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The importance of sharing our talents


Hello readers,

This blog is about the nature of reality. What we are taught as children often forms lifelong beliefs which condition us into either a life of creativity and joy or a life of toil dominated consciously or unconsciously by fear and anxiety. In America, we are taught to think about personal power in a certain way which, I believe, is not in keeping with the true nature of reality. Where we could define our own sense of power from our creative abilities, instead power is defined by competition and the pursuit of often unsatisfying external rewards. We are also encouraged to pursue careers which rarely coincide with our natural abilities and talents with the underlying belief that developing our talents will not allow us to earn enough money to be happy and take care of our responsibilities.

rat-raceIn America and around the world, most children are taught that we must adapt to a preexisting system which we collectively call reality. As if reality were something that was created for us and which we have no ability to change or control. In our society, we observe much division and inequality.  Those who try to bring about change often react against what has been presented as our social reality. Reacting against something known is not the same as creating something new. Populations from lower socioeconomic groups work hard, with increasingly long hours as extrinsic rewards such as compensation and benefits dwindle. Our society does not believe in giving its citizens a sense of security by offering social services or support. In this two tiered system, working people must be responsible at risk of being called lazy, while the wealthy and powerful are almost never held accountable for their often selfish and reprehensible actions. Most people are anxious and hurried. In contrast, the wealthy live leisurely lives isolated from the majority of the population in which they can enjoy luxury and pleasures of the senses without having to work in the conventional sense.


I believe that all human beings are by nature creative and powerful beings. We all have innate talents with which we are born. Intrinsically, we are all free and equal. We all have the power to choose a very different life and reality than what is presented to us by our society, our schools, our families. Our leaders do not want us to risk taking the choice towards freedom and abundance, because if enough people do so, we can no longer be controlled. And if we can no longer be controlled by fear, then there is no longer a cheap labor force that supports the luxurious life styles of the wealthy who run our governments, banks, corporations, etc.


What would really happen if a significant number of people suddenly woke up and realized that we are all free and have the ability to live rich and exciting lives sharing our talents to help make our world a better place? It is most likely that the women of the world and men who are in touch with their feminine side would lead this awakening. Nature possesses great wisdom, and her laws promote harmony and equality. When we choose to live according to the law of exchange and freely share our talents, we receive proportionate gifts. We are all children who have chosen to arrive on Earth at a specific time. We are all endowed with important gifts and talents which are adapted to the time and place in which we were born. When we begin to work at developing and expressing these talents, sharing these gifts with others, we become an instrument of Nature and her abundance. The intrinsic reward of living a life in which we serve others and the common good by expressing our higher nature is the pleasure, the excitement, and the energy that comes from doing creative work.


I believe that a new society that rewards all people and which allows us to live harmoniously with one another and with nature would form organically if we were each to set aside fear, pursue personal growth, intentionally remember what our talents are and work to develop them. Talents are meant to be shared, and humans are heartfelt, imaginative, and creative beings. Talents and gifts are as varied as there are individuals. The gift of being a good listener, or the ability to encourage others are gifts as important as athletic, musical, artistic, mathematical, or other abilities.


We need all of the latent gifts and varied temperaments to be developed to heal our planet and to allow all of humanity to live peacefully, happily, and harmoniously together. It is not an impossible goal…far from it! Change will come about when we each begin to seek change by looking inwards rather than by trying to transform our societies from without through elections of leaders, economic or religious reforms. In each moment, we create either freedom or oppression, depending on our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We choose the world in which we live, and we create it. If that is not power, then I don’t know what is! We each have the choice to create consciously or to remain unaware, controlled by belief systems which do not serve humanity or the well-being of our planet and all of its inhabitants.


Over the last several thousand years, the feminine has been intentionally suppressed in our cultures around the world. Where God once had a wife, He became a solitary figure looming in our minds, and all of the Goddesses and female spirits sank into the dark abysses of forgetfulness in most human cultures. Yet the planet on which we live is our Great Mother. By abusing her and exploiting her riches and abundance, we have been depriving ourselves of freedom and happiness. If we wish to create peace on Earth, we must look inside ourselves and devote ourselves to positive growth. Without integrating the feminine and connecting our hearts to our minds and our minds to our hearts, we cannot advance technologically or spiritually.


We live at a critical time. If humanity is to move up to the next level and we are to grow and evolve, then we must stop blindly reacting to problems and blaming one group or another for discomfort, violence, social or economic problems. True change happens when we look into our own hearts and minds and take responsibility for ourselves. Most people do not know who they are or why they are even here on Earth. Remembering our purpose and developing our talents in a creative manner is our true reason for being.

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