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The end of fake freedom



Dearest readers,

In this post, I will attempt to explain how we can move from an illusion of freedom which is still our collective accepted reality, to living as truly free, powerful, and creative beings. This shift requires moving out of duality and into unity – out of the head and into the heart. Moving from a male dominated energy system into one in which the male and female energies are balanced. A way of living that is synergistic and holistic rather than dualistic, controlling, and which suppresses the creative powers of the feminine.


Most human beings still believe that they are free or that we are collectively living for the most part in free societies. My thesis  postulates that freedom and democracy are deceptive concepts introduced into a paradigm of duality: left, right, liberal, conservative, rich, poor, socialism, capitalism. There can be no freedom for human beings in the current collective mindset in which we have all been born and in which we all (or most of us) agree to live.



It is an extremely clever system, and it has been maintained for millennia. This system equally controls the wealthy and the poor, all “races”, all ages, male and female.  In this system, we agree to give up most of our freedoms in order to have our most basic needs met: food, water, housing. While we dream of living the desires of our hearts each and every day, we are controlled by fear. If I don’t pay my rent or my mortgage, my home will be taken away from me. I will be homeless. I will be hungry. I won’t be able to take care of my children, my family.

poor neighborhoods

We live enslaved to systems and institutions which are run by people or beings who live unfettered by the concepts and agreements to which we self-enslave. The elites pay no taxes, do not work in order to enjoy housing, food, water, clothing. These elites are not obligated by the laws that bind us, and they enslave and exploit men, women, children sexually and for other experiments without limit. The lineages running our financial, political, military, and religious institutions, and all of the corporations to which we willingly or more reluctantly give away our time, our energy, our health, our faith, maintain duality in order to control us and to preserve their power and privilege.


We barter our true nature and our true freedoms as creators in order to merely survive. We have learned to equate our entire reality to the confines of our physical bodies in this single existence. This is why all of the world’s major spiritual teachings speak of the ego and of releasing our attachments to things, to beliefs. The ego is not evil. It is a construct in our minds which allows the soul grounded in a physical body to survive in most basic terms. It serves a certain purpose and only enslaves us if we allow our self to exclusively identify our entire being with the limited construct of ego.


The chaos we observe in the world today is the expression of the death throes of duality. The end of both conservatism and liberalism, the end of elites running the institutions that throw us into endless debt, that conceal advanced technologies that would give us free energy, instant transportation to anywhere in the cosmos, and above all that keep us all running in circles, obsessed by drama, fear, and fighting one another instead of unifying and realizing that all of humanity, all of nature is a single family.


As more and more people in all countries on our beautiful conscious planet, Earth, begin to awaken and to realize that duality is not reality (not the only reality), we begin to shift. This process has been happening for many years as the energy quotient on the planet incorporates more and more light. Light is information, and our DNA transforms as we absorb this light. When we use our imagination and our intentions to shift our realities, the entire planet and our relationships to all that exists on the planet and beyond also change.


Communism, socialism, capitalism – all isms and so-called utopias constructed in the mind can never work for everyone in a reality construct that is based on duality. Duality means some are haves and some are have-nots. Equality cannot exist outside of the holism, outside of the heart. The heart is the gateway to the unified field. Without self-love, and without unconditional love to and for all that is, there is no possible utopia. We are not limited to duality, unless we accept that duality is the only way to live.

utopian duality

As it turns out, spirituality is physics. In conventional western medicine, duality rules. If you take a medication to help you get well, it also comes with a host of side-effects which are damaging. The body is seen as a machine, and disease as something to be fought and destroyed, rather than loved and thanked. When truly healing from the heart, all is energy. There is no good, and there is no evil. Nothing needs be fought or destroyed. Energy is never lost. It is simply transformed.  In a truly holistic healing path, there are no side-effects. The blockages of emotion or energies in the body which are no longer serving the collective good of all of the cells in the body are what cause what we call disease. Disease is simply the outcome of a person ignoring the total well-being of their mental, emotional, physical, and light bodies over a period of time.

body as a machine

The human body self heals. Constantly. It is a self-regulating system. The human body is designed to live a very long time. We are meant to live in harmony with our bodies, our minds, our hearts, one another, our environment.  Everything that is. Because everything that exists is energy. We are energy. Energy is ever-shifting, in patterns of light, sound, geometry. With our thoughts and emotions, we create frequencies. There is no good or bad. Only various patterns that create realities.


Once we realize that each of us is a creator of realities, and that we are all connected in one vast and infinite web to an infinite number of universes, planets, beings, we are in awe of the vastness and beauty of life. Why limit ourselves to a tiny fragment of a single aspect of reality, when we can be, do, or participate in anything our heart desires?


