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Delighted! Signs the collective is moving to service to others ethic



Dearest readers,

I am always looking out for clues and definite signs that our shared reality is shifting from a service-to-self philosophy based on greed, separation, and lack to one that is expansive, holistic, conceptual, compassionate, and generous.  In this nascent reality that we are all evolving into and building together, all people, animals, plant life, and the planet and beyond are one well-balanced, loving, and harmonious family.


As I look to the skies, I see that chem trails have disappeared. This gives me great joy. I recently participated in a global meditation organized by Jerry Sargeant to send love and specific light codes to the pilots who have been dumping these toxic chemicals into our skies, knowingly poisoning our bodies, our air, our animals, our trees, plants, soil. We also sent love to those who issue orders to the pilots, and those echelons above the administrative levels. By raising the frequencies and pouring light and love into the collective with specific light-encoded intentions, we, as human beings, have the power to recreate the realities we experience, both individually and collectively.



This past week, I came home to a lovely surprise that also, to me, proved that love and generosity are on the rise. Atop an expected Amazon package on my front porch sat a brilliant blue bubble wrap envelope, sealed with a sticker reading: “You’re the cat’s meow, Chewy”. Chewy.com is a lovely company from whom I purchase pet food for my dog, Ruby. The very first year I ordered from Chewy, I received two long hand-written messages on Christmas cards from the company. Delighted and surprised, I wondered if the company was very small and just starting out?


Every time I have interacted with customer service reps with Chewy, they have always been extremely kind and helpful. But the electric blue bubble wrapped package revealed a surprise which went far and beyond the typical customer experience. Expecting perhaps a promotional dog treat, I opened the package. Inside, I found a lovely handwritten card, the envelope addressed to “Rebekah and your furbaby”. A square-shaped object wrapped in white tissue paper was also sealed with a “cat’s meow” sticker.



When I opened up the tissue paper, I found a hand-painted portrait of my dog, Ruby! The painting is signed on the back, by the artist. This gift was so unexpected, so lovely, it took my breath away! It made me so happy. On top of that, I have been planning to create my own business to paint portraits of pets and their people for some time, so the arrival of the portrait, and my desire to leave my corporate cubicle job to return to my true mission as a full-time creator was also a great gift.


I called Chewy and spoke to a young man named Patrick. He said that Chewy.com is a great company to work for, because they pay attention to the small details that make people happy. He added that he is always delighted to hear how joyful and encouraged people feel when they receive the surprise pet portraits!


I have sent an e-mail to Chewy’s HR department, asking if I too can be part of their pet portrait team, as it is such a lovely opportunity to spread joy and love in the world. (I’ve included in this post some of my own portraits of Ruby.)  I wouldn’t normally write about a company in this manner, but I feel that it is important to give not only credit, but to share how crucial it is to be expansive, generous, and loving in business. That these practices connect us all and bring greater happiness to everyone. The age of exploitation and greed is ending. The age of stress, worrying about being duped, robbed, tricked out of your money by corporations, banks, and other organizations is coming to an end.


We can make this transformation occur even faster in two ways. Firstly, by becoming aware that we are collectively creating a new way of being human together. Secondly, by remembering our true nature, as powerful, sovereign creative beings, and by working together to imagine and embody new ways of working together, doing business, educating our children, building housing and cities, and new ways of interacting with one another and with our beautiful mother planet.


Human beings are generally fearful of change, but the changes that are coming are wonderful changes. What we are letting go of deserves to be released, so that these stagnant energies of selfishness, ego, separation, and greed can return to the unified field field to be recycled into new ideas and creations. With love and gratitude for the experiences of having lived out the paradigm of loss, solitude, victimization, separation to its end, I believe we are all now ready to shed all of the stored pain, fear, anxiety, judgment, jealousy, anger from our bodies, from our ancestral lines, and from the collective. These energies, once released, can be transformed into something new and beautiful.


We are creators. Powerful creators of realities. We are moving back into our hearts, and we are remembering how to create from our hearts, with intention. Leaving the cramped box of the ego/information/judgment experience behind, we are the brave warriors and pioneers of a new, expansive, and loving society, co-creating with Gaia, for a peaceful, harmonious existence on Earth. It is not happening to us. We are making it happen.


Be aware. Send love to all, especially to those who appear to need it most – those who are angry, self-serving, narcissistic, impatient, cruel. Every time you intentionally send out love and light to those around you, this love expands. This is the most important work you can do. Be strong, and keep the faith. The signs are here. Look for them!

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