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People, power and the end of worship

mare and foal

Dearest readers,

When I first began this blog, it was the intuition that reality is not at all what it appears to be which motivated my desire to explore human consciousness and the nature of reality. As it turns out, my explorations of reality have brought me on an ever more inward spiral through the back story of human imagination and our ability to create realities.


The power of imagination, while often belittled, is truly a super power. It makes us creators, gods, and inventors of anything we can picture in our mind’s eye. When I was in art school, at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, in Paris, working with symbols and the imagination was considered downright corny, old-fashioned, and also somehow threatening. The use of imagination was more often than not judged, condemned, and punished with either sarcasm or ostracism. It seemed more prestigious and powerful at the time (early ’90’s) to make large back-lit photographs (à la Jeff Wall) , installations, and rationally explained minimalist works which satisfied a pseudo-scientific vision of art that basically had surgically removed the soul from art. I struggled with this a lot. For me, the soul was also the heart of artistic expression and the heart of self.


Mostly our cultures around the world are based on an assumption that the “real world” is outside of self, and that we are all separate from one another, from objects, from the planet. Our entire concept of reality and relationship is based upon a collectively designed set of assumptions which we are all taught to accept as truth. The most damaging of these collective “facts” is that we are small and relatively powerless. In this “reality”, imagination is cute and art is little more than decorative. Something to be used for children’s books, and not a force which creates realities and connects us to a source of information that is infinite and universal.


Because we are taught we have little power, we are also taught to fear that which we apparently cannot control. Which is basically the entire world and all people outside of self. And because we feel we can’t control this reality we are taught exists outside of self, we want very much to have control. Much of our energy goes towards controlling others and towards achieving outcomes which improve our status in the power structure which delineates who is powerful and who is less so. And so we gamble, manipulate, calculate, worry, and try very hard to figure out what are our odds of being “lucky” or “unlucky” in life, love, and our financial fortunes.


Since our cultures are based on the assumption that we will always be easily tricked into giving our power away to some institution, powerful person or group, or god(s), we are all caught in a circular maelstrom of fear and worship. Because we think we can’t control reality, we simultaneously worship and admire but also envy and secretly hate and fear those who have more power than we think we do.

alf goya saturn

YouTube channel videographer and visionary, Magenta Pixie has a formidable mind and an admirable ability to clearly express complex concepts about a host of realities, especially those in the multi-dimensional realms. In one of her videos on the theme of psychic attack and spiritual protection, she describes our “dense” 3rd dimensional reality as based on a cultural template with four basic values or archetypes: victim, attacker, protector, savior. Until we surpass, both individually and collectively, this cultural belief system or control system based on narcissism, psychic attack, and manipulation in order to get our energetic needs met, we will remain essentially powerless and continue to worship political figures, the ultra-wealthy, celebrities, and gods.

Saturn devouring his son

Magenta explains that it is possible to leave behind this conundrum of endless war, backbiting, and vampire-like behaviors by realizing that no one can truly attack us. There is no real danger, and there is no real protection nor is there a need to protect oneself from a threat which exists only in the mind.


We are living in chaotic times because humanity is choosing, some consciously and many not so consciously, to evolve beyond this template of victim, attacker, protector, savior. This means giving up being irresponsible, blaming others for our problems, resorting to revenge, giving up our power to politicians and experts, thinking rich people or celebrities are more important than we are, having and deserving more than we do. This also means that the notion of God will also have to change radically.

invisibility cloak

What will be the biggest challenge in this adaptation to the new template? And what is the new template? In fact, the new template is not new at all. It is imprinted in our DNA, written in our Declaration of Independence. It is really about remembering who we were before our memories were wiped, before the mass brainwashing that made us into spineless followers and viciously selfish, needy, and  insecure people who always feel separate, lonely, incomplete.

baby head

The new template is the sovereign human being who takes responsibility for his or her personal power. The need to worship and to look for God and power outside of self is very deeply imprinted into the human psyche. It is almost frightening to confront this point with people who are believers in any of these power structures, because there is so much energy invested in these realities. To become a free and sovereign person means you can’t blame anyone or anything for your problems. You can’t channel or communicate with a higher power, because nothing is separate from you. You are living in unity consciousness, just like the ascended masters.

