From Chaos to Coherence: the single most powerful thing you can do to change the world

Dearest readers,

If you have made your way to my blog, then most likely you are aware of the consciousness shift on the planet and are interested in the ascension process. You are most likely aware that the state of your consciousness at any given moment creates your experience of “reality”.


When we are living an un-awakened life, we simply follow the beliefs and conventions that we are taught from birth. This process of conditioning is designed to take us as far away from our natural self, power, and birthright as possible. The separation from our true self is the source of all chaos, disease, war, cruelty, pain, and suffering in the world.

Chaos, or disorder, is the result of unintentional living and separation from the awareness that we are divine, always expanding, light in form. Codependency is the natural expression of life in density.

Organic life tends to organize itself in harmonious forms or geometric patterns. We could call this tendency towards harmony or balance coherence. Health is coherence. Peace is coherence.

When we allow ourselves to shift away from coherence and to separate or forget our innate belonging to the cosmic design, then, little by little, we become ill – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. The farther we separate from our authentic self, the more desperate, depressed, angry, fearful, judgmental, and sick we become. We are conditioned to seek responses outside of self, and so we self-medicate, over-eat, become workaholics, alcoholics, drug addicts, approval seekers, get glued to phones and social media. Distractions from our pain are characteristic of life in density. Giving up our power is also endemic. And the deeper we dive into density, the further we take ourselves from our pure I AM expression.

In order to heal and to return to balance and coherence, we have to wake up, remember that we have been conditioned, release all of the programming that takes us away from our authentic self, and then be brave enough to live from our inner truth in a world that does not, for the most part, agree with or understand coherence.

Ascension requires a high level of integrity, personal responsibility, and courage.

Once fully awake and aware of how the current paradigm of separation works, with its codependent relationships, victim/survival consciousness, values of superficiality and favoring external solutions over internal truths, and an overall rule that we must constantly give up our power and sovereignty to others and to external forces and truths, then we can finally begin our ascension.

Ascension means living from a higher level of consciousness. What is the level above survival/separation? The answer is Unity. In unity, there is no judgment, separation, or pain, though you still feel deeply and are very empathic and compassionate.

The primary characteristics of our current paradigm here on Earth in 3-D are polarity and contrast. Everything is paired off in often antagonistic opposing labeled identities. Judgment and hierarchy play a key role as well in these pairings. Good, bad. Black, white. Privileged, impoverished. Abuser, victim. Patriarchal, feminist. All of the system that 3-D produces to solve problems caused by the conditioned mentality of separation produce only more separation and polarity.

There is no difference fundamentally between Communism and Capitalism from an energetic perspective. They are both “isms” created by the 3-D paradigm, and they are both power structures that cannot produce harmony by their very nature. Even though the ideology of Capitalism says it provides equal opportunity to everyone to become wealthy and to pursue happiness, there are always a few who manipulate the system to their advantage. Manipulation and trickery are a core value or attribute of 3-D consciousness, because in separation, people cannot easily differentiate between what is true and what is not. In density, we agree to be disconnected from our inner compass, or intuition.

Communism, which supposedly supports the idea that all wealth be shared equally by all people ends up consistently producing a similar hierarchy and power structure that attempts to limit and control the consciousness and freedom of its citizens. While the styles are different, the outcome is much the same. Globally, today, we see multinational corporations and tech companies practicing censorship, control, and invading people’s privacy in so called Capitalist democracies. Using people as objects and as a resource to increase their already vast wealth and power. These fascist entities are the end-game of 3-D.

To rise above 3-D is to reclaim unity with our true, essential nature. To let go of all judgment, and to replace hierarchy with cooperation. Manipulation and criminal behavior cannot function or be perpetuated in an ascended society. And the culture of punishment can no longer persist either. The whole judiciary system would have to be either eliminated or vastly changed. Because if we are truly one, then the Golden Rule is not just a nice idea. It is reality. If you are me, and I am you (and this includes, plants, animals, air, water, soil, the planet and everything in and on it), then I cannot use you for my own benefit or harm you in any way.

In this time of transition between 3-D to 5-D and beyond, the most powerful thing you can do is to send love and light equally, and without judgment, to everyone (NO EXCEPTIONS!) and everything on the planet. It is not easy to do this, because we are conditioned to judge those who harm others.

In Unity, there is no judgment. I just saw a short heartbreaking video on Instagram of a small street dog born with no arms. Someone shot this poor creature in the head, and she somehow survived all of this trauma. I started to cry, because I love animals so much. How can people mistreat these beautiful creatures? It is unthinkable to me to cause harm to another being. Yet I know I must send love to those who harmed this beautiful being as well as to the dog herself.

The dark cannot persist in the light. Darkness or what we call “evil”, “criminal”, or “selfish” behaviors are part and parcel of 3-D separation consciousness. The darkness is just another aspect of the one unified consciousness, and in 3-D, it provides contrast, allowing those who are ready to remember their true nature as light in form. And light is in constant and infinite expansion. It is because we have allowed our light to be capped by a sheath of darkness that we have gotten confused. Everything is indeed perfect as it is.

