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How to make your neighborhood a safe, happy place

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Dearest readers,

I am a member of a neighborhood social network called NextDoor. It is a wonderful site, connecting people in contiguous communities, allowing people to exchange thoughts, practical information, make friends, and to help one another in various ways.

However, the issue of crime and neighborhood safety is one which keeps recurring, and I end up feeling frustrated because no one seems to either propose to look at the situation from a different perspective, and no one is offering a viable solution to the problem.

house illustration

I see people reacting to a situation in which certain individuals are either violating their space, stealing property either through burglary or taking items such as packages delivered to their home and left on the porch. Cars are broken into and either robbed or stolen. People complain that they don’t feel safe walking and I often see those who do walk armed with large sticks to fend off loose dogs or potential assault by humans.

The key to the problem is reactivity. People are assuming that criminality and danger is the norm, and that fear is the normal, expected, and proper response to the situation that they call reality. What most people do not YET realize is that it is our consciousness that creates our reality. People are assuming that reality is something that is outside of self, and they are reacting to that assumption. What is inside of our minds and our hearts is what creates the outside world that we experience individually and collectively. We are all creating this experience together. We are ALL responsible for this creation.

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Once we understand this crucial principle, we are suddenly empowered to do something about our circumstances, of which we are no longer a victim. This is a great feeling! As individuals, we can do a lot, but in groups, our power is multiplied. Once human beings realize that it is our consciousness that creates the world in which we live, and once human beings stop reacting in anger and fear to a social fabric that makes them sad, uncomfortable, and anxious, we can begin to work together to create a reality that is pleasant, safe, and productive for everyone.


The shocking truth is that we are ALL responsible for the crime that takes place in our neighborhoods. Even if we have one burglar arrested and punished for breaking into homes or cars, another will immediately take his or her place if we don’t raise our consciousness and raise the energetic frequency that we are creating for our neighborhood. If we accept and promote fear and defensiveness, we are perpetuating crime in our community. Judgment, condemnation, and punishment of behaviors and of other human beings does not and never will solve the problem of crime, which is essentially a disease called disrespect and lack.

A criminal is a person who lives in separation and lack. This person believes unconsciously that he or she does not deserve to have whatever it is that he or she desires. This person also lacks self-love and self-respect. By attempting to take the property or invade the well-being of other people, the person who takes on a life of crime is a person who is pushing up against others in order to learn the lessons of self-love and respect of self and others.

neighborhood kindergarten

When a community is evolved and mature enough to understand the nature of reality and the importance of self-love, respect, and non-judgment, we can begin to work together to create relationships based on love, compassion, and respect for all people. No one is punished or excluded, and no one is obligated to live in fear and to hate or resent others for invading their space or taking their property. We can attempt to work with people who don’t know how to love and respect self and others by raising our frequency and compassion. If a person chooses to live in a low frequency and we choose to keep our frequency high, the low frequency person who chooses lack, disrespect, anger will simply avoid us and our neighborhood. Darkness avoids light.

On a higher level of consciousness, nothing is separate. We are all one, brothers and sisters of one human family. Everyone is at a different place in their personal evolution. No one is, however, better or more important than anyone else. We cannot own anything, because everything is energy. When we stop the flow of energy, there is stagnation.

There are some very simple things we can do to raise the energetic signature or frequency of our bodies, our homes, our communities and thereby make our block, our neighborhood an incredible place to live:

  1. Stop being afraid. You do not need to defend yourself or your property.
  2. Talk to people walking through your neighborhood.
  3. Talk to your neighbors, even if their education and background is different from yours.
  4. Know that we are all one, all sourced from love…even those who are struggling, wounded, living in lack.
  5. Plant a garden that makes your street look more beautiful. This is a gift to the neighborhood.
  6. Place a Little Free Library to make books available to your community.
  7. Organize neighborhood meetings and parties so people can meet one another, exchange thoughts, and mingle.
  8. Meditate. Raise your frequency, clearing thought forms of fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, jealousy (all low frequency energies) from your body, mind, heart, light body, and from all dimensions. We all live on multiple dimensions at the same time, even if we are not aware of it. Create a group meditation for the benefit of your neighborhood and all of your neighborhoods, and create clear, positive intentions for your community.
  9. Do nice things for people you know and for strangers. Say hello, smile, be kind and attentive to all people without distinguishing between those you know and those you don’t know. Treat everyone the same, from the homeless to the multi-billionaire. Every time you do something kind and act compassionately, you raise the frequency of the entire planet. Every time you are selfish, suspicious, angry, inattentive, disconnected, you lower the frequency of the entire planet. We are all connected to one another, and we are connected to the frequency of Earth, who is a living, conscious being.
  10. Be aware of your surroundings. Turn off your phone and pay attention to the beautiful planet on which we live. Be grateful for all of the gifts in your life, including your body, your health, your home, family, all of the animals and plants, the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe. With loving thoughts, you can heal the air, the water, the soil of the poisons and toxins accumulated through so many years of unconscious living. Together, we can heal the planet as well as our neighborhoods.


