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Sowing the seeds for a more compassionate humanity


Hello readers,

Some of us feel as if we don’t come from or belong on this planet.  It is as if we are visitors longing for a home and society much different from the model in which we have uncomfortably become accustomed to living.  Does this sensation, of being an alien, yet having a full and compassionate heart feel like a familiar sensation to you?

I have been researching the phenomenon of star seeds and the concept of certain individuals whose souls are seeded in human bodies and yet whose origins are diversely from other galaxies than our own.  There is so much which is mysterious and unknown to us in our human incarnations, and while I am rigorous and somewhat skeptical about some of the more outlandish information found on the Internet, there is enough sense in what I am reading to keep me intrigued.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt foreign, uncomfortable in human society.  Idealistic at heart, I am a humanitarian, and I have felt for so many years that I have a higher purpose to accomplish to help humanity to grow.  And yet, repeatedly and consistently, I also feel as if I fail to connect to other humans.  In my heart and mind, it is obvious to me that all of creation is alive, intelligent, and interconnected, yet this truth so evident to myself seems completely opaque to my “fellow” human compatriots.  Most times, I am mystified as to how to contribute because I feel as if no one can hear me, that everyone is pursuing something, but not what is most important.

If indeed the star seed theory is true, then there exists a fellowship of beings vibrating at higher frequencies than ordinary humans who have already achieved or who have in a latent state the possibility of a more evolved heart.  I have read that the current level of humanity functions in the third dimension, and that lightworkers (those who have consciously chosen to evolve and raise their personal state of awareness to a higher level through meditation and other self-growth techniques), star seeds, indigo and crystal children have been sent here to speed up the process of mass spiritual growth.  Basically, it would seem that this new age in which we are participating would herald higher spiritual development rather than dystopian apocalypse.  I, for one, am ready to welcome this positive vision! 

Individuals such as the recently deceased Nelson Mandela are obvious examples that more evolved souls do live among us.  If we examine current events, social, and even medical phenomena, we will also see signs of advancement.  For example, the worldwide promotion of tolerance of gay relationships and gay marriage is new and unprecedented.  As are the widespread increase of autism and other so-called behavioral disorders such as ADD, ADHD, bi-polar disorder.  In fact, these different mind-states may be indicative of a purposeful movement in the collective consciousness.  More sensitive souls are coming into being that have trouble with our current system of artifical foods, contaminants, lack of social connection and lack of respect of our environment.  These new generations of children and their parents will be working for change to help us to grow into a more tolerant and respectful society.

I am hopeful that the pain of isolation that I have experienced as the result of my own different status and nature will one day become historical artifact, as humanity grows upward and becomes more sensitive and spiritually aware.  I am trying my best to grow and evolve and to help others in this process.  This is what motivates me to wake up each day and keeps me hopeful.

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