.

Please share thoughts and comments!

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Art and healing the collective body: reconfiguring controversial public art

Bone chandelier

Dearest readers,

A friend and very talented and compassionate fellow writer recently shared with me the fascinating and horrifying true story of her ancestor, Massachusetts Puritan Hannah Duston (1657-1736).

Hannah Duston has been commemorated and was at one time celebrated for her brutal and vengeful acts of scalping and murdering in their sleep 10 Native American members of her captor family, including women and children, after she and two other women were captured by members of the Quebecois Abenaki tribe during a siege. Duston claimed that her newborn daughter was killed by the Abenaki during the journey to the island where she and the two other women where held hostage.

We cannot know how we will behave in an extreme situation until we find ourselves involved in that very situation. To judge others and how they act is tempting, but is ultimately very unfair.

Six different monuments commemorate Hannah Duston’s act of maternal revenge. These monuments were erected far after the fact, during the 19th century, and were used to justify scalp hunting and brutality against Indigenous peoples.


The short history of the United States is full of bloodshed, torture, violence, greed, and inequality, but our collective story doesn’t have to continue on this path.

Many of us, especially those of us living in the Southern United States, are constantly reminded of the deep shadows of our historical past. Confederate monuments and whether to preserve or do away with them have in recent months and years made headlines.

confederate monuments

People always do the best they can, at any given moment, based on the level of consciousness at which they are currently operating

It is clear to me that the diverse peoples of our nation have much clearing and healing work to do. The extensive abuses of the past, justified by a level of consciousness that held no qualms about treating other living beings (as well as Nature) as property, can no longer be accepted or considered acceptable.

Blaming, shaming, criticizing, judging, and condemning the actions of past and present humans and cultures does nothing to heal us, nor does it help anyone to shift to a higher level of consciousness

tagged monuments blm

Humanity is evolving, but the people and the planet still carry the energy of these wounds. And the works of art that celebrated a culture of intolerance and greed remind us all that these shadows live inside all of us, in the forms of racism, social injustice, the ideals of patriarchy, gender inequality…all of the values based on separation from our true human nature…in which there is balance, kindness, compassion, truth, and trust in our inner or intuitive guidance.

Art is a powerful tool for healing

I believe that as both individuals and as nations, we can heal the wounds of our collective past, for ourselves and for our ancestors. Art is a wonderful tool for healing.

My personal, intuitive, and creative suggestion for a step towards healing the wounds created by our nation’s founders and sustained by subsequent generations is to empower all of the diverse peoples and communities of our country.  To create projects allowing all of us to work together to recreate all of the monuments that bear witness to the pain caused by a system that allowed only a few to flourish and many to suffer.


A call to recreate controversial public monuments

Every monument in this country that upholds the old values and level of consciousness could be deconstructed. Broken down into thousands of individual and neutral pieces. A community could then organically work together to build something new from the old.


Bronze can be melted. Stone can be transformed into chips, blocks, pebbles, spheres…into anything we can imagine. We can paint, scatter, tell new stories. Create through collaboration and creative play. By working together cooperatively, all peoples could embody the new level of consciousness represented by unity, peace, compassion, non-judgment, joy, playfulness, wonder, and imagination.

doll body sculpture

Art and imagination restore a sense of wonder and faith in our innate creative nature

Most people do not realize to what degree they are conditioned by society, family, education, media. It is impossible to incarnate on Earth without being normalized and separated from one’s true nature. That is the adventure of being human and living on Earth. To forget who we are, and then, as we navigate the challenges of life, to remember.

We all have a choice. To stay in the old way of being, based on separation, hierarchy, projection of pain onto others, competition, judgment, shame, victimization, codependency and to play that game for as long as we feel we need to…Or, we can realize that we have learned the lessons that all of these painful experiences of separation have provided. We can choose to be grateful for those lessons, and then move up to the next level of consciousness. There is no right or wrong way of being. All experiences are important, and we are all doing the best we know how.


It is my hope that humanity will begin to see the beauty in our diversity. By forgiving those who lived before us, we also forgive ourselves and love ourselves more. To give ourselves permission to feel joy once again. Forgiveness is an art form that allows us to let go of anger, hatred, and fear. When we let go of the past with gratitude, we are able to move forward and to create something new. That is healing. Remembering what it feels like to be whole, intact, full of love and trust.



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Ode to COVID: Revenge of the Introverts (a poem)


Latterday patriarchs melting members

saw their masculinity attacked

Obelisks in erectile dysfunction

The all-seeing eye viewing from atop its pyramid of superiority

their numbers drawn, their times counted

For out of balance the balancing sheet revealed

Slithering from the depths of a navel impaled

the spiked punch came from a long-planned itinerary of doom

Punching holes into the shadows

Piercing the collective human body and studding it

Grief, drama, trauma bleeding out

Revealing the unity of light behind the shaded curtain

When we were finally alone and quiet

the joy of gratitude that the crisis machine generated

Sprang forth: a fountain of nostalgia

front-yard picnics and pale children without screen-time-out-

Doors open and doors close

New normal is not going to pass away

or slide back to bankster paradise shelter for

Service to self entities have orchestrated in a familiar tune

Floating the wars and crises from which they habitually create and profit

Chuckling while in consternation humans suckle and feed hungrily on the illusory drama mill

Flipping sides and dividing us so expertly with no grounds

So easy to control humans because humans want to be loved and accepted

Humans fear ridicule, rejection, abandonment. Feeling ridiculous. Failure.

Conspiracy theories. Speak them and you are done. Incredible. Not credible.

Speak the truth and you are done. Your career and family leave you.

The puppeteers know the ropes.


while streets empty and people count their rolls of toilet paper at home

The introverts everywhere rejoice

While feeling secretly only a tiny bit guilty

About those in the bubbles struggling for air

For we have crawled just a tiny bit closer to what life on Earth should feel like.

Slown down

With room and time for reflection and peace

COVID messenger of balance, you wear a skirt and pants

Perhaps the masters of illusion did create you to submerge all of Earth into death, defeat, poverty, and darkness

But do they not know that the darkness is merely a fractal of the One Light of consciousness?

They probably do know.

They just believe that humans are too dumb to realize how powerful they really are.

