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Compliant: Has the ability to think independently always been rare?

Hello dear readers,

Those of us who are awake and aware of the rapid rise of totalitarianism on Earth to benefit a transhumanist agenda often wonder how and why it is so difficult for most people to see what seems to be so obvious to us.

In density consciousness, a human being identifies solely with their physical body. Identity equals mortality. Because of that inherent limitation and the acceptance of victim consciousness as the only way to be human, it is very easy to manipulate the greater part of humanity.

The manipulators, ie the elites, globalists, whatever you prefer to call them, are master manipulators of consciousness. They are parasites and they use the suppressed creative energy of humanity to control the planet. This is why it is crucial for the elites to keep humanity compliant and to maintain a system that keeps people in fear and in the soup of density/victim/survival consciousness.

Once a person rises up out of density, it is easier to see what is going on. Once you know that your body is not who you are, but is rather a sacred vehicle that you agreed to journey with for a holographic adventure, then you gain perspective. You cannot be manipulated once you know this single fact. Death is no longer a punishment or a threat.

The so-called pandemic is merely a small piece of a greater effort to stop the ascension of humanity. It is, however, helping us all to see exactly who is compliant, who chooses to remain in density, and who is able to pierce the veil and to remember the true nature and creative abilities of the natural human being.

Because humanity has been conditioned on every level for so long, even the most educated and intelligent people I know are incapable of even glimpsing the truth of who they are, and of the nature of reality itself.

When you see people around the world easily accepting the transparent scape-goating effort of the non-vaccinated, shifting blame to those they are manipulated into seeing as responsible for the sickness and deaths of others, you may wonder why those individuals do not see that this pattern of blaming, shaming, bullying, and scapegoating throughout our society and our collective history. From Zero Tolerance of bullying in schools and social media, overnight it has become laudable for teachers and parents to bully children into getting vaccinated. It has become acceptable and important to focus blame onto the only people who are holding out for freedom and for a viable future for humanity and for the planet.

Many people I know are environmentalists and compassionate individuals, yet they too comply with this recipe for totalitarianism. When I ask these people if they would like to live in a world with no individual freedoms or rights, a world where you cannot keep or save your money, travel freely, a world where every single thought, spoken word, transaction you conduct is surveilled, they don’t seem to care or be bothered to consider that freedom itself is disappearing before our eyes. The conditioning, while telling the compliant that they are being caring and responsible, is actually making even smart people very selfish and focused only on their short-term survival.

Those of us who know what the “vaccines” really contain and are designed to do may feel sad or angry when faced with these responses. Why can’t these highly educated, smart, and kind people think for themselves? It can feel very frustrating at times. But there are multiple reasons why many human beings can’t or won’t wake up.

Compassionate starseeds often feel compelled to convince others and to shake the sleeping awake. This, in my experience, does not work. Those who are sleeping, and many of the sleeping are starseeds, have their own reasons, perhaps on a soul level, for their slumber. Perhaps they wanted to be here at the time of the Great Awakening, but they were not yet ready this cycle to wake up. Perhaps in the next cosmic cycle, the memory of this incarnation will be sufficient to jostle their consciousness and assist in their awakening then. There are so many potential reasons for people to remain asleep at this time.

And each awakening is accurately timed by the soul essence. Large numbers of compliant people allow the dark control system to pursue its agenda, causing the manifest reality to become more and more uncomfortable. The discomfort of the squeeze caused by limitations of freedoms, lockdowns, adverse reactions and deaths from the “vaccines”, may be the impetus for many to wake up. The depth of personal conditioning and PTSD, inter-generational codependency make suffering the norm for the vast majority of human beings. Kindness, compassion, creative thinking and problem solving, and even common sense are not the norm for humanity, even though all of these and more are our birthright.

I personally know that human beings are by nature very powerful and compassionate creators. Conditioning over hundreds, even perhaps thousands of generations, has beaten the human fabric into passivity and dullness. We are made to live in joy and flow, but we have been trained to give our power and our creative insights away to repetitive chores and systems that were designed to keep us alive (barely). To maintain our creative abilities and independent nature, we must be connected to our intuition and soul aspect at all times.

Focusing outward has been a very skillful trick used on humanity at large on so many levels. We are taught to give our power away, to not trust or love ourselves from a very young age. Only those who learn self-compassion and to honor the fact that we are multi-dimensional immortal beings are able to shed the mask of compliance and to remain independent from the control system. We know that even if the parasite “kills” us, we still live. Therefore, we can truly live unafraid, knowing and trusting that everything we need will always be given to us through the seemingly magical flow of energy that is the true reality.

The control system teaches us that we need to get food, money, shelter, clothing, etc. from an outside source. And they have made sure that they control all resources as well as our access or lack of access to those resources. The control system indoctrinates us with the concept that only experts who know better and more than we do know how to care for our bodies and how to organize our societies. The compliant have fallen into this trap, and this is why they can no longer think for themselves or assist in co-creating a world that serves all of us, including the planet herself.

It is only when all of humanity unites and realizes that we are all one heart, beating together as one, all connected on so many levels and dimensions, that we will live in ease, flow, and joy together. We could do it right now, but too many are not yet ready.

In the meantime, the awake and aware starseeds must hold the energies of the highest timelines for humanity and the planet. We do this by staying calm and peaceful. By not getting distracted, angry, or frustrated by what is going on in the world. By staying in the zero point of the creative field of flow, we stand in unity and co-creative power, stabilizing the potential for peace on Earth for all of us. Even though there are perhaps only 350 million awakened starseeds on the planet now, this is more than enough to carry the energy of New Earth for all 7 billion humans, and for Gaia and all of her creatures. This is the time to embrace our true creative potential and to hold onto that lifeline, anchoring the New Earth timeline for all of us to enjoy.

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