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The End of the Transhumanist Agenda: How we choose


Dearest readers,

I have taken a break from blogging for a while, though ideas for posts keep coming to me. As a lightworker/starseed, the awakening and ascension process for humanity and the planet preoccupies a lot of my waking and probably my sleeping life as well.

At this point in our collective experience of 3-D life on Earth, I believe that humanity has reached a very clear choice point. Lightworkers have been expressing this state of affairs for some time, but now it is out in the open. A variety of films and TV shows present our reality as multi-dimensional and illusory, and the obvious (to some of us) presence of sentient and advanced life forms throughout the universe or multiverse are also being introduced to the public at large. The choice is this: Do we stay on the 3-D track of duality, ego, fear, mind control, materialism, and artificial intelligence and allow ourselves to become part of the Transhumanist agenda and the Internet of Things, or do we choose to leap to a higher level of consciousness characterized by unity, creativity love, harmony, expansiveness, inclusiveness, personal freedom, and flow?

The corporations who run the hallucination that we currently mostly accept as the only reality have very carefully been programming their human subjects to embrace A.I. in all of its forms. The addiction to cellphones, social media programming, body shaming, artificial foods and medications, and all of the aspects of destructive behaviors created by the current system are intentional. The goal is to keep all human beings separate from one another and disconnected from inner lives and our innate ability to connect to the consciousness of all things and all beings anywhere in the Universe. For example, by instilling a hatred of the natural human body through constant judgment, and by encouraging people to change their bodies and compare their bodies to those modeled on various media, the eventual segue (as seen in shows such as Black Mirror on Netflix) is that people are being conditioned to accept to live in very realistic virtual bodies and virtual relationships on technological platforms.


The truth is, while the Internet is a nifty tool, it is also ultimately unnecessary once our DNA awakens and we shift out of duality. As are all of the other technological devices that were created to replace the abilities with which all human beings are born. The ascension process is one of remembering and awakening to these innate abilities. Love and the expansion of our natural energy fields through higher vibrational thoughts, feelings, and intentions strengthens our field and shields us from EMFs, toxic “foods”, chemicals, thoughts, programming, etc.

Which is why the “news” or mind control programming works so hard to keep people in fear. Being in a state of fear or lower consciousness makes us very vulnerable to psychic attack, disease, and manipulation. The so-called terrorist attacks, wars, reports of criminal behavior, racism, use of privilege and deprivation are all very intentional. People who are divided against one another cannot unite in higher consciousness. By being constantly distracted by media and cellphones, we not only separate from other humans, but we are also constantly distracted from our own Higher Self or intuitive connection to the divine spark that is in each of us. We are never victims; we all have choices to make – whether consciously or unconsciously.

We are living in a very special and exciting time. All experiences are valuable, and not one is better or more appropriate than another. We each make the best choice for ourselves. In higher consciousness, unlike duality, there is no good or evil, light or dark. There is no judgment. Only acceptance. For in unity or “christed” (meaning unity) consciousness, as in the yin-yang symbol, dark and light are two sides to the same unified creation. It will be a great relief for those of us who finally make it through the long purging process to the other side of duality.

Leaving behind all of the belief systems and conditioning which have informed our limited human experiences here on Earth is indeed a painful process involving much dedication, strength, and courage. There are many brave souls on Earth at this time. We are all here, each in our own way, to support the planet, and all of her creatures.

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