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Fake Woke: The Weaponization of Compassion and How the Trickster Energy Is Attempting to Undermine the Awakening of Humanity

If you are truly in touch with your soul, heart, intuition, inner being, then you are awake. You have remembered your true identity as an infinite light being and fractal of the unified field of consciousness commonly known as God. A spiritual awakening is a process of reconnecting to your own innate power and multi-dimensional identity. To be “woke” is another story.

The term “woke” has come into common use as an “upside-down” or inverted ascension or awakening. It is very much a 3-D state of being also known as spiritual activism, which can be a very positive catalyst and catapult out of 3-D. It is also a term that has been appropriated by mainstream politics and news to coddle, caress in the direction of the fur, to placate and to stroke the ego of those in a state of spiritual activism in order to manipulate the consciousness of those willing to be manipulated. In other words, a person who believes that he, she, they are “woke” is because this person has adhered to a set of conditioned politically correct beliefs which appear to be compassionate and unifying only on the surface.

Below the surface, there is a complex under-current of manipulation of consciousness going on. The Trickster energy referred to in the title of this post is an energy that uses the creativity of others to draw attention to itself. It is narcissistic and vampiristic. It has no creative ability of its own. So it borrows, hijacks, skillfully draws attention to itself, stealing the ideas of others and uses extensive means to convince others that these ideas are their own, and that the movements, people, energies it copies are in fact the fakes or not trustworthy.

Compassion would generally be considered an attribute of higher consciousness, as embodied, for example, by the Dalai Lama, or Mother Theresa. The weaponization or manipulation of the value of compassion, however, has transformed this form of empathy into a tool to divide people against each other and to draw the sympathies and allegiance of a portion of society in opposition to those holding supposedly less “woke” or less compassionate values.

True compassion is rooted in the ability to embrace all people and to allow everyone to simply be themselves, whatever that may look like. I am personally a very progressive, open-minded, and open-hearted person. I love freedom, and I would love to live in a world where everyone can be embraced for who they truly are. Wokeness, however, has become anything but heart-centered. It has become a harsh dogma of a heartless and fascist system.

Human consciousness has been stuck in a very low vibration for a very long time. The reason humanity has been stuck is not because it is human nature to be primitive, overly dramatic, codependent, angry, fearful, ashamed, abusive. The reason humanity has been stuck in this low level of consciousness for thousands of years is because there is a Trickster energy that has been running our planet from behind the scenes, controlling politics, finance, religion, education, policing, the military, arts and culture, music, entertainment, news and media. Every aspect of civil society is run by a narcissistic and sociopathic energy that feeds off of the innate creativity, joy, urge for freedom, diversity, and love that is the human birthright.

Most human beings do not realize how powerful they are, or how powerful they could be if fully awakened and empowered. This is how the Trickster maintains its power over humanity. By constantly reminding us how weak we are. By scaring us into accepting all sorts of things that do not benefit us or our planet. By making us feel responsible, for example, for global warming. This is exactly what narcissists do. They lie, they cheat, they manipulate, they steal your life force energy, and then they make you feel like you are the bad person, and that you are responsible for everything that goes wrong.

In our current situation, in the United States and around the world, the Trickster has people of influence in all governments and non-governmental organizations. It controls all decision making, and it controls the narrative of all information that is shared with humanity, shaming and criticizing, as well as censoring any voices that dare to speak up and to counter the official narrative. This is where “woke” comes in.

In the United States, the so-called dual party political system was invented by the Trickster to keep people from uniting as one. The stories are carefully curated to make sure people stay divided. All politicians are puppets manipulated by the Trickster energy. For the narrative of the pandemic, which was invented and which has been planned and practiced for many decades, it was clearly decided that the Democrats and Democratic Party would be more useful to achieve the ends of the Trickster. Let it be clear that the Trickster energy manipulates both sides, and they use whichever party or strategy they think will achieve their ends at any given moment. Both parties are always played off each other in order to perpetuate division, polarity, and social chaos. Democrats or Liberals in the United States consider themselves to be more open-minded, more progressive, more compassionate than Conservatives or Republicans, who generally stand for independence, patriotism, family values, religion.