COVID has poked holes in the cloak and shield

The bell jar under which we all live has been pierced from every angle

All over the globe humans pull the fog from ears, eyes, nose

How could we have allowed this to go on for so long?



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Creativity in the time of COVID-19: Why be creative only in times of crisis?

Just Desserts: The End of the World As We Know It

Just Desserts: The End of the World As We Know It; Original oil painting by Rebekah Berger, 16 x 20, oil on canvas, 2019-2020

Dearest readers,

I celebrated (in my own way) my 53rd birthday this April 4th. 4/4/2020 is said to be the day of perfect balance in the year of perfect balance. Although the world seems chaotic these days, we are clearly shifting in the physical or most dense areas of life on Earth to a new way of being. A new paradigm.

As I have been working from home, I am hearing on the radio and other media as well as observing for myself ways in which people are now being creative when faced with the restrictions imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The painting featured above illustrates our current situation, though I created it before all of this happened.

Change in circumstances allows people to think and act in new ways.

Airlines are shipping unused meals to hospitals and to people put out of work. Teenagers are creating apps and websites to help people find much needed resources, such as food, jobs, as well as entertainment. People are unifying to assist one another. Companies and individuals are shifting their regular production lines to create surgical masks, gowns, and other needed equipment. Things they have no experience making, yet they have taken a leap of faith in order to help others they have never met.

A crisis helps people to shift away from normal habits and ingrained behaviors.

The new paradigm represents a shift away from selfishness, exploitation, poverty, rigidity, separation, and duality. To name a few aspects of living on a slave planet, dominated by darkness and hidden agendas. The new paradigm is characterized by creativity, unity, harmony, personal expression for the higher collective well-being, abundance and empowerment.

All of Earth, her creatures, plants, animals, elements, as well as human beings have been under attack for thousands of years. The crisis is permanent and is not new.

In the old way of the world, all humans are victims. Our conscious awareness is highly conditioned and subject to fear and manipulation in every instant. These crises are created purposefully as part of the duality agenda to keep humanity divided against self and others. The agenda orchestrates our conscious lives, causing us to perpetuate hatred of self and others. We are conditioned to live every moment in fear of not having enough.  Living in lack suppresses creativity. The system expertly and  constantly labels us, shames us, divides us against one another and distract us from looking inward – as within our inner life lies the source of our intuition and creativity.

We don’t need to be in a state of crisis to be creative. Creativity IS human nature. Kindness and unity are our birthright.

Most people don’t yet seem to realize that this constant creation of crises that we call news or current events is artificial. The world does not need to be a violent place with so much suffering. What is even more important to know: human beings are not victims by nature. We are creators. It is our true nature to create the world we live in. To recreate it every day. To be in flow, not in fear.

Human nature has been molded and distorted with constant effort to keep humanity in a state of fear and enslavement. It does not have to be this way.

As human beings which innately hold the seed of light from which the entire multiverse was created, we can create anything that we imagine. Both as individuals and as societies, we all hold the power to create the change we wish to experience in the so-called physical world.

We each hold all of the creative energy and the blueprint for all that exists within us. Just like a drop of water contains the blueprint for an entire ocean.

Imagination is a form of inspiration. We channel from our intuitive source – our solar plexus and third eye – to connect to the higher guidance to which every human being on Earth has full access. This is our birthright. We are all super-heroes.

Every human being is a super hero.

The handful of wealthy but destructive and greedy individuals who have been running life as we know it on the planet do everything within their power to suppress our innate creativity and empowerment every day.

The world today is governed by an invisible enemy. COVID-19 is just one facet of their destructive dominance over the planet.

We are instructed from birth on how to shame and blame self and others to create constant confusion  and pain on the planet. We are taught to do this, and we, for the most part, obey. We feel we are victims of a system, but, implicitly, we agree to this conditioning and carry out its orders.

Shame, blame, pain, and fear are the mantra of the world government that keeps us in separation. Their goal is to destroy all life on Earth. 

The results of this system of duality and separation from our true selves and from Nature are the death culture in which we have been raised and live. To end the death culture and to revive life, harmony, beauty, health, freedom, peace, abundance and well-being for all on Earth, we must wake up and remember who we are.

We have the power to stop the destruction. We simply can choose to no longer allow it. We have the power of choice. The power of awareness.

We create peace, or we agree to war. We create health, or we agree to sickness and even to this pandemic. We create freedom and abundance, or we agree that some will be rich and many will be poor and struggle. We hold the power in our creative nature to change the world.

Our creative power is awesome and unlimited.

This particular crisis is a seed point in that the entire human population on the planet is sharing in this collective experience all at the same time. This is unique in human history, as far as we know.

COVID-19 is a global seed point for total transformation for life on Earth.

There is a war being fought behind the scenes for the liberation of the planet. This war has been going on for a long time – at least since the early 1950’s, long before I was born. But even though this war has mostly been hidden from the general public, there are many clues that can help us realize that we do not live in democracies, and that the general well-being of humanity is not being supported by those in power.

The world as we know it is not a happy place. There is no reason for any one to suffer here.

As individuals and as societies, we all have a role to play in restoring light and unity to the planet. There are many things we can do, even alone at home. Sending love and light to all living beings and to the planet by expressing conscious thoughts of love and support for others – human, plant, animal, or for the air, water, soil, and to the consciousness of the planet is something important and creative that every single person can do. No one else even has to know you are doing it to make a difference.

We each have the power to make a significant difference. Even if no one else knows about what we are doing.

We can think about how we can use our personal talents and abilities, our experience and our compassionate attitude on how we can contribute to the greater good. It doesn’t have to be big gestures. Just smiling and slowing down to be attentive to other people, for example, the cashier at the grocery store changes the world. Looking at the sidewalk and avoiding stepping on an insect makes a difference. Drawing pictures on your sidewalk makes a difference. Sharing food you prepare or grow makes a difference. We all have the power to make a difference every day.

I want to live in a kind, compassionate, creative world, full of synchronicities and joy. What do you want to create?

We have all been trained to believe in the power of science and technology. But as human beings, we are a supremely powerful form of technology. One that is connected to the planet and to the source of all Being. Technology and science do not mean that we have to be disconnected or “objective”. Those beliefs are part of the old paradigm of separation. Many still are giving their power away to these beliefs.

