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Antiviral: Choosing what we spread


Hello dearest readers,

Currently, the world seems to be swept by an intentionally propagated fear of the corona virus. As most of you already probably know, the main purpose of global media is to spread fear and to keep humanity in a lower vibrational frequency so that the collective can be easily kept under control. Included in this program is the vaccination system which allows authorities to inject unknown substances, DNA, nano-particles, and technologies into large swathes of the human population.

Are you afraid of viruses, diseases, epidemics?

I do not believe that the main purpose of epidemics, many of which are started intentionally, is to kill a lot of people. Keeping people in fear is the major focus. And we do have a choice regarding our emotions as well as our experiences in our personal and collective realities. Everything is energy, including viruses, bacteria, fungi…and our thoughts and emotional reactions to information!

How aware are you of the quality of your thoughts and emotions in any given moment of the day?

How to respond to fear propaganda in a positive way? How can we each be an antivirus in our personal lives and behavioral choices?

My solution is a simple one:

  • Send love and gratitude for every experience that we have here on Earth, whether we perceive it as positive or negative.
  • Send love, light, and intentions of healing and unification to the energy of the virus (or whatever you choose to focus on that previously inspired a reaction of fear in your mental or emotional body). With our minds or consciousness, we can mutate a feared virus into an energy of beauty, healing, and joy. Our minds are extremely powerful.
  • Trust that you can create a life of joy, ease, freedom and perfect health for yourself and those you love. We are all powerful creators of realities. We choose to create the life we live by our personal vibration.

Where are you on the spectrum between fear and love?

On a very 3-D level, we can keep our vibrations high and our bodies healthy by using essential oils, such as oregano, thyme, rosemary, tea tree, lavender, myrrh, frankincense mixed with coconut oil, drinking teas or water with tinctures made from plants containing antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, such as pao d’arco, olive leaf, dandelion, ginger, and others. Many plants possess antiviral properties. Ingesting these plants will cause viruses hidden within the body to surface as the plant works to prevent the virus from replicating in the cells.

Plants have healing properties that harmful bacteria or viruses cannot mutate to avoid, because plants are connected to the consciousness of the planet

We can raise our vibrational frequency by remaining in a state of mindfulness and gratitude, offering our talents in service to others and consciously setting the intention to share these talents and to increase unity, harmony, freedom, peace, and health on the planet on a daily basis.

When human beings reconnect to nature and remember that our consciousness is unlimited, connected to all that is, we will remember how powerful we truly are

When we sit in meditation and quiet our bodies and minds, we can connect to our higher self and ask to embody our highest expression and timelines available to us in our grounded lives/bodies here on Earth at this time. We can ask for guidance, opportunities to heal and to help, as well as the tools we need to accomplish our mission set before we birthed into these bodies here on Earth.

We all have the power to change life on Earth right now.

It is time to let go of all of the old thought programs and constructs that have been controlling humanity through fear for eons. We, as human beings, starseeds, lightworkers – we all have the power to change the world we live in right now. Simply by changing how we respond to all information. Coming from inside our minds or from the world that we perceive as outside of self. All is one, all is unity. We simply need to change the way we see, feel, hear, act.

Reacting with fear strengthens that which you fear

Life can be beautiful. Health is a state of mind. You decide whether you get sick or not. You decide whether you transmit illness, fear, doubt, judgment or love, friendship, kindness, health, and joy. Awareness is everything. When we are aware, we can choose consciously. It is time to wake up.

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