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On true creativity: the American Dream has been holding us back


Hello readers,

When Donald Trump talks about “making America great again”, he lacks quite a bit of imagination. He is speaking to angry and frustrated citizens who rightly, however dimly, are somewhat aware that the system is not working for them anymore.

I personally do not believe that the European colonial culture that seeded itself in great violence and cruelty with the 500 year-long genocide of the indigenous peoples of North America and the enslavement of hundreds of millions of Africans can call the accomplishment of scientific materialism and capitalism something great or important for humanity. The age of materialism is coming quickly to an end, which is a fact of which not many people are yet aware. Globalization and corporate greed, in extinguishing widespread accessibility to what has been called “the American Dream”, have actually sped up the process of the fall of our current civilization.


But the end of one way of thinking, being, and living is the herald of something new. We can bring in the new peacefully and with awareness, or it can be ushered in with confusion, chaos, and violence. It all depends on our levels of consciousness and also our ability to think and solve problems creatively.

Most of the time, people use the same principles of the status quo to try and solve problems that require something new. The new paradigm requires that we re-integrate spirituality and the sacred feminine. This is the “out of the box” element which we have not been taking into account. Have you ever heard anyone say that to advance our technology or repair our economy that we need to reconnect to our hearts and deepest emotions? That to restructure our society so that it works for everyone and not just the 1%, we need to realize that everything is alive and conscious? The shift will require that we change the way we think about who we are as human beings.


In order to be energized and enjoy what the founders of this country called “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, human beings must be creative. We must be responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Today, we are told that if we are given a job, even a job that we hate and which requires few to none of our innate abilities in order to make enough money to buy the trappings of success, we should be happy. Today, most people do not make enough money and do not have the perspective of making enough money to purchase that vision. The loss of hope in that vision is the source of one level of discontent.

But the truth lies deeper than the superficial levels of frustration which are echoing around the world. Material success is not the source of happiness or even social stability. Keeping markets flowing is not the answer, unless the goal is to keep humanity stagnant and asleep. But when humanity is ready to wake up, it cannot be stopped.

Here are some signs of the approaching shift: the Trump campaign in the U.S., the success of the BREXIT referendum in the E.U., the separatist impulse of the Scotland referendum, elections in Austria and elsewhere in Europe favoring nationalism and far-right reactionary policies and rhetoric voice the populist complaints against the global elite’s exploitation of the working class. These voices are not yet conscious. They are reacting against the mounting frustration of the working class whose needs and desires have been increasingly disregarded by rich and powerful. While this is not a new phenomenon by any means, what is different is that the illusion of hope is no longer convincing. People have become aware that we do not live in democracies. Over the last forty years, we have seen the overwhelming omnipresence of legalized bribery in our political parties and amongst our elected officials. Corporations and their lobbyists and investment banks and bankers make extravagant “donations” to our leaders in exchange for significant favors, transforming government designed originally as a public service to a new role as servant class to the wealthy and powerful. This corporate welfare is entirely funded by the working class through our taxes. This is a legitimate reason for anger. This means that the powerful are no longer accountable to the people.


The lack of awareness that pervades the current social landscape is exemplified in the scapegoating we are seeing spring up around the world. Let’s blame immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans on our unhappiness and lack of success suggest some of these populist leaders. This is ignorance. A simple knee-jerk reaction to unhappiness which suggests immaturity in those who embrace these age-old blame game theories. While blaming someone else for your problems and discomfort may have some immediate cathartic effect, long term it opens the way for violence and savagery and does not promote growth and evolution.


Change will happen, whether we want it or not. We humans are here on Earth to embody the process of growth of consciousness. This is our only purpose in being here. Worldly success is immaterial in the realms of purpose. Cultural materialism has helped humanity to evolve our technological progress to some degree. However, we have come to a point where human creativity is being repressed. By suppressing the sacred feminine for a time, we were able to privilege the importance of the left brain. However, we cannot pursue this line of thinking any longer, because the levels of disharmony and negative effects of our collective disobedience of the laws of creation, nature, spirit, and the universe are too extensive and expensive to our planet.  While we can choose to disregard these immutable laws, we are not and never will be immune to the consequences of these choices. When Mother Nature has been disturbed to a degree from which there is no point of return, she will cleanse herself.


