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Art and healing the collective body: reconfiguring controversial public art

Dearest readers, A friend and very talented and compassionate fellow writer recently shared with me the fascinating and horrifying true story of her ancestor, Massachusetts Puritan Hannah Duston (1657-1736). Hannah Duston has been commemorated and was at one time celebrated for her brutal and vengeful acts of scalping and murdering in their sleep 10 Native […]

Terror and Pain: Cultures and Shadows

Hello readers, The other day I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio), and a reporter commented on the irony of the fact that the recent measles outbreak in southern California began at Disney World, a place from which all shadows and darkness have been banned.  The sunny and optimistic outlook seemingly characteristic of American […]

Meditation on Love, Contentment, and Cheer

Hello readers.  As I dig relentlessly into my mind and spirit, like an obsessive-compulsive terrier, I sometimes lift my head and wonder if I am keeping my snout too far down into the ground.  What I mean is, am I focusing too much on the shadows of life?  Much of living the examined life requires […]