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My Utopia: building a vision for New Earth

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Dearest readers,

As we personally and collectively raise our vibration to a higher frequency, the call to serve the highest good of everything and everyone becomes an obvious requirement. Unity or oneness as a state of consciousness means we each accept that we are all inextricably interconnected, emotionally, mentally, physically…on all levels, densities, and dimensions.

Calling up the highest timelines and accepting to embody our higher self as an incarnated human being on Earth is a noble and exciting goal. As we each awaken at our own pace, we also realize what we can co-create here on Earth.

New Earth is a state of consciousness

mountain meadow

In duality, most humans spend a lot of time criticizing the state of the world, fearing scary possibilities, looking for scapegoats to blame for their own lack of mastery of their thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Once we shift into unity, there is no one to blame but ourselves. We alone are responsible for the world or worlds that we create and experience.

We don’t need better elected officials or institutions to create New Earth. New Earth is what we each make of our lives and our choices in our daily lives. Tiny things pile up and have staggering consequences.

Small choices make a huge difference

Looking every person we meet squarely in the eye and sincerely asking them how they are makes a significant energetic difference in the world, rippling outward with vibrations of compassion and kindness.

Of course, we all want to create something significant, with visible ramifications.

Kindness is strength, not weakness

The changes I would like to see in the world are many.

I imagine a world where the latent talents of every child born on the planet are cherished and encouraged, and where parents and educators are excited to discover and nurture those talents as they emerge.

I imagine a world where businesses are democratic, in which every worker owns a share of the business and is actively involved in every day decision making.

Taking responsibility for our lives is key

rainbow meadow

I imagine a world where everyone realizes that plants, animals, trees, insects, rocks, water, clouds have consciousness. A world where human beings remember that we are an integral part of nature. With this new awareness, humans show deep respect and reverence for all life and for the energetic bodies we now call inanimate matter.

I imagine a world where people take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, and intentions and where they create consciously and mindfully in every moment. A world where people are patient, curious, kind, and helpful. A world where we can slow down and breathe, letting go of the worry of judgment by others. Where we can live at our own pace and wake up when are bodies are ready to awaken.

Everything that exists embodies consciousness

I imagine a world where all people are valued, and where all talents are equally important.

I imagine a world where there is no culture of lack, no poverty of thought process. Where the abundance of this world is shared without hoarding or greed, and where all resources are made equally available to all people.

Imagine a world without poverty

I imagine a world where people relate to one another without codependency or enabling, in which everyone is held fully responsible for their acts of creation. In this version of reality, children are taught to take full responsibility instead of being absolved or entitled to do as they please without regard for others or for their community.

I imagine a world that is full of beauty and life, where people and animals alike can drink water and eat food without fear of toxicity, and where we can live without fear of criminal behaviors, exploitation, and opportunism. The stress we experience in duality has become second nature to us, but it is not a prerequisite for humanity to live as a predator or prey to our fellow human beings. We can rise above duality, separation, and lack that characterizes the 3-D world.

Beauty heals stress


I imagine a world where we are all empowered to create with sensitivity and receptivity. A world where we listen to our own higher self as primary council and source of wisdom, without giving our power away to so-called experts. On New Earth, as I see it, there will be no hierarchy as we know it today, although there will be structure and an orderly and peaceful way of life.

It is up to each of us to imagine New Earth and to begin to live as if we are already there. Now is the only time there is to create the world in which we wish to live. Our hearts radiate the wisdom of the higher realms.  If we can quiet our minds and listen, our hearts will show us the way.

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