These universal laws are imprinted into our DNA. We will most likely enter a fairly chaotic period in history quite soon, but the ultimate result will be an upsurge in our development as human beings. We will experience a rise in consciousness and creativity and we will be happier as we use a larger swath of our natural abilities which have been asleep.

This is what I mean by creativity: human beings are by nature highly imaginative and creative beings. In today’s world, we are conditioned from birth and reduced to a thought process in which we are merely surviving. In this illusion that we call the real world, very few of us are contributing actively and consciously to the constant growth and creation of the world in which we live. When we accept this collective illusion as reality, we deprive ourselves of the most invigorating aspects of being human, of being alive. We are taught that we must limit our activities to those that bring us a salary that allows us to meet our responsibilities as parents or our most basic physical needs. We are encouraged to indulge in desires rather than to be of service to others.  As a result, we neglect our spirits, the spirits of our children, and those of everyone and everything around us. We are living in a reactive reality, creating negativity because we do not know that we have the power of positive creation in our DNA.


As we adopt a more holistic view of life and the Universe, we will see that we are each born with specific abilities, talents, proclivities. We each have something to remember, discover about ourselves, and to contribute to the collective life of humanity. When we are each allowed and encouraged to contribute who we are to life, we create together a society in an organic manner which will take the form that corresponds to the level of humanity and spirituality, as well as technology, that is adapted to the group. In this manner, we can continue to evolve in an harmonious way. When new generations are born, they have new talents and abilities to contribute. There are no negative side effects to creativity when we respect reality and our own DNA. Living in harmony means we all create our collective reality together in a participative and conscious manner. When the top leaders impose a certain way of thinking which is unadapted to the needs of everyone in the group, a way of thinking which is outdated by virtue of its being imposed from the top down, and which disrespects the laws of nature, this way of thinking suffocates the group and does not meet its needs…and ultimately decays and brings the system of civilization to an end.


Scientific materialism also limits our ability to develop our technological advances. We are limited because we refuse to accept the feminine, the right brain, the truth about consciousness, and the interconnected reality of all things. We exploit people, animals, our planet, because we do not realize that everything is alive. Everything is intelligent. Everything is energy and consciousness. When we accept individually and collectively that each and every thought we think and emotion we feel transforms the world, then we suddenly are forced, in our awareness, to take full responsibility for all of our thoughts, emotions, and choices.  Freedom, true freedom, requires deep integrity. There is a responsibility that comes with the development of technology. This is why we will not be allowed to continue in the current paradigm. By not embracing and honoring the sacred feminine, we endanger our own survival. Everything we create has a dark side, with negative side effects for which we do not currently accept responsibility and of which we appear to be unaware until it is too late.

Today, we see much violence, cruelty, exploitation of land, trees, humans, water, minerals, animals around the world. We objectify all that is not our self. This is the realm of the ego. The age of duality in which separation and the ego are enthroned is shuddering to a halt.


In these growing pains, those of us who are waking up and remembering what it means to be human – part of the eternal mind – are excited about moving forward. Those who are still asleep are anguished, somehow knowing that nothing will ever be the same again.


We can, as humans living on this Earth today, awaken to our own possibilities. We can explore our own being and become aware of our own talents and purpose. We can begin to live with an attitude of service to humanity and our planet, and show gratitude at all times. We can learn to be the healers that we are by nature. We can awaken our hearts and connect our minds and intellect to our emotional center. In this era to which we are awakening, spirituality and scientific progress are intimately intertwined. This is reality, not a metaphor.


We can change our world consciously. Otherwise we will be carried into the changes in spite of our selves. We can choose peace and creative a web-like interconnected evolution. Or we can react with fear and create upheaval and uncertainty. We always have a choice. The information which is key is to know who we are as human beings. To know that we human beings are extremely powerful. Once we let go of the idea that we are separate beings, disconnected from Earth, trees, animals, other humans, we begin to awaken to our true nature, which is love, light, energy, consciousness. We are here to grow. It is a challenge worth taking on.

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