We do not need to use our power to try to awaken or to change others. We can share and plant seeds, but ultimately, everyone is on their own path to awakening, living out the experiences they chose to embody before coming to Earth in human form. Love is our unique super-power. It is light and emotion bound together in our human bodies and consciousness. By intentionally sending love to everyone and everything, even in the privacy of our own home, head, and heart, we are changing the manifest reality that we all experience together collectively.

I may not be able to meet with or talk to Bill Gates, the Clintons, the Bushes, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or other big names in world finance, tech, or politics. But I can send them all infinite light and love. You don’t have to like people or what they do to send them love. By accomplishing this powerful act daily, without judgment, you are increasing the light quotient on this planet. Not only does this help to heal the planet herself (and send her love too!), it reveals the darkness and corruption, making it visible to all.

The chaos we observe everywhere around us is a reflection of the inner states of our individual and collective mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Our personal light quotient and coherence has a direct effect on the manifest realities we all experience together. When we choose to be reactive rather than reflective, we add more energy to the machine of chaos.

Imagine that all of reality is like a giant kaleidoscope pattern, always moving and changing and reflecting the state of humanity and the planet’s collective consciousness at any given moment in time.

A chaotic pattern can be restored to coherence by our individually and collectively increasing our own coherence and by expanding our own light quotient. The only way to do this is to raise our frequency by releasing density. Since birth, we have been accumulating refractions or separations from our natural state of love. By choosing to be born on Earth, we also chose to experience density and forgetfulness of our true nature. Awakening means remembering and letting go of those refractions. By releasing density and remembering our natural or innate truth as light in form, we shed the cloak of chaotic living and restore coherence to the living pattern.

The biblical teaching “love your enemy” is not just a nice, moral thing to do. It is an instruction on how to create peace by using our consciousness intentionally and responsibly. It is mathematical and scientific.

Everything that exists in the universe or multiverse is an illusion created by a fractal of the one, unique consciousness that is our source creator, love, and light. By aligning our identity with our source energy, we reunify with the coherence that is light and love. We are all light and love by nature. Even the “bad guys”. There are no exceptions to this truth. So when you do choose to love your neighbor or your enemy, you are helping to restore to the original matrix the illusion that we share together and that we call life.

Everything that exists follows a spiral of evolution. Life is an experiment in consciousness, which constantly evolves and devolves. It is a game, in a way. Souls are fractals of the unified consciousness that choose to break off and to have experiences in different realms. There is no good or bad, no judgment. Just experiences.

We are all free to choose the type of experiences we would like to have. Do you need to experience more chaos, pain, suffering, depression, separation? If you do, there is no judgment. If you are ready for more light, love, and coherence, and if you are ready to release the fragments of refraction and separation from your initial divine identity, then the recipe for return is simple. Step out of your head. Align your heart and emotional body with your physical body. Cleanse and clear all of your bodies of all conditioning. Stand in the emptiness and allow flow to bring you everything you need, free of all desires and preconceived notions of what happiness is or what you think you need. Just be. When you are standing in coherence, in the purity of your beingness and light, there is nothing else to do.

Keep loving your friends and enemies. Loving is ascension. Your light will expand exponentially, as will the light in the world. Keep releasing the conditioning. Every time you do, your light expands. Every time you resist corruption, get obsessed by the news, hate your enemies, participate in activism or resistance to the status quo, density on Earth is reinforced. There is always a choice. Your personal ascension creates peace on Earth.

2 comments on “From Chaos to Coherence: the single most powerful thing you can do to change the world

  1. Im liking what you are saying, but we must go deeper and deeper. It might just be that humanity needs to ascend or trascend otherwise we will simply disappear as a species; we have proven a disaster as administrators or bussiness, ecnoplitically inclined. Our efforts in spiritualism where all based on pseudo-religions mainly the first international enterprises using religion and God as an excuse or a pretense. Man has failed deely, there might be hope for humanity through spiritual growth, man detached from his humanity has proven to be just the biggest predator and vermin in our world. Maybe a big shake in the tree will awaken some………..



    • Hi Victor. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for sharing your thoughts. Both are much appreciated! Like the celebrated Einstein quote says, (paraphrasing), the solution to a problem cannot be found at the same level of consciousness that created the problem. Each time humanity attempts to course correct using density or separation consciousness, we become refracted even farther away from our initial truth and alignment with Nature and our own true nature. I personally feel we have gone far enough in the experience of density, as a collective, but perhaps not everyone has. Like you say, “a big shake in the tree” is now happening, even in the levels of density, and as many have been holding the light, the darkness or “evil deeds”, as some would call them, are progressively being exposed. In density consciousness, there will always be those who try and succeed in seizing power, wealth, and control over others for their own personal benefit. At a higher level of consciousness, which is what ascension is, this type of thinking is no longer possible. The consciousness of the people cannot be controlled when the majority are holding a higher state of consciousness (which is unity). The manifestation of the new level of consciousness in the physical reality will happen organically, I believe. The Earth spends quite a long time in each of its cosmic cycles in absolute darkness, where it is very difficult for humans to remain awake. During those phases of the cycle, the darker predatory behaviors take over. We are now in the briefer light phase of the Earth’s cycle, so during this time, human behavior will improve and we will, for a time, enter a Golden Age. And this too shall pass.


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