Viral awakening: hijacking of our consciousness or source of liberation?

Dearest readers,

Since the so-called pandemic has arisen on Earth, a lot of questions have also arisen in my mind relative to the nature of consciousness, the extent and effects of mind-control technologies exercised over humanity, and how our own personal and collective levels of consciousness determine the quality of our experiences and health despite these ambient conditions.

While it is highly possible that a technology/virus was created to continue to manipulate human consciousness and to maintain control over humanity and the planet by keeping humanity divided from self and others, it is equally possible that the insertion of foreign DNA into the natural gene pool of the planet could lead to unexpected consequences in a rapidly ascending consciousness shift.

It has crossed my mind that the controllers of the planet would like to modify our human genetics by reducing or eliminating our ability to reproduce naturally or sexually. A virus could produce that mutation in our genetics. Like GMOs which introduce foreign DNA into our bodies, and other vectors which insert nanotechnologies into the same (from food, air, water, vaccines or other quantum techniques), our entire planet and the feminine or creative energies of life have been under attack for a very long time.

Extreme measures are now being implemented because the controllers know that Earth is now in a place in the cosmic cycle where the darkness cannot be easily or permanently extended or maintained…at least not for the next two thousand years. And perhaps they are extracting as much money, energy, and resources as they can to build hidden cities underground or off-planet to ride out our golden age until the dark ages return!

Because humanity has been asleep for so long, like the proverbial fairy tale princess, it is challenging to awaken and to remember our true nature and power. The controllers rely upon our conditioned minds to maintain their status, wealth, and power. The COVID-19 virus and co-relative introduction of 5-G Internet are only a few of many tools used to divide humanity, to keep people isolated from one another, to weaken our health, and to transform us into permanently servile and powerless beings.

I have noticed that well-educated liberals are some of the smartest but also the most deeply asleep people that I know. Many are self-declared atheists who proclaim a deep reverence for science. It is very hard for them to awaken and to realize that a narrative relying upon reason and logic is entirely fabricated and deceptive.

Yet the path to truth is a personal one and it cannot be instigated through conviction or by argument. Truth lies inside of each of us, and it is awakened through remembrance. We can be constantly exposed to low frequency energies, manipulative messages, anger, fear, shame, guilt, and doubt and choose not to be affected by these patterns.

The virus is not contagious by ordinary means. It is, I hypothesize, contagious by level of consciousness and acceptance of fear. Fear is a primary contagion factor. If we live in a co-creative illusion by choice, then we also choose, consciously or unconsciously, what we experience. When approaching a wild animal, if our energy conveys only silence, acceptance, and is neutral, we are less likely to be prey. It is possible that we can become invisible or non-attractive to a virus-frequency that does not match our own frequency. A high vibration human being is possibly not a match as host for COVID-19 or other biological/technological weapons.

Just before writing this post, I came across a fragment of a David Wilcock broadcast that is relevant to this topic. I couldn’t find the original broadcast, but it speaks of wave genetics, the research of Dr. Luc Montagnier, and how DNA can be transferred into water or other substances using energetic frequencies. He mentions a Russian scientist using a crystal petri dish to transfer a bacterial infection into an uninfected dish made of the same quartz material. Since water is also a crystalline vector, I believe the memory of the DNA of these substances that is communicated between what seems to us, unconnected recipients. In the same manner, as we shift from carbon based bodies to silica or crystalline based bodies, we can also communicate in a quantum manner and transfer DNA from one being to another symbiotically. Quartz and the memory it can store are key.

In Dean R. Koontz’s early suspense novel (written under the pseudonym Leigh Nichols and first published in 1981), he uncannily describes a virus called “Wuhan 400” – the 400th iteration of a biological weapon produced by a laboratory in Wuhan, China that is deadly but that once the host dies, leaves behind little to no contagion or cleanup. He even mentions a Chinese dissident by the name of Li Chen.

In the novel, a young boy, Danny, is the sole survivor of a group accidental exposure to the deadly virus. Held hostage in a secret military research center in the High Sierras, Danny is purposely exposed multiple times to the virus. Unknown to the researchers in the facility, the dark spot they see appear in Danny’s brain scans which continues to grow in his parietal lobe after each exposure to the virus gives him paranormal abilities. The boy realizes somehow that these new abilities allow him to move objects at far distances and to communicate with his mother who believes he died in a bus accident when on a survival outing with a group of scouts.

