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Refreshing: Restoring Energy and Excitement about Life

Hello readers, What do you do when you are tired, feel drained, and need more energy?  I see many people around me who drink a lot of coffee, and advertisements for energy drinks or pills abound in magazines and on television.  Many people are or appear to be bored with their lives, which they assume must […]


My son and I recently adopted a puppy – a rescue from the local animal control.  It is a heartbreaking place to visit, as all of the animals look so hopeful, so generous, so lovable.  I have never before had the privilege of living with a dog, and it is different from any previous relationship […]

Save Money, Live Better: A Poem

Goddess, are you made of China? Are you alive today? I see the mould of your face in the blank masks of shoppers, absent as they shop Missing the beauty in their baskets Wisdom allows purchase of dewdrops, orange peels, twisted roots, candy wrappers for a discount less than free Some call it garbage It […]