The truth is, science doesn’t have to harm the Earth. Technology shouldn’t make us sick. The Earth is not a commodity. She is a living, conscious being and should be honored and respected as such.

Science has replaced religion in the world system of separation. We are taught that science can explain everything and that the knowledge of experts is more important that what we sense innately, what we feel is right and true.

But those who are awake and who do remember our innate power are ready to prove otherwise. We are all one. There is nothing and no one that is separate from the source of all that is. Light and darkness have long been at play in the illusion of duality that has now played itself out on Earth. The contrast of polarities have taught us so much about life, about ourselves, about one another. I am grateful for all of the experiences I have endured in density. But I am also ready to create and to experience something different.

The collective experiences of contrast brought about by separation and polarity have taught us so much about ourselves. But this paradigm has reached its useful end.

It is time to live in flow. To use our creative talents every day. To no longer feel obliged to work jobs we dislike in order to earn money and support our families. We have better things to do with our short time in these bodies here on Earth. When we are in flow and are using our innate creative abilities and are intuitively connected, we feel happy. We feel alive.

When we are in the flow, we feel happy, invigorated, alive.

Survival is stressful and exhausting. Most of us are suffering from PTSD. Many, especially those who have been privileged under the system of separation do not even know they are suffering. We are recovering. Creativity and creative expression are healing tools as we shift to the new paradigm.

Post-COVID-19: Let’s choose to live fully every day, and to use all of our creative powers to support all life on Earth.


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Soul mirrors: healing emotional wounds through relationship

self love 2

Dearest readers,

I have long been interested in the quest for self-love and the healing of the emotional body. It is so fascinating to me how we attract into our lives the exact mirror of our own emotional state in the people we encounter. If you pay close attention, you will see the patterns.

Every person we meet is a mirror of our own soul and energy signature.

Until we are living in a place where we are in total acceptance, non-judgment, unconditional love, and peace with ourselves, we have conscious and sub-conscious wounds that require our awareness and compassion to heal.

Some wounds are personal, some are familial, and some range back to ancestral traumas, past lives, and collective suffering as well. We all live in varying degrees of separation from our true self, and if we do want to rise to a higher state of consciousness, then self-love is the most important path to take. It is impossible to embrace another if we literally stand in shame and judgment of our self.

Self-love comes with peace and neutrality.

Duality is characterized by competition, codependent relationships, shame, blame, manipulation. We are taught to use others to get our emotional needs met, and this is the reason why there are so many flavors of narcissism to be discovered when dealing with other people.

Everyone expresses their narcissistic wounds differently, depending on our innate temperament, personality, and family dynamics. But our reality does not need to stop here.


By awakening our awareness to the fact that every human being that is drawn into our own energy field is put there for a purpose, we can learn to better love and appreciate our self as well as others. The way we can realize that a person has something to bring us as a soul mirror is that they trigger an emotional response of some kind in us.

Every person who triggers us is a gift and, if we so choose, represents an opportunity to heal.

My own personal trigger that I have been working on of late is that of emotional neediness. I have found, when I examine my own way of relating to myself and others, that I am very stoic. I can give a lot to nurture the needs of others, but I don’t like to ask for help (though I have learned to do so in times of need), and I am not as good at taking care of myself as I am of others.

Every person’s emotional wounds are tempered by personality and express themselves in an unique way.

This wound stems from a family system dysfunction that most likely goes back many generations. In my family of origin, if something (a gift, for example) was given, it was expected that I or my siblings be forever indebted for that gift, and that we give up all personal freedom in exchange for what was presented as love or emotional support. Since I did not want to give up my personal freedom, I decided that I did not need or want their (or anyone’s) love and support. Of course, I did want love and acceptance as we all do, but not at that price!

It feels so wonderful to stop judging and condemning self and others, and to stop feeling the need to help or cure others of their problems!

In order to learn to love myself, the beautiful soul matrix gives me many opportunities to heal…in the form of people with mirroring wounds. These people have a similar but opposite presentation to their wounding. They too were emotionally neglected or abused in some way by their wounded families, and their response was to become extremely needy and self-centered. The other side of the same coin, if you will.

The people who sit near me at work are amazing soul mirrors in different ways.

By realizing that we share the same or similar wounds, I am able to be grateful for this presentation and discomfort. Once I am able to observe the wounds and the relationship, I have been able to feel more neutral about these friends. Less triggered, and more compassionate to them and to my own inner child. Soul mirrors help us to let go of pain and judgment of self and others.

Once healed of our emotional wounds, our light can shine out into the world and help others to raise their frequency.

We are now being given more opportunities than ever to heal ourselves and to return to self-love, our natural state of being. By paying close attention to what and who triggers you, and by remaining vigilant of your own inner state, you too can work on healing yourself. A person who truly loves him or herself unconditionally is a magnificent gift to the entire planet.

By healing ourselves, our sphere of influence and the light we spread around us is enormous. Well worth the effort!

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Natural Technology and Artificial Intelligence


cat and woman

Dearest readers,

The biggest question of our time, I believe, is this:

Will you take back your power and freedom, or do you agree to become the property of a corporation, essentially an enslaved cog in a machine?

A.I. or artificial intelligence, in essence, is the use of artificial (not of nature or unnatural) technology to supplant our own innate ability to give and receive information through intuition.

If you examine the state of the world today and how technology is used, you will easily understand that the Internet of Things is designed to completely destroy all freedom, independent thinking and creativity, and to turn all living and supposedly non-living things into property. In essence, to accept A.I. as your operating system is to accept being a slave.

The not so hidden agenda of the creators of A.I. and the Internet of Things is to control all of life and to manage all of life as property.

The ability to move freely, to reproduce, to think for yourself, and to enjoy privacy are intentionally suppressed in this movement to replace natural intelligence with artificial intelligence.

The human body is an advanced technology in itself. An antenna able to capture energy and information from anywhere in the multiverse or from the Earth without the use of any outside hardware or software.

The human body is an advanced piece of ancient technology, more advanced than anything science can produce today.

In all creation myths, there was a time when human beings were free and connected to all of nature. It would seem that we all lived in harmony with ourselves, one another, and with nature. And then occurred some event (a hostile takeover of the collective consciousness) which religions use to blame humanity as a fatal flaw in our own nature. This hostile takeover separated us from this unified and harmonious state.

