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I have a dream: Earth Day 2015

"Lovers" by William Blake

“Lovers” by William Blake

Dear readers,

I am sure many of you are concerned about the state of humanity and how we treat one another as well as the home in which we all live.

My dream for all of us is that we collectively begin to yearn for balance and that we eagerly accept responsibility for ourselves and our behavior. My dream is that we teach our children not to have self-esteem, a more superficial value, but that we teach them to deeply love and connect with themselves and with others.  Being right and winning are less important than living in an ever deepening relationship with all that is.

My dream is that we embrace both the masculine and the feminine, and that we learn to understand that the soul in each of us is a sensitive living being that requires the utmost attention and respect. The soul is our personal link to nature, our connection to humanity, to our planet and all its inhabitants, and to the universe. I dream and hope that we will mature beyond greed, fear, avarice, cruelty, and that we will begin to individually and collectively understand that serving others also serves the greater benefit of all beings that live, love, exist.

We are capable of achieving each and every aspect of this dream. As we move into the abundance of our hearts and correlate the value of heartfelt soulfulness with the creativity of our minds, we can peacefully transform this wonderful world of ours into a healthier, safer, more beautiful, and happier place to live for everyone.

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