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Healthy Relativity


Hello readers,

A big part of self awareness is the realization that each being is unique.  I like to pay attention to health-related issues and publications, and I am noticing an increasing consciousness that there is no specific diet that is ideal or that promotes optimal health for everyone.  Basically, each person, as we evolve, is being called to be more and more responsible for personal health and well-being.  We can no longer rely on “authority figures” to tell us explicitly what to do or how to live.  We can learn much from others, but the ultimate choices we make for our health are our own.

This is an interesting spiritual development, collectively speaking, as we move towards increased self-responsibility and also inter-dependence.  I wonder how much longer advertising and societal pressures will continue to exert or influence masses of people to believe that there is a single ideal image to which we should conform or lifestyle that is more admirable or valuable than that which is our personal destiny.  I do very definitely feel that collective awareness is working to bring us to a higher level of consciousness, with which there comes a higher level of personal responsibility.

To be responsible for my own health means paying attention to the activities I do, the amount of water I drink, and what types of foods I eat and how my body responds to each parameter.  By paying close attention, I can experiment and find out over time what works best for me for optimal energy and well being.  If we each begin to study ourselves in this manner, we will increase not only our personal health, but we will become more aware of ourselves and how we personally relate to our environment, our world.  This bond increases our sense of connection to others and to our planet.

I am hopeful that such signs of growth in our collective spirit will lift away the eating disorders and much of the pain caused by imposition by the media of images that are damaging to health and self-esteem for so many people around the world.  Images are not meant by definition to cause suffering, and if we accept to enjoy images for what they are rather than try and emulate them, we can better appreciate ourselves and others too.

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