The false freedoms promised by capitalism, socialism, communism, or any of our current religions cannot deliver their promises of comfort, salvation, wealth, or well-being. They are, by nature, limited by duality. You may ask, why are we always fighting some enemy in order to “enjoy freedom”? Why do our politicians and military create enemies and dangerous situations in order to control us with fear? By nature, the promises of false freedoms make us weak victims who are controlled and manipulated. Yes, we have each agreed to experience limitation, control, victimhood, duality. But now that we have experienced this suffocating experience of lack and that we have observed the devastating effects of duality on human health, relationships, communities, we can choose if we want to continue this experiment or try something different.


True freedom resides in the human heart. Subjectivity is not a lesser way of being. The heart is the vessel, the portal, and the ultimate gateway to freedom. For the master of self-love, the master of the heart, is a true super-hero. We have been trained to think that science is based in the mind, a fully intellectual pursuit. But as it turns out, the master of physics and creator of realities is someone who trusts in intuition, someone who is connected to all that exists, someone who trusts in the creative powers of love. Love is light. Light is information. We do not have to search for information. The entire truth of the universe, of all universes, is contained inside of us. Inside of our hearts, our DNA. We have access to all information, once we release all of the beliefs of limitation that we once accepted as truth and reality.


This process of transformation from living with the concepts of false freedoms to one in which we become creators is a process for most of us. We can shake off the old way of being and living, in which we attach to certain privileges or an identity. For example, many today are proud of being survivors of some condition – cancer, domestic violence, incest. Others are proud of their careers or accomplishments. When we shift to the heart, we see these experiences of suffering or social progress as a gateway to the opening of our heart. These experiences are not something to hold onto or onto which we need attach our identity. We are no longer victims. When we are free, we can choose to be completely healthy and to help heal others. When we all get to the point where we are living holistically and from the heart, we will be constantly balancing our bodies, emotions, relationships whenever there is the slightest sense of disequilibrium. We will communicate with our own cells. We will be constantly in touch with all that is, no longer disconnected or dependent on experts to tell us how to heal, how to be, how to live abundantly.

challenge growth

True freedom is at our fingertips. Right now. All we need to do to begin to release our self from the bondage of false freedom is to realize that there are other options, other realities. That the head and heart, masculine and feminine, are both necessary components to life, liberty, and happiness. We are all creators, pieces of the source creator of all that is. Living in a human body does not have to be a source of constant struggle or suffering. We don’t have to limit ourselves and only embrace some beings and not others. The upper middle class need not fear the poor. Those living in poverty need not envy the privileges of the wealthy. These are destructive agreements that maintain duality so that we can all be better controlled and manipulated. This separation was created on purpose, with deliberate intention. We can move beyond this paradigm of duality. We are doing it now.

peaceful nook

The more people who awaken and who become conscious of their true identities and abilities, the quicker and easier this shift will be. We see the exposure of the darkness of racist policing, the intentional shootings and terrorist attacks designed to keep the populace in constant fear, the news media which feeds those who subscribe with never-ending narratives equally designed to maintain constant anxiety and fear. The beings who run our global societies are being exposed. The corruption of business, politics, religion, the exploitation, sexual slavery of children and adults around the globe is being exposed as well. We see that terrorist groups around the globe as well as those who fight them are funded by the same governments and military industrial complexes. As we see the darkness exposed, there is no need to feel despair. We should, in fact, rejoice.

light beings

That which has been concealed from view (and there is much more below the surface as yet to be revealed to the majority of humans) is now coming to light for the masses. One day, our true origins will also be exposed. We will finally meet our star families. We will know our true history, and we will learn about ancient technologies and history, knowing that humanity and life on the planet and in our galaxy and beyond is so much older and developed than we were ever taught in school. We are living in a wonderful time of transformation, and we can all play a part in it by raising our own frequencies. The more light that is in the world, and the more blocked energies that we release and transform back into light, the more free we are to consciously create realities that we will all enjoy. There is no need for some to be privileged and others to live in poverty.

heart centered reality

In the new realities of the heart, everyone will thrive. As the divine feminine makes her way back into the light, into our consciousness, into our hearts, we will find balance again. The see-saw of duality will quickly fade. We will take responsibility for our lives and wonder why we ever thought it was acceptable to be a victim or to feel so powerless. We will wonder why we accepted to live in debt to powerful corporations and families who thrived and enjoyed their lives while most of us worked so hard for so little. We will self-heal and no longer struggle with disease and shortened life spans.

child hugging tree.png

We will understand that we needed these experiences of limitation in order to wake up. And once we are awake and have tasted the power of freedom, a freedom in which we are fully responsible and accountable, we can never go back to the old way. We are creating this new golden age together. No one is coming to save us. We are our own saviors. Working together, as a community of light. Bringing back the divine feminine to live in harmony in our bodies, minds, hearts, spirit, communities.


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