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Building Our Higher Dimensional Future

Hello dear readers,

Love or fear? We are always making fundamental choices between frequencies of separation or unity. There are so many dystopian stories in books and film, planting seeds in our collective consciousness for a future full of war, destruction, strife, and fear. Or where safety is predicated upon external control systems, such as AI, nanotechnologies, drones, cameras, satellites tracking implanted chips, rather than trust of self and others. Very few positive timelines for our collective future are portrayed in the media. It is up to each of us to spend time and effort truly visualizing and designing what we really want to experience.

Every single human being for many thousands of years has lived under Draconian law. We have been conditioned to live in fear and to give up our fundamental power to create and to live in joyful flow. The service-to-self system is now revealing all of the details of its fundamental greed and bottomless craving for power and control to a humanity that is now divided. There are those who have awakened and have begun to remember that the true nature of humanity is empathic and service-to-others oriented. And there are those who are still gripped by fear and who are easy to control and manipulate.

For those of us who are now awake and aware, it is time to focus on how we raise the frequencies of our thoughts and intentions. How will we resolve the multi-layered separations that divide us from our true nature? How will we collapse all of the degrees of separation created by the parasitic system over countless generations and restore our connection to Nature and to our own human nature?

For me, the primary creative challenge involved in restoring unity to our beloved planet Earth with humanity is that humanity accept both our fundamental vulnerability as well as our innate power to create from our consciousness. That we accept that all that exists, animate and inanimate is by nature consciousness and energy. Because we have all been conditioned in separation, we hold no true respect or love for ourselves or for that which we have been taught is “other”.

In fact, all of Nature is alive, psychic, connected, and able to communicate with everyone and everything else. Because we have “forgotten” our own connection to all that is, we feel frightened and vulnerable…if we can admit it by letting down our defenses created by persona, or false identity.

Once humanity at large continues to awaken and to upgrade, that is to say, physically and spiritually embodies our multi-dimensional nature and abilities, I think we will naturally also gravitate towards service to others, balance, and harmonization of masculine and feminine energies. Imagine a world where all beings are respected. Where trees are not cut down to make room for houses. Where communities develop organically and cooperatively, based on human and natural connections, and where all decisions made respect the highest good of everyone and everything, without exception.

Imagine a world where everyone has everything they need, and all are given the opportunity to develop and share their innate talents and skills. Only that which is needed is used, and there is always care taken to give back, to honor, love, and respect whatever we do use. Imagine a world where we love ourselves and trust life enough to give us everything we need without manipulation or hoarding of resources.

Higher dimensional advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are able to live in harmony by holding heart-based higher frequencies in their thoughts, intentions, and creations. When we focus on the highest good of all, we can create technologies on various levels as we evolve, but which always respect and honor the collective well-being of all.

How many generations will it take for us to learn to love ourselves again? To teach and raise our children with love and respect, to trust and to honor self and others after so many generations of fear, codependency, abuse, and paranoia? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that many masters from advanced civilizations are here on Earth in human form right now, ready to deploy thousands of lifetimes of experience to assist those in need of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. As we heal ourselves and our ways of living together, we will also heal our planet and our relationships to her and to her creatures, elements, and elementals. We will begin to remember our higher aspects and abilities when we ground in our hearts and raise our frequency of vibration. We will begin to enjoy and trust in the process and flow of life again. And with this trust will come the inspiration, the imagination, the creativity of play that all young children enjoy.

When we learn to play again and to enjoy and honor all life, including our own, then we will tell new stories, write new books, make new films, build new homes and communities that are full of simplicity, vivacity, and life-force energy. It is up to all of us to start dreaming of and setting our intentions for the coming world so that it can come into form. Because it is our dreams and our intentions that do create our experiences of reality.

For so long, we have allowed that creative energy to be channeled and hijacked by the service-to-self factions. In our unconscious reinforcement of separation and victim consciousness, humanity has allowed so much suffering. In our forgetfulness of our true power to create, we have acted out great tragedies, and so many stories of horrifying cruelty and pain. This is still happening today. The Great Awakening is all about taking that creative power back and using it consciously and responsibly to co-create forms and experiences inspired by beauty, peace, freedom, and joy.

Purple feathers, featured image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

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