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The power of our emotions

Dearest readers, This is a quote from a Magenta Pixie video that I jotted down because it impressed me so much: “It is the emotion behind intent that produces manifestation.” Human beings are highly emotional beings. The chaos we observe in the world has been created in order to manipulate our emotional bodies and to […]

Short but sweet!

Hello readers, I’ve realized that perhaps condensing my posts to the essential might be more effective. Everyone is very busy, and competition for our attention is fierce! How can we search our depths when so much energy is spent to keep our attention on the surface of life? For example, in on-line dating, we are […]

I can do alone all by myself

Hello readers, My friend and former therapist, Bernard, once told me that being excluded from belonging to a group, to the rest of humanity, is what all people fear most. Bernard is a really special person, and I really admire and respect him. I add to his claim, and I am pretty sure he would agree […]

Random Encounters, a Metaphore for On-line Dating: A Poem

A shell made of epoxy and glass fell off a shelf did not shatter Rolling across a floor of rough-hewn boards smelling sawmill fresh of vomit landed behind the foot of a hand-carved settee Mahogany and walnut carefully joined then forgotten, Wisps of dust motes, cob web and dog hair woven into a fine mist […]