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Recipes from Disaster: A Post-Apocalyptic Cookbook (a poem)


Songs of Innocence and Experience, by William Blake, first published in 1789, republished in 1794

Saber-toothed media prickling tender skin under the arm,

a young girl loses confidence in the importance of her innocence

Brandish an electric toothbrush

Taste the leftover pesto between the interstices of your teeth

When ready to floss

garnish the landscape of your dreams with hints of radical truths.

Reserve excessive nudity and lack of reserve;

Regret whipping your failures until creamed, not curdled.

Tenderly incorporate a gentlemanly opened door

graciously accept and receive gifts of global responsibility.

Add vanilla bean of Madagascar with care, remembering all of the children on an island who may have never glimpsed the ocean.

Find love in a tricked up pressure cooker

Remove the acid and nails with care, rinse with filtered water

Separate the whites from the other folks, take care to protect the shells like your illusions from the effects of fallout.

When segregation is rightfully banished, rejoice in the failure of your own ignorance and observe with combined joy and shame the movement of your own growth.

Inappropriate wealth should be strained from excessive poverty

Observe a balance between fats and leans, standards and poors

Create with avidity and joy

combine knowledge with experience, dusting with a whiff of spice

Innocent girl, lost and found

Your world encrusted with the slime of broken backs and wayward dreams

Find again the rainbow sweltering below the beltline of your heart

Waiting for your embrace, accepting

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