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Rediscovering innocence


Dearest readers,

An innocent heart is the most powerful state of being. We look with delight into the eyes of a baby, a puppy, a kitten. The light flowing through the eyes of innocence is soft yet bright. Full of wonder, joy, simplicity. There are no shadows, no fear, no intentions other than to enjoy and fully experience the moment at hand.


The innocent do not protect themselves. They are completely vulnerable. How can being completely open and vulnerable equate to a state of power? Spiritual teachers always insist that laughter, joy, spontaneity, and living in the moment is the most powerful state of being. It is the place where everything becomes possible. We do not seek to control or attach to outcomes; we simply live each experience fully without projecting the past onto the present or a potential future.

laughing children

How can we, as adults, return to a pristine state where we can laugh, enjoy our lives, and stop constantly negotiating for our survival? How can we move out of our heads and settle back into our hearts? Living in a playful state means putting away our checklists, our goals, our plans and projects. Play is a creative state of being. Artists, musicians, writer, poets are adults who have maintained at least some traces of innocence. The ability to embrace the potential to engage with reality in the moment is the essence of play.


While children are not always joyful, their reactions and interactions with life are full on. They are passionate. They argue, they scream from depths that we adults have forgotten we possess, since we have worried for so long what other people might think of us were we to completely let go and allow ourselves to belt out the grief, joy, excitement, or pain that we feel in the moment.


If we are to be as little children to inherit the newest version of Earth, then we need to practice innocence. It is the most challenging aspect of the ascension process. Shedding all of our armor, all of our experience, all of the hard-won knowledge that was supposed to make living on Earth easier…it is now time to let it all go. To be naked again, disarmed, trusting that our needs will be met without having any idea how food, drink, shelter, warmth, love, or companionship will come our way. Is this not a great challenge for any responsible adult?

older woman

Yet is we are to fully realize our potential as aware multi-dimensional beings, then we have to let go of the conventions, the programs, the teachings, that have brought us to where we are today. To co-create with the consciousness of the Universe requires a state of innocence, full receptivity, presence, openness. A state where there is no judgment of self or others. No shame, no blame, no hierarchy. No self-importance. When you fall in love with yourself, anything is possible.  All of the masters are joyful. Innocence is the mastery of love, and love is the building block of reality.

joyful adults


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