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From puppets to people: remembering our humanity



Dearest readers,

While most broadcast “news” is designed to trigger fear, to divide people against each other, to keep us obedient and passive, and to conceal the truth, occasionally nuggets of truthful information do slip through the control agenda. I am persuaded that it is useless and even counter-productive to fight “against” the system. If we wish to make changes to the quality of our individual and collective realities, it is up to us as creative beings to become aware of the way things are now and to consciously create new ways of being.

voice of god technology

Protest, anger, and fighting back all imply that the system in place and those who keep it going are more powerful than we are. This is not the case. The paradigm of control over humanity has been designed to keep us passive so that we use our life energy to support a very few “powerful” beings who run the system, dividing us against one another and manipulating us through constant fear, using technologies to distort our thoughts, using the media to plant seeds of contention and to maintain constant anxiety, self-serving and aggressive behaviors, impatience, anger, and unrest. These emotions maintain a frequency of chaos on the planet, for low frequency energies are the vibrations of deconstruction. The opposite of creativity. The higher vibrations of love, peace, understanding, joy, and wonder produce creative and expansive frequencies of coherence.


Recently, I heard on the radio that the United States was evacuating the Cuban embassy because personnel were suffering from the effects of malicious sound transmissions that were damaging hearing and causing mental and physical distress and illness. As I thought about this tidbit of “news” about this alleged acoustic attack (as always, blaming a foreign power for the attack and presenting the U.S. as a target or victim), I also thought about how our poverty-stricken neighborhoods in the United States and their inhabitants are created and maintained. Why is it so hard for people to leave poverty behind? Often psychological theses are advanced. My hypothesis is that these areas are bombarded with very powerful technologies and frequencies that make people incapable of functioning in a healthy manner. By maintaining poverty and violence in certain areas, it is easier to manipulate the more privileged classes and to keep them fearful of those in the “lower” classes.

Cuba acoustic attack


Racism and poverty are intentional techniques of control, as are the creation and maintenance of various social classes and privileges. The entire system is a system of slavery, and no one is exempt, except those who have been pulling the strings all along: politicians, heads of the world’s major religions, the financial system, pharmaceutical and health insurance industries, chemical and petroleum industries, politicians, the military industrial complex.


Those who are behind the scenes playing humanity like puppets are extremely conscious of how the physics behind reality actually works. They know the power of consciousness, and they are fully aware of the true history of humanity as well as the true potential of human beings. They have technologies that are used to control us, to control the weather, to control the planet for their own benefit. Their agenda is to prevent us from remembering who we are. By dividing us against one another and keeping us in fear, they are allowed to maintain not only privilege and wealth, but immense power to prolong a reality which is self-serving and which causes immense suffering to humanity, to animals, to plants, to the planet herself.


We, human beings, have the power to rediscover our sovereignty. This is the whole focus of the new age. When the Bible speaks of an “end of times”, it does not mean the end of the world. It means the end of an era of control and manipulation. It means the end of a cycle in which humans live in codependency, as victims. The new age is just one of many cycles in the infinite expression of realities, which is turn is part of an endless creative expansion of possibilities in matter and energy. We, as human beings, are living in a very special time.


We have the power to remember who we are. It is time to unite, to no longer allow ourselves to be tricked into resisting, resenting, or fighting one another. It is not human nature to be cruel, manipulative, violent, aggressive, murderous. We have been played for many thousands of years, and it is time for us to stop playing that game.


We, the indigos, the starseeds, the forerunners, have come to help humanity to remember your true power. Together, human consciousness unites with that of the planet and the cosmos. This co-creative power brings ease, joy, peace, understanding. We are creative beings. When we stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated as marionettes, we stop and take stock. We think about what we really want to experience for ourselves, for our children, our friends, our neighbors. We realize that all humans, all animals, all plants are conscious beings, not a resource to be used or exploited. That our mother planet is also conscious, waiting for us to work with her.


It is time to human beings to cooperate with one another every day, consciously, on a massive scale. The time is coming soon in which we will meet our relatives from inside the planet, from our galaxy, and beyond. We are not alone. We have been quarantined in a hellish state of victimization and violence for thousands of  years. We have yearned, and we have grown. We have created beauty in the midst of terrible suffering. Human beings are the artists, the poets, the musicians of our galaxy. Sensitive, beautiful beings – it is time to examine your own shadows. To hold those shadows in the palm of your hand, to behold your own beauty as well as your darkness. To let go of that which you no longer need, without blame, self-judgment, or shame.

service to others

The service to self groups are on their way out. The more quickly we unite and intentionally work together for peace, the more quickly we will live in a peaceful world. The acts of terrorism that are orchestrated on a daily basis to keep us in fear will end when we decide to no longer accept that reality and to no longer accept fear as the primary voice of our hearts. The voices that are implanted into our minds will no longer influence us, and the tones and frequencies of chaos from wifi, cellphones, and other technologies will be replaced by better technologies which are in coherence with our bodies and the planet.

false flag

It is up to us to create a better world. A world of wonder, love, magic, peace. While we have free will to experience whatever we wish, it is childish to continue to assert that the collective reality, which is in fact a prison and a slave-ship for all of us, is the only reality on Earth. It is not. We are here to help. It is time to wake up. Time to take your power back, and to take responsibility for what you create, what you experience.


Set intentions for joy, health, peace, love. Be patient while driving on the road. Help others. Be kind and generous with the gifts you enjoy in your life. We are all one being, with one consciousness. Life becomes easy when we enter into the flow of the unified field. No more need to struggle for survival.

lao tzu

Cut the strings and cords that connect you to anyone or anything that keeps you feeling powerless, unhappy, unhealthy. Learn to walk on your own. It is a little frightening, but also exhilarating! It is wonderful to be alive, to be human. We are more powerful together. The disasters that the powers that be have designed to pull us down have unintentionally revealed the true nature of the human being. While the secret technologies manipulate the weather, our minds, pushing people and the planet to create storms and terrorist attacks, we have demonstrated that we will not live in fear. We do care about one another. We have risen up in compassion to help one another – whether it be in Florida, Texas, Las Vegas, Barcelona. People are kind.


Wake up humanity. These disasters are not just happening by chance. They are planned and are very much intentional. Rise up in love. Raise the vibrations of your being to the highest levels of kindness, peace, and understanding. This is what defeats the lower vibrations of selfishness, narcissism, greed, violence, manipulation. This is the new age. It is one of cooperation, peace, understanding, and love. If you want wars and terrorism to end, do not buy guns, or enter into angry protest. Jesus understood the actual power of love. It is a high frequency of vibration that shifts realities, causes the dead to reawaken, the sick to heal. Jesus was a master of physics who could transform realities. He came here to teach us to do the same. It is our turn to transform the hell we have accepted as reality into realities of love, peace, and understanding.


He is not coming back to save us. It is the spirit of unity and love that he represents that has returned in millions of individuals born onto the planet at this time. This is the second coming. It is now. It is up to us to open our hearts and to apply the lessons that we received two thousand years ago. Jesus did not come to be worshiped. He came to teach. His lessons are alive. The truth is that the only reality is love. Love is the creative force of the universe, and it is inside each of us. What will you create?

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