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Recipes from Disaster: A Post-Apocalyptic Cookbook (a poem)

Saber-toothed media prickling tender skin under the arm, a young girl loses confidence in the importance of her innocence Brandish an electric toothbrush Taste the leftover pesto between the interstices of your teeth When ready to floss garnish the landscape of your dreams with hints of radical truths. Reserve excessive nudity and lack of reserve; […]

Insect Mothering a Newborn Infant: A Sketch in Pencil

Hello readers, I made this drawing and the sketches below today in preparation  for the beginning of a series of miniature paintings that I am planning.  I usually like to work very large, but working full-time cuts down considerably on my studio time.  So I have decided to create small contemporary works with high impact.  The […]

memory foam: a poem

Delve into sub-brain Pockets of  stones clicking Firing letting go Trying to retrieve the substance of yesterday Corridors of aromas Locked doors concealing places I’ve been Faces I knew, sketched only when observed Feature by feature, looking specifically Tracing with awareness At night my dreams are populated by people I don’t remember meeting So clearly […]