Humanity has been enslaved for a very long time. Possibly hundreds of thousands of years. We now have the opportunity to remember our innate power and to free ourselves from oppression and control. 

As it happens, this separation from nature and from our own innate powers was not a flaw in our characters or in our human nature. It was an act of domination which has enslaved us for hundreds of thousands of years.

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things is an attempt to reduce all of life and creativity to commodities.

The fall from grace was in fact a fall into density, polarity, and separation. And from that enforced repression of the feminine aspect of ourselves and our ability to easily nurture, give, and receive, we were slowly and irremediably separated from our innate power to connect with all that is. Without this power, we came to understand ourselves as being inherently weak. And we gave our power away first to saviors from religions, then to patriarchy, domination of the mind over the wisdom of the heart, separation from nature, to relinquishing our consciousness to external products and gadgets produced by science and technology.

There is a clear reason why the feminine energies of creativity and receptivity have been suppressed from human cultures and religions on Earth. When we are creative, we are free. When we empty our minds, surrender our Ego and personal will to the greater flow of the Universe, we are an antenna that can receive direct information from the highest form of consciousness that is.

We are now experiencing the end of the era of slavery, domination, and separation from self and nature. That is, if we so choose. The technologies of artificial intelligence have been pushed hard onto us by those who have been the master controllers of human collective consciousness across the ages. By keeping human consciousness in the vibration of fear, our confidence in our own powers remains weak. Doubt, fear, anger, division, separation are all exaggerated in the technological prison which so many not only accept but embrace wholeheartedly.

Fear is a tool that is constantly used to manipulate human consciousness. To keep us separate from ourselves and to divide us from one another.

Artificial intelligence is not only not necessary; it is a trick designed to transform the human being into the most weakened and diminished state in history. To accept a chip into your body that allows you to connect to the Internet is to accept that you do not have the innate ability to connect to all wisdom in the Universe.

Before there were spoken and written languages, human beings, like the animals and plants, were able to communicate with all beings and energies every where in the multiverse. We are telepathic by nature. We were taught to suppress our own compassion and oneness and to treat living beings – trees, plants, animals, insects, soil, air, water, rocks and crystals, and even other human beings as if they were commodities and not sentient vehicles for energy and consciousness.

Human beings are naturally telepathic. We can communicate with trees, animals, with everything!

As humanity has reached the choice point in our era between freedom, unity, self-love and empowerment or total subjugation and domination by an external power source that holds the human consciousness in the artificial, non-creative, and stagnant arena of the mind…we each make the choice based on our level of consciousness.

Will I take back my power and remember who I am? Will I know that my heart contains everything I need to connect to the never-ending creative flow of life and trust in its wisdom? Or will I succumb to the fear propaganda and give into the devious and seductive rewards of artificial intelligence with the loss of autonomy and privacy that these technologies and the level of consciousness that produced them requires?

What does it mean to take back your power?

There is no right or wrong answer. Either choice will take you down a different path. To a new 5-D Earth built on a principle of balance, unity, harmony, intuition, creativity, and joy, or to a continuation of old 3-D Earth that will hold all of those who dwell there in a dependency on separation from self, others, and nature, and in which the reification of all beings into “thingness”, where the exploitation of all beings will continue to expand and where freedom will continue to shrink.

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Antiviral: Choosing what we spread


Hello dearest readers,

Currently, the world seems to be swept by an intentionally propagated fear of the corona virus. As most of you already probably know, the main purpose of global media is to spread fear and to keep humanity in a lower vibrational frequency so that the collective can be easily kept under control. Included in this program is the vaccination system which allows authorities to inject unknown substances, DNA, nano-particles, and technologies into large swathes of the human population.

Are you afraid of viruses, diseases, epidemics?

I do not believe that the main purpose of epidemics, many of which are started intentionally, is to kill a lot of people. Keeping people in fear is the major focus. And we do have a choice regarding our emotions as well as our experiences in our personal and collective realities. Everything is energy, including viruses, bacteria, fungi…and our thoughts and emotional reactions to information!

How aware are you of the quality of your thoughts and emotions in any given moment of the day?

How to respond to fear propaganda in a positive way? How can we each be an antivirus in our personal lives and behavioral choices?

My solution is a simple one:

  • Send love and gratitude for every experience that we have here on Earth, whether we perceive it as positive or negative.
  • Send love, light, and intentions of healing and unification to the energy of the virus (or whatever you choose to focus on that previously inspired a reaction of fear in your mental or emotional body). With our minds or consciousness, we can mutate a feared virus into an energy of beauty, healing, and joy. Our minds are extremely powerful.
  • Trust that you can create a life of joy, ease, freedom and perfect health for yourself and those you love. We are all powerful creators of realities. We choose to create the life we live by our personal vibration.

Where are you on the spectrum between fear and love?

On a very 3-D level, we can keep our vibrations high and our bodies healthy by using essential oils, such as oregano, thyme, rosemary, tea tree, lavender, myrrh, frankincense mixed with coconut oil, drinking teas or water with tinctures made from plants containing antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, such as pao d’arco, olive leaf, dandelion, ginger, and others. Many plants possess antiviral properties. Ingesting these plants will cause viruses hidden within the body to surface as the plant works to prevent the virus from replicating in the cells.

Plants have healing properties that harmful bacteria or viruses cannot mutate to avoid, because plants are connected to the consciousness of the planet

We can raise our vibrational frequency by remaining in a state of mindfulness and gratitude, offering our talents in service to others and consciously setting the intention to share these talents and to increase unity, harmony, freedom, peace, and health on the planet on a daily basis.

When human beings reconnect to nature and remember that our consciousness is unlimited, connected to all that is, we will remember how powerful we truly are

When we sit in meditation and quiet our bodies and minds, we can connect to our higher self and ask to embody our highest expression and timelines available to us in our grounded lives/bodies here on Earth at this time. We can ask for guidance, opportunities to heal and to help, as well as the tools we need to accomplish our mission set before we birthed into these bodies here on Earth.

We all have the power to change life on Earth right now.

It is time to let go of all of the old thought programs and constructs that have been controlling humanity through fear for eons. We, as human beings, starseeds, lightworkers – we all have the power to change the world we live in right now. Simply by changing how we respond to all information. Coming from inside our minds or from the world that we perceive as outside of self. All is one, all is unity. We simply need to change the way we see, feel, hear, act.

