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The Limit of the Sky (a poem)

Whenever you tell me I can stay, I want to go with you Never will a banana peel remind me so much of you as of missed opportunities Slip sliding on the stream jade green of an urban river Emerges from memory gleaming a naked young German rising from the grass forever elegant, composed slipping on […]

Time Out: Parenting, Memories, and Immortality

Hello readers, This morning, my son set off for his first day of 9th grade.  Last night, he set out all of his new clothes, photographing them so a friend could help him choose what to wear to school.  He was anxious to arrive at school early to spend time with his friends.  In fact, […]

memory foam: a poem

Delve into sub-brain Pockets of  stones clicking Firing letting go Trying to retrieve the substance of yesterday Corridors of aromas Locked doors concealing places I’ve been Faces I knew, sketched only when observed Feature by feature, looking specifically Tracing with awareness At night my dreams are populated by people I don’t remember meeting So clearly […]

Memory in Bites and Flashes: An Embarrassing Poem

Days past innocently abused Took on the embarrassment of others Carried it like a shield One time, still cringing at the memory, a man tricked me into a hotel bathroom under pretext of business I bought the lie, didn’t understand My skin did crawl in red-cheeked shame I needed to forgive myself for what he […]

The Art of Memory

Hello readers, I am fairly sure that all of our minds work  differently, which means more or less that we all live in diverse worlds of our own fabrication.  I once read someone’s blog in which people described in detail how they each perceive the world.  Some individuals are more sensitive to sound, others to words and […]