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I can have the whole box of chocolates: beyond survival to unity consciousness


Dearest readers,

This weekend I am attending a Power Living conference led by healer and spiritual teacher, Patrick San Francesco, from Bangalore, India. Patrick founded the Samarpan Foundation in 2006. According to his web-site, lightmovement.org, Samarpan means surrendering your identity to the universe. The non-profit promotes the values of love, peace, kindness, and happiness by promoting access to education and medical care while promoting equality, animal rights, women’s rights, environmental issues. A slender bearded man with large dark rimmed eyes, a hooked nose, and long dark straight hair that falls over his face like a curtain, Mr. San Francesco is very playful and intersperses his teachings with extremely amusing personal anecdotes.

ice cream

For example, he recounted an incident where a very large, burly and muscular man with multiple tattoos emerged from an ice cream parlor holding two cones, one for himself, and one for his girlfriend. Patrick rumpled his long hair to make himself look disheveled and mentally unstable. He then rushed up to the man, licked each of the cones twice, and laughed with glee. The muscular man, nonplussed, tossed the pair of ice cream cones into the trash while his girlfriend collapsed with laughter. He re-entered the ice cream shop and bought two more cones.


Power Living is about pushing boundaries using love, wisdom, understanding, and peaceful, but also playful behaviors. It is about reading the energy behind words and raising the energy in a room. Without our minds and hearts, we can transform the energetic states of nations, cities, organizations, teams, families, and neighborhoods.


Anyone who is interested in the ascension process and the raising of human consciousness is aware that the dimension in which we currently reside is the third dimension. In this dimension, we feel separate from one another. We manipulate, gossip, compete, and we struggle to survive. In other words, we constantly feel as if there is not enough to go around. If life is a box of chocolates in the third dimension, we worry that if we have been lucky enough to get one chocolate, we probably won’t get the opportunity to select another. Stress, worry, anxiety, and depression abound in the familiarity of our third dimensional world. We often pretend to be happy, but most of the time, we are not free, and we are not enjoying full abundance.


So how do we get access to the full box of chocolates? When I queried Mr. San Francesco about changing careers and moving into purpose, saying “How do we know if we are making a good choice leaving current employment without prospects for another career path?”, he replied that we always have the whole box of chocolates.


In other words, in unity consciousness, everything is always available to us, at every moment. But in the restricted, worry-tainted reality into which we have been conditioned, our survival mind cannot fathom this concept. That full abundance is always present for us. We can simply pick and choose and enjoy whatever experience we would like to live out.


Shedding the skin, the bones, the conditioning of the third dimensional survival mind are our biggest challenge when it comes to the ascension process. Mr. San Francesco claims he is bringing in seventh dimensional energy to his Power Living workshop attendees. He offers 11 celestial gifts. All we need to do is to receive them. There is great simplicity and ease implicit in higher dimensional living. If only we can give up scraping by. If only we can allow ourselves to believe that life can be simple and abundant at the same time. We choose our perspective and by changing the way we examine our experiences, we can find beauty and bounty even in simplicity.

bus stop

And so I ask myself, if I make up my mind to walk into H.R. and resign from my full-time job that pays all my bills at present, I must trust that the universe of which I am a part, offers me every possibility that I am able to imagine for my continued sustenance and enjoyment.

some e card

Mr. San Francesco must have sensed how much I love chocolate. He must have known that I would be intrigued by that metaphor. How miserable do I need to get before the temptation of the box of chocolates becomes too strong to resist? The allure of waking up whenever my body is ready to awaken and to fill my days with painting, writing, gardening already fill my dreams. If only there were no need to pay bills. If only I could be free to share my gifts without the constraint of having to exchange my precious time and freedom in order to satisfy my need for shelter, food, and to provide for my family.


People like Mr. San Francesco live the dream, using their talents to serve others and to raise the vibration on the planet. I pray that I join his ranks to be in service to our beautiful planet, to humanity, to the animals and the plants. I am standing on a precipice, teetering on the edge of the third dimension. Sand and rock are crumbling under my feet. Will I fall, or will I soar?

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