Reacting with fear strengthens that which you fear

Life can be beautiful. Health is a state of mind. You decide whether you get sick or not. You decide whether you transmit illness, fear, doubt, judgment or love, friendship, kindness, health, and joy. Awareness is everything. When we are aware, we can choose consciously. It is time to wake up.

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The New Age and Positive Bias

beautiful nature scene

Hello dearest readers!

As we shift out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, there is a definite need to change our mindset from one of a negative bias, in which reality and human nature are defined by fear, survival of the physical body, separation from self and the spiritual realms as well as from nature, to a positive bias.

A positive bias means choosing to see and feel uplifting thoughts, to appreciate others and situations no matter how they immediately present

If you listen to your conversations with people on a daily basis, it may strike you how “negative” peoples’ evaluations of life experiences may seem. Traffic is horrible, the weather is bad, people are scary or evil. In separation, we are always constantly predicting disaster, even though we think we are simply discussing life as it is. Basically, life in duality has taught us that our fellow human beings as well as nature, including our own nature, are not to be trusted.

red bird

Human beings have been conditioned for thousands of years to distrust their own intuition, and to give their power to create their own reality away to so-called experts

In the age of Pisces and in survival consciousness, science is the true and established religion, and the body seems to define our identity. We are limited in all ways, and the divine connection to all that is seems unreachable. We are conditioned to this day to give our power away to politicians, doctors, to a God or savior who is all-powerful and who is not intrinsically part of self.

We generally play out roles as victims, judges, persecutors, and martyrs. Our own well-being is more often than not defined by people and/or conditions outside of our self.

We live in a hyper masculine world that is ruled by suspicion of the feminine, logic, fear, greed, manipulation, control, polarity, and separation from nature.

Experiences in polarity, separation, and ego have been useful to humanity. They have taught us how to exercise our free will. How to choose to remember who we truly are, as powerful beings of light who chose to experience separation and limitation in order to grow and learn


As the new Age of Aquarius unfolds, and as human beings awaken from the dream of separation, we are now able to co-create a new collective and personal dream of interconnectedness, intuition, kindness, unity, unconditional love, reconnection to nature, telepathic communication, and unlimited creativity. We can choose to shift out of the old “negative” bias of fear, pain, and suffering and finally relax and take back our own power.

I speak a lot about personal responsibility in this blog. To be awake means to be empowered. And to be empowered means that each of us is fully responsible for what we create in the world. It means we need to be mindful of our thoughts, emotions, and intentions at all times. It means learning to let go of old programs as well as learning to love and forgive self and others. Knowing that everything and everyone is completely perfect as is…right now!

When you meet someone for the first time, try not to judge them, but to see them as the person you love the most in the world


A new outlook means shaping our reality in each moment. Choosing love over fear. Deciding to encourage and appreciate others, no matter what they do or how they treat us. Knowing that our energy shapes the entire experience of all of humanity, the plants, animals, and the planet herself is a huge responsibility. But it is also very exciting! Finally, we are remembering how powerful we are, and what that power entails.

In every “NOW” moment, we create our experience of reality. What does it feel like to live that moment as if it has never been lived before?

The true creative energy is receptivity. Receptivity is a truly feminine energy. The totality of the Universe or Multiverse, if you will, is pure feminine emptiness. A womb of creation. Pulsing with love and creative energy. Both the masculine and feminine are necessary for a unified and balanced experience of conscious life. When we remember how to be receptive, we can surrender our consciousness to higher aspects of wisdom and bring new knowledge into our worlds.

Artists, scientists, creators in all areas know how to use intuition to invent new ways of living and being


A positive bias means being loving and non-judgmental in each moment. Assuming that everything that happens is good and perfect, just as it is. That we are perfect right now, just as we are. That every situation embodies a silver lining. Our bias for gratitude causes life to flow with beauty and appreciation, and surrender to one’s higher aspect allows appropriate information to flow into our consciousness. Once we have surrendered our lives to guidance by our higher self, we can then allow our masculine side to step in to mold  the new images, information, and awareness into form that we can materialize into our world and share with others.

It takes time and concerted effort to heal from inter-generational trauma caused by separation consciousness

Swedish house

We are now living in a powerful and chaotic time of transition. The fruits of the Starseeds and Lightworkers are beginning to become apparent, beginning to manifest in what we call “physical reality”. It is time to create in unity and to imagine New Earth from a positive bias based in love, compassion, and non-judgment.

It is our true nature to embody love. We simply have forgotten for a time that we are all connected. That we can innately communicate with all life, from the microscopic to the infinite. In remembering, we become powerful creators of realities once again. And we can relax, breathe, and be thankful.

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My Utopia: building a vision for New Earth

creative life

Dearest readers,

As we personally and collectively raise our vibration to a higher frequency, the call to serve the highest good of everything and everyone becomes an obvious requirement. Unity or oneness as a state of consciousness means we each accept that we are all inextricably interconnected, emotionally, mentally, physically…on all levels, densities, and dimensions.

Calling up the highest timelines and accepting to embody our higher self as an incarnated human being on Earth is a noble and exciting goal. As we each awaken at our own pace, we also realize what we can co-create here on Earth.

New Earth is a state of consciousness

mountain meadow

In duality, most humans spend a lot of time criticizing the state of the world, fearing scary possibilities, looking for scapegoats to blame for their own lack of mastery of their thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Once we shift into unity, there is no one to blame but ourselves. We alone are responsible for the world or worlds that we create and experience.

We don’t need better elected officials or institutions to create New Earth. New Earth is what we each make of our lives and our choices in our daily lives. Tiny things pile up and have staggering consequences.

Small choices make a huge difference

Looking every person we meet squarely in the eye and sincerely asking them how they are makes a significant energetic difference in the world, rippling outward with vibrations of compassion and kindness.

Of course, we all want to create something significant, with visible ramifications.

Kindness is strength, not weakness

The changes I would like to see in the world are many.

I imagine a world where the latent talents of every child born on the planet are cherished and encouraged, and where parents and educators are excited to discover and nurture those talents as they emerge.

I imagine a world where businesses are democratic, in which every worker owns a share of the business and is actively involved in every day decision making.