The repeated exposure to the virus in a person who mysteriously is immune to its negative/deadly effects and who develops new abilities is very interesting to me. This suggests the author’s intuition that a virus designed to be deadly could induce on repeated exposure a mutation that could enhance normal (or what we consider normal) human abilities.

It is also possible that COVID-19 has been designed to introduce alien DNA of some kind into the global human gene pool to change us all in some way. Since most all of humanity will have been exposed to the virus one or most likely multiple times, and most of us will not die of a viral infection induced by COVID, it is very possible that there is some design or plan behind this pandemic.

It is also possible that starseeds and lightworkers exposed to the virus while carrying the frequency of ascended consciousness can use the virus to accelerate the awakening on the planet. (My intuition) In 2005-6, insoulments received by Lady Kira Raa from Archangel Zadkiel speak of a flu-like virus circulating around the Earth at this time, and that this experience of illness is a reaction to the new energies of transformation circulating on the planet today:

Is it any wonder that you are on a planet that claims to have flu
Constrictions of the body are a response to non-familiar energy.
As you familiarize yourself with new energies, this word new we define for
you. Indeed, IT…IS…not new. IT…IS…a re-membrance. As you re-connect
and re-member these energies, you can effortlessly re-lease constrictions.
Many will experience fever, many will experience what feels like a cold, or a
flu virus, many are experiencing inadvertent accident energy, dropping
things, hitting things. Everything seems upside down, topsy turvy.

In Octavia E. Butler’s highly complex and deeply thought out trilogy science fiction novel “Lilith’s Brood”, only a few human beings are pulled from Earth by an alien species, the Oankali, after most of humanity is exterminated by a nuclear conflict that decimates most of the Northern hemisphere of Earth. The Oankali have advanced abilities in manipulating genetics of all kinds, and after studying humanity and culling only a select few after 250 years in stasis, they begin a project to repopulate Earth with human-Oankali constructs or hybrids.

No humans are allowed to reproduce in the old-fashioned way. Those who refuse to mate with the Oankali are called Resisters and are forced to remain sterile, though their aging process is stopped. On page 447 of Adulthood Rites, the very first human born male construct, Akin, returns to the Oankali mother ship, which is a conscious and living entity, to learn more about his off-Earth relatives. He comes to realize, as he nears adulthood and the age of metamorphosis, that he has a talent for relating to animals. He understands “You (the Oankali) controlled both animals and people by controlling their reproduction – controlling it absolutely.”

The Oankali believe that humanity self-destructed because of our innate combination of intelligence and extreme hierarchical structure (patriarchy), and they are very careful about which humans they awaken, in particular, the males of our species. Their agenda is to preserve genetic diversity and to further their own species. The well-being of humanity itself and the future of life on Earth is not their concern. They study us in extensive detail and are able to taste and derive extensive biological information from all life forms that they hold in their permanent memory, from which copies and modifications can be infinitely reproduced.

Since we live in a world where we, as human beings, are considered a commodity to be used, manipulated, and controlled, this trilogy is a must-read to help us to better understand who we are and how we related to ourselves, one another, and our planet…as well as to consider how we will deal with other species from other planets when the time comes.

I found this video by Magenta Pixie right after publishing this post…and it is synchronistically appropriate for this article, so I just popped it in!

I believe that human beings cannot be controlled or manipulated when we are in sync with our true natures and with the consciousness of the planet, her creatures, plants, elements, and elementals. We simply need to remember and to choose.

We have all been conditioned to live in fear, lack, division, anger, shame, guilt, doubt…all of the lower frequencies on the register of life. This is not reality…it is just one iteration of reality, one timeline that has been created for us for the benefit of a few people. Do we accept to allow this timeline to be the only possibility and continue to live in limitation and lack? Over the last few years, it has become increasingly clear to the global human population that most of us are merely surviving, that we are being manipulated by news media, social media, that we are being poisoned by our food, air, water, medications, and that a very few corporations and individuals are controlling the entire system that seems to want all of us to become genetically modified robots hooked up to a centralized artificial intelligence system.

While this is one timeline, it is not the only one available to us. I do believe that more and more people are realizing that consciousness is the nature of reality, and that while our consciousness can be manipulated externally, this can only be done if we allow it in some way.

So, from this chain of thought, the virus, like other tools used by the controllers, can be nefarious or fatal only if we agree that this is the case.

Like Danny in Koontz’s Eyes of Darkness, perhaps we can choose to use the virus to upgrade our DNA, as an accelerator of our own ascension process.

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  1. This is quite an amazing article, yet again.

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