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Full Body Halo: the empowered human being

Dearest readers,

If you are new to the global awakening and the ascension process of humanity and of our galaxy, then you might be wondering what ascension and awakening really mean.

Ascension means choosing to operate from a higher frequency and higher level of consciousness.

Our home planet, Earth, is located in a “dark” part of our galaxy. There is only a small window that opens every 26,500 or so years in which Earth is exposed to the photon belt. This photonic light triggers mass ascension or awakening in beings who have been living in darkness, or separation from our innate truth. Awakening means remembering our true identity as fractals of a single unified Source or God consciousness. The separation or density experiment takes place on Earth for the most part because of where we are located in our galaxy.

Our souls choose to incarnate on Earth, for the most part, to experience the contrast and struggle of the density experience. Density or separation consciousness, is characterized by codependency, lack, fear, self-doubt, victim consciousness, a service-to-self ethic. In density, the limited personality is run by ego. Reality is defined by that which is outside of self. The focus of consciousness is in the brain or the mind, rather than in the portal of the heart. In density, the body is equated with self, and the death of the body is the death of self.

Earth is located in the “darkest” area of our galaxy. We are a remote outpost and magnet for density experiences. Opportunities for ascension don’t often come our way!

During an ascension cycle, typically those who have profited from separation over eons of time, strategically do everything they can to keep humanity in the dark. These groups create an artificially maintained lower state of consciousness, so that they can maintain their power over a sleeping humanity. As long as humans are maintained in a constant state of fear and separation, it is very challenging for us to awaken. In previous ascension cycles on Earth, humanity has self-destructed more than once.

The current ascension cycle is characterized by a splitting of humanity into groups. Those who are choosing to awaken and to expand their light and awareness in an effort to restore unity and peace on Earth, and those who are remaining asleep and freely giving their power away to the elite controllers of the planet. Many of the sleeping souls have contracts to leave the planet or to experience a “lower” timeline. Many souls on the planet today are here to assist humanity and the planet by holding the light for the collective. These souls did not incarnate to experience density or separation, but had to go through the process of lowering consciousness in order to enter the Earth plane and to fully live the human experience. An advanced or master soul might otherwise have trouble understanding humans in density, if he, she, or they did not go through the same struggles as grounded Earth humans do.

What we commonly call reality is an illusion that we co-create together using the power of our thoughts, emotions, spoken words, beliefs, and intentions.

Over the last several years, ascension guides and way-showers have been assisting the starseeds and lightworkers with their own awakening/remembering process. Because it is necessary to start from scratch, so to speak, in this ascension cycle, the starseeds often chose difficult families and life paths in order to stimulate the awakening and to broaden the service to others path once awakening was achieved.

A fully awakened human being is 100% aware of our true nature as soul or God consciousness fractals having accepted a temporary physical vessel in order to navigate a transitional reality field. The energy or attractor field surrounding an awakened being is like a full body halo. This energy field is a quantum attractor field. Every thought, feeling, or intention set by the awakened soul is coded and instantaneously creates a manifestation experience in what humans typically call reality. The awakened being knows that the only truth or reality is within the self, which is, by essence, the one unified consciousness. What we all experience together as “reality” is actually not real. It is a projection of all of our thoughts, emotions, intentions. Our collective and individual creation is what we intentionally create or what we unintentionally allow into being. The highest charge of an awakened being is to simply BE the energy of the one unified consciousness field. This energy signature restores all that it touches to unity, health, harmony, peace, joy. To our natural state.

Humanity has the power to create peace on Earth right now.

Our natural state as a fully conscious human being is to be abundant and creative in all ways. We can truly have whatever we want, as long as it benefits the highest good of everyone and everything that exists. The Law of Attraction is the density version of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation, as taught by master teachers Sri Raam Kaa and Master Lady Kira Raa. When we are in victim or separation consciousness and are living from ego, we can use this law to attract to us things and situations that we want, but to shift up to an ascended version of this law, we must operate from unity consciousness.

The Law of Attraction originates from an energy of lack. The Law of Instantaneous Manifestation originates from the truth of the natural abundance of the universe.

The reason that there are so many “problems” in this world in which we live, is because we are experiencing a collective creation where most beings have chosen or allowed the service-to-self paradigm. This means that every time we make a choice (that doesn’t benefit the highest good of everyone, everything, and all that is), there are side-effects, ramifications, and this quickly creates a downward spiral. The only way to “cure” diseases, wars and conflicts, disharmony, environmental imbalances is to heal ourselves and to return to our natural state of consciousness, which is an ascended one. From a place of unity consciousness, we know, understand, and act from our hearts, not our conditioned minds. We are centered in a service to the highest good of all system of ethics, because we know inherently that everything and everyone, with no exceptions whatsoever, is part of the single unified consciousness.

A fully awakened human being stands fully in his or her power when he or she accepts full responsibility for all of her own thoughts, emotions, intentions, creations. The heart of an awakened being is fully open (with no doubt or fear whatsoever), and all conditioned beliefs born of separation or victim consciousness have been released. A full body halo is the form of the natural creator field for all human beings.

Humanity collectively has the opportunity in this ascension portal to up-level. Not everyone is ready to wear the full body halo again. Those who are ready have already awakened and have remembered their true nature, at least to some degree.

We are all ultimately responsible for the realities we create, consciously or unconsciously.

If we peek at the outer “reality”, the result of the collective co-creation, we see a lot of chaos. We see the truth disguised as lies, and lies parading as the truth. Only those with their eyes open, so to speak, can see the truth. Those who continue to believe in the conditioning that has held and continues to hold much of humanity in separation or victim consciousness are unable to see the truth. They believe the propaganda that they are fed by the machine that wishes to perpetuate itself and to keep the Earth and humanity in a state of enslavement. In this artificially lowered state of consciousness, people, plants, animals, and the planet are used as resources. Our minds are held hostage and mined for data that is sold as a commodity.

In the so-called outer world at this time in the ascension cycle, the truth is everywhere decried as a lie, and lies are promoted as truth.

Ultimately, whichever choice we make, we are always responsible for that choice. If we choose to remain asleep and give our power away, we are still responsible for that choice. There is no judgment; we are always loved, no matter what we choose. If we choose to awaken and to ignite our full body halo, co-creating New Earth, peace, perfect health, harmony, and joy, we are consciously taking responsibility for our co-creation. We are no longer allowing, we are fully empowered. For the awakened soul, the divine will or I AM presence and the human will align perfectly. All obstacles to that divine channel of creation have been released and willingly removed. That is what ascension means.

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