Together, we can create a new reality, a new society, and a new way of living based on respect, responsibility, self-love, and compassion. We see a lot of chaos around us today because it is becoming impossible to remain asleep. For thousands of years, only a select few have lived in a fully awakened state, and for thousands of years, these awake individuals were often persecuted and murdered for being aware that human consciousness creates reality. The powers that be continue to want us to live in constant fear and to keep us all living in the lower frequency ranges which keep us sick, angry, judgmental, fearful, reactive, at war, addicted to various substances, and in a passive-aggressive victim mode. This is how they maintain their power and their wealth.


Humanity has been manipulated by a fairly small group of elites who are fully aware of the power of human consciousness. These elites have done everything they can to prevent the majority of humanity from realizing our own power. They have and continue to do all they can to keep us fearful and asleep. In this way, we work and we are exploited. We are poisoned, and we are kept sick with a medical system which alleviates symptoms but cures no ailments, for the system itself is one designed to keep us sick. In addition to that sad fact, the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries steal much of our remaining resources, increasing their own wealth. Politics, religions, the military, Hollywood, the media, and finance have all worked together to make sure that we are constantly robbed, fearful, sick, and unaware of our own power. This system is very clever and very complex, yet the darkness in which all of these institutions have been veiled is now being revealed.

poverty and crime

As human beings wake up around the planet (this process has been escalating for the last thirty or so years), the amount of light and high frequency energies on the planet have also escalated. The darkness can no longer operate as it once did, with 99.9 % of all humans asleep and easily manipulated. The power of the Internet is the crowning jewel of the awakening, allowing people all over the world to share information and to communicate. We now know that we do not have to be victims. We do not have to be afraid of one another. We can choose to no longer allow ourselves to be divided from our brothers and sisters because of skin color, origin, gender, sexual orientation. Once awake, we no longer take sides and we are no longer interested in politics, religious salvation, and we are no longer distracted by mindless entertainment.


Awake people want to work together to create a reality that works for all of us. The technologies which have been suppressed by the corporate, political, religious, financial, and military elites and controllers will be allowed to come to light, providing all people with everything we need to thrive. Our planet can easily provide abundance for all people. Our neighborhoods can easily be safe for all people, for all children. The culture of predation and exploitation is collapsing. In 2018, our ability to clearly see the unveiling of all that has been going on behind the scenes, in the dark realms and corridors of power will expand. From pedophilia to human trafficking, the practice of dark magic, and all matters of disrespect of the human condition, those who have been asleep will be shocked very deeply.


It is important as these revelations come to light to not react in anger, fear, disgust, even though it is, on one level completely appropriate to feel this way. Those who have been sleeping have been allowing these behaviors and, as such, are also responsible for this reality. What is most important is to feel compassion for those who have been living in the dark for so long. Both the predators and their victims. We are all immortal beings having a human experience. The human experience until now has been one mostly of separation, lack, and suffering. Remember, when we lower our frequency to anger and reactivity, we are lowering the frequency of the planet and prolonging the transition to peace and prosperity for all.


It does not have to be this way any more. We are living at a crucial time in the history of humanity. A time in which we have the power to make an incredible difference in the lives of all people and in the quality of life shared by all beings on our beautiful home planet. Let’s awaken with empathy for all human beings. Judgment and condemnation are part of the old system, the old way of life. When we create something new, there will be no separation, no duality. Be kind. Be curious. Be understanding of self and others. Be quick to help, and slow to criticize. Listen. Pay attention to your inner life. Be in nature and be thankful. Let’s create a wonderful new life on Earth together. Now is the time.

playa del carmen.jpg

If you are feeling drawn to the concept of awakening to a higher level of consciousness at this time, please pay close attention to these feelings. Work the puzzle of your own life, and above all, be kind and loving to yourself and to others. Work with other people. Unity is our true state of being, the one reality.



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