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Random Encounters, a Metaphore for On-line Dating: A Poem


A shell made of epoxy and glass

fell off a shelf did not shatter

Rolling across a floor of rough-hewn boards

smelling sawmill fresh of vomit

landed behind the foot of a hand-carved settee

Mahogany and walnut carefully joined then forgotten,

Wisps of dust motes, cob web and dog hair woven into a fine mist

Disguising accidental booty

random encounters embraced by arachnid and mite

And then a Timberland boot, round, golden, masculine

wrapped around bone, veins, skin, muscle, tendon

kicks, stumbles, trips

the trickery of an elaborately beaded evening bag

glistening innocently under stacked pvc garden furniture

wedding banal

with exquisite

Damn! blushing

making impressions, too late to start over

a gift, a glimpse of wild poetry

cautious door

hinges oiled to discreetly widen the array

of invisible potential

to dazzle

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