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Fresh start: new beginnings for a new paradigm


Hello dearest readers,

While I’m working at my survival job (doing editing of airplane maintenance and repair manuals), I listen to YouTube videos about spiritual topics, nature, science, and music to keep my mind creatively focused. It is very challenging for me to do work that is not fully aligned with my personality and purpose.


If you are at all interested in the evolution of humanity to a higher level of consciousness at this critical time in our collective history, then you probably feel something like I do. Needing to be free and to explore my own creative potential in each moment. Knowing I am connected to all that is and creating new realities in that interconnected web of being that is life.


Yesterday, synchronicities led me to a series of videos about living a life of ease and flow, letting go of all attachments to past self-limiting beliefs, letting go of all attachment to Akashic history. Basically the message I was receiving is that humanity is being relieved of the leaden cloak of slavery and sleep that has been keeping us in a limited reality. Now we can pursue our dreams and will not be hindered by any force outside of self.


New potentials are here. Whereas before every time I tried to start an art or creative business where I could use my real talents to make a living (mural painting, portraits of pets and people, container gardens for medicinal plants) somehow I found I wasn’t connected or supported. Was I sabotaging myself with limiting beliefs that somehow I wasn’t worthy of success? Possibly. Why wasn’t the flow of life supporting me? Are things different now?

fairy garden

While I was in Finland a few weeks ago, helping my son get established for university life there, I saw a post on my neighborhood social network from a lady who needed help with a French translation for a hospital report. An intuition told me to offer the translation for free in exchange for help in transitioning to a new career.

tour eiffel

I didn’t know anything about this woman, her life, her career, her interests. I just had a sense of knowing that this is what I should do. When I returned home from Finland, we got in touch, and I met her. It turns out that we have so much in common! We both are writers and editors as well as artists. She also was a professional chef and taught cooking as well as worked as a food writer, PR person for large corporations. Her resume is impressive!


I invited her for dinner last night. It was a little intimidating cooking for a professional chef, but she was very gracious! We have been brainstorming about ideas for a business that we could create together. And she is encouraging me to pursue my painting as a way to make a living. The time has come for me to truly believe that I can make a living using my talents, time, and energy pursuing the activities I love most!


Each work day, I have to wake up between 3:45 and 4:00 am to arrive at work at 5:30 am. I don’t get home until 5:30 pm. This schedule takes a lot out of me, because it leaves me so little free time to pursue creative activities and to refresh my soul and spirit. Today, Sunday, is my day off, and I turned off my alarm clock and slept several hours longer than I usually do. Most days, I can’t remember my dreams.

3 45 am

This morning, dream time took me to a place where I was parking my old Nissan Altima, getting ready to take my dog, Ruby, for a walk. For some reason, I had my laptop in the car, and I was trying to charge it using the cigarette lighter cable. Thoughts entered my dream mind that I should probably slip the laptop under the passenger seat so no one would see it. Then I looked for my purse as I got ready to get out of the vehicle.

laptop in car

It was a pink purse which I haven’t used in a while. I looked inside and saw that my pink leather wallet was slightly torn, gaping, empty, as if someone had forced the zip open to take out the contents. Shocked, I started looking through my purse and saw that all of my credit cards and little pouches containing my driver’s license and other personal items were gone. I was really upset in the dream, debating whether I should still take my dog on a walk or go home and start making phone calls.

pink purse

The drudgery of having to worry about such material concerns and the thought that I had absolutely no cash to buy food were distressing me. I started the car back up, deciding to drive closer to the park where I was going to walk Ruby. Entering the parking area, a small furry animal the size of a cat (but not a cat) with orange fur ran in front of my car. I jammed on the brakes, but I heard it gasp with pain. The sound it made was very human-like. I think I ran over its foot. It ran away, and it seemed to be OK. I parked the car and somehow had a small, child-sized bicycle. I got on the bike to ride it…but woke up shortly thereafter.

furry cat car

This morning, I was thinking about the dream and made the obvious connection to the fresh start material I had been listening to on YouTube yesterday and to my conversations with my new friend about starting one or more businesses together. When I woke up, it took me a minute to realize that the dream had taken place in an entirely different reality than the one to which I had awoken. Relieved, I realized I didn’t have to cancel all my credit cards or apply for a new driver’s license. But my thoughts immediately moved to the concept of a fresh start.


No ID cards, no connections to our banking system means relying on inner resources and on my connection to spirit and the entirety of the human web for my needs. When I connect to that live flow of information, sustenance, and creative power, I get whatever I need instantly. I don’t need the old paradigm anymore, and the dream was trying to show me that if I want to live and flourish in the new reality, I have to let go of absolutely everything I have ever learned, believed, or used for my life and survival in the old energy.

fresh start

It can be challenging to live with an empty purse, but an empty (pink) purse is full of new possibilities! I am looking forward to feeling excitement again about my life. About living not just with the idea of being a creator of realities, but actually living it each moment.

art studio in container

There is an entirely new energy on the planet. It is real, and people are waking up. I can tell when I talk to people. Those who never would have been receptive to certain ideas listen and are much more open to concepts that would have been previously too frightening or far out to contemplate. Most people are beginning to understand that we are not alone in our galaxy or in the universe, and that we have all been enslaved under a system that was designed to keep us separate from self and from one another.


We are entering an exciting new era, full of hope and new possibilities for peace, understanding, creative, and compassionate living. If you have ever had plans and projects that just would not take off or work out under the old energy, it is time to think again, and to try again. The new energy will support you. Just drop the old beliefs and conditioning and start dreaming again!


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