The elites of our planet, who are working for the Trickster energy and who are benefiting from its predominance and control over human consciousness, were well aware that an awakening cycle was upon our planet and our galaxy. They knew well in advance what the potentials were, and they used technologies such as project Looking Glass to examine all of the possible timelines. The goal was to subvert the Ascension by pretending to BE the Ascension. This is what The Great Reset is all about. It is an inverted Ascension using stories that seem on the surface to the “woke” but not “awake”. The Transhumanist Agenda has been introduced perversely, introducing humanity to A.I., surveillance capitalism, totalitarian control, social credit systems in a very indirect manner, all while pretending to be compassionate, environmentally sustainable, LGBTQ and diversity-friendly.

The Black Lives Matter movement, the superficial support of migrants at the Mexican border were used to convince Democratic voters that the people behind the Democratic Party support freedom…while vilifying Donald Trump and calling him a fascist, all while using the tools of fascism to control not only the election, but the ability of citizens to share information freely.

So what we have, in this “woke” movement is a totalitarian take over, Brave New World style. Aldous Huxley predicted, in a 1950’s filmed interview, precisely what is happening on the planet now. At least half of the American population is so deeply brainwashed by propaganda, they cannot see at all what is happening. It is impossible for them to see through the curtain of “wokeness” that makes so much sense to them. Even the vaccines are promoted through weaponized compassion: Get the vaccine to protect your neighbor and fellow human being. If you don’t, then you are a selfish, bad person. What did I say about narcissism?

Most American liberals are unable to fathom that such “woke” and compassionate people could consider intentionally harming people, using vaccines, 5G, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, nano-technologies sprayed from aircraft, placed in food, air, water, soil. This cognitive dissonance makes it practically impossible for “woke” people to ascend.

It is ironic that many of the most educated and intelligent people I know are not only absolutely clueless about the pandemic, but they also no idea that their compliance is allowing a totalitarian partnership with a foreign power (China) to take over civil society in the United States and around the world. These supposedly “woke” people do not see that Google, Amazon, Facebook have been awarded massive defense contracts and what the implications of these contracts are. They don’t see the connection between 5G and truncated lives, radiation sickness, cancers, extinction of so many species of insects, birds, animals around the world. They don’t understand that pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and conventional Western medicine were designed to harm, not to heal.

We have been given an inverted Ascension path that replaces natural organic spiritual technology that is grounded in the heart with A.I. The vaccines are designed to keep our DNA from evolving back to the natural ascended galactic human pattern. The Great Reset with its Smart Cities, Internet of Bodies connected to the Internet of Things is a totalitarian system in which a super quantum computer replaces God. Everyone is connected to this computer, which knows all, sees all, hears all. There is no privacy in this world. It is a world where the heart has no place. Where there is no room for love. It is all about practicality, intelligence that is limited and based on the technology. There is no growth or creativity in the upside-down “woke” world that the elites want to trick humanity into accepting, through fear.

The Trickster has used a very clever strategy to subvert and to divert the ascension of humanity. Most of the pseudo-woke will probably not ascend this cycle, but I think there are enough of us who are truly awake, truly compassionate, and truly connected to our own ascended hearts and intuition to hold the light for all of us, including the Tricksters. The narcissists and the sociopaths who run our world cannot bear to fathom being connected to the energy of Source. This is why they worship dark energies and practice human and child sacrifice. They thrive on stealing ideas and energy from others while living in separation from the unconditional love and light of Source, or God (depending on what feels more comfortable to you). The truth is, no one and nothing is separate from Source, even if we think or feel we are. That is but an illusion. An experience of separation that we, on Earth, have all been living for so, so long. To be reconnected to Source is to remember our true nature and power as souls inhabiting a temporary body of form.

This is a very exciting time to be alive, in a body, here on Earth. What do you choose? Do you want a pseudo form of empowerment through technology in which you give up all individual creativity, freedom, and power (as well as privacy)? Are you willing to do the inner work to be truly free? Freedom is not the easier path, but ultimately, it is the most rewarding. Everyone is making or has already made their choice regarding this ascension cycle. “Woke” or “Awake”. Which will it be?

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