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Calm before, during, and after the storm: the transition into New Earth

If you know the signs to look for, it becomes clear that the Earth itself is breathing.

Dearest readers,

I consider myself to be apolitical, as politics are entirely a construction of density/3-D consciousness, and my focus is on assisting humanity and the planet to hold the light and transition into New Earth.

I must note that I was not allowed to save “President Trump” as a tag for this post. Censorship is not acceptable in a so-called democracy. But you and I know that we do not currently live in a democracy. Big-tech and the service-to-self system is a fascist system and has been for a very long time. It is now very clear what sort of system it is. I apologize to my dear friends who supported the Democrats in the 2020 election. They were tricked into believing that the rhetoric of empathy and compassion was spoken or promised with sincerity and authenticity. They have no idea that this party line disguises a transhumanist agenda, a plan to reduce humanity to a servile robotic race, to reduce the planet to ashes, all while vastly enriching a very few individuals. But not for much longer.

However, as we make this transition together, we can prepare ourselves for the many old structures that are about to collapse. Supporting humanity through this transition requires that we be circumspect, that we stay calm and united in our common humanity.

I personally believe that President Trump will serve a second term. If I were to identify with or support a political party, it would probably be the Green Party or an independent progressive, such as Bernie Sanders. The traditional Republican/Conservative platform does not represent the values of compassion, support of the well-being of all people and the planet that are so important to me. I feel, however, that these independent parties and candidates would never be able to topple the systems in place that are entirely corrupt and that cannot persist in a New Earth/5-D and above frequency. The current system, including the majority of players in both Democratic and Republican parties are service-to-self structures and do not support the highest good of everyone and everything on the planet.

The reasons that I believe that President Trump is the perfect president of the United States at this time and for this time are multiple. The main reason being that the majority of the U.S. military backs President Trump, and we need their assistance to topple the old system, which is a global system, not affecting just the population of the United States. In addition to the support of the U.S. military, President Trump has a strong backbone, and we all well know, a robust ego. It takes a lot of strength and self-confidence to not be swayed or frightened by the constant abuse and threats of a system that has survived for thousands of years by bullying, blackmail, and bribery. Since the mainstream media is controlled by service-to-self factions, all “news” is tainted by propaganda supporting the messages that are designed to hide the truth from the general population and to support the continuity and perpetuity of the service-to-self system.

So, dear readers, please take a step back when considering the current state of affairs as events unfold. Humanity and the planet need our non-judgmental love and support. Our consciousness creates our reality or experience thereof. If we are peaceful and unified in our love for life and our love for the planet, the transition will be experienced in a much smoother manner.

It is very likely that the massive corruption, including election fraud, be revealed very soon. Many of us have been waiting for so long for the global human trafficking rings and the pedophilia used to control and blackmail people in positions of influence be revealed to the general public. Around the world, arrests have been taking place, and networks of human traffickers are being dismantled. There is already evidence of this in the media in various countries, including most recently, Morocco.

As lightworkers, starseeds, and awakened human beings, it is our job to support the now sleeping general public. To calm people’s anxiety, to observe the unfolding events dispassionately. And to refrain from judging all human beings, including those who have chosen to take active roles in the service-to-self structures in government, finance, business, and other sectors.

By sending unconditional love and light to all beings without a single exception, we heal the world. We are powerful. By judging and condemning others, we condemn ourselves to perpetuating the 3-D reality that has caused so much pain to humanity and to the planet.

Nothing and no one are outside of the light, even those who have chosen separation and darkness, cruelty, greed, and abuse as their modus operandi. Everyone and everything are part and parcel of the one unified consciousness that is commonly called God.

When we choose separation, that is an act of free will. We are a free will planet. But that does not change the reality that everything, everyone is a fractal of the one unified consciousness. If that fractal chooses to play out the role and experience of separation in this experience we call life on Earth, then that fractal is playing a necessary role. The darkness and the light playing out in polarity were necessary parts of the 3-D experience in which we have all chosen to take part.

As we transition to 5-D from 3-D, this ascension process indicates an end to the 3-D experiment. But only if we voluntarily give up judgment of self and others. Only if we are able to fully feel empathy and compassion for all. Without these shifts in our personal and collective consciousness, we simply cannot ascend and build New Earth together.

So, my dear soul family, please remember our true identity and truth as light in form. Please remember your mastery, and please stay calm and observe the events as they unfold in 3-D peacefully. As we watch the “cabal” fall, please be grateful to be here to assist humanity and the planet. I am so grateful to be here at this time. And I will support President Trump in his likely second term, even though I am not a Republican. I am grateful to him, his staff, and to our military for playing their roles in the dismantling of a system that was designed to keep humanity at a very low frequency/level of consciousness so that humanity could be controlled and used for the purposes of the empowerment of a very few individuals, causing the suffering of so many.

We cannot build New Earth without the deconstruction of the old system. We cannot awaken the sleeping masses (those who are ready to awaken) without them becoming aware of the “truth”, of what they thought was real since birth. The mass media propaganda system will be dismantled quickly. There is so much work to do to help one another at this time. Our true creative abilities and talents will at last be given a voice, and no longer will we have to struggle to survive or do work that is not meaningful in order to take care of ourselves and our families. New Earth is our collective co-creation. It will not happen overnight. There will be many challenges and times of hardship. But in freedom, compassion, and non-judgment of one another, we can heal ourselves and the planet, and give hope to our children and to future generations.

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