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How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Hello dearest readers,

Everyone seems to complain about polarization and how difficult it is to communicate with others who don’t share our views.

Most don’t realize that we have been very carefully and purposefully conditioned to be divided against one another. This system of social programming or social engineering is designed to maintain a system of control over humanity. Who is pulling the strings?

There has been a global system of control over humanity and over planet Earth for thousands of years. But it is only since we have had access to the Internet that this global system of mind control has become apparent because we can communicate easily with people all over the globe. As the manipulation of mass media has exploded, so has censorship and the pattern of “divide and conquer” polarizing politics and social issues.

The people behind the mind control and social engineering are the globalists. Billionaires, massive corporations, Big Tech, Big Pharma, organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), the European Union, the United Nations, the CDC, the FDA, the WMF. Elites, bankers, royals, heads of religious hierarchies, members of the military, secret societies, judges, doctors, academics, and more. Those who hold the power over the narratives in our societies do so in order to maintain their power and control over how our world and how humanity evolve.

The real question at hand is this: What type of future does humanity want to create and experience?

Do we want to allow the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution to bring in an AI-controlled system in which all property, including human beings and human consciousness, are the property of corporations? Or do we want to remain free and sovereign beings mastering our own consciousness and using that consciousness to co-create a diverse and colorful world that serves the highest good of humanity and of all of life on our planet?

We do have the power to make these decisions, and we are making them, whether or not we are fully aware and conscious that we are making such a choice.

For those of us who are interested in ascending to a level of consciousness in which we are empowered and fully responsible for our choice, being OK with being uncomfortable and having challenging conversations with others who do not share the same views as we do is a given.

As we lift in our conscious awareness, identifying with ego-driven values becomes less important. Opinions and indentity are values that anchor us to our bodies of form and are about limitation. When we live in limitation and identify only with our physical experiences in the here and now, we become easy to manipulate. And we are easily inflamed and triggered by rhetoric that is mass produced by our media moguls. Once we let go of these identities related to our gender, color of our skin, religious affiliation, political party affiliation, and so on, then it becomes much easier to feel peaceful with other people. Regardless of their backgrounds, stories, and appearance.

But the first steps in awakening may find you still seated in the consciousness of limitation, density, or victim consciousness. You may strive for freedom, equality, inclusion in diversity. This state of mind in which the social justice warrior dwells is one which is often emotionally turbulent. To ascend from this state of consciousness, the most important thing to do is to listen and to be attentive to others.

Every single living being, and every particle of energy on the planet, animate or inanimate is created from energy and from consciousness. This means that everything that exists is already, in its essence, of equal value. We learn as children to establish value systems and structures on what and who we see, and then we live according to those hierarchies. But when we learn to let go of conditioning (and this is where sitting with the discomfort comes), then we can truly experience the equality in diversity of all things. This freedom comes with a sense of wonder.

Everyone and everything in this world is so beautifully and amazingly original and diverse. Our power comes from our unique flavor and energy. The globalists want to make all humans gender-neutral and biologically neutral as well. By impacting our fertility through food, pesticides, vaccines, and medications, humanity will depend upon the elites to be cloned or to reproduce artificially, without the amazing diversity and freedom that natural reproduction creates.

By replacing nature and the divine with artificial intelligence and augmented reality (when the reality in which we live is already a virtual experience), we give up our personal connection with the infinite and accept a form of limitation which appears to be augmented from what we are accustomed to experiencing. This is because humanity has been conditioned to live in a very narrow and limited state of consciousness for many thousands of years.

If you are ready to remember your true, divine nature and unlimited potential to evolve in your consciousness, then expansion is your goal. The first thing to do is to embrace meeting with people and situations that make you feel uncomfortable. This is where we stretch ourselves. Our minds, our emotional bodies, our physical bodies all strive to be comfortable and at ease. Yet when we are at ease, as pleasant as that may feel, we are not growing, learning, or expanding.

The next time you meet with anyone, be receptive to what they have to share. Ask questions and show genuine interest in what they have to say. Listen carefully without interjecting your own opinions. How does that feel? Do you need to be right? Or does it feel OK to just be in the presence of that person and to learn from their experiences?

Every person has their own energy field. When we come into contact with another person or group of people, our energy fields merge together and amplify one another. The original human beings most likely knew how to master and to amplify their own thoughts, emotions, and intentions whether when alone or in a group. Telepathy, telekinesis, psychic abilities are all natural to human beings. We each have talents in areas that are considered in the global culture of limitation as paranormal, but in fact, these abilities would once have been normal for all of us.

Because we have been dumbed down, so to speak, we have forgotten how to be connected to the more evolved dimensions. By mastering our consciousness, we can begin to “ascend” again, and function progressively from higher states of consciousness. This takes time, practice, and dedication.

While most will choose to wear or have embedded in their bodies technologies, chips, contact lenses, implants that artificially augment their abilities, awareness, and intelligence/knowledge, once those technologies are deactivated, the individual remains vulnerable and limited. A person choosing augmented reality and the metaverse essentially becomes dependent on the elite class to be part of a “superior” caste.

The few who will choose natural technology and who will take responsibility for their own consciousness will likely be stigmatized by the majority who make the choice for augmented reality. They will be misunderstood. However, once you get a taste for freedom and for true conscious creation and co-creation, the power and potential in your purview becomes endless. The ascended individual lives in connection to the “allness”, and seeks to serve the highest good of everyone, everything, and all that is. This natural form of empowerment cannot be controlled, distorted, or used for selfish purposes.

The artificial ascension, best known as The Great Reset or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is an inverted ascension. It is about limitation and maintaining humanity in a state of permanent enslavement. The polarization we are now experiencing on the planet is designed to keep us all separate from ourselves and from one another for this purpose. And everything we are told in the mainstream “news” is actually the opposite from the truth. Like in the Netflix series, Stranger Things, we are living in the Upside Down. And this feels uncomfortable for those who love life, creativity, and the truth.

Every time I talk with friends who are not “awake and aware”, there is a disconnect and a feeling of discomfort on both sides. I work very hard at accepting that everyone is where they need to be on their journey of self-discovery and expansion. Some need to experience more limitation and suffering during this lifetime. I cannot and should not try to rescue them, as it is their sovereign choice to give up their power and to feel victimized at this time. It is very challenging for compassionate people at this time to not fall into rescuer mode. But the rescuer is but one of the roles of codependency, which is part of the conditioning system to which we have all been subjected.

We are all responsible only for ourselves and for our own journey. Yet, unlike the isolation imposed upon us by the elites during the pseudo-pandemic, we are never alone. We are all connected, all-ways. None of us are victims. We are all making choices, using the tools that we have right now.


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