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Break the Spell: Be peace in a polarized, hypnotized world

Photo by Lisa Redfern, credit Pixabay

Hello dear readers,

Have you ever wondered how to talk to people who aren’t in your camp, who don’t hold the same views as you do on life, politics, perhaps religion, parenting, gender identity or other issues? Why has it become suddenly so difficult to talk to people? I often feel as if I am treading on eggshells, trying to figure out what is permissible to say and what will get me in trouble.

I have worked very hard to extract myself and my life from the web of dysfunctional family, abusive relationships, and workplace bullying. And I have vowed to be fully authentic and never walk on eggshells again. If people cannot handle me or my truth, all they need to do is to be respectfully themselves too.

My freedom ends where yours begins. And your freedom ends where mine begins. In a world based on the experience of separation from our authentic nature, healthy boundaries are a tool to navigate this world in a responsible manner.

Photo by Jerzy Gorecki

Humanity has been conditioned and genetically engineered for thousands of years into a holding pattern of codependency, ego dominance, fear-based victim/savior polarization. The hypnotic spell used by social engineers to harness and manipulate human consciousness for the benefit of a few has kept humanity anchored in a holding pattern. The majority of the collective consciousness of humanity is still struggling to awaken and emerge from this mass hypnosis.

Great avatars holding more ascended levels of consciousness (unity over duality) have incarnated in human form over the ages, trying their best to assist humanity in the awakening process each time an ascension cycle comes around. And every time, they have been savagely attacked, denigrated, then murdered by those who would most benefit from the wisdom they embodied. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Ghandi, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, and many others have attempted to teach humanity to take responsibility for our own lives. To embody our own power and not give it away. To love our enemies. And to turn the other cheek when triggered.

Photo by Sasin Tipchai

To be peace or to be peaceful in the face of provocation is not easy. Every human being is born into this world with an aspect of personality called an ego. The ego is a necessary tool to help us navigate this experience of separation from our true divine nature. It is challenging to be in a place where we have forgotten that death is an illusion, and that these bodies we wear are but temporary vessels and do not define our identity or essence.

Today, many people have fallen into the conditioning of social justice as a replacement for heart-centered living. The social justice movement can be a step towards compassion, but it can also become a trap, if a person’s convictions become tinted by harsh judgments and divisions all while preaching inclusion and acceptance. Many activists and social justice warriors are increasingly predicating that “the other side” must be removed or destroyed.

These individuals and groups have become convinced that their freedom and the ability to live compassionately and liberated from fear requires the removal of “the opposition”, justifying censorship and worse. Suddenly, justice is equated with scapegoating. Freedom of speech has become an obstacle to freedom, and bullying sponsored by the rich and powerful allied with racial justice, gender equality, environmental activism, and inclusiveness have taken on the colors of totalitarianism. What happened to free speech? It’s fine to disagree with others and not like their opinions and points of view. But if we decide that these voices are so threatening that we label them as “hate speech” and erase their voices…this means we must eliminate those who disagree with us, that is another discussion altogether.

Photo by Jakob Strauss

The weaponization of words, public opinion, political narratives, social media censorship, and legislation have become so pervasive as to be normalized. This is frightening to me as well as discouraging. It makes me think that humanity is not ready for peaceful living and a peaceful future. The hypnotic power of fear spread across all media have infected the majority who have quickly adopted the language of terror to defend their words and actions. It is as if the sleeping majority is allowing a prison to be built around all of us that cannot be easily deconstructed once erected.

If we cannot come to terms with those we fear, and if we cannot realize that fear itself is a choice, then we succumb to fear. And in succumbing to fear, we accept hatred and anger as our new religion. With self-righteous zeal, we justify our desire to destroy all opposition to our supposed utopia. A world without opponents. A world without threats to our simplest and most basic survival ethic. This is fascism, not compassion.

The soul is always seeking to expand. Expansion thrives on gratitude and the knowing that everything is exactly perfect as it is right now. None of us has any right to manipulate others or to interfere with the paths of others. Our only responsibility is to be true to ourselves all while respecting others to do the same, each on our own terms. The soul speaks the language of the heart, unifying and coming from a place of love. The ego always divides, seeking power over others, hierarchy, and competition.

How do we choose expansion, heart and soul over ego and survival consciousness, practically speaking?

Curiosity is important. Not to be nosy or to interfere in other people’s private business. But the spirit of playful curiousity is one in which we show interest in other people. We sincerely want to learn more about them without shame, blame, or judgment. This neutral perspective comes from a place of empathy and caring. Being curious about others and showing interest in other people allows us to be ourselves without judgment and also to listen to others and to truly appreciate what they have to say. It requires us to slow down. To breathe, relax. Take the time to be present with others.

Photo by Adrian Balea

For example, iff you are a person who believes you hate Donald Trump, his followers, what he or they represent, and you feel threatened by these people, it is time to examine your own heart. Why are you afraid of these people? Have you ever spoken to a Trump supporter? Or, inversely, if you are a Trump supporter and you believe Liberals are mind-controlled idiots, have you actually had enough open-minded curiousity to meet some people whose views differ from yours? Have you listened to what they have to say without interrupting or needing to feel that you are right? Or that you must convert them to your way of thinking? Do you feel like you are suffocating when you talk to people whose lifestyle or views differ from yours?

The ego always needs to be right. But the soul just wants to expand.

Photo by Deflyne Coppens

Our society has been socially engineered to promote a trans-humanist philosophy to take humanity away from our divine origins and abilities. We have been taught and conditioned to believe that we are only our bodies. That life is temporary and fragile. That we are essentially weak, powerless, and alone. That once our bodies die and decay, our consciousness, seated in our brains, disappears forever. This conditioning has been created to prepare us for transhumanism.

