The Weaponization of Compassion: Tools for Real Peace-making

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Hello dear readers,

In this upside-down world we are given to navigate at this time of great shifts and changes, those of us who are truly paying attention notice how sharp-edged, manipulative, and harsh the narratives we are given relative to compassion for people and the planet.

To me, peace is something that feels restful, unified, undivided. When I am feeling peaceful and creative, my vital energy is high, and I feel no internal conflict. If society is compelling me to do something for the highest good of others, but this action does not come from a place of love, unity, or true empathy, then I feel that unrest in my heart and in my bones and flesh. Just because someone (an individual, a governmental or non-governmental organization, a corporation) says I should do something to support the environment or I am not a good person, then I immediately begin to ponder the motivations of that individual or that entity.

In the United States, Liberal politicians pose as people and planet-centric, but if you examine their motives and actions carefully, the vast majority are “service-to-self” focused. I am apolitical, because I know that all political factions in the US and overseas are serving one master and one pathway forward that does not serve the highest good of all.

Hummingbird in Flight, watercolor by Rebekah Berger

Truly benevolent action comes from a place of “service-to-others”. Which does not mean that a person in service to others neglects their own needs and desires. A service-to-others focused individual or group knows and trusts intuitively that we live in an abundant world, and that all needs and desires are met when we give sincerely and fully of ourselves, using our gifts and experiences to assist others and to feel joy in action.

A few examples of weaponized compassion and how censorship, control, lack of trust in humanity’s innate ability to choose wisely are at the center of several global situations at this time:

  • The pandemic: If our “leaders” were truly benevolent and compassionate and deeply concerned about the well-being of humanity, they would be open to all types of treatments and suggestions from practitioners of all origins and backgrounds. They would simply care that people were healthy and healing. Our “leaders” have made billions of dollars from these pharmaceutical deals. They would not be practicing heavy-handed censorship and creating slogans and new terms such as “vaccine hesitancy” in order to manipulate people into getting vaccinated.
  • A benevolent individual or organization would not try to conceal that people are being harmed by these vaccines. They would immediately be alarmed and withdraw any product from public use if it truly was not deemed 100% safe. Benevolent leaders would welcome testimonies from individuals and groups harmed by the vaccines. They would not attempt to prevent publication of data regarding the risks and benefits of these products for 75 years. Yet we see constant shaming and retribution against anyone who attempts to uncover these manipulative and fear-filled tactics.
  • A benevolent being or entity does not use shame, bullying, or fear-mongering in order to share information. The truth is that there are very simple, inexpensive, and harmless treatments for COVID-19.
  • People have been bullied all over the planet into accepting even for infants, expectant mothers, and young children a technology that does not prevent infection or transmission, and which has been shown to be very dangerous. We have been told that if we do not accept this treatment/”vaccine”, that we are putting our friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers’ lives in danger. Yet the reverse is true. Those who have accepted vaccination are now producing new variants in their bodies, prolonging the pandemic and infecting and endangering the lives of others, without even being aware of this happening. In this situation, compassion has been weaponized. You are a bad person if you don’t get the vaccine. This is what people have been told. When, in truth, if you do get the vaccine, you are causing harm to yourself and to others. What kind of person or organization consciously creates this type of narrative and action? Control over health has become the ultimate weapon of the new pseudo-compassionate elites.
Racoon and Bluebirds, watercolor by Rebekah Berger
  • Electric vehicles, carbon footprints, and the responsibility for environmental preservation:
  • Humanity has been told that we are responsible for the state of degradation of our planet. Yet our global leaders, who are minions for corporate financial institutions, tech companies, military entitites, and the like, are the true creators of the massive destruction of our natural habitats, forests, oceans, and natural resources. We have allowed these destructive beings to preside over us and to make decisions for us and for our planet, and in this passive acquiescence, we are all responsible for these destructive missions and behaviors.
  • Humanity has not been informed about secret space programs or the advanced technologies that our governments and military possess, allowing them to wreak massive havoc upon nature. These technologies are used to amplify storms, earthquakes, weather patterns, to create forest fires, droughts. In addition to this destruction, intentional criminal arson is used to manipulate and damage our food systems. The destruction that has been wrought onto our Earth is so extensive and ongoing, that it is difficult to describe. The damage to our water cycles by growing and transporting food across long distances is but one example.
  • Humanity to a great extent has allowed a handful of individuals who are extremely greedy and self-serving to completely modify our entire natural way of life, making us completely dependent upon them for our survival. A benevolent being or group does not try to control others. Respect for people and the planet means making decisions together. Compassionate people care about others and the planet. They do not use guilt, shame, nor do they project blame when it comes to making changes for the better.
  • The groups of elites that gather at Davos, Switzerland each year, hosted by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum pontificate about making our world a better place. They seem to think that they know how to do this, and that we, mere peons, should not be consulted about how this should be done. This is yet another example of how compassion has been weaponized.
Feline Fairies, watercolor on paper, by Rebekah Berger
  • We are told that by embracing veganism, electric vehicles, and by giving up our property (to these elites), that we will be better stewards of the environment. That we will be given privileges or demerits based on our carbon footprints and energy consumption. What do you think the true motivations of the elites are in this matter? Do they truly care about reducing carbon emissions? If they did, why did they destroy the electric vehicle market 30 years ago? Why do they suddenly “care” now? If we were all working together as one, we would not need a control system to dictate how we use or misuse energy. We would all be making responsible choices that support all of us.
  • The reason that the elites are now promoting these pseudo-compassionate tactics is because they are attempting by any and all means to harness all resources, including human beings, as their own property. Their goal is to control everyone and everything. No exceptions. And the means by which they are going about this process of total control, or totalitarian rule, is by weaponizing compassion.
  • Gun violence:
  • People are shocked by the horrific shootings that are portrayed as happening spontaneously. People are made to believe that other human beings are monsters, and that life is dangerous. That our fellow human beings are dangerous, and that we cannot trust anyone.
  • This situation is in fact manufactured to create fear. By hijacking our empathic energy and our emotional bodies, the elites’ strategy is to firstly horrify people with senseless violence (that they create and sponsor), and secondly, to make sure that we ourselves demand that all weapons be forbidden. In this way, humanity has a reduced scope of resistance to the total control of the elites over us and over our planet.
  • Humanity is abdicating all control and responsibility over our future by giving up our own creative power to a group of psychopaths who skillfully navigate the weaponization of compassion through manipulation of our emotions and beliefs.
  • I believe the people who control our planet know how hard it is for people to realize and to accept that our own leaders would and do murder children, adults, animals, and destroy our planet consistently and regularly without feeling any sort of emotion.
  • I know our planet is run by a criminal mafia composed of psychopathic individuals. And perhaps some or even many of them are caught up in this racket because of extensive blackmail. Perhaps many would like to exit this nightmare, but they can’t. Because the only way for it to stop is for the majority of humanity to wake up and to stop accepting the “fake woke” and to see our reality for what it is. I personally do not judge these individuals and organizations. They do what they do, and by being hideously selfish and cruel, they serve a purpose in our world. They are the trigger, the incentive for humanity to awaken out of their stupor and to remember our true creative nature.
As the Crow Flies by Night, Acrylic and ink on canvas, by Rebekah Berger

