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The New Age and Positive Bias

beautiful nature scene

Hello dearest readers!

As we shift out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, there is a definite need to change our mindset from one of a negative bias, in which reality and human nature are defined by fear, survival of the physical body, separation from self and the spiritual realms as well as from nature, to a positive bias.

A positive bias means choosing to see and feel uplifting thoughts, to appreciate others and situations no matter how they immediately present

If you listen to your conversations with people on a daily basis, it may strike you how “negative” peoples’ evaluations of life experiences may seem. Traffic is horrible, the weather is bad, people are scary or evil. In separation, we are always constantly predicting disaster, even though we think we are simply discussing life as it is. Basically, life in duality has taught us that our fellow human beings as well as nature, including our own nature, are not to be trusted.

red bird

Human beings have been conditioned for thousands of years to distrust their own intuition, and to give their power to create their own reality away to so-called experts

In the age of Pisces and in survival consciousness, science is the true and established religion, and the body seems to define our identity. We are limited in all ways, and the divine connection to all that is seems unreachable. We are conditioned to this day to give our power away to politicians, doctors, to a God or savior who is all-powerful and who is not intrinsically part of self.

We generally play out roles as victims, judges, persecutors, and martyrs. Our own well-being is more often than not defined by people and/or conditions outside of our self.

We live in a hyper masculine world that is ruled by suspicion of the feminine, logic, fear, greed, manipulation, control, polarity, and separation from nature.

Experiences in polarity, separation, and ego have been useful to humanity. They have taught us how to exercise our free will. How to choose to remember who we truly are, as powerful beings of light who chose to experience separation and limitation in order to grow and learn


As the new Age of Aquarius unfolds, and as human beings awaken from the dream of separation, we are now able to co-create a new collective and personal dream of interconnectedness, intuition, kindness, unity, unconditional love, reconnection to nature, telepathic communication, and unlimited creativity. We can choose to shift out of the old “negative” bias of fear, pain, and suffering and finally relax and take back our own power.

I speak a lot about personal responsibility in this blog. To be awake means to be empowered. And to be empowered means that each of us is fully responsible for what we create in the world. It means we need to be mindful of our thoughts, emotions, and intentions at all times. It means learning to let go of old programs as well as learning to love and forgive self and others. Knowing that everything and everyone is completely perfect as is…right now!

When you meet someone for the first time, try not to judge them, but to see them as the person you love the most in the world


A new outlook means shaping our reality in each moment. Choosing love over fear. Deciding to encourage and appreciate others, no matter what they do or how they treat us. Knowing that our energy shapes the entire experience of all of humanity, the plants, animals, and the planet herself is a huge responsibility. But it is also very exciting! Finally, we are remembering how powerful we are, and what that power entails.

In every “NOW” moment, we create our experience of reality. What does it feel like to live that moment as if it has never been lived before?

The true creative energy is receptivity. Receptivity is a truly feminine energy. The totality of the Universe or Multiverse, if you will, is pure feminine emptiness. A womb of creation. Pulsing with love and creative energy. Both the masculine and feminine are necessary for a unified and balanced experience of conscious life. When we remember how to be receptive, we can surrender our consciousness to higher aspects of wisdom and bring new knowledge into our worlds.

Artists, scientists, creators in all areas know how to use intuition to invent new ways of living and being


A positive bias means being loving and non-judgmental in each moment. Assuming that everything that happens is good and perfect, just as it is. That we are perfect right now, just as we are. That every situation embodies a silver lining. Our bias for gratitude causes life to flow with beauty and appreciation, and surrender to one’s higher aspect allows appropriate information to flow into our consciousness. Once we have surrendered our lives to guidance by our higher self, we can then allow our masculine side to step in to mold  the new images, information, and awareness into form that we can materialize into our world and share with others.

It takes time and concerted effort to heal from inter-generational trauma caused by separation consciousness

Swedish house

We are now living in a powerful and chaotic time of transition. The fruits of the Starseeds and Lightworkers are beginning to become apparent, beginning to manifest in what we call “physical reality”. It is time to create in unity and to imagine New Earth from a positive bias based in love, compassion, and non-judgment.

It is our true nature to embody love. We simply have forgotten for a time that we are all connected. That we can innately communicate with all life, from the microscopic to the infinite. In remembering, we become powerful creators of realities once again. And we can relax, breathe, and be thankful.

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