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Heart over Mind: from control to vulnerability

mother daughter bonding

Dearest readers,

Truth and living with integrity are important to me. So are slowing down, enjoying the moment. I’m not very competitive. But I like to achieve and manifest my visions in the physical world. Finding and creating balance between our masculine side which is all about doing, achieving, conquering, creating order, and softening to our feminine aspect, characterized by creativity and imagination, dreaminess, flexibility, fluidity is a herculean task at times.

River with rocks

I was listening to Julie Parker’s The Priestess Podcast the other day, and her guest speaker Melissa Ambrosini (January 24th episode) gave some wonderful metaphors for the masculine and feminine energies, helping to move away from gender and allowing listeners to better understand the energy forms in and of themselves. She says that when she feels herself becoming too rigid or harsh, too far on the spectrum of right or wrong, and her inner critic is too active, she reminds herself to soften and to open up. In her words, she moves from rock to river, or from flagpole to flag. Lovely and powerful images, where both divine aspects are honored and prioritized as needed in the current moment and situation!

flagpole with flag

In today’s society dominated by sound bites, snap judgments, and assessments made often too quickly, and in my opinion, too harshly without enough thought or empathy, slowing down and opening ourselves up, allowing self to listen to others without being so quick to jump in with an opinion or an assumption is so very crucial to creating relationships of trust with others with whom we don’t necessarily agree.


The divisiveness of people around the planet into groups where a feeling of tribal association of only those who agree being able to talk and validate one another is, in my opinion, quite dangerous and isolating. If we can’t communicate, honor, and respect those with whom we may possibly disagree, then there is no trust or true intimacy. There develops a lack of honesty, and a climate where people become afraid to speak up and stand in their truth.

Modern Tribalism video

Open-minded and open-hearted living, where we learn to stand in non-judgment and simply listen, acknowledge and cherish another human being for being who they are, for their experiences, their emotional complexity, is key for humanity to heal our divisions and to learn how to integrate our own shadows.

Child listening

Scapegoating is the age-old blame game where people refuse to look inwards and to examine their own life, emotions, conditioning, impulses, contradictions, character. It is so easy to victimize another, to give one’s power away, to refuse to accept responsibility for one’s own discomfort, pain, sorrow, failures. This is the path of immaturity that humanity has been playing out for thousands of years. Humanity, it is time to grow up. Time to take our power back. Time to stop blaming others. Time to see others as a mirror of self and to give gratitude for that reflection and learn from it.

What angers us most in others

Now is the time of introspection for our global society.  The United States in particular  has propagated around the world an attempt to quell the feminine energy of flow, a taste for the rigid and the instantaneous, perfectionism, placing authority outside of self, and an obsession with outer appearances and glossing over the depths of feeling, meaning, and emotional states in our lives.

control e-card

Now is the time to bring honor back to the energies of the river and the flag, all while continuing to honor those of the rock and the flagpole. Creating balance will take a while, but each of us has the power to do this for ourselves in our own lives. This has a global effect. We need to stop judging others. Slow down. Be. Live in the now. Turn off your cellphone. Let go of social media for a while. Take a walk in the forest. Breathe. Watch children play. Sit on the couch and stroke your dog. Listen to someone without offering advice or help. Say thank you to someone for sharing their personal truth with you, for having the courage to open up in a time where we are constantly on guard and constantly offered solutions or judgment instead of a ready and compassionate ear.

Young woman with her dog walking in the forest

We are living in a time made for healing. All of the darkness that is rising from the depths of the Earth and from the depths of our hearts and souls is a beautiful mirror of our personal and collective beings. Let’s not blame anyone for the chaos that now flows about us. Let’s show gratitude for our new ability to see that chaos for what it is: the hidden emotions, truths, and vulnerabilities so long either concealed or projected onto others as scapegoats.


We are not victims or our lives. Living a human life is not easy, and it’s not about being comfortable. It’s not about labeling some people as privileged and others as victims. Everyone has a story, everyone has experienced pain, challenges, and trials. Rich or poor, homeless, socially inept or socially accomplished, we are all here as equals. We are all family, and if we allow ourselves to open our hearts to others and to hear everyone’s story, we begin to realize that wealth has nothing to do with money. Those who our society may judge and label the most harshly, the so-called addicts, criminals, refugees, homeless, poverty-stricken, or mentally ill may have the most emotional wealth of all to share.

Uganda refugee camp

We each come onto this planet by choice. We choose to incarnate into a particular physical vessel, family, situation, country in order to experience a particular set of circumstances. Being born into wealth is not a privilege; it is a choice made by the soul and the soul group into which a person is born. Being born poor, with a physical, mental, or emotional illness or challenge is also a choice. There is no good, bad, or better situation into which a person can be born. When we learn to stop judging and punishing and begin to understand the truth of why we are here on the planet, we can begin to love ourselves and one another much better.

We live in a great era of transformation and opportunity. We are collectively transforming from a culture of manipulation, victimization, and service to self into a culture that is heart-centered and in which the mind serves the heart. A culture of unity which honors vulnerability and which promotes trust. A culture in which all people and all talents are valued. We each chose to come here and to incarnate on Earth at this crucial time. The more love and attention we bring to the planet and to one another at this time, the more smoothly and beautifully the transition will occur.  Fear, anger, division will slow and render more chaotic this transition. We always have a choice. And every single individual choice matters and affects the planet and the global human experience of life.


Keep your power, or take it back. Stand up as responsible. See the world and other human beings as a mirror of your own inner state. Own that. Be grateful for where you are right now. It is perfect, and you are perfect. Stay in the moment, and be aware of your body and how it feels, as well as your thoughts and emotions in each instant. Observe everything and everyone, including yourself, with wonder and amazement.


You are a beautiful creation, a being of light. Moving through the shadows of experience and integrating the shadows as you transform them back into light. Our ego, or survival self is a tool, a necessary structure that allows us to navigate in a physical world, which on many levels, is an illusion. When we allow the ego to take over our entire identity, we become overly fearful and harsh. Stepping back helps us to realize that we are immortal beings, and that our current physical incarnation is only a chosen and temporary expression of our true, multi-dimensional and immortal Self. So relax, enjoy the ride. Enjoy other people. Enjoy nature. Allow people to be who they are and relish in their differences. Enjoy who you are. You are perfect.

I love you.

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