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Creativity in the time of COVID-19: Why be creative only in times of crisis?

Just Desserts: The End of the World As We Know It

Just Desserts: The End of the World As We Know It; Original oil painting by Rebekah Berger, 16 x 20, oil on canvas, 2019-2020

Dearest readers,

I celebrated (in my own way) my 53rd birthday this April 4th. 4/4/2020 is said to be the day of perfect balance in the year of perfect balance. Although the world seems chaotic these days, we are clearly shifting in the physical or most dense areas of life on Earth to a new way of being. A new paradigm.

As I have been working from home, I am hearing on the radio and other media as well as observing for myself ways in which people are now being creative when faced with the restrictions imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The painting featured above illustrates our current situation, though I created it before all of this happened.

Change in circumstances allows people to think and act in new ways.

Airlines are shipping unused meals to hospitals and to people put out of work. Teenagers are creating apps and websites to help people find much needed resources, such as food, jobs, as well as entertainment. People are unifying to assist one another. Companies and individuals are shifting their regular production lines to create surgical masks, gowns, and other needed equipment. Things they have no experience making, yet they have taken a leap of faith in order to help others they have never met.

A crisis helps people to shift away from normal habits and ingrained behaviors.

The new paradigm represents a shift away from selfishness, exploitation, poverty, rigidity, separation, and duality. To name a few aspects of living on a slave planet, dominated by darkness and hidden agendas. The new paradigm is characterized by creativity, unity, harmony, personal expression for the higher collective well-being, abundance and empowerment.

All of Earth, her creatures, plants, animals, elements, as well as human beings have been under attack for thousands of years. The crisis is permanent and is not new.

In the old way of the world, all humans are victims. Our conscious awareness is highly conditioned and subject to fear and manipulation in every instant. These crises are created purposefully as part of the duality agenda to keep humanity divided against self and others. The agenda orchestrates our conscious lives, causing us to perpetuate hatred of self and others. We are conditioned to live every moment in fear of not having enough.  Living in lack suppresses creativity. The system expertly and  constantly labels us, shames us, divides us against one another and distract us from looking inward – as within our inner life lies the source of our intuition and creativity.

We don’t need to be in a state of crisis to be creative. Creativity IS human nature. Kindness and unity are our birthright.

Most people don’t yet seem to realize that this constant creation of crises that we call news or current events is artificial. The world does not need to be a violent place with so much suffering. What is even more important to know: human beings are not victims by nature. We are creators. It is our true nature to create the world we live in. To recreate it every day. To be in flow, not in fear.

Human nature has been molded and distorted with constant effort to keep humanity in a state of fear and enslavement. It does not have to be this way.

As human beings which innately hold the seed of light from which the entire multiverse was created, we can create anything that we imagine. Both as individuals and as societies, we all hold the power to create the change we wish to experience in the so-called physical world.

We each hold all of the creative energy and the blueprint for all that exists within us. Just like a drop of water contains the blueprint for an entire ocean.

Imagination is a form of inspiration. We channel from our intuitive source – our solar plexus and third eye – to connect to the higher guidance to which every human being on Earth has full access. This is our birthright. We are all super-heroes.

Every human being is a super hero.

The handful of wealthy but destructive and greedy individuals who have been running life as we know it on the planet do everything within their power to suppress our innate creativity and empowerment every day.

The world today is governed by an invisible enemy. COVID-19 is just one facet of their destructive dominance over the planet.

We are instructed from birth on how to shame and blame self and others to create constant confusion  and pain on the planet. We are taught to do this, and we, for the most part, obey. We feel we are victims of a system, but, implicitly, we agree to this conditioning and carry out its orders.

Shame, blame, pain, and fear are the mantra of the world government that keeps us in separation. Their goal is to destroy all life on Earth. 

The results of this system of duality and separation from our true selves and from Nature are the death culture in which we have been raised and live. To end the death culture and to revive life, harmony, beauty, health, freedom, peace, abundance and well-being for all on Earth, we must wake up and remember who we are.

We have the power to stop the destruction. We simply can choose to no longer allow it. We have the power of choice. The power of awareness.

We create peace, or we agree to war. We create health, or we agree to sickness and even to this pandemic. We create freedom and abundance, or we agree that some will be rich and many will be poor and struggle. We hold the power in our creative nature to change the world.

Our creative power is awesome and unlimited.

This particular crisis is a seed point in that the entire human population on the planet is sharing in this collective experience all at the same time. This is unique in human history, as far as we know.

COVID-19 is a global seed point for total transformation for life on Earth.

There is a war being fought behind the scenes for the liberation of the planet. This war has been going on for a long time – at least since the early 1950’s, long before I was born. But even though this war has mostly been hidden from the general public, there are many clues that can help us realize that we do not live in democracies, and that the general well-being of humanity is not being supported by those in power.

The world as we know it is not a happy place. There is no reason for any one to suffer here.

As individuals and as societies, we all have a role to play in restoring light and unity to the planet. There are many things we can do, even alone at home. Sending love and light to all living beings and to the planet by expressing conscious thoughts of love and support for others – human, plant, animal, or for the air, water, soil, and to the consciousness of the planet is something important and creative that every single person can do. No one else even has to know you are doing it to make a difference.

We each have the power to make a significant difference. Even if no one else knows about what we are doing.

We can think about how we can use our personal talents and abilities, our experience and our compassionate attitude on how we can contribute to the greater good. It doesn’t have to be big gestures. Just smiling and slowing down to be attentive to other people, for example, the cashier at the grocery store changes the world. Looking at the sidewalk and avoiding stepping on an insect makes a difference. Drawing pictures on your sidewalk makes a difference. Sharing food you prepare or grow makes a difference. We all have the power to make a difference every day.

I want to live in a kind, compassionate, creative world, full of synchronicities and joy. What do you want to create?

We have all been trained to believe in the power of science and technology. But as human beings, we are a supremely powerful form of technology. One that is connected to the planet and to the source of all Being. Technology and science do not mean that we have to be disconnected or “objective”. Those beliefs are part of the old paradigm of separation. Many still are giving their power away to these beliefs.

The truth is, science doesn’t have to harm the Earth. Technology shouldn’t make us sick. The Earth is not a commodity. She is a living, conscious being and should be honored and respected as such.

Science has replaced religion in the world system of separation. We are taught that science can explain everything and that the knowledge of experts is more important that what we sense innately, what we feel is right and true.

But those who are awake and who do remember our innate power are ready to prove otherwise. We are all one. There is nothing and no one that is separate from the source of all that is. Light and darkness have long been at play in the illusion of duality that has now played itself out on Earth. The contrast of polarities have taught us so much about life, about ourselves, about one another. I am grateful for all of the experiences I have endured in density. But I am also ready to create and to experience something different.

The collective experiences of contrast brought about by separation and polarity have taught us so much about ourselves. But this paradigm has reached its useful end.

It is time to live in flow. To use our creative talents every day. To no longer feel obliged to work jobs we dislike in order to earn money and support our families. We have better things to do with our short time in these bodies here on Earth. When we are in flow and are using our innate creative abilities and are intuitively connected, we feel happy. We feel alive.

When we are in the flow, we feel happy, invigorated, alive.

Survival is stressful and exhausting. Most of us are suffering from PTSD. Many, especially those who have been privileged under the system of separation do not even know they are suffering. We are recovering. Creativity and creative expression are healing tools as we shift to the new paradigm.

Post-COVID-19: Let’s choose to live fully every day, and to use all of our creative powers to support all life on Earth.


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