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Women and self-love

frances cannon art

Dearest readers,

Why is it so easy to love a dog, a cat, a flower, even a dress, a tree but so hard to love yourself? Why are humans so hard to love?

Women always talk about looking for love, but love is not something that exists outside of self. The nature of reality is love, because love is creative energy. When we give our power away, we also give away our power to create. When we go looking for love outside of ourselves, we give away our ability to love self and others in an authentic way.


So it comes back to one simple fact. Almost all human beings, whether or not it is conscious or admitted, think that there is something missing from their lives and from their reality. That happiness is always around the corner but not present with them in each moment.

It is by changing this perception of reality and by realizing that we actually create our experience of reality with every breath, every thought, every emotion that we feel that shifts our ability to be happy and to love and accept our self as we are right now.

Women spend fortunes on potions, creams, make-up, clothes, plastic surgery in order to “improve” on the way they look and to improve their prospects to attract “love” and to preserve their youth. All of this is a waste of resources and energy.

rosie by tim okamura

When we love ourselves, we look radiant. When we are in love with self (not in a narcissistic way, but in a compassionate way), we give thanks for the opportunity to be on Earth exactly as we are, right now. I regularly thank the cells in my body, even the water in my body, and for the opportunity to be on Earth at this special time in human history – as we shift from duality and a lower level of consciousness based on ego and separation into a reality based on unity, love of self and others, respect, peace, balance, harmony, and joy.

frida kahlo

Women spend so much time and energy speculating about relationships and why and how a love interest behaves the way they do. If we love ourselves and honor and respect our own boundaries as well as those of others, we clearly discern whether or not we are being treated as we deserve to be treated. What does it feel like to be loved and respected? The answer is simple. It feels easy and it feels good. There is no conflict, no duality, no wondering as to whether or not he or she will or should call or treat us to this or that. When we give ourselves what we need to be happy, and when we set clear boundaries, everything else is icing on the cake, and other people automatically earn the right to be themselves too.

helen frankenthaler

Self-love and self-care are so important in the times in which we are living. It is challenging to heal from the post-traumatic stress caused by millennia of harsh conditioning, imposed negativity, isolation, and abuse. But it is up to us, both women and men, to learn to love and honor ourselves, to open our hearts, and to take full responsibility for our lives.

Animals and plants are easy to love because they have no conditions. They are always living in full alignment with their nature. They don’t pretend, and they don’t hold back. Human beings, conversely, are always trying to use one another, cheat one another, manipulate and control one another. We should model ourselves after the simplicity and  honesty of plants and animals. In the New World that is coming, and it will arrive more quickly if we create it more intentionally, simplicity and honesty will prime over manipulation, control, power, and pretense. It is time to choose the world in which we want to live. It is time to create that world, and it is time to heal ourselves.

harmonia rosales

On New Earth, we won’t need make-up, and there won’t be hookups. Men and women will be free to be themselves, and there won’t be a need to create drama in relationships. The time for honesty with self and others is here, and it is time to heal ourselves from the trauma of the past. No one is responsible for our pain, and it is time to give thanks for all of the experiences over many lifetimes which have challenged us and pushed our limits farther than we thought we could manage or survive. It is time to unpack all of these experiences and the laws, rules, restrictions, the pain, the suffering, the regret, the shame, the judgment of self and others and to re-examine what it all means. It is time to open our hearts and our emotional bodies as well as our mental bodies and to sort out all of the thoughts and experiences and see how they make us feel. It is time to live in our bodies and to take our bodies seriously by carefully listening to each message from every cell. It is time to return to truth and to the beauty of truth.

sallyedelstein collage

Ladies, we are all beautiful, and we each chose the body that was perfect for the lifetime we are living now. We chose it in every detail before deciding to be born into this body. We chose our families too, in all of their dysfunctional splendor. And none of these aspects are handicaps in any way. We chose to come to Earth to live specific experiences and to learn to love self and others. We came to Earth to bring others the gift of our unique self and talents. Let’s try to use our power to create beauty, abundance, peace, prosperity, and joy. Being human is complex, but it is also simple.


We are each a universe, and we are made out of love – the ultimate creative energy. Let’s use that energy to build something wonderful!

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