Taking responsibility for our lives is key

rainbow meadow

I imagine a world where everyone realizes that plants, animals, trees, insects, rocks, water, clouds have consciousness. A world where human beings remember that we are an integral part of nature. With this new awareness, humans show deep respect and reverence for all life and for the energetic bodies we now call inanimate matter.

I imagine a world where people take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, and intentions and where they create consciously and mindfully in every moment. A world where people are patient, curious, kind, and helpful. A world where we can slow down and breathe, letting go of the worry of judgment by others. Where we can live at our own pace and wake up when are bodies are ready to awaken.

Everything that exists embodies consciousness

I imagine a world where all people are valued, and where all talents are equally important.

I imagine a world where there is no culture of lack, no poverty of thought process. Where the abundance of this world is shared without hoarding or greed, and where all resources are made equally available to all people.

Imagine a world without poverty

I imagine a world where people relate to one another without codependency or enabling, in which everyone is held fully responsible for their acts of creation. In this version of reality, children are taught to take full responsibility instead of being absolved or entitled to do as they please without regard for others or for their community.

I imagine a world that is full of beauty and life, where people and animals alike can drink water and eat food without fear of toxicity, and where we can live without fear of criminal behaviors, exploitation, and opportunism. The stress we experience in duality has become second nature to us, but it is not a prerequisite for humanity to live as a predator or prey to our fellow human beings. We can rise above duality, separation, and lack that characterizes the 3-D world.

Beauty heals stress


I imagine a world where we are all empowered to create with sensitivity and receptivity. A world where we listen to our own higher self as primary council and source of wisdom, without giving our power away to so-called experts. On New Earth, as I see it, there will be no hierarchy as we know it today, although there will be structure and an orderly and peaceful way of life.

It is up to each of us to imagine New Earth and to begin to live as if we are already there. Now is the only time there is to create the world in which we wish to live. Our hearts radiate the wisdom of the higher realms.  If we can quiet our minds and listen, our hearts will show us the way.

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Shifting realities: mastering the pattern


Image result for mandalas and kaleidoscopes

Dearest readers,

As I navigate the ascension process, working my way back up from separation and survival consciousness (3-D) towards unity and compassion (5-D) and non-judgment (7-D), I often notice unwanted thoughts and emotions entering my realm of experience or reality. Sometimes it is something as silly as compulsively imagining cockroaches invading my bathroom. These experiences, if reacted to, adopted, or taken personally, can drop me back down to lower timelines or more angsty experiences of reality. As the saying goes: “What you resist, persists.”

Sometimes I have unwanted, compulsive fearful thoughts about traffic accidents or cockroaches invading my bathroom.

I believe that as individuals moving towards unity consciousness, we each have both the opportunity and the responsibility to help ourselves and to help the collective to release these old thought forms and emotions that were originally created either to help us to survive in a more primitive expression of consciousness, or which were created as a response to living in a terrifying world of separation from nature and from ourselves where everyone and anything could be an enemy.

I personally visualize the “All that Is” (what people commonly call God), as a beautiful geometric pattern that is constantly shifting and changing. Because the great consciousness of everything includes everyone and everything that exists, we are each part of that pattern. And, as such, we each have the opportunity to change the color and tone of the entire pattern, since we are all connected to one another and are an expression of the unity of all life. Just as a seed contains the entire pattern and potential of an adult tree, so does each particle of energy, every person, plant, animal, insect, rock, droplet of water, or grain of soil contain the entire pattern that is “God”. From the perspective of unity, everything is sacred, and nothing can be treated with less than the utmost respect, including ourselves.

For me, “God” is a geometric pattern, like an ever shifting mandala or a kaleidoscope, containing all of consciousness, all of the energy of everyone, everything, all that is.

It may seem as if the world (planetary and social) is in chaos. And indeed it is, on one level. I personally perceive this chaotic state as an opportunity for each of us to take back our creative powers and our ability to imagine, feel, and live from a higher perspective. The old timelines of powerlessness, suffering, and separation where people seek a savior or give their power away to either people or God that are perceived as more powerful than self are all falling away. The chaos is a prerequisite for change. We can easily pick up the pieces and create a beautiful and loving way of being here on Earth once again.

We are not creating something new, per se. We are beginning to remember what it was like to live from a unity perspective once again. Once we remember that we are part of a bigger, magnificent pattern, like a kaleidoscope or mandala, we also remember that we are never alone.

We are all powerful artists, creating realities for ourselves and for everyone else too.

Taking responsibility for “unwanted”, “negative” thoughts as well as impulses to control others, to hoard wealth, to bully or to feel as a victim, hopeless and small is not an easy thing to do. But it is simple. It takes persistence. Over and over again, each time these thoughts, feelings, and impulses arrive into our field of awareness, we can simply thank them for giving us the opportunity to experience life in 3-D and separation, and then release and transmute them back into pure light. Then we can focus our attention and intentions on creating what we truly would love to feel and experience in the present moment.

No one is coming to save us. We are in charge!

It takes practice. Shifting timelines helps everyone – humans, plants, animals, the planet. If you want to help change this collective experience of reality, you can do it in the privacy of your own home or backyard. No one even has to know that you are doing it. But it will help everyone, and the visible effects of these private practices will soon become visible thanks to all of our efforts.

Practice imagining what heaven on Earth looks and feels like.

We are living in a challenging and exciting time! We are all influential. Please do not despair. I know that many are taking their own lives, finding life on Earth at this time to be overwhelming. And it can be, if we allow ourselves to be influenced by narratives of destruction, pain, violence, and confusion to overtake our senses. Be strong! We are the ones who create the new realities. No one will come to save us. We are all powerful creators. All each of us needs to do is to reflect clearly on what we would like to experience, both personally and collectively, and what will benefit the highest good of everyone, everything, and all that is.

With love and support,


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The only way out is up


Dearest readers,

It’s become a common-place truism to say that a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness at which it was created. It also seems obvious from the word “revolution”, that by rebelling against a situation or system that is causing pain, discomfort, or which has been observed to not work for the majority, we end up in the same place that we started.

Is time travel an illusion?


The German series, Dark, of which two seasons is now available on Netflix, underlines this circular nature of time and reality, where past, present, and future are intertwined and simultaneous. The symbol of the ourobouros, or the snake biting its tail, as well as the triquetra, derived from intersecting circles, similar to the vesica pisces, represents past, present, and future in a unified field.

