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Soular Flash: Illuminated revelations of genocide and self-sacrifice

Sol or Soul? We are all portals for light and consciousness.

Dearest readers,

If you have been following and supporting the ascension of humanity and our planet from 3-D to 5-D and above for some time, you will most likely be aware of much talk about a solar flash that would awaken humanity. This flash ostensibly was to assist our ascension from a state of unconsciousness, separation from our true identity and power, and imposed and continual abuse against humanity and the planet that have lasted for eons.

Could the solar flash we have been waiting for to awaken humanity come from the soul of humanity itself?

What has probably not occurred to most people is that the solar flash might not come from our sun. This idea came to me when a friend mentioned that a great and renowned guru had recently transitioned from his body in order to produce a significant burst of light here on our still darkened Earth.

We each have personal soul contracts that we agree to, before stepping down through the dimensions into the thick layers of density and into what appears to be solid human bodies. Sometimes souls agree to all “die” together in large tragic situations, such as 9/11, a plane crash, a riot or mass shooting, a war or genocidal attack…in order to produce large flashes of light which assist other humans in their awakening.

When we die, the light that we are is released from the bodily form. When many people die together, a huge amount of light is emitted.

I have been grieving a lot lately. Sometimes it’s challenging to untangle myself from the distractions of density. The massive deceptions of the dark controllers with their labyrinthine lies and machiavellian tentacular systems seem to easily trick the general populace. Even though medical doctors, scientists, patent lawyers, and concerned citizens have been speaking out, demonstrating, and whistle-blowing around the world, most humans still entrust their futures and well-being with the propaganda produced by multi-national corporations. These entities clearly have planned the pandemic and vaccines well before this supposed accidental situation, as patents for both viruses and vaccines have been in place since 2008 and 2019, respectively. It would seem that the plan is to drastically reduce the human population on the planet, using a vaccine as a so-called panacea, and convincing humans to take it in order to be saved from the “terrible virus”.

Those of us who can see through the plans of the dark controllers would love to convince those who can’t see what is going on, to open their eyes and to place their trust back in themselves, and not to give away their power continually to corrupt politicians and corrupted organizations, such as the WHO, CDC, UN, NATO, European Union, etc.

Humans have been conditioned to see themselves as weak victims and to give their power away for thousands of years.

However, it is nearly impossible to wake up those who are not ready to wake up, and, as lightworkers and starseeds, we cannot interfere with another’s path. All we can do is to hold the light and trust that there will be enough light to expose all of the darkness and to allow those who remain in bodies to work together to build New Earth.

It can be very, very painful to be here and to be awake right now, especially if we focus on the outer “reality”, which is really an illusion. I keep telling myself I need to step into detachment and to know that everything is perfect as it is. That there is no death, not really. Time does not really exist. From the higher realms, a human lifetime is the blink of an eye, if that. And that the angelic and compassionate souls who have come in and who have accepted to take the vaccines, while innocent of the dark intention of the vaccine makers/pharmaceutical companies and the corrupt organizations, corporations, and politicians who are profiting from the sale of these lethal cocktails, are also saints.

There are hundreds of millions, if not billions, of saints walking the planet today.

Saints are always portrayed in art as having haloes of light around their heads. They are flashlights. Beaming light into the world through their sacrifice and their integrity. We would imagine that they would do this consciously. But I think the same effect can be produced by an unconscious sacrifice as well.

Canadian physician Charles Hoffe has reported that many of his patients having received the vaccine (at least 62%) show micro blood clots in their bodies. These minuscule clots do not show up in MRI or CAT scans. But over time, the spike proteins cause tiny capillaries to become rough on the inside, so that blood cannot easily flow through. The body responds by closing down or destroying that capillary. As this happens all over the body, the heart, lungs, brain, spine are affected. Over time, the heart eventually can no longer function. Dr. Hoffe predicts a person may live only up to three years with these trillions of spike proteins/mRNA units in every cell of the body as they flow through the bloodstream.

Intentionally designed to stop the hearts of humans who accept them, the vaccines cannot destroy the cosmic heart or the heart of humanity.

If hundreds of millions of people, possibly billions of people die over the next three years, what will that be like for us to experience? I have been crying just thinking about it. And I honestly can’t really imagine it. It’s too terrible.

People such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and their cronies rejoice at the success their depopulation strategies, as they fill their pockets, having invested prior to the pandemic in body bags, vaccines, PPE, temporary mortuaries, and so on.

What they have not taken into account is that these potential massive death counts will be, if they do happen, so distressing and so incredibly traumatic to humanity, that the light shed by these millions or billions of sainted beings will be more than enough to expose the entire heretofore hidden workings of the “cabal”.

The trauma designed to increase compliance may well be the final unleashing of humanity’s power and remembrance of unity.

Every truth holds a paradox, and every situation designed to do harm also brings an opportunity for love and spiritual growth. This is something that cannot be controlled. My personal intuition and prediction is that this massive and horrific attempt at the genocide of the entire human population, with no particular focus on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion will be the “soular” flash that will awaken the collective out of division and back into unity.

So I feel we must honor and cherish those who are possibly sacrificing their lives for the upliftment of humanity, if this is the timeline that rolls out. Please don’t call them sheep. They could be participating in a crucial way in the awakening and in the ascension process. For those who made such agreements before descending into density, the soul contracts are being honored, and they cannot wake up and take the vaccines consciously. It would be too hard. Some of the most lovely, kind, selfless, creative, wonderful people I know have taken these vaccines. My heart is overflowing. I want to save them and I cannot. And so I honor them. They, and we, are the ones we have been waiting for.

We all make soul contracts before we take a body of form. We can’t interfere with other people’s soul agreements.

The ascension is now, and it is not like anything we could have imagined. It is both horrific and beautiful. We must stay focused on our divine source energy and continue to stand in and for the light, for love, for freedom, for peace…for all of us. The dark ones have played and continue to play their role to hold separation and what we call “evil”. That is their role. To remember our divine nature as fractals of the one, unified consciousness which is the only reality that exists, we must also recognize that the dark ones are also part of this unity…whether they accept it or not.

The “soular” flash and the ten days of darkness are perhaps both metaphors and very real events. We are in the middle of both right now, as the darkness rushes their plans to shower us with crimes, violence of all kinds, to deprive us of food and the feeling of safety, to kill us with drugs and nano-technologies while pretending to heal us…and as the human spirit, full of kindness, compassion, emotion, light makes the choice to continue a path in separation and agrees to be tricked and manipulated, or makes the choice to take full responsibility for our creation and stands tall, full of dignity, joy, and peace.

Can we withstand this last massive assault against humanity and our beautiful planet? Can we lift above the lateral spin of the chaos of density and know that all is truly well from a higher perspective? We must stand strong and know that the light always envelops the darkness and reveals what has been hidden, no matter how clever or brilliant the devious plans to conceal the nefarious intentions may be. Billions of high level souls have incarnated on Earth at this moment to show the darkness what light really is, and what loves really feels like.

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