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Dearest readers,

The human body is evolving with human consciousness. You may be feeling some of the symptoms yourself, such as muscle spasms, ringing in the ears, sharp pains in various parts of the body, rashes. We are all experiencing this transformation – even animals and plants. Some of us are choosing the ascension path consciously, and other are part of the collective wave of change and are not yet aware of what is happening on the planet and inside of our bodies.


The human body is an amazing vessel of divine engineering. While all of us have been programmed to varying degrees to misunderstand our true nature and purpose, the time has come for all of humanity to understand what the human being is, and how our bodies function. The human being is a powerful agent of communication with the cosmos. We all contain in our DNA not only the history of the universe, but also the universe itself. We are a microcosm of all that is.


For thousands of years, human beings have been enslaved through a mindset of separation and survival. The tiny ego part of self has become the “all”. Our minds have been given the throne of consciousness, removing the heart from the equation. It is the heart that connects us all to one another, to our conscious planet, and to all of the beings, places, and events (past, present, future) in the universe.

As our DNA shifts and our hearts recalibrate towards unity and away from separation/survival consciousness, a number of changes take place in our bodies. Our cellular structures are expanding. Unity consciousness is expansion. We move from our heart center to include all that is in a vast web of being. In the old paradigm and in the old body, constriction and separation prime. This means that our organ systems and cells separate and constrict. We see this in our medical system with its specialists. As the new medicine focuses on energy and holism, the old system divides the body up into a myriad of distinct parts, completely losing focus of the whole human being and the emotional body.


As we reintegrate the heart, the emotional body, and the knowledge that we are multi-dimensional beings intimately connected at multiple levels with all of existence, our cellular structure shifts to make room for more light and love in our bodies. The light body is a body that is open to life. It is a body that is heart-centered. It is a body focused on expansion and connection. It is a body through which light, energy, and information flow in and constantly renew and recycle the cellular structure. Energy comes in from the cosmos and from Mother Earth as we consciously work to release all negative conditioning, belief systems, karmic contracts, fears, anxiety, doubt – everything that brings density and constriction to our cells.

talking to your cells

Basically, fear causes our cells to become heavy and dense. When we worry, we create a reality for ourselves and for the collective that reflects our fears. Inside the mysterious enclave of our own bodies, we create disease. We could say that disease is separation from the true self, which is already complete and full of love inside of each of us. Our bodies are awaiting our awakening and the release of the density and darkness which makes us feel lonely, separate, incomplete, and unworthy.


As our new light bodies evolve, our cellular structures are shedding a lot of material that is no longer needed in the body. As we let go of fear and worry, our bodies work with us and begin to discard density. We need to help our bodies by flushing out these toxic substances. There are many easy ways to detox our bodies. Drinking lots of fresh spring water, lemons and lemon juice, raw organic apple cider vinegar are all very cleansing for the body. Chlorophyll laden foods such as spirulina or moringa leaf are highly nutritious and healing for the body. Other helpful detox tools include turmeric, food-grade bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth. Yogi Teas make a really tasty detox tea. Intermittent fasting is also very helpful. Getting a lot of sleep and spending time outdoors in the sun is extremely important. Our bodies recalibrate as we sleep, and we also receive teachings and guidance during this crucial rest.


Sunlight is full of information and love that our bodies need. It is actually a nutrient, and the light body thrives on sunlight. Foods that are grown with love, respect, and dignity and which photosynthesize are key for the light body, as they are products of the sun. High levels of integrity are key as humanity evolves. The workers who grow food, and the animals and plants we cultivate must all be treated with the utmost love and respect, as must the Earth – her soil and water. The sun and Earth have already recalibrated to a new, higher level of consciousness, and if we open up our hearts, minds, and bodies to this new energy, the transformation will be less painful.

piggy love

Ascension teachers are reporting that many people experience a sort of sunburn from within – redness of skin, as internal radiation cleanses the cellular structure. Many are also experiencing rashes as the crystalline structure of Gaia creates a new consciousness grid inside of our bodies. Because we are connected to the Earth and the universe, the consciousness grid, Gaia grid, and crystalline grid of our planet also exist in our bodies. We are each a microcosm of Mother Earth and of our solar system, and when we are awake and aware, we will be able to feel exactly what is going on around us and inside of us.

Voltaire quote Titania

Because of the new calibration and our renewed intimacy with our self, our own body, and with the planet and beyond, we will begin to understand that reality is created from within. Our thoughts, feelings, and choices create the real world in which we all live. We are all intimately connected to one another and to the planet, and she responds to us. When we fall in love with ourselves, with humanity, and with Mother Earth, we will easily understand and accept one another in spite of our differences.


As the light body evolves and the expansion of unity consciousness pervades human awareness, we will need less food, and the denser foods containing less light will eventually no longer be needed. The light body needs light to thrive. From Greenmedinfo.com:

An amazing study published in the Journal of Cell Science reveals an entirely new reason why it is essential that you ‘eat your greens,’ as mother always said, namely: it enables your body’s mitochondria to produce more ATP energy when exposed to sunlight. 

The study titled, “Light-harvesting chlorophyll pigments enable mammalian mitochondria to capture photonic energy and produce ATP“, indicates that by eating a chlorophyll-rich diet mammals (and by implication humans) can capture specific wavelengths of sunlight radiation that will translate into increased energy within the powerhouses of the cell known as the mitochondria.


As we instinctively learn to look inward for guidance and no longer rely on guidelines or gurus from without to tell us what to eat, how to behave, and what we like and love, our diets will evolve from day to day. We will learn to dialogue with our bodies and our cellular structure, and we will feel a shiver or thrill when we tell our innate being  “I love you.” Our bodies have been waiting to hear from us for a very long time. They have been running on autopilot, which can lead to disaster for our health and the harmonious flow of our highly calibrated organism.


The new diet for the light body is simple. Eat foods raised with love and sunlight. Detox regularly. Get lots of sleep. Talk to your body. Give it lots of love. Say out loud when addressing your body and cellular structure: “I love you.” and “Thank you for supporting me.”  Ask your body specific questions each day, such as:

  • What specific foods or nutrients do I need today?
  • Can you please tell me what I need to know?
  • Where or what in my body is out of alignment with my highest good?
  • What can I do right now to bring more love and harmony into my body?

heart leaf

As you enter into this new love relationship with yourself and your body, you will see yourself feeling more relaxed, more expansive with others. You will become more generous with others, and you will put your own needs first, but not in a selfish way. The light body is a body of unity, harmony, love. It is the embodiment of what Jesus and the Buddha and so many others came to teach humanity: love yourself, treat your neighbor as yourself, love your enemies. These beings came from elsewhere in the cosmos to teach us that we are powerful beings of light. They did not come to be worshiped. They came to help us to remember who we are.

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  1. Wonderfully written! Thank you 🙏🏻


  2. Thank you so much for that. You have motivated me to Love myself outloud, much louder.

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