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Yin and Yang: the political divide in America

  Hello readers, In America, we live in an either/or world. Either you are an individualist (a Republican or Libertarian) or you are a progressive socialist (Democrat). Did it ever occur to anyone that a person who is concerned about social issues may also be an independent, self-responsible person? And how about those Americans who […]

How fear of women has led us to global warming

Hello readers, Do you ever wonder why we take for granted that God is a male and doesn’t have a wife? Do you ever wonder when human beings began to think of themselves as apart from the rest of Nature and possibly superior to Her? Just what process of human history and evolution has led […]

Stepping on the Snake: What Is So Scary About the Feminine?

All around the world, there are attacks on the feminine and on women as individuals.  In the United States, men are often afraid to show their feminine side. Domestic violence is rampant. I wonder what is so threatening about femininity that men would work so hard to suppress it? I remember seeing some ancient proto-Christian […]