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Insect Mothering a Newborn Infant: A Sketch in Pencil

Hello readers, I made this drawing and the sketches below today in preparation  for the beginning of a series of miniature paintings that I am planning.  I usually like to work very large, but working full-time cuts down considerably on my studio time.  So I have decided to create small contemporary works with high impact.  The […]

A Young Cavewoman Dreams of a Sheep, Wolf, and Snow: a drawing

Portrait of a Proper Lady with Snake: a drawing

Hello readers, This drawing does not represent someone I know.  Rather she came to me from my imagination – a proper “southern” lady wearing white gloves, holding a small apparently inoffensive snake as if it were a purse matching her gloves. The neglect of the feminine is my subject of fascination.  The mystery and duality […]