What we call reality could be a simulation


Collapsing timelines

This multidimensional representation of our human experience of reality in which multiple timelines appear to be collapsing into one another, and that which was perceived to be separate can no longer remain encapsulated is becoming apparent in our current collective experiences of reality around the world. Everything that we were conditioned to believe as truth and reality no longer seems to hold water.

Are you awake yet?

The person who is awakening to this realization may feel fear, as if the solid foundation onto which they believed everything they hold dear is no longer stable or reliable. The person who knows that reality is simply a mental construct observes the events around him or her and builds peace and stability by mastering his or her thoughts, emotions, desires, and intentions.


The life force is our true identity

Spiritual teachings from all civilizations seem to hold a common belief that the only reality is that which is inside of each of us. That spark of life, of consciousness, is the foundation of everything that we seem to perceive on the outside.

From separation back to unity

As our current paradigm collapses in on itself and all of our institutions implode, we can choose to observe this process of deconstruction peacefully, knowing full well that to create something new, the old must go.

Unity: serving the highest good

To build something better, we must create from a state of consciousness in which everything we allow in our world must serve the highest good of everyone and all that exists.

Since energy is never lost but is simply transformed, there is grief only where there is attachment. Of course, we are all attached to people, places, animals, things, memories…but the less attachment we hold, the easier it is to let go. And we can grieve and let go eventually of those things and beings we once loved.

triquetra timeline

Wormholes and portals

The circle of time or evolution (rather than revolution) is a spiral. It circles up and down again. The thesis of the series Dark is that our world is locked into a circle that endlessly repeats itself over and over again in disparate timelines that overlap when portals or wormholes between these dimensions of time are opened. In the show, the time cycles each last 33 years, at which point the portals can be accessed.

The apocalypse: the end of one world and the integration of all timelines 

In this hellish repetition of an  interlocking past, present, and future, we blindly participate in a play that can only end badly, as we suffer the same wounds and betrayals over and over again. One aspect of the main character ends up co-creating an apocalyptic event to end this endless trap of suffering with the unknowing consent of all of those who are seeking resolution, love, peace, and reunion with those they love and have lost. When we extend the illusion of time to a helix, our experiences allow us to advance and regress, ad infinitum. Perhaps there is no way out, but I believe that life is all about experiences that the soul chooses to live.


The witness and the experiencer

By becoming more self-aware, the experiencer does not take the pain and suffering the same way as someone who identifies fully with the character he or she has taken on for a particular lifetime. By observing self and how we respond to our triggers, we can work on our self. I know that I am more than just this human person, Rebekah. I have chosen this role for this lifetime, and all of my experiences feel very real. That is why the game is so hard. Mastery is the real reason we are here, in this very elaborate game that is simulated by our collective consciousness (perhaps what we call God).

Mastery of self

Moving up in the game means not taking anything personally. Watching ourselves play the game – that is how we move up, and that is how we move beyond being triggered by social violence, political chaos, or by any situation or person that shames, blames, judges or otherwise seems to try to manipulate our state of consciousness.

Miguel Ruiz self mastery

My entire existence, past, present, and future is inside of me

Being calm means no longer trying to control external circumstances or people. Mastery, like all truths, is a paradox. I am a master if I let go of all desire to control my life, and in doing so, I am able to remain peaceful in all situations…ultimately making me in full possession of the ability to create a life full of peace and joy. And what more could anyone want?

St Germain Self Mastery

Everything is fine as it is right now

The key is to stop judging self and others. To stop qualifying situations as good or bad. It’s not weak or passive to forgive, to let go, to observe, to accept everything as it is as being perfect.

Soul contracts

We all choose our parents and families and the challenges we come to experience here on Earth. They are all perfect, for us. It took me a long time to realize this, but when I finally did, I felt very empowered. I could then receive the gifts from my family, even though they had caused me a lot of pain and forced me into isolation from the family unit.

Empowerment and self-responsibility: the way to inner peace

The challenges other people face are not tragedies, and it is not our role to feel sorry for them or to help them out of these situations. The only thing each of us needs to do, if we wish to master our reality, is to look inward and to observe ourselves. To be kind at all times to self and to others.


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Soul contracts and “bad relationships”

soul contracts

Dearest readers,

We have all been conditioned to feel as if we are either lucky or unlucky in love, but I personally believe that luck has nothing to do with how our relationships turn out. Nor, most likely, does love have much to do with what we call romantic encounters either!

What’s love got to do with it?

The reason I say that luck has nothing to do with our love life is because I believe that we make choices in the physical and non-physical realms. These choices determine how we experience reality in our physical or incarnated lifetimes here on Earth.  Every relationship is a mirror for our inner state and is a gift as such, because it can show us (if we accept it as a reflection) where we are on our personal path of self-growth and evolution.

Self love is key!

How many of us have learned to fully love and embrace ourselves? It is a commonplace truism to say that “we cannot love another if we don’t fully love ourselves”. But what does that really mean? If I constantly attract people into my life as romantic partners who are selfish, immature, narcissistic, who have problems with addiction, financial independence, controlling their temper, or any issue that might bring chaos or disrespect into a relationship, do I ask myself where I am lacking love and respect for myself in my own life?

What are soul contracts?

I believe that before we are born (decide to come to Earth or some other planet and live in a lower density physical vehicle that we call a body), our soul and its soul group and guides get together to create a life plan. The soul is immortal and has lived an uncountable number of lifetimes, just for the fun, suffering, and multitude of experiences that incarnations have to offer. We are not limited in our identity to our gender, race, appearance, sexual orientation, that our body offers in this single lifetime.

The soul group decides upon and seals a certain number of agreements that we choose to experience in this lifetime. There is still some free will involved, and how we respond to each encounter and situation will determine how our lifetime unfolds. Relationships are included in these soul contracts. These include our parents, siblings, relatives, coworkers, friends, and romantic partners and spouses.

What is a “bad” relationship?

In human terms, we don’t like to suffer. We want to be happy. Happiness generally means getting our way, from a human perspective. The ego always wants what it wants, and it does NOT want to suffer. The soul begs to differ. The soul does not judge anyone or anything. There is no such thing as a good or bad relationship from a soul’s perspective. Every experience, every relationship is an opportunity to love self and others more, and to gain more mastery over self – thoughts, emotions, intentions, and choice making abilities.