Photo by Stefan Keller

Through which artificial intelligence, nano-biotechnologies, and other technologies are offered as supplemental forms of artificial enhancements and power to prolong our lives and abilities. To transfer our memories to a new body, perhaps. Only a being who does not remember its true worth and how beloved and powerful we are could submit to such temptations. For if enough of us do remember our true nature and abilities, we would not accept to be controlled by technology or any other strategies. Consciousness is a very powerful tool. Do you use yours responsibly?

Triggers are a kind of gift. When someone’s words or something you hear or see makes you feel angry, afraid, vulnerable, helpless, then you should pay attention. The emotion has been triggered so that you can pay attention to some part of yourself that requires your attention and healing. Remember, fear is always a choice. Because this world is an illusion that does seem very real, we often need to remind ourselves that we are here to learn from experiences. Many of which are very painful and difficult. But we all chose to have these experiences before we were born into our human bodies. We are not victims. Every experience that comes our way, whether pleasant or painful, is also a gift.

Photo by Ulrike Leone

To be peaceful every day in every moment takes a lot of inner work. By witnessing yourself and your reactions to every encounter and experience you have every day, minute by minute, you can rise out of distractions or habitual thought patterns or reactions and just be curious enough to wonder…”Can I do this differently this time?”

We are all codependent. Every single human being on the planet was born into a dysfunctional family system and into a culture based on victim consciousness. And there is nothing wrong with that. That is part of the human experience of separation. It’s like a game. Can you remember what it was like before your soul decided to come into a human body and experience separation from its true nature and self?

Photo by Tumisu

When you start to remember, then your perspective shifts. Life gets easier, because you don’t take your ego self and identity so seriously. They become relative. You don’t feel like a victim anymore. You are empowered, because you know you chose to come into this particular body for a short amount of time to have experiences. And you now know that this body, your family, your country, nationality, gender identity are part of those experiences and don’t define who you are.

Once you detach from ego identification, triggers soften. You feel more relaxed. The need for social approval weakens as your memory of your true self anchors and strengthens. Needing to be right is no longer so important. It becomes increasingly easier to be a better listener. All of this is a process, and it takes you as long as it takes. There is no right or wrong way to expand or grow.

Photo by Sergio Cerrato

Human beings are racist or hateful not because they are bad. These behaviors come from survival consciousness. It is a very basic state of mind in which a person feels that someone or something outside of themself is causing them to feel less safe. By projecting their fears onto another group, person, or situation, humanity has managed to live for thousands of years without taking responsibility for this fear. The truth is, to be human is difficult. We are separated from a source of love that is all encompassing and so profound. When we are born into human bodies, we forget what it is to be love and to be loved.

Photo by S. V. Klimkin

Racism is a primitive survival strategy as well as a tribal mindset. How to get beyond it? Many proposed solutions to solve racism come from a very ego-based approach, quickly falling into judgmental and self-righteous attitudes. Everyone carries biases and prejudice, conscious or unconscious. There is no way around this. None of us are any better than anyone else in this respect, even though most of us try to hide these aspects of self from ourselves as much as from others. The only way to deal with these biases is to try to be self-aware and to let go of judgment of self and others. Everyone, from a limited human perspective, feels vulnerable or threatened at times. To be alienated from a social group in early times meant that you would die. The support of the group and acceptance meant survival. To be shunned is something that we all fear at a deep and primitive level. This is part of our biology and genetic heritage.

Image by 💙♡🌼♡💙 Julita 💙♡🌼♡💙 from Pixabay

In my previous job, a lot of my coworkers and managers did everything they could to find fault with me and certain other coworkers. I didn’t realize how stressful this was until I left the job. I observed myself struggling in my new job with trying to see if I fit in or not, or how/if I was being judged by my new coworkers and managers. The need to fit in, no matter how independent we may be, is always part of each of us. And the fear of being scapegoated is a very real one. Humanity has been trained in this way. To deal with these fears of being alienated and possibly killed or dying from exposure or hunger by projecting this anger/fear onto others. To be vulnerable is also (in this primitive mindset) to become a target. Better the target be someone else rather than yourself. These are some of the the real reasons behind racism.

Photo by Henning Westerkamp

Teaching children about diversity and inclusivity is nice, but it does not solve this existential issue, which goes beyond personal experience. It is something we each need to grapple with every day and to love ourselves and one another more. Self-awareness is a powerful tool.

In conclusion, to be peaceful in a world of turmoil, duality, and constant judgment, censorship, control and manipulation tactics, we need to be intentional about our peacefulness. It is so easy to get distracted and sucked into the omnipresent sources of fear-mongering, emotional manipulation tactics, and voices telling us what to think, say, or be. A little detachment goes a long way. And a little empathy and curiosity added into the mix are so important.

Be open. Listen to others. Ask other people questions about themselves and what they think. Truly listen to what they have to say. Be grateful for all conversations, opportunities, experiences. Realize that life is perfect exactly as it is right now. Follow your own path and take responsibility only for yourself. To ease out of codependency, it’s important to understand that we are not responsible for the choices of other people. And it’s not our job to convince anyone of anything at all. We don’t need to agree. We just need to respect one another. Simple words for tasks that are difficult.

Photo by Adina Voicu

If we cannot allow others to fully be themselves wherever they happen to be on their path, then we are interfering with their personal development. And control, interference, and judgment lead only to renewed cycles of violence, pain, and more suffering. I think we, as a collective, have possibly gone through enough of that. Or maybe not. I don’t know. I am just trying to be peace as much of the time as I can. To hold the frequencies of peace, love, and joy. To be here on Earth and to enjoy this human life as much as possible. Just remember. It’s not easy to be human. We are all trying our best.

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