Removing clouds

In the time of their physical incarnations, the most famous of the ascended masters, Jesus and Buddha both taught the same lessons. How to attain mastery through self love and self-responsibility. Pixie describes the new archetype in four terms: sovereignty, gratitude, liberty, and unity. Humanity hasn’t been ready until now to begin to consider on a large scale adopting these principles for living in unity. Today, the Christian religion has little to do with the original teachings of Jesus, because it is based on a template of separation and fear, in which God is outside of the self. There is no judgment in this observation. All religions are based on this same principle. Humanity needed to experience a very long period of separation in order to begin to choose unity and sovereignty.

Josh, White Flag Installation

In other words, humanity has been spiraling downwards to the lowest levels of energetic expression over thousands of years and is finally considering growing up.  I have read that four civilizations of humans have lived on Earth and have either self-destructed or have died out due to various disasters prior to our current version of humanity.

weird pups

There is no telling why, for example, a woman who has experienced several abusive husbands or relationships one day decides that this particular abusive relationship is one too many. It does not matter how educated or how intelligent we are. I’ve been there. When we are ready to love self, we finally stop beating our self up. We each struggle through experiences that help us to understand and love our self (hopefully) a little bit more each time.

bloody nose

It is very exciting that humanity is beginning to wake up and to grow up. I for one am tired of wars, drama, gossip, pettiness, fear, and the feeling of needing someone or some force to protect me from negative energies, harm, disasters, and general bad luck. I have already reached the point where taking charge of my own life in creative mode and living in love, light, unity, and freedom are my primary focus.

love light

Last year, I joined a spiritual healing group called the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. The Circle of Friends is an international non-profit formed some years after Groening’s death (in 1959) and has and continues to do wonderful work around the world to help people re-balance and heal their bodies as well as provide help and protection in every day life. While Bruno Groening was a remarkable man and the people in the Circle of Friends are wonderful and kind-hearted people, I began to feel uncomfortable about the focus of the group on Bruno Groening, the man, as a sort of savior/protector figure. Because he is portrayed as stronger, the friend is by extension weaker. Those of us who were born without being aware of our full potential as human beings are able to learn. We are all equal, and all of us are born with powerful gifts. It is time to remember what they are and to use them to help ourselves and to help humanity and Mother Earth.


The feeling crept up on me that I was giving personal power away by assuming that this person, who is no longer alive, has more power than ordinary humans do, innately, to heal and re-balance our bodies. This is an extension of this standard 3-D paradigm of victim, protector, savior. I kept feeling like I wanted more, and that now is the time for us starseeds to show the way to humanity that we are all infinite multi-dimensional beings with built-in permanent access to quantum information, communication, connection with our own bodies and the universe.

Why don’t we all gather together in knowing that we are all equally powerful and important? I feel it would be more useful to teach people how to take their own power back, to remember our lost history, abilities, and our true nature. It feels best to me to simply share with others as we learn to be responsible for our own clearing and balancing our own energies as well as for creating our own realities.

one life

I have joined a self-mastery group with Lisa Transcendence Brown that promotes sovereignty and self-responsibility. I do believe that this is the way for me to learn to further remember and develop my own talents and universal connectivity, though less spectacular and impressive than some techniques and channels, since there is no celebrity “wow” factor involved. It just takes dedication, work, sincerity, and heart-centered focus.


