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A spiritual view on the delicate topic of abortion


Hello readers,

In America, there seems to be a never ending debate on abortion. Is it a moral debate? Philosophical? Is it about controlling women’s bodies? Is is about taking control of who controls our population? The reason I want to write about this topic is that I feel that many of the most important aspects of the subject are never discussed. In addition, there are many contradictions which appear when it is discussed. Emotions run high, and the debate turns in circles.

From a moral perspective, I think that everyone is in agreement. Pro Choice or Pro Life, we all love babies, and no one wants to kill babies. That thought is horrifying to everyone. Human life is sacred, and to kill or harm any living being is wrong. Yet here is the hypocrisy: today in America, we are controlled by highly immoral corporate entities which endanger our children’s health and future fertility by polluting our food, our water, our environment to a degree which is terrifying. These same people who promote corporate domination and the oligarchy often oppose abortion. We give children food to eat and drugs which are poisonous. We are causing children to live with chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes causing shortened life spans, as well as developmental disorders  such as ADHD and autism. Yet the debate about the deadly and destructive effects of promoting GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides and other poisons in our food, air, water, packaging materials, medications is almost never discussed. In fact, corporate domination is destroying life on Earth, but I haven’t heard a single moral debate on this critical issue. Can we endanger the survival of humanity and all of life on this beautiful planet and still be qualified to discuss whether or not a woman should be allowed to have an abortion?

I am convinced that our culture has been intentionally suppressing the feminine for thousands of years. By removing awareness of the value of the feminine from our conscious awareness and our cultures, we give up our power as human beings to connect to one another and to our planet. We give up our heart. And through this wound which causes a damaging division within our most intimate self, we allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated.

But life is not black and white, and human beings are complex, multidimensional. Beyond the moral questions, there are other considerations. We are here to learn and to grow, and while we raise our children, they are also here to teach us. Sometimes our children are more advanced beings than we are. A life, even truncated, is a life. And it has meaning and the potential for growth.

A spiritual point of view predicates that we accept that we are more than just a physical body in a material world. From this perspective, every human being has four bodies, not one. We have a physical body, a mental body, an emotional body, and a spiritual body. In order to live in harmony on Earth and with the Universe, all four of our bodies must be aligned or in harmony with one another and with everything and everyone around us.

The unborn embryo and then fetus is an interesting little being in development. It is pure potential and something of great wonder and beauty, as we adult parents participate in the creation process. One of the main points which I have never heard discussed from a spiritual perspective relative to abortion is the choice of this potential being to come into the life of a wounded woman. This woman may not be ready or in harmony with herself for a variety of reasons. No one ever mentions the possibility that a particular soul may have chosen to incarnate into an embryo that will not make its way fully into the world. That the embryo may embody a much older and more experienced soul than that of the woman who is carrying it. That its mission may indeed be to experience abortion, however painful that may be, in order to help the woman who is also living this painful choice to grow emotionally, spiritually, mentally.

It is assumed by Pro Life supporters that a woman who would choose to end life has no compassion or empathy. That she is brutal and cruel. This is not true. I believe that very few women would ever make the decision to have an abortion lightly, even if they are not in full possession of the facts about our spiritual nature as human beings. It is a very painful decision, and it may involve deep emotional and spiritual wounds. A woman may have been sexually or emotionally abused as a child. She may not feel worthy of love or of being a parent. She may not feel ready or capable of living this pregnancy for whatever reason. She may feel that she cannot support or raise this child.

From a practical perspective, you could say, well, then why didn’t she use birth control? Why doesn’t she carry the baby to term and then have another family who wants a baby to adopt him or her? This is a good response, but it is also a rational response. While we can be rational beings, humans are also very emotional, and a great deal of our pain, grief, and wounds are buried in our subconscious minds to protect us until we are ready to face our sorrow in a conscious manner. This is why we don’t always make “good” decisions. And a “good” decision may not be the right decision if it does not bring with it healing and increased self-love and awareness. If decisions are made for us, we do not learn, and we do not grow. And growth is the only reason that we are here on Earth.

We also live in a culture which does not embrace emotion or the feminine. Women are expected to function like men in many ways. We live blindly to reality in so many ways. As a culture, we do not see life as it really is: that we are all connected to one another as highly sensitive and creative beings. That as Earth, sky, animals, plants, sea creatures, insects, we are all one family, tied together in deep emotional and spiritual communication. We live in a country full of deeply wounded and unbalanced people who do not know or understand where we come from and where we belong. There is much violence because of our own misunderstanding about who we are and why we are here.

To understand life from a spiritual perspective, you have to accept as a premise that we each chose to come to this planet at a particular juncture in time in a particular body. We chose to be born into a particular family in a particular geographical location. We came here to learn and to grow. There is great wisdom in these choices. We chose circumstances and experiences that would challenge us and help us serve one another. We all have lived thousands of lifetimes, not only as humans, but as blades of grass, ants, raccoons…as every creature that lives or breathes on the planet. The purpose of our experiences is to teach us to live from the heart and to know in a conscious way that we are all one.

And so the woman and the embryo who make an agreement to experience abortion are in fact working towards this goal of oneness. They both know there is a wound, a lack of sight, an inability to feel fully self-love for the woman, and an inability at that particular time/space juncture for that woman to fully embrace that child and raise him or her to adulthood.None of us have the power to end life, which is eternal. Life is all about experiences and challenges. Life is all about growth. All of life is consciousness. There is no doubt in my mind that the embryo is conscious and that it is in possession of awareness. It has made a choice, and it has accepted that choice, however painful.

The embryo is both pro life and pro choice. Life is painful, but life is also beautiful. The more conscious we become, the more harmoniously we live, the less pain we create. Life is all about growth. Life is all about love. Think about the sacrifice that this little soul makes to growth. It is a great gift of love. And the soul contained in that embryo will go back home to heal. That soul will live a great many other lives in other circumstances. Yes, that one unique life was very short, but it was extremely valuable. If the baby were brought to term and adopted by another family, its purpose and mission would be contradicted, and the woman would have to experience it again. This is why, in my mind and heart, body and spirit, I am convinced that abortion is much more than a moral dilemma. It is a difficult spiritual experience. It is about the transformative power of love.

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