What is real and what is made up?

When people accept everything that they are told on television and social media, then it is easy for the “service-to-self” entities to control us. People who do not question the motivations or the information they are given have sold their souls and the future of the planet. We are all 100% responsible for what happens to our world, whether or not we are living consciously and intentionally. Everything is a valid experience, and if people need to suffer in order to awaken and to take responsibility for what we all create together, then it must be so.

Technology and media today have very sophisticated means to create imagery that appears real, for all intents and purposes. It is nearly impossible to tell if an image or video has been doctored. How do we know that anything we are shown on the news truly happened? What if all of it is Hollywood productions, designed to manipulate our emotions, thoughts, choices, beliefs? Who are actors in these films, and who are actual people experiencing these situations without a script?

Phoenix Cat Tree, watercolor on paper, by Rebekah Berger

I believe the experiences that humanity and the planet are currently undergoing are necessary and perfect. The degree of suffering on the planet today is extreme. When individuals or groups of people have been traumatized, it takes even more severe trauma to push people to the breaking point. That breaking point means that what is being inflicted upon you feels more harsh than what you think you deserve. The path back to self love and to knowing yourself as an infinite, divine, creator being is a long journey of self-realization.

While fake compassion is a tool for abuse, destruction, and profiteering, true compassion can come out of this extreme pain and suffering. Just like the phoenix rising up out of its ashes, newly reborn, humanity does have the potential at this time to do the same.

2 comments on “The Weaponization of Compassion: Tools for Real Peace-making

  1. Re “I believe the people who control our planet know how hard it is for people to realize and to accept that our own leaders would and do murder children, adults, animals, and destroy our planet consistently and regularly without feeling any sort of emotion.”

    Yes they do. It’s why “the people who control our planet” call the masses “the dead” and they are just about as dead as they themselves…. soulless — read the essay “The 2 married pink elephants in the historical room” …. https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html


    • Hi Allen,
      I did read your article, and I thank you so much for sharing it with me. The reason that all alternative therapies and treatments have been shunned or banned by the corporate/government medical establishments in the US and around the world is for three reasons, from what I gather: 1) financial gain 2) emergency use authorization is only granted if no other known remedy is available and known to be effective 3) liability – when an EUA is granted, the pharmaceutical companies and the government agencies they control have no legal responsibility for the consequences (deaths and injuries) caused by their experimental treatments. It is a horrifying situation, but I think that humanity has been hypnotized by the elites for so many centuries that it will take a massive shock to wake most people up. Because humanity has resided in a state of victim/savior consciousness for so long, enslavement and lack of personal responsibility are a “normal” state of being for most people. Perhaps this is sadly what many people need to mature and grow up at last. The elites are scrambling to do everything they can to keep people in fear and to manipulate the collective consciousness to maintain their power and control permanently. I believe that the goal of the pandemic was to introduce certain nano-biotechnologies into every cell of every human being who accepted the vaccines as well as to eliminate a certain percentage of the human population and to sterilize all of those who did accept the vaccination protocol. Octavia Butler in one of her novels about an alien race “rescuing” a handful of humans in a post-apocalyptic Earth explains that control of reproduction is key to controlling outcomes and evolution. We just have to see how things unfold and hold an ascended and peaceful perspective in the midst of all of the chaos.

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