Groening was a person born with a strong memory of his innate powers as a human being and as a healer. He lived close to nature, in unity consciousness, embodying a higher dimensional being on Earth. Anyone, human or animal, who came in his presence and who was out of balance energetically but who was open to healing would often receive a spontaneous remission from chronic and sometimes terminal illnesses or conditions. Bruno Groening understood energy and sought to teach what spiritual teachers have taught around the world for thousands of years. What he called the “heilstrom” or healing stream is the same as prana or chi, or scalar energy for the more scientifically minded. He was concerned above all with healing the physical body, but also secondarily the emotional and mental bodies.


In this group, people use photographs of Bruno Groening in addition to using his healing meditation technique to release negative energies or burdens and to absorb the healing energy which is all around us. Basically, by absorbing the healing stream, the friend attempts to reach the zero point field and obtain spontaneous remission and manifestation of desires by trusting and believing that Bruno will make these things occur. Although Groening made it clear he did not wish to be worshiped and that God was the true healer, I believe that he unintentionally promoted this passive attitude. For in this statement, God is still outside of self.


Instead of fully training fellow healers, Groening created a following of admirers, only because human beings have been so long conditioned to follow, to worship, and to feel “less than”. Perhaps during his lifetime it was not yet time or possible for humanity to liberate itself from the old 3-D template of victimhood and worship. I do believe it was Groening’s intention to teach people the ancient wisdom of how to heal themselves, but his teachings hinge on people depending on an emotional and spiritual connection to Bruno in order for the healing to take place. Members are told to give their burdens up to Bruno in his multi-dimensional state rather than to become conscious of all encoded templates and to transmute their own negative energy and the old fear-based mentalities into light and love.

energy healing

Today, we can open our hearts and minds and remember the crucial lesson Groening taught that humanity had forgotten: our true nature. Many teach today that we can dialogue with our innate, with our DNA, our cellular structure. Where the mind and brain cannot share this intimate information, with our consciousness we can shift the realities of our bodies and our health. Once we know our self, and this process does take work and effort to shift and to leave behind the old energy imprints in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, we begin to see the light. Everyone will do this at their own pace, when they are ready. Humanity is evolving, our bodies are shifting, becoming light bodies. Our DNA is also changing.

crop circle

It takes a lot of patience to release negativity and the totality of the 3-D cultural template, because it feels like there is a never-ending supply of fear, worry, doubt, and lack stored in our muscles, soft tissues, skin. The mind is always spinning, and it spins even faster when we make up our minds that we want to be happy, peaceful, not worry about the future, and imagine all kinds of lovely outcomes that would actually be pleasurable to experience. When we decide to be move our focus from our minds to our hearts, to be happy with our self and our body, all kinds of ugly monstrous thoughts rear their ugly but familiar heads and threaten to make us scream in frustration. But by allowing our self to feel these emotions fully without following them to their foreseen conclusions and by affirming what we do want to experience (over and over and over again), eventually new neural pathways form in the brain, and the ego will hopefully sit down in a small chair and relax (for once).


So while some will shriek  heresy and allow fear to take a stranglehold on cultural expression, as we see far too often in the world, the endgame is freedom, joy, and no longer having to worry about bullies, money, going to heaven or hell, punishment, logistics, and survival. I don’t know about you, but I want to be a creator of my reality. I want to continue to send love and light wherever I go, peacefully and joyfully. I enjoy my freedom, and I want to use my time on Earth to create beauty, joy, expansive ideas and emotions. We are all artists. We don’t need to be saved from anyone or anything.


Develop your imagination. It is your super power. It’s time to enjoy your life. Start by shedding the old reality. It is heavy and uncomfortable. When the last shreds fall away, we will all sigh with relief and wonder why we held onto something so painful, ugly, and dark for so long. Yes, it is familiar, and the familiar tugs at us and keeps us complacent. But who doesn’t yearn for joy, freedom, to wake up each day without an alarm clock, without being tied down to a job but buoyed up with a vision and a mission – knowing all of your needs will be met. It’s time to get excited about life again. It’s time to grow up and take charge of our own lives. Contrary to what we have all been taught, being responsible is embodying love, freedom, and joy.


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