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The Internet of Bodies: An Inverted Ascension

Dearest readers,

If you follow my blog, then you know my life’s mission is to assist human and planetary ascension, and to bring in the divine feminine energies to balance with the divine masculine.

What is ascension, and why does it matter?

The true ascension is a process of remembering. It is the cyclical return of our collective consciousness to a higher level. It is an expansion of our light, our DNA, and the re-awakening of our innate multi-dimensional abilities. All of the talents, powers, and abilities we have developed from all lifetimes our soul has ever experienced come back online when we begin to reconnect to our souls and to absorb more and more light into our bodies. Ascension is humanity waking up and remembering our true nature and power. It is a compassionate and benevolent process which brings us true abundance and joy in all things. Remembering that we are always innately connected to our Higher Self or soul through our hearts. That this connection gives us unlimited power and natural, cosmic connectivity to everyone, everything, and all that is.

There are tremendous forces with immense resources who are devoted to keeping humanity at a very low level of consciousness, in order to maintain their own power and control over humanity and the planet. Technology is increasingly being used to leverage this absolute control over human and planetary consciousness and resources. Human beings are considered to be resources, even property, by the billionaires, the corporations, and the governments and their attendant organizations and military bodies who owe allegiance to these corporations.

Globalization and the promotion of Artificial Intelligence as the replacement of natural intelligence of all organic beings is an effort to subvert the ascension. The pandemic is being used to deconstruct our current societies, cultures, legal systems, financial systems, borders in order to launch The Great Reset and to connect the Internet of Things to the Internet of Bodies. This is why the pharmaceutical corporations and those governments owned by the globalists are so keen to get a shot of these surveillance technologies into every arm.

For those who are not aware that our planet is going through a consciousness shift from a lower level of consciousness based on survival and limitation to a higher level of consciousness based on personal responsibility, sovereignty, creativity, and compassion:

3-D or victim consciousness: We give our power away and are locked into ego identity, and where our awareness is diminished, limited to the mind or brain. In all of our relationships, we are conditioned to believe that someone or something outside of self holds the keys to our happiness and fulfillment. In 3-D or density consciousness, we are disconnected from our soul or higher self, and from our Source Creator or God within. It is easy to control or manipulate us with fear and propaganda, to divide people from one another in this lower state of consciousness. This is why humanity has been plagued by wars, human trafficking, and all manners of terrorism, chaos, pain, and suffering.

The goal of the purveyors of the artificial matrix is to take over all human societies, to connect all human beings through our bodies to a single computer network/database, where we give up all human freedoms and autonomy in favor of artificial intelligence. The Internet of Bodies is touted as a system which is perfect, and which gives humans “super human” abilities and intelligence.

5-D (or above) ascended consciousness: When we ascend to 5-D or above, we take our power back and we take responsibility for our consciousness in our thoughts, emotions, choices, our actions, and what we create in our world. 5-D is all about abundance, compassion, flow, connection, balance. When a human being ascends, the ego portion of the personality and the conditioned mind relax and step aside, allowing the human body vessel to be a container for the infinite intelligence of the soul, which is a fractal of the unified consciousness of all that is, or Source consciousness. In this awakened state, the human being is extremely powerful. When fully awakened and connected in the magnetism of the zero point field to our Source creator, a human being is telepathic, has natural super-human abilities, and can use natural consciousness to create anything one could imagine.

The current situation on the planet is producing two opposite and paradoxal outcomes, depending where you are on the ascension spectrum. These two realities will most likely coexist and produce confusing messages for those who do not yet know where they sit on the ascension spectrum.

Because those in charge of the inverted ascension/Great Reset paradigm are aware of the true ascension process, they are doing everything they can to subvert it. The way they subvert the ascension is by pretending to be compassionate and to offer humanity solutions to what seem to be actions that are responsible for the environment, health, sustainability, etc. The way you can tell that these programs are not based on integrity and true compassion for the well-being of humanity and the planet is simple.

The Great Reset is clearly a totalitarian overthrow of our current social structures. A compassionate restructuring of the planet would not rely on censorship, police brutality, propaganda, forcing people to take vaccinations that they do not wish to take. A politician or statesperson of integrity would be more than willing to hear all sides of each problem and would be willing to work with all of those concerned to find solutions that work for everyone. A compassionate economy would not be continually adding to the wealth of those who have already amassed huge amounts of wealth. Financial experts of integrity would be truly working to create equity in all programs and not just in word alone.

Ascension is a benevolent process that is part of a natural cycle of cosmic evolution. Those who promote the inverted matrix are intent on preventing the ascension of our planet and of humanity. Because they are aware of the cosmic cycles and how consciousness works, they have planned this attack to thwart the current ascension cycle. Humanity has been blamed for global warming and for the destruction of our planet. This is not so. Our planet is shrugging off the cloak of darkness on her own. She is raising herself to a higher level of consciousness and increasing her own light, in her own way. It is not of our doing.

The inverted matrix/dark system will do whatever it can to convince people to accept AI as the true higher level of consciousness. They will do whatever they can to convince people that the natural matrix and the natural ascension process are flawed, inferior, and at fault so that people will accept to give up their sovereignty, freedom, biological integrity, true power, and connection to soul and Source. The starseeds and awakened lightworkers have a huge challenge to hold true and to keep planting seeds of light during this time of transition.

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