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How Comfortable is Your Self-Doubt?

Doubt erases opportunities.

Dearest readers,

Even the most confident (in appearance) person on the planet has been trained to doubt their own creative abilities. Doubt is the emotion that, above all others, prevents the evolution of humanity and even world peace. Without supreme trust in our own ability to create the kind of world we want to live in, we continue to walk in place without being able to engage in an upward evolutionary spiral.

I take it as a very positive sign that I am guided by my Higher Self: yesterday morning I wrote this post about the effects of doubt. And yesterday evening, my Monday spiritual class topic was on the very same subject: how to release the illusion of density, which is anchored and made manifest by our doubting our own mastery and power.

As a child, I was always very shy, introverted, and afraid of other people. My mother was a very forceful, fearful, and controlling person. She often pre-empted my and my sibling’s choices, causing us to not trust our own judgment or even to know who were were, what we liked, what we wanted. Self-doubt has been a faithful companion for a good part of my life, and because of this invaluable training, I became aware of the effects of doubt, fear, self-judgment. The pain caused by these experiences inspired me to find my own power, and to become free of these emotions.

When we are filled with doubt, we sabotage ourselves and our dreams. And we keep wondering why the same things keep happening in our lives, when we want the opposite of what we keep creating for ourselves.

As a creative artist, I self-sabotaged my own success by doubting the quality of my work and my ability to make a living as an artist. As it turns out, it was not my own worth or the quality of my work that hampered my career. It was the self-doubt that created the poverty experience, the lack of success.

We are all very powerful creators, and doubt is a powerful expression that perpetuates an experience of poverty, lack, solitude, or whatever else you may feel you don’t deserve.

Even the most uncomfortable experiences can, by their familiarity, become comforting and comfortable. Change and the unknown are challenging, forcing us to question our mindset, the agreements we have made with ourselves. As my spiritual classes teach, the world we call reality is nothing but an illusion, a set of lies to which we all agree to relinquish our personal power.

We create obstacles for ourselves by doubting our own mastery, by not believing that our thoughts and intentions create our experience of reality.

As humanity, or a part of humanity engages in the upward ascension spiral, choosing to rise to a higher level of consciousness, some of us are choosing to step out of our comfort zones. While uncertainty is unacceptable from an ego perspective, stepping into trust and into the guidance of our higher aspect comes naturally when we accept the mastery of our Higher Self as our true identity. When we merge our limited human persona with the unlimited power of our soul/mastery presence, everything becomes possible.

The energetic signatures of doubt and fear guarantee a holding pattern of the known and the familiar. In order to step out of stagnation and survival consciousness, it is crucial to take a leap of faith. The release of all doubt is the foundation of our own trust in ourselves and the pre-condition for ascension.

Humanity has been conditioned to maintain a holding pattern in survival consciousness, characterized by codependent relationships, constant judgment of self and others, being rooted in the lower three chakra systems, holding the energies of victimization, abuse, and rescuing others rather than self-empowerment, self-love, and self-responsibility. We are taught that we are all separate from one another, from Nature, from God. We feel alone, limited, weak, and yet we strive for freedom, happiness, completion. In victim/separation consciousness, we can never achieve true freedom. It is always a distant goal, never attainable. This is how Capitalism captures us, with its never-ending temptations that never fulfill their promises.

It is only when we choose to reunite our limited human personality with our soul aspect or Higher Self and leave behind doubt and separation, ascending to a higher level of consciousness that we become free to create the reality our Self wants to experience. The higher aspect always works for the highest good of everyone and all that is. In Unity, there is no separation, nor is there desire in the limited aspect that we are conditioned to understand as reality in 3-D survival consciousness.

We have also been collectively taught to honor doubt and skepticism over faith and trust. Science has become the religion of the educated classes. When embodying a more ascended perspective, we don’t need to give away our power or faith to Science or Religion. We need only trust ourselves, our Higher Self, which is a fractal of the unified consciousness field.

Self-doubt bars us from ascending to a higher level of consciousness. The portal is open, and we can walk through at any time.

Self-doubt, separation, and limitation make us think we need others who are smarter, more experienced, better than us to find solutions to our problems. The ascended perspective sparks a very different response to problem resolution. In trusting our intuition, the voice of our higher self, we simply quiet our left brains and egos and trust that the answer will arrive, often in a form that is unexpected, but always accurate.

The ascended perspective is always perfect and provides solutions that the limited self could never produce. Humanity has been kept in a holding pattern and has not evolved out of separation consciousness for tens of thousands of years, because the limited mind contains only what it contains. Nothing truly new can ever come out of it. Innovation always comes from inspiration, and inspiration is drawn from the unified consciousness field. The portal or access to that field in 3-D consciousness is through the third chakra or solar plexus. In ascended consciousness, the crown chakra replaces the third chakra. In any case, intuition is the magical path to inspiration.

Trust in our intuition is the portal to freedom.

As I am writing this post, my son, who is a university student in Finland, contacted me because he can’t find the information he needs to complete his Bachelor’s thesis, and his thesis director is not much help. I told him to do some automatic writing to restore the flow and to help his mind to relax. And to ask his higher self for help. Then pay close attention to his surroundings, to his inner landscape, but above all to trust that the answers will come in some form or another. Often answers come in very unexpected ways!

Our lives don’t have to be stressful. Living in doubt and separation is a very challenging, exhausting, and stressful way to live, because we always have to work hard to just scrape by. Even those who appear to be successful rely upon the opinions of others for their sense of self, which is also stressful. When we reconnect with our higher self and let go of doubt, life becomes easy, simple, joyful.

Trust: When one door closes, many others will appear as if by magic.

It is as if the ego becomes a helpful passenger in a car driven by the Higher Self. When I was about 16 years old, I made a large pastel drawing on brown craft paper, representing myself at four different ages of life; as a toddler, child, adult, and as an older woman. My older woman self was driving the car, and my other “selves” were all passengers. I remember that my older self was wearing a square cut emerald ring. I don’t have a photo of the drawing, but it was an important work. A premonition about wisdom and knowing.

As our global corporate techno-culture pushes people to focus more and more on how Artificial Intelligence will improve our lives, people are becoming increasingly anxious, depressed, and even suicidal. Addictive behaviors and anti-social behaviors are at an all-time high. Technology and living in our heads separates us even farther than ever before from our true, authentic selves. As people continue to give away their power increasingly to technology, humanity is abdicating its freedom and creativity. Doubt, fear, anxiety are rampant in the culture of limitation and separation.

Doors will appear where there were once only walls.

If you do choose to ascend and leave behind doubt and fear, to take full responsibility for your life and for what you create, then your life will inevitably become more simple. You will probably rely less and less on technology. People may call you old-fashioned. Ascension may on the surface appear backward, but integration and unification are the way of the future. Leaving doubt behind will at first be uncomfortable, but once you get there, doors will appear where there were once only walls.

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