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The Secret Truth that Sets You Free

Dearest readers,

Over 2000 years ago, a man called Yeshua talked about a truth that would set humanity free. Yet to this day, it seems like very few humans have truly gotten the message and have applied it to their lives. Yeshua, or Jesus, was a master of consciousness. Some call him a master of physics. Despite the availability of these teachings to those who seek them out, most of humanity seems to be quite willingly walking into a death trap of total slavery, population reduction, infertility, and complete abdication of all freedoms and civil liberties. It would seem that most humans live their daily lives without an inkling of our amazing innate power to create whatever sort of reality we wish to experience. .

What is the truth that sets you free?

The truth, if you understand it and apply it in your every waking and sleeping moment is this: “Reality” is not real. The only thing that is real is your state of consciousness and how you use it. The truth is that nothing is outside of self. And what is inside of self is the infinite creative power of what people call God. We are each a fractal of the infinite power of the divine, and nothing is outside of that. What we call reality is simply a reflection of what we are each co-creating using the power of our thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

Reality is an illusion.

Whether we are slaves to a system of conditioned beliefs or we are freely co-creating our own intentional version of reality, we are always creators and we are always powerful, whether or not we are aware of this fact. There is a single unified source of consciousness from which all realities, energies, and experiences stem, and we are each fractals of that consciousness field. Perhaps we are all just figments of a vast and infinite creative imagination, dreaming our own versions of reality. Sometimes I think we are just part of a vast layered, multi-dimensional dream, living infinite simultaneous experiences and variations in a vast array of circumstances and forms, and that we don’t exist at all in the way we think we do.

Freedom is a conscious choice.

Just as the ocean is composed of droplets of water that are the microcosmic carbon copy of the entire ocean, so is our droplet of consciousness in our body vehicle as powerful as the entire consciousness field some people call God.

Whatever we allow into our lives or into our minds and hearts, whatever we agree to believe in becomes our truth and manifest experience of reality. Even if it is something we dislike or even hate. If we focus our attention on someone or something, it becomes real. We must always be laser focused on what we give attention to, because our power of intention creates exactly what we focus on and in what we believe to be true.

The entire experiment of what we call life is a journey of self-awareness. Not the limited ego self, but rather the remembrance and rediscovery of our soul essence or God consciousness. This is our divine I AM presence, as taught by the ascended masters. When we do fully remember our true identity, we can choose to stop giving our power away. A truly awakened individual is entirely aware of the responsibility we each carry in the co-creation of our personal and collective experiences of reality.

There is no need to suffer. Mastery of consciousness is available to each and every one of us

There are no good guys or bad guys. Humanity is currently captivated by a system of propaganda, entertainment, education, conditioning that does everything it can to distract us, scare us into compliance, and keep our attention focused on the most base and low frequency mental and emotional vibrations, encouraging us to co-create a reality that benefits not humanity nor the planet, but the well-being, wealth, and power of a handful of individuals and groups who seek to control the consciousness of the planet permanently.
A vial with a Pfizer label is seen with a syringa and needle in this photo illustration taken in Warsaw, Poland on March 31, 2021. Pfizer and Moderna have started COVID-19 vaccine trials on children as young as 6 months and ages up to 11 years old in the US and Canada. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhotoia Getty Images)

As you master your own consciousness, you will shift your focus inward and look outwards to enjoy the fruits of your creation.

Everything is energy, frequency, and vibration. Our thoughts, our feelings, the chair we sit on, a rock, a cloud, a person, a mountain. Everyone and everything is not solid, but rather is a constantly evolving energy field. And when we interact with others, we share and blend our energy fields.

When we awaken, we become intentional creators. That is what the Ascension process is all about. Raising our frequency and consciously co-creating the illusion or experience of reality that pleases us and gives us joy. Nothing more than that.

When we awaken, we become intentional creators of New Earth, not observers or victims of a dysfunctional dystopian control system.

Humanity does not have to suffer and to inflict pain on self or others. Nothing that we have been shown as the state of reality or human nature must stay as it is, unless we continue collectively to give our power away to a group of elites who seek to hold the planet in a nightmarish dystopian control system in which there is no freedom, no creativity, no life, no ability to reproduce independently of technology. We each have important choices to make at this time. As humanity risks total enslavement in this war on consciousness and information, World War III has come to a head with this artificial pandemic and final solution vaccination campaign.

Human nature is not evil. There is no need to judge ourselves or others, no matter what they say or do. Just take responsibility for your own consciousness, and you will be a co-creator of Heaven on Earth, if you so choose.

The answer is not to react against the elites, their crimes against humanity and the planet, and their power grab. That is their creation, their choice. You don’t have to agree with it or waste your energy reacting to it. You don’t even need to be angry or to judge them for their creation. The answer is to remember your own power and to begin creating the reality and experiences you would like to enjoy, and to think about what sort of world you would like to leave for your children and future generations. This truth will set you free. Think about it, and choose carefully.

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