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Ode to COVID: Revenge of the Introverts (a poem)


Latterday patriarchs melting members

saw their masculinity attacked

Obelisks in erectile dysfunction

The all-seeing eye viewing from atop its pyramid of superiority

their numbers drawn, their times counted

For out of balance the balancing sheet revealed

Slithering from the depths of a navel impaled

the spiked punch came from a long-planned itinerary of doom

Punching holes into the shadows

Piercing the collective human body and studding it

Grief, drama, trauma bleeding out

Revealing the unity of light behind the shaded curtain

When we were finally alone and quiet

the joy of gratitude that the crisis machine generated

Sprang forth: a fountain of nostalgia

front-yard picnics and pale children without screen-time-out-

Doors open and doors close

New normal is not going to pass away

or slide back to bankster paradise shelter for

Service to self entities have orchestrated in a familiar tune

Floating the wars and crises from which they habitually create and profit

Chuckling while in consternation humans suckle and feed hungrily on the illusory drama mill

Flipping sides and dividing us so expertly with no grounds

So easy to control humans because humans want to be loved and accepted

Humans fear ridicule, rejection, abandonment. Feeling ridiculous. Failure.

Conspiracy theories. Speak them and you are done. Incredible. Not credible.

Speak the truth and you are done. Your career and family leave you.

The puppeteers know the ropes.


while streets empty and people count their rolls of toilet paper at home

The introverts everywhere rejoice

While feeling secretly only a tiny bit guilty

About those in the bubbles struggling for air

For we have crawled just a tiny bit closer to what life on Earth should feel like.

Slown down

With room and time for reflection and peace

COVID messenger of balance, you wear a skirt and pants

Perhaps the masters of illusion did create you to submerge all of Earth into death, defeat, poverty, and darkness

But do they not know that the darkness is merely a fractal of the One Light of consciousness?

They probably do know.

They just believe that humans are too dumb to realize how powerful they really are.

COVID has poked holes in the cloak and shield

The bell jar under which we all live has been pierced from every angle

All over the globe humans pull the fog from ears, eyes, nose

How could we have allowed this to go on for so long?



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