From our human point-of-view, a bad relationship is one in which we have been abandoned, or where our needs have not been met. It is a relationship where we feel alone, or where we are abused or feel afraid. Yet do we ever ask ourselves why we ever agreed to be with a person who makes us feel less than loved and respected?

The answer to these questions is simple. No one can make us do or experience anything that we do not agree to experience. If we are hurt or choose to live in fear or with abuse and disrespect, it is because we don’t yet love and respect self fully. And that’s OK. It’s a learning curve, and “bad” relationships are our best teachers.

Say thank-you and move on!

Once I realize that I create my own reality and that I am an empowered immortal being of light, any relationship on the human plane takes on a different aspect. Now that I know I am a sovereign creator and artist of my own reality at any given moment, I constantly remind myself how amazing it is to be alive. I am so grateful for all experiences, and I am learning constantly how to be thankful when unpleasant people, triggering experiences, and frustration come along.

This isn’t easy for any of us, but it wasn’t meant to be easy!

Once the realization seeps deep down into the fabric of our being, we finally wake up and think, “Wow! I can actually experience anything I want, if only I can truly love and respect myself and all that is!”

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Be it ’til you see it: thoughts on the process of manifestation


bleeding heart

Hello dearest readers,

Over the years, anyone in mainstream culture or those you are interested in things of the spirit can only be aware of the attention given to the law of attraction. Fake it ’til you make it is a truism that is equally common. If you pretend you already are or have what you want, then this state of awareness will eventually trickle down into your lower frequency physical reality. Basically, thoughts and emotions are forms of energy which exist on a certain plane, and the so-called physical plane is simply a more dense form or mirror of the emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

When Nicolas Tesla famously declared that everything is energy, frequency, and vibration, he obviously understood the true nature of reality. Everything that ever was, is, or will be coexists right now in energetic form. There is no separation of anything. Nothing is ever lost or gained.

Yet the experiences of limitation we choose to live out here on Earth are so realistic! The game of life and the game of being human are expressions of limitation in density that our soul or Higher Aspect chooses to experience in order to provide opportunities for mastery of thoughts, emotions, choices, and intentions while living under duress.

Being human is a paradoxical situation. We are all powerful creators of realities living in a very narrow state of expression. It is as if we have amnesia and must try to remember what we once knew and lived with ease. Manifestation of our thoughts, desires, and dreams is second nature to us in the higher planes. But here on Earth, in the lower densities, it becomes difficult. We struggle, we resist our circumstances, we fear outcomes and worry that we won’t be able to survive and protect our physical bodies and possessions. The more we struggle and worry, the more challenging our circumstances or experiences become.

Which is why being human is such a gift. Because it is so challenging, and because in the lower densities taking care of a physical body and a family demand so much of us.

And so, in the name of remembering who I really am – a soul or fragment of the source creator – I declare that I will be what I want to experience until that energy signature of joy, abundance, peace, and well-being translates into the mirror of the physical plane.

There is a delay between thought, emotion, and manifestation in the physical plane because of the variation in frequencies between thought, emotion, intention, and that of our physical bodies and their surroundings. The whole point of the ascension process is to recalibrate our physical bodies and to bring them up to the same vibrational level as that of our soul expression. The process of purging conditioned thoughts, belief systems, emotional trauma that is seated in the body (mental, physical, and emotional as well as in the energetic or light body – toroidal field that surrounds every human being) is a long and challenging one.

Which is why manifestation of our thoughts, desires, and intentions is not as easy as it seems it should be. To experience joy, you have to be joyful and truly feel joyful. You can’t fake that, and faking joy will not bring a true experience of joy into your life. The feelings that accompany abundance, ease, joy, patience, calm or whatever we wish to embody must be actually felt in order for the results to manifest in the so-called physical world. The light body, which is an extension of our chakra system and DNA, is the interface between our material self and all of the non-physical realms.

We are all constantly creating our reality, manifesting perfectly the results that match the frequencies of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and the level of self-love we currently feel and express. In this, we are all perfectly powerful.

However, if you or I does not like or enjoy the reality we have created, then we have the ability to shift to a different reality by examining and changing the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and intentions we are holding to a new set that is more harmoniously aligned with that which we would prefer to experience.

From my perspective, this is the hardest part. If I wish to be an entrepreneur and not have a conventional job anymore, then I need to examine what is holding me back from realizing this dream. Am I afraid of not making enough money or the lack of stability or security that may ensue from being my own boss? Do I lack self-love or self-worth and believe that I don’t deserve to be successful? There are so many unconscious thoughts and beliefs as well as emotions that need to be examined carefully and of which I need to be aware if I wish to shift my experience of reality.

I know I am completely responsible for my experiences of reality in this dimension, and I own that. There are things about my life that I don’t really like right now. I want to work from home full-time as an artist, so that I can be present for my dog and do the work I love to do.  I am working on feeling the joy and security that abundance gained from enjoyable creative work would bring. I am also working on self-confidence, needed to promote my work and to command the commission fees I need in order to pay my bills. There are practical as well as spiritual aspects to manifestation. The emotional aspects and unconscious beliefs and conditioned thought patterns are not often broached in pop culture talks and lectures about the law of attraction.

Everything in life is about mastery. Mastery of our thoughts, emotions, desires, choices, intentions. What we achieve in this world is illusory. The true goal is to be. Simply to be. Pure of heart. Peaceful. Joyful and enjoying each experience that comes our way with gratitude and non-judgment. It’s not easy. It’s a process that is meaningful and which brings its own rewards.

We live in a very goal-oriented culture in the United States. There is a lot of emphasis put on status and on achievement, as well as on doing rather than being.  A friend of mine from my book club told me the other day that she is now focusing more on being. Her husband of at least 50 years is dying of a rare form of dementia. He is not able to speak or communicate. Yet all of the people in the home where he was staying were moved to tears and expressed so much love for him when he had to move out to go to hospice. His energy of peace, gentleness, and love was so pervasive despite his inability to move, communicate, or do anything. This is what I am talking about.

So be love until you see love mirrored in your life experiences. What more could any of us want?


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