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Healing from image addiction

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Dearest readers,

As we move deeper into the ascension process, awakening from thousands of years of trauma, mind control, psychic attacks, and inter-generational familial and institutional emotional, mental, and physical abuse and neglect, it is time to take stock.

All human beings across the planet are deeply wounded on multiple levels and dimensions. It is time to heal those wounds. The conditioning of the human being to live in constant fear, hatred of self and others, and in a system of separation where we are taught to constantly judge self and others is coming to an end. But abuse and inter-generational trauma don’t just disappear.


On social media, so many people – men, women, and children, pretend to live “happy” lives. Creating images of perfection, of beauty, of happiness that are intended to impress others. Displaying designer bodies, homes, clothes, hair, make-up. Trying to impress others with money, power, success. What I see are deep wounds, insecurity, pain, and fear of abandonment. Lack of self-love and the inability to see that our power lies within. The conditioned human being sees perfection outside of the natural self. So many young women run after relationships with inappropriate partners who have nothing to offer, neglecting their own children and perpetuating the cycle of abuse, neglect, and lack.

lonely library

I have written many times on this blog about codependency, which is the norm of relationship in a dysfunctional, dualistic world where everyone is polarized. Rising to a higher level of consciousness means taking responsibility for self and for our own healing. Unity consciousness means that everything and everyone are equally important, and there is no longer any judgment because perfection is innate and is not something to be acquired, worked for, or given by someone else. In unity consciousness, we no longer give away our power to authority figures, to romantic partners, to doctors or healers, or to religious leaders. No one is higher than self, and no one else is more or less important than self. In unity, there is harmony. No one need get offended by any comment, and there is no need to be “liked” or “followed” by anyone as we express our inner truths.


Many people still do not realize that humanity has been and is still enslaved to a power that uses sophisticated technologies to track our every move, to control our thoughts and our emotions. Negative, self-defeating thoughts as well as violent, aggressive thoughts are planted intentionally in our consciousness that we may react to them and cause more harm and fear in the world. Our water, soil, food supplies have been purposefully contaminated to poison our bodies and our minds. We are surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies which interrupt our connection to the Earth and to the divine. Every effort has been made to disempower us and to disconnect us from our true selves. The awakening is a process of remembering who we truly are and how powerful we are.


These thousands of years, perhaps millions of years, of slavery, abuse, torture, and emotional manipulation have deeply scarred the human psyche. Today, we suffer from physical ailments as well as mental and emotional disease. We are weakened and exhausted from the constant stress of living in separation, poverty, lack of emotional support, lack of love, and lack of a healthy environment. It is very distressing to think that many still believe that this is the only reality, clinging to this dysfunctional artificial system of torture.

beautiful bird

It is up to each of us to wake up and to take charge of our own healing and our own lives, and to imagine New Earth – the sort of place and reality in which we want to live, raise our children, and thrive. Human consciousness is so extremely powerful, yet we are very emotionally sensitive beings. Taking charge of our emotions and healing our emotional bodies, I believe, is key to help humanity move out of the bondage of the lower realms and its overlords. Beautiful, radiant jewels of light are the essence of our true being. We are the energy of love, but we have been taught to survive in darkness, never seeing our own light. Taught to reach for stars that are artificial and that would burn us if we could ever reach the image of perfection that is dangled before us, while we crash and burn behind the scenes, suffering from addictions, eating disorders, bullying and self-harming, neglect and abuse of those whom we should love and cherish.

Self-love is the key to recovery. Turn off TVs, computers, hand-held devices. Go into nature and sit quietly. Remember who you are. You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are a creator of any reality in which you want to live. It’s time to thrive.




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