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Soul mirrors: healing emotional wounds through relationship

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Dearest readers,

I have long been interested in the quest for self-love and the healing of the emotional body. It is so fascinating to me how we attract into our lives the exact mirror of our own emotional state in the people we encounter. If you pay close attention, you will see the patterns.

Every person we meet is a mirror of our own soul and energy signature.

Until we are living in a place where we are in total acceptance, non-judgment, unconditional love, and peace with ourselves, we have conscious and sub-conscious wounds that require our awareness and compassion to heal.

Some wounds are personal, some are familial, and some range back to ancestral traumas, past lives, and collective suffering as well. We all live in varying degrees of separation from our true self, and if we do want to rise to a higher state of consciousness, then self-love is the most important path to take. It is impossible to embrace another if we literally stand in shame and judgment of our self.

Self-love comes with peace and neutrality.

Duality is characterized by competition, codependent relationships, shame, blame, manipulation. We are taught to use others to get our emotional needs met, and this is the reason why there are so many flavors of narcissism to be discovered when dealing with other people.

Everyone expresses their narcissistic wounds differently, depending on our innate temperament, personality, and family dynamics. But our reality does not need to stop here.


By awakening our awareness to the fact that every human being that is drawn into our own energy field is put there for a purpose, we can learn to better love and appreciate our self as well as others. The way we can realize that a person has something to bring us as a soul mirror is that they trigger an emotional response of some kind in us.

Every person who triggers us is a gift and, if we so choose, represents an opportunity to heal.

My own personal trigger that I have been working on of late is that of emotional neediness. I have found, when I examine my own way of relating to myself and others, that I am very stoic. I can give a lot to nurture the needs of others, but I don’t like to ask for help (though I have learned to do so in times of need), and I am not as good at taking care of myself as I am of others.

Every person’s emotional wounds are tempered by personality and express themselves in an unique way.

This wound stems from a family system dysfunction that most likely goes back many generations. In my family of origin, if something (a gift, for example) was given, it was expected that I or my siblings be forever indebted for that gift, and that we give up all personal freedom in exchange for what was presented as love or emotional support. Since I did not want to give up my personal freedom, I decided that I did not need or want their (or anyone’s) love and support. Of course, I did want love and acceptance as we all do, but not at that price!

It feels so wonderful to stop judging and condemning self and others, and to stop feeling the need to help or cure others of their problems!

In order to learn to love myself, the beautiful soul matrix gives me many opportunities to heal…in the form of people with mirroring wounds. These people have a similar but opposite presentation to their wounding. They too were emotionally neglected or abused in some way by their wounded families, and their response was to become extremely needy and self-centered. The other side of the same coin, if you will.

The people who sit near me at work are amazing soul mirrors in different ways.

By realizing that we share the same or similar wounds, I am able to be grateful for this presentation and discomfort. Once I am able to observe the wounds and the relationship, I have been able to feel more neutral about these friends. Less triggered, and more compassionate to them and to my own inner child. Soul mirrors help us to let go of pain and judgment of self and others.

Once healed of our emotional wounds, our light can shine out into the world and help others to raise their frequency.

We are now being given more opportunities than ever to heal ourselves and to return to self-love, our natural state of being. By paying close attention to what and who triggers you, and by remaining vigilant of your own inner state, you too can work on healing yourself. A person who truly loves him or herself unconditionally is a magnificent gift to the entire planet.

By healing ourselves, our sphere of influence and the light we spread around us is enormous. Well worth the effort!

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